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  1. Arezo was always a bargain, even before the winter update. He's simply amazing.
  2. It's always a risk to not sell players to bigger clubs, imo is better to have a random squad than to have an unhappy squad
  3. I just want to highlight how amazing are Matías Arezo and Adam Hlozek, just buy them, no matter what
  4. I think all depends on how much of a challenge do you want. Milan is a good team already, Fiorentina and Bologna seems to have good squads but nothing for the first places of the league.
  5. I honestly don't want much for Florenzi, he's getting old and his wages are high, Klostermann has been playing tremendously well, 7.18 avg rating assisted 11 times so far. Dzeko was pretty good on my first season too but this second season he lost space to Arezo due to injuries, and I can't bech the Uruguayan, he's incredible.
  6. He came back, PSG offered 8,5M for him which is completely non-sense since there was a clause in his loan contract that I was obliged to sell him for 9,5M. He started the season playing on the starting eleven but got injured and lost space for Klostermann. I will try to sell him, Smalling and El Shaarawy since their contracts will end soon, tried to renew with Dzeko but he demanded A LOT of money and a long contract, for a 36 years old player it's not worth it.
  7. After the last patch I've been enjoying the game quite a bit. But one thing keeps bothering me is the lack of response from the AI when we talk about transfers during a press conference. It should have some impact on future bids for the player.
  8. Even after doing 3 subs my assman keeps suggesting replacing players
  9. It's very strange how my defensive midfielder have such low avg rating in comparison to the rest of the team.
  10. Hi guys, I'm using a laptop and its resolution is 1366x768 and in-game I like to play with 85% zoom, which of the versions would suit me best? Thanks!
  11. Okay, but if you really want that player and you are rich it doesn't make sense to not expend what was accorded.
  12. Some of the moves made by the AI during the transfer window doesn't make sense at all. I'm managing Roma and after returning from his loan at PSG Florenzi had a clause in his contract that if PSG offered 9.5M euros I was obliged to sell him, they offered 8.5M. If they were really interested in buying the player why not offer what was on the contract? Especially for a tremendous rich club as PSG.
  13. Inverted Winger - Shot more often Inside Forward - Roam from position
  14. These are the transfers after the end of the transfer window, I tried to get rid of Diawara and Cristante but just got ridiculous bids for both of them, they'll stay at the club but will play much less than last season, Tonali will be starter and I want to play Milanese as much as I can. This might be a problem in the near future. Riccardi wants a new contract but he's demanding a playing time and wages that doesn't make sense at all, the squad complained about me not giving him a new contract, I tried. And this is the "new" tactic I will use this season, just changed the BBM to
  15. Is it too risky to use a defensive midfielder as a deep lying playmaker on support duty with PI to mark tighter and tackle harder? Other midfielders I'm using a mezalla and advanced playmaker, both support duty.
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