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  1. Rate Euro 2016

    5. This is pretty much the first tournament that hasn't made me really look forward to the evening matches, even in the knockout stages. It did have its moments but I didn't watch a highlights package, I watched the games in full and they were often dull.
  2. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    The match last night was boring.
  3. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    You can feel bad for Ronaldo being unable to continue and also sceptical about his crying, it's not that difficult to comprehend. But I'm sure Rinaldo's free kick hogging is borne of the belief that it maximises the team's goalscoring chances.
  4. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    I can't believe the criticism Ackter's getting for suggesting Ronaldo's tears are self pity, this is a guy who would rather take the winning penalty for his team than taking it earlier to improve his team's chances of progressing. He is the epitome of self-centered.
  5. Surely that's in part down to an affinity for a British Isles side though? How many people here would care about Lorik Cana netting a key header against Romania?
  6. Round of 16| France v Ireland| ITV 2.00

    What, that corner that wasn't given? That was so far removed from the actual goal.
  7. Round of 16| France v Ireland| ITV 2.00

    They would either way tbh, at least this should give them attacking opportunities when France need to go for it.
  8. Girls of Euro 2016

    Rather tragic but I'm sure a few of those are from earlier tournaments.
  9. Robbie Savage

    A swallow doesn't make a summer. On the whole, Savage is an idiot. I saw one post saying he 'doesn't take himself too seriously' which suggests he's never heard him on 5 live, where he can't take any criticism. He apparently wants to improve though so maybe he will be bearable at some point.
  10. Why the change in kick off times?

    To give the hosts an extra day's rest? It's slightly weird scheduling.
  11. Girls of Euro 2016

    And how many of these pictures are of children? I'm assuming it's a troll anyway, but what has having children got to do with anything?
  12. Mixed. It's not that the games have been bad, but not good enough to make me feel like I'm missing out when at work. The number of matches to whittle down the teams from 24 to 16 is a bit excessive when the games have been of moderate enjoyment though.
  13. Girls of Euro 2016

    I genuinely wonder if the broadcasting directors have changed tack, there seem to be fewer blatant perv cams.
  14. Match 10 - Belgium vs Italy - 8pm - BBC

    I thought Eder and Pelle played as well as you'd expect, I do wonder whether Italy could have broken Belgium down were it not for that beautiful Bonucci ball. I mean they weren't useless, just not threatening. And their first touches were far better than Lukaku's.
  15. As per usual, when the plucky Brit plays like this it's fine. It's a fair tactic but so dull to watch.