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  1. Another top quality quiz, thanks Wigmore Congrats to CC too, all the top 3 were pretty impressive. Now I can turn on notifications for tagging again so I don't have any idea what my likely score will be when I read the results
  2. 2 points , 1 of which was a fluke as I was going for a standard adult video plotline involving estate agents Genuinely thought I had a chance with Dick Pound for the lawyer question too
  3. Don't worry I don't think I know any off the top of my head either.
  4. I haven't visited the day thread since someone was talking about a new table tennis bat. Not for me. I had never come across that Shetland story either, think I'm keeping pace in the non-cheater leaderboard. On which note...
  5. The 'new technological breakthrough' which is meant to be phased in over a few years iirc
  6. Really should have got that guardian one tbh
  7. Bothering to think about my answers hasn't exactly reaped rewards so I've sent mine
  8. I can assure you the Fred I meant isn't a lovely man
  9. I knew it was a Bliss Thing, just couldn't remember the actual thread For the Rebel Android question, there was definitely a thread somewhere that had people moaning about suggestions for setting an alarm for work and their commute and Google knew too much. As The Beast says on the Chase, always follow your instinct!
  10. This is like doing a pub quiz and the themes are 70s TV or food and drink, time to start practicing my kettle throwing I think.
  11. Imagine doing that only to find out you couldn't keep the camera steady enough to get the point.
  12. Who buys individual slices of quiche at the supermarket?
  13. Seems like I don't venture much beyond the usual threads, most of these do not ring any bells.
  14. The "I'm good at quizzes, so anyone who gets more than me clearly needs to get a life" defence
  15. Weirdly I can actually remember the thread itself, with various photos but the words are stabs in the dark.
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