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  1. AMCs would make them too attack-minded, I think and it would also create a huge hole in the heart of the midfield, which doesn't exist in real life. DMCs and AMCs could work better if they could be positioned closer to each other.
  2. It's ok, it's a lot of flags. But it's a very good job, even disregarding its FM usefulness.
  3. Is Norway right in the second pic on the second post? If I understood it correctly it says Norwegians play mostly in Brazil (not true), then in the other countries like Germany (which seems correct).
  4. Thanks! All done.
  5. Something around 50.
  6. Yes, those have been adjusted as well as other attributes.
  7. It seems correct.
  8. His FAID is 304720.
  9. Thanks, I have transferred him.
  10. Thanks, I'll warn the Asian researchers about this as ID 45092394 is in the Asian database.
  11. The caps that happened after Copa América can only be updated for FM2018, I have updated the rest.
  12. Thanks, all done too.