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  1. So, I'm already half way through the season and I still have players waiting for a promise I made for a player that is no longer at the club. Is that some kind of bug?
  2. This is by far the biggest nonsense of the game, you have full tactic familiarity but players still have concerns about it
  3. What's the point in having questions if I would accept to sell a player if the bid will never comer?
  4. What's going on with the UI? It's really annoying clicking and draging one player just to see a completely different one selected.
  5. I was able to sell all of them, Peres asked for money to leave and I gladly accepted lol Cristante I HAD to sell to Sociedad for only 13M, hes was really upset when I rejected City's hilarious bid for him and the squad got upset the way I treated him =X I got Rovella (loaned out), Papetti (loaned out), Martin Palumbo, Samuelle Birindelli, Ugarte and Stefano Turati. I will use Mory Bamba and Calafiori a lot this season and I'm already looking for a replacement for Dzeko. Hi man, how did you manage to post pictures on the topic? Thanks.
  6. I believe some transfers are still off. Real Madrid on my save just made an offer for Lucas Leiva
  7. Why do you think that? In my humble opinion is by far the best ME we've ever had.
  8. So Roma was bought by Friedkin and I still got messages saying the club is about to be sold? This doesn't make sense at all.
  9. So I finally started my Roma save, I'm trying to ged rid of Peres, Jesus, Fazio and Santon and I released some bad staff and hired others in order to increase our stats. Man City is pushing to buy one of my midfielders, they tried Diawara and now are pushing to Cristante, FM20 I suffered with United looks like this year I will suffer with City hahaha This is the tactic that I'll try to use https://imgur.com/JhbIe7U These are all the staff I've brought to the club so far https://imgur.com/iC4vcGL I was able to sign Papetti, Rovella, and Palumbo so far
  10. I find them quite similar, Milan is a fallen giant and Atalanta and Roma haven't won anything lately, I'm playing with Roma, like every year haha.
  11. In order to transfer my set pieces routine to a different tactic do I have to save everyone of them separately, routine by routine?
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