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  1. I have asked the Palmeiras researcher to check this, I don't have any problem with that attribute being slightly increased like this.
  2. Also better to check if any editor file is being used. Editor files that change the Brazilian league usually change the start date too.
  3. I can still report posts (on an iPad at least), check the attached pics. As the second pic shows, you have to click just beside the share icon.
  4. He had a medical problem and will be out until the end of the year until the doctors are sure he can play again: https://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/noticia/medicos-nao-encontram-doenca-e-biro-biro-ex-botafogo-vai-fazer-exercicios-sob-supervisao-medica.ghtml
  5. Thanks, I have logged the above. The calendar will probably be announced soon enough in real life (maybe around January or so).
  6. Yes, Flamengo shouldn’t participate in that competition I suspect the game is picking Flamengo due to the club reputation but only clubs from the states located in the Northeast of Brazil should participate in that competition.
  7. Thanks, it seems the 'min. release fee for foreign clubs' is missing, it should be 50m euros indeed. The other value (R$ 40 million) is the release fee for Brazilian clubs, we have two release fees in Brazil (one for Brazilian offers and one for foreign ones).
  8. CONMEBOL's decisions are too much based on political influence and $$$. A coefficients system would be nice in real life though.
  9. Yes, it probably should have, but the relations are not so complete yet as the partnership will only be on full steam next year.
  10. Red Bull Brasil still exists: https://m.futebolinterior.com.br/noticias/paulista-sub-20-red-bull-arranca-empate-com-ituano-e-avanca-a-final They are supposed to play São Paulo's second division next year too. As for the name of Bragantino, yes, it will become RB Bragantino, but this change hasn't officially happened yet.
  11. He has Basque heritage for sure, but unless he actually moves to a Basque club, it seems he is not considered by Basque clubs as an eligible player for them.
  12. Thanks for reporting this, the same issue is happening in the Gaúcho state league too.
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