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  1. I don't believe on it, Gonçalo Guedes scored 27 goals in his first season, and 18 on the second season, Ferran Torres had a good season as well.
  2. But that is my point, they should keep the ME on this state because is at least "playable" and focus on a entire new ME for the next version.
  3. To be honest I thinks this won't be fixed in this version, I'm hoping that the developers are getting loads of info about the issues and will do everything to improve the game for the next version.
  4. Full backs are so overpowered now, my right full back has 6 goals and 8 assists and the left back has 1 goal and 13 assists.
  5. Perfect, and I think this can be tested as well maybe using the editor and setting one-twos to CF and AMC to see if this changes something in the game and central play. Couldn't agree more, everything you've said sums up PERFECTLY the actual state of the match engine.
  6. There's any chance to change the dialogs when you say no comment to "Lucas preferred not to answer that..." instead of "I'm not prepared to answer this..."?
  7. I've played one and a half season with the new match engine, things are better but still worst. 1-on-1's still need improvement; Defending movement in terrible very often; Lack of central movement and strikers tend to not participate on the plays; Opposition keepers are incredible; Full backs and Wingers wait to cross on the defender instead of crossing quickly; Headers going up.
  8. No, I've done it now. I've posted on the bug forum asking about my game always keep opening on full-screen mode, do you think deleting this folders will help with that? Thanks. No freezing, thank you Kubi.
  9. Anyone experiencing big freezing during the game? So annoying, sometimes I got stuck for more than 1 minute waiting for the game to respond, I'm pretty sure is nothing related to my pc config.
  10. I think this is a very good idea, maybe you'll be able to do that using FMRTE, I don't know if it's possible using the official editor.
  11. My right full back has the same amount of goals as my main striker... 4 goals...
  12. Atlético Mineiro Roma Sporting CP Dortmund
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