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  1. No, recomendo que baje al data update de SortitoutSI (disponible en el site de SortitoutSI) que actualiza literalmente para hoy los fichajes.
  2. Great to see that, thank you. that was my main target, expand the list of playable leagues and the FM gameplay, and it is awesome to see that I got it. In FM 2020 there will be more updates, I hope to get my targets again next year.
  3. I checked @majesticeternity work and I liked it, despite their updates aren't always 100% IRL, that is a thing that we can help up in WB2020. He does updates of a very detailed way, as we want in WB2020, and friendly comps are important to be expanded w/ updates to give a higher level of realism (the most realist is the game, the better it is). I sent a message for @sporadicsmiles some hours ago, just waiting an answer. Like me, he likes to do updates the most complete as he can, so he would be a very nice for editor team.
  4. My main plans for FM 2020 are for Europe, but yeah, I'm planning to do extensions for South America countries too. I've just created a team of editors (WB2020) in order to do updates as better as possible and in a shorter ratio of time and also to help someone when this one isn't having time to do the update, that means, co-operate. I would love to work with @claassen and I want to have him to my editor team, but I'm not aware about his avaliability.
  5. Both need a miracle to get it, they have a too difficult system to do and editor isn't allowing them to work. Unfortunately, there is a big risk not to launch them this year.
  6. (I think you're asking this, if it is not this, correct me please) The U20 rule means that you need to have a minimum number of Under-20 players in your match squad (and consequently on your senior squad) and also a minimum number of minutes in overall championship for them (First and Second division have different rules about that). If you don't accomplish the rules, you'll get 3 points deducted.
  7. Guys, sorry for some errors related with conflicts caused by Caribbean, I will fix it as soon as possible. It is hard sometimes to identify problems in updates because there are 45 updates and I'm working totally alone, beyond the fact it is the first time that I do a megapack and a major work for FM. I thank people who tell me errors because I can fix it and then we move on to a better megapack.
  8. Hasta recomendo que inicie el update en finales de 2017 o inicio de 2018 pues es el default en FM que configura los updates en este período, pero estaré esforzandome para hacer los updates funcionaren empezando en 2019.
  9. Upa, perdoneme amigo, yo entendí que en 2017 había errores. Lo problema es con los updates de Caribe, voy a corrigir esto, gracias amigo.
  10. Corrigi esto ahora, testé empezando en noviembre de 2017 y Serie A y B ocurrieron sin errores en 2018. Baje el megapack nuevamente y cambie el file ecuatoriano para tener él sin errores.
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