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  1. Great pics as always herne. Just to help out here - Mars, slightly higher and to the right of the Moon, Aldebaran, Rigel and Betelgeuse will all be visible to the naked eye and are easily identifiable. Track from Orion, the three bright stars in a row, in the Southern sky, fairly low from the horizon and find them from herne's picture.
  2. Exactly this. Every single attempt to create a malaria vaccine has failed. Current vaccine technology does not work on protozoal infection.
  3. This is so crass. We knew within a few weeks of the AZ vaccine that the immune response was virtually identical across all age ranges, indicating that the vaccine worked across the age ranges and yet France, Germany and some other countries reacted poorly to false information from the German media and declared it unsafe in those over 65. Macron called it "quasi-ineffective" (which is meaningless). Merkel has already publicly refused to have the AZ vaccine as she says she is over 65 and outside the recommended age range. They will have to reverse their internal regulatory stance before any
  4. What?!!! We had three gutters cleaned out, end guard replaced and fixed. Took about one and a half hours - £40. Where on earth did they get £2,000 to £5,000 from? Was there more (a lot more) work needed?
  5. You watched it for her, you can watch it for me, watch it (again) EUH.
  6. That would be great if it is right. In addition to that, there are a number of pre-peer review studies being reported that suggest those who have had the infection demonstrate a far higher immune response, possibly up to 10 times, than those who haven't. Those who have had the infection are three times more likely to experience side effects but the severity is not known.
  7. I was responding to a different point you made earlier LB. I don't know the context or the comments that were made on the delay but if the JCVI have to model occupation-based priorities, it would take some time to formulate recommendations for the Government.
  8. BMI is already in the flu vaccine programme as a serious long term health condition and deprivation has been identified as a core cause of poor vaccine uptake for some time. Steps have been implemented by PHE to address this - they are are not untested.
  9. Happy birthday to @MavReckand the better brother.
  10. We feel sorry for you too. No, wait...that's how we feel for you every day.
  11. I don't think this is helpful. It compares the UK rate with an average for the EU - of course the EU rate will be considerably lower. It would be a better indicator if it was a country by country comparison. We know that Spain, Germany, France and Italy had high rates in the early weeks of 2021 as well as the UK (I think the UK was the overall highest) so the comparison to those countries would see a much flatter graph.
  12. and she still put the jam up there. Is this your diet plan - put everything on the top shelf? Fantastic shelves though.
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