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  1. And opposition keepers having like 12/15 saves and great ratings, not to mention the huge numbers of 1x1 situations that our strikers miss.
  2. Playing with Roma, trying to bring youngsters and Italian players, let's see what happen.
  3. How I haven't see this topic before? Shame on me haha! I started here and get rid of Juan Jesus, Santon, Fuzato and Fazio for good and loaned Pastore to Everton. I bought N'Dicka, Amand Traore and Strahinja Pavlovic so far, I'm looking for a younger goalkeeper and maybe a new left full back.
  4. Zakaria Sdaigui, Zan Celar, Agostinelli, Mory Bamba and Mirko Antonucci I'll definitely bring them to senior squad and try to develop them.
  5. Oh yes, Riccardi is the best one, 4 star potential maybe 5, the first thing I did was call him to senior squad.
  6. As usual I started my first save with Roma, the squad looks good, lots of youngsters like Kluivert, Mancini, Riccardi, Zaniolo etc, the future is promising!
  7. 17 corners in a game, most of if come from blocked crosses, thats not normal, I really hope SI fix this in next version.
  8. Crossing in this game its completely broken, ALWAYS you gonna be blocked by defenders, always.
  9. Bayer... Has more tradition and great young players. Anyone managing Hamburg?
  10. How's pressure in this public beta? We still see 3/4 players closing down the same guy?
  11. Only two examples, TONS of cards, getting card in sequence, this is not normal. 102 yellow cards in 28 games. Inter in second has 82 yellow cards.
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