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  1. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    Added all the above.
  2. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    I''ll take a look but this is tricky as the game in general seems to undervalue young players. Arthur will anyway be more expensive next time as he will have a higher reputation.
  3. [Brazil] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Yes, this has already been logged (defect 144889 if any coder needs to check this).
  4. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    Yerry Mina's contract ends in May 2018 according to the Brazilian FA. It's a bit complicated to explain but contracts of foreign players here often are short due to some laws issues. I'll ask the Palmeiras researcher to check his mental attributes. But hs current CA and attributes still make him one of the best CBs in Brazil in the game. I'll also see Cruzeiro's colors.
  5. Segundo Volante not available

    It's not a bug. The segundo volante is designed to be used those ways.
  6. Segundo Volante not available

    Are you playing with just one defensive midfielder? You need at least two defensive midfielders to use the segundo volante role.
  7. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes, he is in the Brazilian database, I have added the info above.
  8. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    Adjusted all the above.
  9. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    Maybe, the agreement is above the clubs rather than between them. Added this.
  10. [Brazil] (Official) League Specific Issues

    If you are in the Brazilian League first division, you should play the U20 national league too.
  11. [Brazil] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, I'll adjust that.
  12. I think the first step could be allowing people to add women's clubs, players, competitions, etc... in the editor, making them separate from the men's equivalents. That could also help SI recruit researchers in the future, if they decide to add women's football in the game in an official manner.
  13. [Brazil] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The problem is that when any new tournaments are included, there has to be a lot of testing involved and then the competition needs to be updated when the format changes, which is hard too as second divisions are even less stable format-wise than the state leagues top divisions. Most of the teams in the state leagues second divisions wouldn't be playable anyway, which also means it's less likely to include such tournaments. All coding-related issues aside, I do agree it would be very interesting to have them in the game though.