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  1. Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    Very best of luck to Liverpool tonight - it would be great to see you bring back the European glory days and win.
  2. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    I have to say I don't really get the anti-Wenger vibes. I don't support Arsenal and I don't particularly like Wenger but I am puzzled at the willingness of so many Arsenal fans to see him go after everything he has done for the club. I think you will comfortably finish in the top four and even if you are not challenging for the league title this year, even if you you go out of the Champions League this week (which looks likely), you will not be far off and still have the Champions League and another tilt at the cups and league next year. If Wenger leaves, there is no guarantee that in the change-over turmoil that a different manager brings that he will keep you in the top four. I think it would be a huge gamble.
  3. You would have thought so.You would also think this if they were planning on keeping McClaren they would not need to inform the primary rightsholders in this way. The normal press conference for Thursday has been postponed. I think there is no doubt that McClaren is off.
  4. Benitez is seriously good news for Newcastle - don't ruin him or hound him out!
  5. BBC Sport is useless though. Unless it is independently verified by two sources they won't run a story, which is why they are always last with the news.
  6. This is not trolling. Let's look at the last 12 years (not unreasonable) and you tell me which of the following managers were loved and accepted by the Newcastle fans or which were hounded from the club: Graeme Souness Glenn Roeder Big Sam Joe Jinnear Alan Shearer (surely...but no) Chris Hughton Alan Pardew (so good he gets his own thread!) John Carver and the latest hapless incumbent Steve McClaren
  7. To be honest it doesn't really matter who you get next, you'll hound him out soon enough.
  8. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Really this should be the minimum anyone expects. No easy games in international football? Rubbish! San Marino have no chance of beating or drawing with England. This is an easy game no matter how you look at it and why can't England, if they play with a high tempo and a high energy, bang in 9 or 10?
  9. I think the criticism of SI is far too harsh. It is after all, only a game and it can't get everything perfectly right. £30 for a year's worth of play comes to about 8p a day - as value for money goes, it is pretty hard to beat. The ass man has always been known as the "ass" man for a reason - they have never been very good. I have just returned to the game after some years and amid all the additional functionality and complexity it is comforting to find that some things haven't changed - the ass man is still rubbish and it took me about two games to realise the advice during games was not worth listening to.
  10. That's great. I always start in the lower leagues and as I make my way up the leagues I always try to keep one player with me throughout the whole journey (it doesn't have to be the best player but any one I get "attached" to and when we play in the higher leagues, if he is not that great I still have him on the bench and bring him on for some games etc. If I accept a job at a better club I will transfer him with me). If I had a good player at 15 that would be ideal for this.
  11. I think this is just the way the game is. I have started as Stirling Albion and the expectations are to bravely fight relegation. I brought in 14 players in the close season which has substantially improved the team and I am the run away league leaders but the match previews always refer to "struggling" Stirling Albion and state that they don't have any great hopes of winning their next game etc. As I brought all the players in and we are still doing well half way through the season, the players seem ok at the moment.
  12. OTF World Cup 2014 Predictions Competition

    3rd place playoff Brazil-Netherlands 2-1 Van Persie Final Germany-Argentina 2-1 Messi NAP
  13. OTF World Cup 2014 Predictions Competition

    Brazil V Germany 2-1 NAP Holland V Argentina 0-1 Goalscorer Brazil V Germany - Oscar Goalscorer Holland V Argentina - Messi
  14. OTF World Cup 2014 Predictions Competition

    4th July Brazil v Colombia 2-1 France v Germany 1-2 NAP 5th July Holland v Costa Rica 2-2 Argentina v Belgium 2-1
  15. OTF World Cup 2014 Predictions Competition

    Mon., June 23 Australia vs. Spain 1-3 Netherlands vs. Chile 2-1 Croatia vs. Mexico 1-1 Cameroon vs. Brazil 1-3 Tues., June 24 Italy vs. Uruguay 1-1 Costa Rica vs. England 1-2 NAP Japan vs. Colombia 0-2 Greece vs. Ivory Coast 1-2 Wed., June 25 Nigeria vs. Argentina 0-4 Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Iran 1-1 Honduras vs. Switzerland 0-2 Ecuador vs. France 0-3 Thu., June 26 United States vs. Germany 1-3 Portugal vs. Ghana 1-1 South Korea vs. Belgium 1-3 Algeria vs. Russia 1-1