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  1. I lost the ce of place. Can it get fixed?
  2. Defensive play is part of the game, if your clever tactically you overcome it & you are a better team.
  3. Found this in FB Surely not.
  4. something positive at last
  5. this team needs an exorcism. Or something.
  6. It was a foul.
  7. Go back home Southampton, you are drunk.
  8. who told them to be all but 1 in their onw half?
  9. Dunno what's more frustrating, the attack or the stadium atmosphere?
  10. ffs We will need 2 defenders at this rate
  11. It's Gerrard, he shows up in Palace game.
  12. Milner injured.
  13. if there is any transfers they will be a Coutinho style one. A high potential player from Germany that does not get enough playing time.
  14. Moreno aka Bale-no
  15. Coutinho!!!!