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  1. This is being checked already but this file doesn't say anything about the 'relegation' of teams from Libertadores to Sudamericana. It only talks about the criteria used to qualify teams from each league, and this is something that is already been checked.
  2. Thanks! Feel free to do so: Long name: Toledo Esporte Clube Short name: Toledo (PR) 6 letter acronym: TEC Nickname: TEC
  3. Thanks, I'll change that when I have the database back.
  4. Yes, same issue as last version.
  5. He wouldn't really be losing as the player is not going to play for Maldonado in real life and 100% of the transfer fee goes to a third party, so Maldonado won't receive anything anyway either in the game or in real life.
  6. Yes, in some cases it's complicated to implement the real life formats because of the scheduling, Alagoas, Goiás and Paraíba at least will probably have the correct formats at some point (hopefully by the time the game is officially released).
  7. According to reports in Brazilian press, it's the losers (eight 3rd placed teams + two 4th placed teams) in the group stage that get a spot in Copa Sudamericana.
  8. Different kinds of players, those other players are nowhere near as big names as Calleri and the other players they sign and loan/sell. The correct way should be to simulate this kind of 'arrangement' but there is no way to do so, having return to play for Maldonado would make no sense.
  9. For the record, the non-represented countries in South America are these: Bolivia Ecuador Paraguay Venezuela
  10. Deportivo Maldonado is a club used by agents to register players and fool FIFA rules as agents aren't allowed to own players. He will never play any game there in real life. If West Ham don't buy him, he will be loaned out again and or sold to another club, rather than playing for Maldonado.
  11. As posted here:
  12. This is a database issue, post here:
  13. The Brazilian research forum (in Portuguese) can be found here: