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  1. @Collzy, @Timma, @oriole01, @HOORAY HENRIK, @GunmaN1905, @CFuller, @PMLF, @DB08, @toon_84, @Marc.Foster050, @Orzelek, @ArsenalFan7, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @YouReds, @Razzler, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed, @Spike55455, @wetfred. Comrades, The struggle is over. Those who tried to defeat the might of Mother Russia have all been sent packing and the motherland survives yet again. The proletariat will now return to the collectives for the common good. France has been accused of looting and the Red Army will be mobilised to take back what has been stolen in four years and six months time. Many thanks to everyone who joined in. Some of you did a France and lasted the course, some fell by the wayside, some failed to get out of the group stages and some, unfortunately failed to qualify. So to the final results. Joint Winners, with a magnificent 52 points, our beloved leaders: Collzy HOORAY HENRIK Holding off all the competition, Collzy and HOORAY HENRIK both finished strongly with four points and top the table. Very many congratulations to them both. Collzy has been our beloved leader for the last three rounds and with four points looked as if he had done enough to retake the lead on his own. HOORAY HENRIK started late but caught up in the last round and shared the lead in the final table by also claiming four points for the last two games. Very well done both, an outstanding achievement! The usual prize to you both. Commiserations to CFuller who was joint leader going into the final two games but just came up short with two points in the last round. Bad luck. CFuller has done very well to come from nowhere to get to the top but sadly on this occasion it was not to be. In the chasing pack, Timma scored the round equalling best score of four points but couldn't make a move on the leaders as they scored four points as well. oriole01 also scored four points and moved up one place to 5th. Good creditable places for you both. In midtable, Gunman1905's gamble almost paid off - he predicted 4-1 to France and came within a goal of pulling off an astonishing prediction but he sadly only scored one point and fell one place to 6th. DB08, PMLF and toon_84 remain where they are, with average scores for the round. toon_84 is fondly remembered as one of our round winners. Readingfanman moves up two places with four points, resulting in Orzelek and Marc.Foster.050 dropping one place each. The Supreme Leader (me), scored four points as well to move up one place to 13th. This resulted in ArsenalFan7 moving down one place, while YouReds, our first round leader, moved up one place to 15th. In the Gulag, daylight scored two points but was unable to make any move, while Razzler and craigcwwe remained in their previous positions. Further back (there is a further back?), LilSaint finished in 19th having not completed the last two rounds, which made Crispypaul's achievement of finishing in 20th all the more disappointing, when he has two rounds advantage over LilSaint. Bad luck Crispypaul. SouthCoastRed gets a special mention, not for bailing out early but for providing great amusement at his various ways in trying to claim points after the results were known. Well played SouthCoastRed, I predict a great future in the League Two Prediction Thread! (where he is a regular). That leaves Spike55455 and wetfred, who both joined late, offered the odd prediction and leave us without any points. Bad luck guys. Never mind you have only got four and half years to try again! So that's it. World Cup 2018 is consigned to history and we are left with our memories, the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the regrets. Collzy and HOORAY HENRIK are our France, while the rest of you are our Englands and Belgiums. Thank you all for playing and making it hugely entertaining throughout. Name Round of 16 Total Position 1 Collzy 4 52 2 HOORAY HENRIK 4 52 3 CFuller 2 50 4 Timma 4 50 5 oriole01 4 48 +1 6 GunmaN1905 1 46 -1 7 DB08 1 45 8 PMLF 2 45 9 toon_84 1 43 10 Readingfanman 4 43 +2 11 Orzelek 1 42 -1 12 Marc.Foster.050 2 42 -1 13 Sons FC 4 42 +1 14 ArsenalFan7 2 40 -1 15 daylight 2 39 16 YouReds 2 38 +1 17 Razzler 2 37 18 craigcwwe 2 35 19 LilSaint DNE 30 20 Crispypaul 0 28 21 SouthCoastRed DNE 14 22 Spike55455 DNE 0 23 wetfred 0 0
  2. You know what they say toon - bold is as bold does. (Whatever that means).
  3. Welcome comrade. Very late in the day but you will probably still beat @Crispypaul!!
  4. Tricky really. I was going on the premise that prediction came from the Latin praedict- ‘made known beforehand, declared’, from the verb praedicere, from prae- ‘beforehand’ + dicere ‘say’. I may be wrong though!
  5. You did in the prediction thread - 2-1 to France.
  6. They're more summaries, or round ups though rather than predictions. Call me old fashioned but I maintain that predictions are supposed to come before the event.
  7. We feel your pain comrade and ex-beloved leader. Now back to the fields.
  8. @Collzy, @Timma, @oriole01, @HOORAY HENRIK, @GunmaN1905, @CFuller, @PMLF, @DB08, @toon_84, @Marc.Foster050, @Orzelek, @ArsenalFan7, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @YouReds, @Razzler, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed, @Spike55455 Greetings comrades. Stalingrad has fallen, Moscow in ruins, broken and tattered, dreams shattered, hopes stolen, egos battered. Well, the morning after and the hangover that comes with it. Poor old England. A tournament to remember but moments to forget, it's coming home - it is now. The highs and excitements to the lows - the regional soviets have been ordered to line up the executions to come. Well done England, heads held high, everything to be proud of - did everything asked of them. Poor opposition? You can only beat who is in front of you, easy draw? Make the most of it and be thankful. Fine lines, tightest of margins, fractions of a second, fractions of a millimetre, bad luck and that's it. A warm welcome to comrade Spike55455, who has joined us late, unfortunately without success in this round but like the World Cup, this is really hotting up. CFuller, with an extraordinary five points at this stage, is the round winner with a superbly impressive score and he moves up three places to become joint leader. Very well done CFuller. It is not enough though as Collzy remains our beloved leader but thanks to CFuller and HOORAY HENRIK, who scored an impressive four points and rose two places, there is now a three way tie for the lead. Timma suffers as a consequence, moving down 2 places, GunmaN1905 remains in fifth place and oriole01 moves down three places. It remains super tight at the top with only four points between the top seven. Honourable mentions to DB08 and the Supreme Soviet (me) for scoring a very creditable three points. Very little movement in mid table, with toon_84, Orzelek, Marc.Foster050, Readingfanman, ArsenalFan7 and daylight all staying the same position or moving one place up or down. At the bottom, well, very little movement. Crispypaul with a very imaginative prediction scored one point but he still doesn't catch LilSaint...yet! A few no scorers at the bottom, including Razzler, YouReds and craigcwwe. Spare a thought for YouReds in 16th place - he was our first round leader. Two games to go, still points to play for and any of the top 11 could win this. The rest of us, unfortunately, are playing for pride at this stage. Name Round of 16 Total Position 1 Collzy 1 48 2 HOORAY HENRIK 4 48 +2 3 CFuller 5 48 +3 4 Timma 1 46 -2 5 GunmaN1905 2 45 6 oriole01 0 44 -3 7 DB08 3 44 +1 8 PMLF 1 43 -1 9 toon_84 1 42 10 Orzelek 2 41 +1 11 Marc.Foster.050 1 40 -1 12 Readingfanman 2 39 +1 13 ArsenalFan7 0 38 -1 14 Sons FC 3 38 +2 15 daylight 1 37 -1 16 YouReds 0 36 -1 17 Razzler 0 35 18 craigcwwe 0 33 19 LilSaint DNE 30 20 Crispypaul 1 28 21 SouthCoastRed DNE 14 22 Spike55455 0 0
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