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  1. I couldn’t watch this game, but it seems the Czechs were heavily underestimated on this message board. I hope both Czechs and Scots advance though.
  2. Yes, the pic is from AFP. Hopefully we will hear more good news soon.
  3. Either massive advantage or massive disappointment. The atmosphere looks great.
  4. Delaney vs O'Shaughnessy Yussuf Poulsen always sounds like a bad newgen name.
  5. A Turkish tradition apparently! Italy playing very well in the second half, but Turkey still have very good chances of advancing.
  6. Jorginho representing Brazil Italy in this game (and tournament).
  7. Nice that the 'World Cup without Brazil and Argentina' is finally starting.
  8. Probably France, hopefully Portugal or Spain.
  9. They (most of them at least) are not in the database as the tournaments in real life ended after the database was closed, due to the Covid-19 messing up the calendar. Try starting later than December 2020 to see if some of them (the ones in the database) will appear.
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