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  1. Expectations for some squads are really terrible... Started playing with Dortmund to see Haaland and Moukoko, told the players that I expected to win the German Cup and they thought I was being extremely ambitious... Really??? I told them that I expected to fight for the Bundesliga and they were happy about it but they thought fighting for the Cup is too much....
  2. It is really annoying having to roll back the game to windowed mode and 85% zoom out every time I open it.
  3. ]i guess the problem is using it on windowed mode, that's the way I'm playing.
  4. Anyone managed to get sidebar icons-only? Every time I select it it doesn't show the icon, I can't click on anything.
  5. Is it normal to have just one guy on the wall in such close free-kick like that?
  6. Yes! Mine too! Another thing that I really liked is the possibility to offer a contract to player after the DoF failed in doing it.
  7. Scout meeting page it's pretty bad imo... We cannot see players attributes anymore, more clicks to get there...
  8. I'm playing on my laptop and every time I close the game and open it again it rolls back to full screen mode 100% zoom. I have to select windowed mode and zoom out 85% all the time, it's very annoying. I don't know what kind of screenshot or file do you guys need to check on this or if this is even a bug, please let me know.
  9. Thanks! Oh, this year Arena MRV is being shown as the next stadium.
  10. A couple of things I do believe need some changes regarding some Atletico Mineiro players... Hulk should have a higher rating or ability to play as a striker, it's the main position he's been playing. Ignacio Fernandez shouldn't have a higher ability to play on the wings, he's mainly a centre midfielder or an attacking midfielder centre. Allan plays more as a defensive midfielder. Jair shouldn't be transfer listed as he's part of the squad and can be considered an important player. Nathan Silva is 100% a centre back and not a defensive midfielder.
  11. Yes, I have. I'm playing on 85% zoom out but it's still not enough, I know I'm asking a lot but having an official skin resized for lower resolutions would be great.
  12. SI should do an specific skin for low resolutions, I'm playing on a laptop and a lot of information is cramped or missing from some pages.
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