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  1. Thanks, I have adjusted this.
  2. I made these changes, but we will only know for sure next year if RB Bragantino II will have a U20 team.
  3. This one has been changed in the database already but not in time for the release.
  4. The database for the full game was closed before his contract renewal.
  5. Ideally the game should have a system for these new groups that are appearing now. The current affiliations system is too simple to replicate those groups correctly.
  6. Sometimes we are too cautious with the PA, but I agree he could be upped a bit.
  7. Thanks, I have added all of these to his favourite club and staff.
  8. He is still a very powerful player but I have reduced his physical stats a little bit.
  9. Different sources give him different heights.
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