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  1. I saw Valencian Community has some cultural and linguistical differences if comparing with Catalan-speaking regions. I can insert it a future plan to do as a FM update, after finishing up my plans. Thanks by suggesting it.
  2. We will release updates one by one inside the megapack .zip, the first update (Argentina) will be released until next week and the megapack is planned to be finished fully until the end of the semester.
  3. Exactly, I can't wear out with something that probably will have bad results, you're totally right
  4. I will try to release a version down to Level 8 later, but I’ll be focusing on South & Central America megapack so it can linger a little to be released
  5. Hey guys. I want to advice you that France down to Level 17 update will be cancelled/suspensed. I believe you'll say: "Why did he do that? What a lazy guy, promises a thing and doesn't make it!", and that is why I sending this message. Firstly, there are a lot of limitations in FM editor that doesn't allow me to make a complete update as I planned at the beginning. In addiction, I believe it is a waste of time to create thousands of teams that won't be playable and will exist only to complete cups. I'm a school student, so I can't allow that my favorite hobby embarass my other important things. In addiction, I started together with sporadicsmiles a South & Central America leagues megapack. I'm focusing in this megapack because it will bring most productive results to FM itself as it boosts a continent with a short number of countries and leagues + gives to players a new array of countries, leagues and experiences. All this without wasting time with unuseful items and embarassing my brain and my routine. I hope you guys understand, and yes, I can maybe back with the project if I see it will worth.
  6. I attached your file now because you've added all fixes. Thanks by helping me.
  7. Fixed it. I hadn't updated it to 19.3.0 so you need to set game version to 19.1.0 to play.
  8. Hello everybody. I want to notify you that Regional Leagues will be added in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay (maybe in Venezuela), but first we’re doing to do updates without them, and then me and sporadicsmiles add Regional Leagues at v1.1 of megapack. Argentina update is being released this week down to Level 4 and Primera D (metropolitan Level 5), and Bolivia update will be released after next weekend (as sporadicsmiles is out at the moment but will back on this period).
  9. I learnt Advanced Rules after a long time editing in Basic Rules. It is hard to understand as it has a complex programation and a lot of systems to config properly, so you need to try a lot to get it understood
  10. You need to do a lot of remodelations and configs in the structure to get it working fine, that's the most overwhelming part.
  11. I can fix it when possible, I'm working for South & Central America megapack so it will need to wait a little, but I'll try to get a little time to fix it.
  12. The lowest level in the list will be the lowest playable tier in the nation. That means, if in the list it says down to Level 4, it will be playable until Level 4. Remembering that we are going to do updates down to the lowest level of each country if possible, so you can consider that the whole league system of most of the countries will be playable, except for some countries due to lack of information or editor limitations. We can try to turn updates compatible with both updates. We can guarantee that all updates from South & Central America leagues megapack will be compatible each other.
  13. Yeah, that is the main reason to do this megapack, improve the FM gameplay for South and Central America (that has no active leagues in FM) countries.
  14. This megapack, idealized by the union of my will (as a South American from Brazil) to do this and sporadicsmiles’s work, will include league and cup expansions for all South and Central America countries + Mexico. Below the list of updates we’re planning to do: SOUTH AMERICA - 10 countries Argentina: down to Level 4 and Primera D, metropolitan Level 5 (Regional Leagues, the non-metropolitan Level 5 real system will be included on v1.1) with real rules/formats and configs to future changes from 2018/19 until 2024/25 + Copa Santa Fe and Copa Jujuy. OBS: Some configs to future changes can be wrong as AFA hasn’t announced everything so there will be the probable things they will do Bolivia: down to Level 3 (maybe Level 4), including Departmental Leagues and real rules/format. Brazil: will include MRT90’s update as it has the full Brazilian league system, including State Championships and Cups. Chile: down to Level 5, real rules/formats (Regional Leagues will be included at v1.1). Colombia: Update with Primera C for 2020 will be added when Dimayor confirms its format. Ecuador: down to Level 3 + provincial amateur leagues (considered as Level 4), real rules/formats + national cup. Paraguay: full league system down to Level 4 (including Regional Leagues in v1.0 or v1.1), real rules/format + national cup + possibility of Campeonato Nacional de Interligas if possible. Peru: down to Level 3 (Copa Perú with real Districtal, Provincial, Departmental and National stages), fixed Liga 1, real rules/format + national cup. Uruguay: down to Level 3 + Copa Nacional de Clubes, real rules/format. OBS: There will be a 2nd file with Copa Uruguaya as there is a possibility of having this competition next year. Venezuela: down to Level 3 (possibility of Level 4, State Leagues at v1.1), real rules/format + national cup. CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO - 8 countries Belize: includes Belizian Premier League, real rules/format. Costa Rica: down to Level 3, real rules/format + national cup and supercup. El Salvador: down to Level 3, real rules/format + national cup. Guatemala: down to Level 4, real rules/format + national cup. Honduras: down to Level 3 (including Regional/Provincial Leagues), real rules/format + national cup and supercup. Nicaragua: down to Level 3, real rules/format + national cup. Panama: down to Level 4 (including Regional Leagues that compose Level 4), real rules/format + national cup. Mexico: down to Level 5 (including State Leagues/Sector Amateur), real rules/format. We will be releasing .zip with the updates as long as we complete them. Download: COMING SOON
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