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  1. Yes it is known, it seems to happen with saves that started before the most recent patch.
  2. Yes, no set date but usually seems to happen by the early 2020s.
  3. Yes, it's a known typo, it was supposed to be 1X. I fixed that in the mini-update I posted in March.
  4. Yes, his injury proneness is going to be reduced a few points. But we needed to wait a couple of times to judge if that was necessary.
  5. Thanks! I'll add the above.
  6. Thanks, done!
  7. Thanks! All done except Amauri (he is in the American database).
  8. Thanks for all this info.
  9. I completely agree with this.
  10. Thanks, I'll do all the above.
  11. Diogo Rangel is a known case. I have now edited/transferred Célio.
  12. That's less bad at least.