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  1. Oh, sorry, I forgot to add foreign rules in some countries, and I’m willing to do it after finishing Brazil.
  2. Actually you can use it too. But for adding in my megapack not at all, because Brasil Mundi UP doesn’t use real Brazilian System, so if I use it I won’t going to be coherent with the target I have in this megapack (doing updates as closest as possible to real life). It is better to be calm and wait me to do this, and yeah, it takes a time because Brazilian football system isn’t so simple.
  3. As I know I didn’t change any ID (maybe only for Mexico), but USA and Canada I’m sure I didn’t. Thanks for the support!
  4. I agree with you, it is really sad that editors are starting to do things for money instead doing for pleasure and desire of improving FM. All my updates are done to give players a better gameplay, more countries and then a bigger array to play, and when I say players I include myself. And even it is hard to do, I know that the results will worth a lot. For me it is unfair to ask money to download because FM itself is very expensive (at least here in Brazil), then it is too injust for people to pay also for updates. Thanks for the support, and I hope the most editors as possible continue doing it for free, for pleasure.
  5. Regional leagues aren't avaliable to be chosen because they're secondary divisions. You need to select a team from Second Division, where all Bolivian teams excluding the Premier ones are.
  6. Yeah, I shouldn't even add U.S. Virgin Islands file in megapack .zip, I'll remove that. I didn't do that because there is no info there for 2020. You need to wait until July 6th, then it generates. It takes a time due to regional leagues (where teams from 2nd tier come from) I don't need to fix that just because it is correct, in real life it is not played at 2019, it only starts in 2020, there is no error there.
  7. Hey guys, I just have added new features for some South American updates, according to real life: Bolivia - Fixed a lot of bugs such as Primera A Santa Cruz final and relegation playoff not being played, champions of Copa Simón Bolívar going to Primera División play-off instead runner-up, Primera A Beni second stage being played by random teams instead top 5 and B teams going to Copa Simón Bolívar; Removed registered teams system for 2019, so that everybody can qualify to 2nd tier via regional leagues since the start year (before you could only do it starting after the 1st season). Ecuador - Added 2021 new formats for Serie A and Serie B, when Serie A will start to have 18 teams. Also fixed 2020 formats of both divisions (relegation play-offs in Serie A and no knockout round nor relegation in Serie B). Copa Ecuador 2020 format was also added in the patch. Venezuela - Added 2020 new system for Primera División (double round-robin, top 8 to second stage which is played in 2 groups of 4, winner of each group to championship final) and Copa Venezuela is played only in 2019, then it ends. I'll add Next Division and Start Year configs only after Winter update to avoid database conflicts. To get the new features, just download the .zip (link in the first post) and replace the files in your editor data folder. Best regards
  8. It's due to the season structure which FM editor did and is bugging fixtures, I'm trying to solve that but still didn't find a way. Do the following: Install the .zip again, pick the Trinidad and Tobago file there and replace it in editor data folder. It should work because here it's recognizing as Trinidad & Tobago
  9. Hey guys, I just backed home and already did all remaining countries + CONCACAF club competitions + fixes on Trinidad and Tobago. That means we have the megapack 100% COMPLETE!!! OBS: U.S. Virgin Islands wasn't added because there are no infos for 2019/20 season and DB changed the number of teams so I'm not certain about that
  10. Hey guys, due to some extra things I’ll back editing Thursday, I even posted it here then erased because things were very confused but now I can confirm that. Don’t worry guys, the remaining leagues, fixes and CONCACAF competitions are very easy to do, it’s a question of 2 days to be done. Hope everybody understand me, have a nice week guys
  11. Yeah, I think it is, maybe I accidentally added it twice, sorry Oh bad, I think I saved it too fast and didn’t realize that. Unfortunately I can’t solve it as I’m travelling and I have only my cellphone, but next week I’ll fix all this stuff
  12. I added that because I’m going to do CONCACAF club competitions and to get the right teams I’ll use Continental Qualification standings
  13. Guys, I just released all Central America + 23 Caribbean countries updates. However, I didn't have time enough to do CONCACAF club competitions and I'll travel tomorrow for 10 days. Therefore, until January 6th I will be out from my PC and I'll able only for answering you here in the thread. I deserve for all of you the best New Year and the best 2020 possible, hope it will be a great year for South, Central America and Caribbean updates
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