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  1. Guys, I discovered the problems that is causing problems with Chile update (can't be played with other updates). Until tomorrow, it will be playable with all other updates. Thanks for who helped me.
  2. Son muchos detalles extraños en las ligas, principalmente en el ascenso. Menos mal que no edité en 2016/17, cuando la temporada tuvo una duración de tres semestres y un total de 66 partidos. Esto sería muy difícil para hacer en FM.
  3. It will be, I'm Brazilian so I know soccer from here better than Caribbean's, and it has a higher level of importance, so it will be made first. I'm doing Central America leagues, while this I'll be editing Argentina and Brazil. At the end, all the countries planned in the megapack will be there.
  4. URGENT: I decided to include all the Caribbean (30 countries) in the megapack. Despite they are minor leagues, I think it is interesting because it will be a addition to Central America leagues and, obviously, will increase the reality, leagues and opportunities for FM players.
  5. Hi Dai, I just saw Uncle Sam's updates and they are awesome, he created continental competitions and did correct continental qualifications in his updates. However, there are some missing leagues that I'm creating and now I'm planning to expand the megapack to all Caribbean countries (it sounds crazy but it will be nice). Also I need to adequate my files to original DB, that only includes Concachampions, so I prefer to do my own updates. But yes, I can create a version of my updates to be played with Uncle Sam's continental competition updates and even contact him to get some help if necessary. About Chile problem, I need to fix it urgently because it is a important league/country and it is a great update, but I need first to understand what is happening. As I understood, there are a conflict of teams between some updates that is causing a problem where you can only play with Chile update alone. @ucdark sent me some things that can be causing this error, I'm going to try it because I believe there is a good chance of being the right way to fix. Third Division B setups could be a problem too, but I don't think so because the error that is appearing in the game is other and editor is verifying it without problems, so it appears to be 100%. Thanks for your hints, it is great to receive a help from people here.
  6. South American leagues are very strange sometimes, especially in Bolivia, where you have qualification for division via Departmental Leagues that doesn't occur at the same time. Some leagues occurs in Winter, and others in Summer. Bolivian Federation is trying to improve it, they will create a stable 2nd tier (Nacional B), without qualifications via Departmental Leagues that will be transfered for a third division that probably will be created.
  7. Thanks for supporting my work, and thanks for everybody that is doing this. And yes, I have other things to do, so I try to use the most of my spare time to do these leagues, because I like to do it. The only thing I ask for people that is asking for hurrying up is pacience. It is not easy, especially because South & Central America leagues works on a very different way if compared with European league systems.
  8. Third division (Primera A leagues/Departmental Leagues) in Bolivia works also as secondary division in FM, so in game it goes down to second, but there is a third division, it only works of a different way.
  9. Atualizaré esto. Pero una duda: Yo ví que solo los ganadores de cada grupo se clasifican a la final y a la Copa Simón Bolívar. En caso de que sea un playoff con 4 equipos y solo 1 clasificado a la Simón Bolívar, para onde se va la 21° vaga?
  10. If you think promoting teams from third to first division directly + adding playoffs between second and third division to top division is a easy work, I don't think so. Pacience, please, it will be released as soon as I get it.
  11. Puedes checar el parche de Bolivia y en caso de ver alguna cosa que puedo modificar, me hablar que yo hago esto.
  12. Yes, it is being hard to fix it. 19.3.5 new update f**** me up, and I'm not getting it. You can play it alone only, what is very bad.
  13. I already added it. I also added Departmental Leagues that qualify teams to this division.
  14. I just fixed some problems with Mexico update related with Competition Records and promotions (B teams were being promoted to Ascenso MX, what is impossible in real life) In addiction, I made up and added Belize update.
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