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  1. Common would be a stretch but it does happen sometimes although hopefully they will die out as time goes on. There was a guy in Brazil with this name (he must be dead by now):
  2. Thanks, added all the above.
  3. Thanks, I have retired him now.
  4. Thanks! I have added this.
  5. Thanks, all added.
  6. Yes, it's very annoying, I think I ended up using the editor far less in FM2016 than in FM2015 because of this issue/feature.
  7. I would like an option not to save the game when starting a new game. The current system makes it a chore to test things as whenever a new savegame is started, we have to make a new savegame file.
  8. Thanks! I have removed the duplicates.
  9. Yes, it is, I just received an email regarding this post.
  10. It seems I have to mark the options below to (the 'email' part) which I had forgotten to do (or to 'save').
  11. I don't think I have ever received a notification by email since the forum update.
  12. You have to click with the mouse's left button exactly on that cross you use to drag the quote around, then use the keyboard's delete button. I have no idea how it can be done on mobile though.
  13. No details can be given but the names are this way due to ongoing legal issues. You'll notice only new savegames are affected while old savegames aren't.
  14. You can still seeing entering into the profile. But I would keep it as it is now and not display the post count either as they are not really important.