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  1. Thanks, this is a database error, a very obscure error in the nicknames related to the name 'Ezequiel', which is used when generating name and common names for newgens.
  2. He is actually left-footed, by the way, transfermarkt wrong on that one.
  3. He already left America, but the history is missing in the database. I have passed to the Argentine researchers all this info you posted as he already left the Brazilian database. Ogol is all right, they get some stuff wrong sometimes like getting wrong if a player is on loan or permanently, but overall they are a useful source.
  4. Yes, we will add this as soon as we can.
  5. It is in the database, it doesn't appear in the game because of a bug related to Flamengo playing the 2019 Club World Cup, which affects the playing history of Flamengo players.
  6. Better report it as a bug, if anything because of that issue you mentioned on your updated post.
  7. There shouldn’t be any bonus, but this is the table after the tournament is over, so it seems some points (maybe points from the knockout stage) got duplicated for some reason.
  8. Yes, the loan should be removed, his situation was messy in real life due to some dispute over the contract. He should be fully owned by Vitória. But loans lasting a couple of years until the end of a contract are not uncommon here.
  9. This is still not working correctly. @Freddie Sands @Christopher Lewis
  10. Yes, the game shouldn't mix relegation at a national level with status at state level.
  11. When you create a youth cup (in Brazil at least), the game is generating the wrong format. Instead of using the format made in the pre-game editor, the game is using the default format related to the competition name. For instance, if the youth cup has the name 'Brazilian U-20 Cup', the game generates the default Brazilian U-20 Cup format, rather than the custom format. Check the attached file, the U-20 cup is supposed to be played by 64 teams, rather than the 32 teams that is happening in-game. EDIT: If no youth cup is added, then one is generated in the game but it never actually takes place. Superliga_FM2020_20022020v2.fmf
  12. I have attached a new version of the mini-update, made after the most recent patch. 582612052_Mini_updateBrasil05032020.fmf
  13. I have attached a new version of the mini-update, made after the most recent patch. 582612052_Mini_updateBrasil05032020.fmf
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