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  1. I'm having this problem too, editing each item is taking 5-10 secs, and the waiting time increases to 25-30 secs (sometimes 1 min) when with huge databases. It is very bad because we want to do databases and this slowness becomes a huge obstacle for editors, turning a thing which should be good on an overwhelming task. Also, FM2020 editor is being very slower if compared with previous versions, despite using a lot of memory and CPU. Hope SI team can fix that.
  2. @Freddie Sands I edited the update rules and I realized that I forgot to say here an important point I should had said before: The system in Primera División Amateur is that if a same team win stage 0 and stage 1, stage 3 isn't played and we go directly to stage 4, and if there is only one team qualified for stage 4 it is declared champion. Then, I need a way to make this possible without having this problem of not creating all stages, I even checked the "Don't Add Stage If Not Enough Teams" configuration, but it didn't solve. Thanks on advance.
  3. Hi, I'm editing an Uruguayan update and always I try to verify it in pre-game editor, I get the following error: "Primera División Amateur has not finished in time for season update day 31/12/XXXX (not all stages have been created)". Look I put XXXX in the year because it varies, sometimes it happens in 2019, 2020 or 2021. I tried everything, changed overall table, dates, range date, even the season period I've changed, but without success. The weirdest is that when you verify one-by-one it even verifies (reason for it is 100% verified), but in-game it is a complete mess. I would get
  4. So, I just updated all countries to 20.3. I didn't get CONCACAF competitions because I don't know a way to get that, so sorry, I didn't get them for you, I also maintained Bolivian 2nd division 2019 format because of limitations in editor and also because the new format may not happen due to opposition of some regional federations. But the most important is what I'm going to say now: Guys, thank you for support me on my journey during FM 2019 and FM 2020 with my megapack. However, time became shorter for me and it makes me to have less things to do to focus in what is priority: school. Th
  5. That's why you are getting this problem: you're using 20.1 database. I forgot to save it to 20.1 and I only put it for 20.3, sorry for that.
  6. Yeah, I think he did more changes in stages from Ceará and Acre Championship than me, I preferred not to change so much (only the things which were wrong), and I didn't get why it is doesn't work, maybe I need to check History configs.
  7. Yeah, it is a normal bug because of other configs both competition has. Ah, um salve aí meu compatriota rs. E sim, foi uma boa explicar, eu não tinha entendido a intenção exata da mensagem. It depends on which stage Red Bull Bragantino got qualified to. If you got a berth in round of 16, then it is OK because you really didn't enter yet. However, if you got a berth in First Round, then it is a element that I'll need to check.
  8. Yeah, he backed with his update XD. However now I did my own patch where I put even more features than it had before. But I'm happy he is back because he is a great editor data maker as well.
  9. Don't worry, I'm Brazilian so I have a lot of sources to get all the stuff. I put the Série D and Brazilian Cup qualification system as it is actually in 2020. The 2020 changes about relegations and promotions are already there, you just need to start in 2020. I'm already doing that, Brazil is already updated.
  10. Well, not at all. It is weird that 2020 season plays and 2021 doesn't, there is no rule quoting any change in 2021 that could cause it. However I will give a look on that, thanks.
  11. Sorry, could you explain it better please? (A picture could clarify that) Let I try to understand what you meant to say: If the problem is that First Round is out of the schedule, it can be just a minor thing which happens due to conflicts with other competitions, it doesn’t need a fix because even in real life it can happen. However, if you’re saying that First Round is not being played, I have my doubts because I tested it in editor for 10 years, a guy in FManager Brazil tested in-game until 2031 and there is no problem with some stage from Série D not being played. Best rega
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