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  1. Conspiracy to mutiny is still valid on the Football Forum!
  2. Old plod is still trying to figure out how you did that!
  3. You'd probably have taken it straight off anyway.
  4. Thanks, Craig the mutinous and his sidekick "drop him in it" @Pompeyboyz
  5. Thank you very kindly, you omnificent wonderousness.
  6. Pah and double pah I say! shouldn't you be dozing ?
  7. Very well done in the latter stages laddie. great effort.
  8. You lucky boy! just about and by the skin of your teeth and Reddiablo not entering for about four rounds!
  9. @Pompeyboyz, @trueblue.85, @JJ72, @Muttley84, @av3ry, @CFuller, @Carambau, @GunmaN1905, @Darius1998, @DJ, @Rebs, @decapitated, @Reddiablo, @Wolf_pd, @YouReds, @craigcwwe, @Lucas, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed, @The Amazing Dale Watkins, @oche balboa, @Razzler, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Whoopy D, @Hazzaj, @AM99, @Timma, @BoroPhil, @DanielM_90, @Constantine, @Rob1981, @The_jagster, @phnompenhandy, @oriole01, @The Golden boy Well, that's that. Congratulazioni Italia. Probably the best team in the tournament and well deserved winners. Poor old England - beaten but
  10. @Reddiablo, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed,@oche balboa, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Timma, @DanielM_90,@Rob1981 As if you could forget lads - MATCH DAY! HISTORY DAY! FINAL DAY! Don't forget the one thing you have to do today, other than watch the game - get your predictions in!
  11. Sunday 11th July Italy v England 20.00 1-0 Chiesa 83 minutes Other bonuses How many penalties will be scored in total 0 Will the match go to extra time no Will the match go to penalties no How many yellow cards in total 6 How many red cards in total - 0 Time of the first goal scored - 24 Time of the last goal scored 84 First team to score - Italy Last team to score - Italy
  12. Of course!! The Committee thought hard and long about this - well into the night and after protracted discussions we decided that it was a good option to increase the chance of more points. You see Pompey...this was done for you!
  13. @Pompeyboyz, @trueblue.85, @JJ72, @Muttley84, @av3ry, @CFuller, @Carambau, @GunmaN1905, @Darius1998, @DJ, @Rebs, @decapitated, @Reddiablo, @Wolf_pd, @YouReds, @craigcwwe, @Lucas, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed, @The Amazing Dale Watkins, @oche balboa, @Razzler, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Whoopy D, @Hazzaj, @AM99, @Timma, @BoroPhil, @DanielM_90, @Constantine, @Rob1981, @The_jagster, @phnompenhandy, @oriole01, @The Golden boy 2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL***2020 EUROS FINAL**
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