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  1. I actually prefer ITV's pundit lineup and dislike Keown but Tyldsley on his own has pushed me to the beeb as usual.
  2. I do get Hooray Henrik's point tbf, when ITV decided we were supporting Ghana in 2010 I actually found the Suarez handball really funny rather than feeling bad for the team that should have won.
  3. But Croatia were also the first side to press us with their front 3 rather than sit deep and generally let us play out from the back, I don't think the defenders were passing it any worse really.
  4. I thought they'd already had a crackdown tbh, the group stages were awful and most of the images here are from past tournaments.
  5. It wasn't true hoofball but it did feel like England were forced to go back to Pickford to boot it clear an awful lot. And it was quite nervy if they tried to play out a bit. I'm not sure I agree with Tripper's free kick making it look that much better, England genuinely looked more likely to score than Croatia until half time. After that, less good.
  6. Well there's a reason France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain and Brazil have consistently been near the top, and it has quite a lot to do with population compared to countries of similar wealth and interest in football.
  7. Can we wait until the media actually blames Sterling before moaning at the media for blaming Sterling?
  8. I can't say I paid that much attention to how we played tactically after half time but despite the mistakes this wasn't bottling it, it was a good effort and we came out on the wrong end.
  9. Sterling's been good, passed on the baton for giving it away in promising places to Lingard.
  10. Really looking forward to this, cue France to win 1-0 with an Umtiti header from a corner.
  11. I do actually like it when they do Ring of Fire but I am long fed up of September, not sure why it's had a resurgence recently.
  12. That video shows what Sterling's role is and does a good job of that in the abstract but doesn't show whether he's actually performing it well. One way of avoiding a reputation for suspect finishing would be to put away chances when he gets them, though against Sweden he did play well, finishing aside.
  13. I think that Sterling has been good in his movement and can see what he provides to the team, and still think he could have done better given the opportunities he's had, this is not just the shooting chances. Sterling is the new Carrick where people go over the top in their praise to show how knowledgeable they are about football.
  14. As a qualified semi-finalist we're now as good as Belgium, Uruguay, Turkey, South Korea and Croatia from the last 20 years. So the short answer is we don't need to re-evaluate it at all for now. On the middle class aspect, I think they have a point, whether you agree would depend on whether you subscribe to the idea you see with minorities that not fitting in with a culture leads to significant differences in outcome down the line. However when someone like Le Saux talks about his career this is clearly more than something in a precious toff's imagination, and part of the culture. My personal view is that it's somewhere in the mentality. Normally we easily get through qualifying and can match the best teams in friendlies but a bit like Mexico never beat one of the big sides in the knockouts, and we still don't know if that's changed yet. But unlike Mexico we have had the players to compete. Edit - I always find myself agreeing with Barney Ronay when it comes to England, I remember him having a go about media pressure by ranting about how all sides have their nation's media on them, it's just a lazy excuse. And for all that, the media would have been onto our likeable lads had they gone out to Colombia.
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