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  1. PMLF

    WC Squad - most likely to win it?

    I think he means among the teams that could win the title, England is the weakest.
  2. PMLF

    WC Squad - most likely to win it?

    I think Germany have the strongest squad. Brazil have a very good starting XI but the bench isn't that strong.
  3. PMLF

    Pre-World Cup friendlies

    Yes, they are already selling tickets: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/tickets/298191-ticket-details-anfield-brazil-croatia
  4. They have oddly chosen Mário Fernandes to wear Brazil's shirt, even though he refused to play for Brazil's national team in the past.
  5. PMLF

    Pre-World Cup friendlies

    I have now updated it.
  6. PMLF

    2018 World Cup squads

    Looks like a decent solution for those cases, given the translation limitations. I can't criticize the Serbians regarding that anyway as people here can't pronounce your names either and many people here think Slavic names have too many consonants (so they don't understand those single character cases like the NJ you mentioned).
  7. PMLF

    2018 World Cup squads

    I wonder how Brazilian names look like, considering certain sounds don't exist in Serbian, like -ão and -nho.
  8. PMLF

    2018 World Cup squads

    Some clubs have better names this way than in their original spelling!
  9. PMLF

    Pre-World Cup friendlies

    It's just to say good bye to their fans in Argentina. The waste is not playing that friendly but rather not playing any others when there are plenty of dates available. Friendlies at this point don't need to be against good teams anyway.
  10. PMLF

    Who do you think will win the world cup?

    He should at least be less tired than other players, if he returns well from his injury. I think we lack really decisive players in our squad, bar Neymar.
  11. Only the World Cup matters more to us than the Olympics, so we always have good teams.
  12. PMLF

    2018 World Cup squads

    They have already called up Nahuel Guzmán as a replacement. Hopefully Armani will start now.
  13. PMLF

    2018 World Cup squads

    Nahuel Guzmán has been called up for the Argentine squad as a replacement for Sergio Romero.
  14. A Brazil team could be: Marcelo Grohe; Rafinha, Jemerson, Rodrigo Caio, Alex Sandro; Fabinho, Arthur, Luan, Malcom, Richarlison (or Bernard); Jonas Obs: Daniel Alves is injured
  15. There is a another thread here: Brazil will play against Croatia and Austria. Brazil will most likely field full strength teams, although no doubt there will be lots of subs too.