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  1. Same here... I'm trying to renew with one of my youngsters, his current contract is 17k/w now he wants 170k... And he's far from being a starter, wages in this game are simply ridiculous!
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering what I have to do to become a club legend or icon. I've managed to win 5 Serie A Tim in a row plus one Champions League with Roma and I'm still considered "only" favoured personnel.
  3. I haven't been playing a lot lately (thanks to The Last of Us 2 ) but i just want to say is that Haaland and Hlozek are amazing, if you have chance buy them no matter what.
  4. Do you guys usually change your tactics a lot each season or just few adjustments?
  5. Someone managed to get a new Stadium? I asked at least three time to Pallotta but he always says no
  6. Another season another goodbye to the Coppa Italia
  7. Yeah but I'm using him as IF(A), 5 goals and 10 assists so far.
  8. I almost got Kulusevski here but I bought Hlozek from Sparta and he's been amazing.
  9. I'm using him as an Inside Forward (A), he scores a lot! First season I used him as an Attacking Midfielder (A), he had a very good season but for me he's more prolific playing on the side of the pitch.
  10. Aren't you italian? I thought you were
  11. Well, maybe is something related do responsabilities, on my save I always chose the starting dates of the pre season.
  12. But I think you can chose, no? If I'm not wrong I chose all the starting dates of my seasons.
  13. This is by far my best team ever on FM, I think the only squad as good as this one was my squad in CM01/02 with Tó Madeira, Tsigalki, Ibrahim Said, Taribo West, Nikiforenko etc . Yes, I have Haaland I paid 126M upfront but it can be 135 with add-ons. He's simply amazing.
  14. Oh, I didn't see! Great players, I have a few more players here that have good potential but those 3 are the best one... I have one forward which looks very good but I'll train him to play in another position, with Halaand and Pellegri he won't play at all!
  15. Hahaha show them to us man, one of my favourite parts of the game is the youth intake day
  16. My best 3 player from my youth academy.
  17. Hahahaha no, it's just something I was feeling regarding the ME Back to normal now hahaha I'm using him as an Inverted Winger (S) ahd he's very good, sometimes a little bit inconsistent but he's very good.
  18. Hahahaha I wrote this when the match engine was terrible with the ball over the top, I forgot to change
  19. It's funny, Ansensio and Lemar are ALWAYS avaiable to transfer/loan in my saves... Lazio had both in my actual save.
  20. I was looking the lower leagues, there are loads of traditional clubs there, loads of potential great saves.
  21. Birindelli is amazing, I've found him by chance doing my "personal research" on italian clubs. Certin was very good for me during 2 seasons but Rugani was transfer listed and I was planning to have as much italians as I could on my squad, that's I get rid of him.
  22. https://imgur.com/PeXJTRx
  23. Yeah, I'm not playing as much as I was, I'm finishing my backlog on my PS4 now
  24. I'm walking to the middle of my 4th season, I've been dominating Italy so far except for the Coppa, I was knocked out every season on the second round I'm in a middle of a game now, when it finishes I'll post a screenshot of my squad for you guys and the all transfers I've made so far.
  25. That new Pescara shirt is making me eager to start a save with them
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