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  1. It's not a database issue as we can't set 'only based in Europe', despite the award's name, but you are right, a Peru-based player shouldn't win it.
  2. I have edited Klysman (he has already left Operário though) and passed the info on Luvannor to the appropriate researcher.
  3. Yes, it's also mentioned on Internacional's (his former team) site: http://www.internacional.com.br/conteudo?modulo=1&setor=&secao=270&codigo=25 But at the Brazilian FA it is not mentioned.
  4. Mergen isn't part of his name according to his Brazilian FA records. He is in Turkey's database, I'll let the Turkish HR know about this.
  5. They do produce Haitian newgens in the game.
  6. It's complicated because on one hand Brazil-based top players are too low compared to Europe-based players, but on the other hand if we increase their level, Brazilian teams will dominate Libertadores even more in the game, when in reality they should be a bit closer.
  7. Yes, that's what I meant. I just wanted to be 100% sure.
  8. I assume you mean add his idols (the players mentioned on the quotes you posted). And Real Madrid as favorite club?
  9. Soviet competitions are in the database, but their country in the database is the 'Soviet Union' which is an extinct country and that makes the titles not appear in game. I think they will appear fine in game if the continent and nation are left blank.
  10. A very minor thing but the Americas Cup Winners Cup would be more appropriately called ‘Copa de Campeones de Copa’ or ‘Recopa’.
  11. These pics are a bit old, his situation is hard to represent as his weight fluctuates a lot in real life, this is a more recent pic, for instance:
  12. I think it's because he was in talks or something with some Polish club so he would stay in Poland's database: http://www.concordia.elblag.pl/artykuly/trzeci-letni-transfer-concordii-klub-podpisal-umowe-z-utalentowanym-pomocnikiem-z-brazylii,1319.htm But I don't think there is any need to make him be based in Poland anymore.
  13. All clubs have wrong colors and wrong names due to licensing issues.
  14. No, just marked the option to save on the Steam Cloud, and then waited for the game to sync and when I went to the other computer the game synced again (very quickly) and the save file was there. That was in FM2019 though but FM2018 works the same way, I think.
  15. That's very weird. I moved a save fine here from one computer to another using Steam Cloud.
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