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  1. Atlético Mineiro still don't have Arena MRV as future stadium, another patch without it. Marquinhos was loaned out to Botev Plovdiv until 30/06/2022.
  2. The infrastructure tab is the only place where I can check future Stadiums? Because I've been complaining about it since the game was launched and Atlético Mineiro still don't have its future Stadium set on the game.
  3. Some time in March, after the closing of Chinese and/or Russian transfer window(s), I'm not sure.
  4. I agree, but one thing is a player price is 60M, I'm asking for 45 and they offering 7M, that's nonsense.
  5. I bet these clubs offered to buy these players and not you listing them to transfer.
  6. It happened again, that's completely ridiculous! If they don't want to pay what I want just refuse the offer, don't come up with this absurd. Transfer AI is completely ridiculous this year, if you try to sell a player that had a tremendous season and has a high market price the AI will come with ever more ridiculous offers.
  7. San Jose Earthquake made a loan offer for one of my players, they were willing to pay 80% of his salaries playing or not, I negociated it asking for 100% of the salaries and a monthly fee of 70k if he plays, the next offer I got was the same club offering 60% of sallaries if he plays and 70% if he doesn't play... This is simply ridiculous!!!!
  8. So I'm trying to sell a player and hes price tag is 62,5M in brazilian real, I'm asking for 55M and I keep receiving offers like 7,5M, 10M... What kind of nonsense is that?
  9. So, I'm playing in Brazil with only south and north american leagues loaded, I know that I'm reaching the end of my first season but I didn't see any European or Chinese club trying to buy players from Brazilian clubs. Is that normal? Will it be improved from the second season on?
  10. Yeah, Galo didn't have a good season, finished 11th and lost the Copa do Brasil and Sulamericana maybe this is enough to fire Sampaoli but not to bring this lower reputation manager Thanks again Paulo.
  11. I get it, I imagine it must be hard to have attendance close to reality, thanks! Second season.
  12. I believe SI should take a look on reputations and average attendance in Brazil. I'm managing Galo, league leaders, latter stages of Copa do Brazil and only have 27,124 of average, that's nowhere near the reallity, especially playing at Mineirao. Also, a friend of mine playing in Brazil saw Galo fire Sampaoli and hire Leo Conde, absolutely nonsense.
  13. Is there any kind of guide for shouts this year? It's really annoying seeing my players reacting badly whenever I say something.
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