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  1. Thank you@Cult of Football ManagerSeeing your great season you have had with Rangers and the football you had your team playing i am thinking of starting of fresh in a different league and really have some fun with it
  2. Great Progress @ Cult of Football Manager really love how the thread and the tactic has evolved i had to put my save on hold as wife has just had a baby so i have not been brave enough to fire FM back up yet but i have been brave enough to have a read through this thread again i just can not wait to play fm again when everything has settled down a bit.
  3. Yh i found that out i downloaded and it did not work that's a real shame hope Mr Wazakii will bring out a update.
  4. will this work with the new patch i am very interested in this as this looks like its gonna happen for real.
  5. why are mangers so rude and abrupt when they talk to you about loan players not getting enough game time i had a manager end a conversation with me that made me feel a way that i was disrespected for no reason.
  6. Thank you i was a bit curious as i have downloaded a file before with staff members and there id's seem to change every time i start a new save and there pictures no longer work.
  7. If i create a player using the editor will his unique id change every time i start a new save, i want to add my son to the database ang give him a picture.
  8. This tactic and style really reminds me of CM 03/04 with the big mitre ball on the front cover where the only formation that in my mind was successful was 442 i had Romario n Edmundo playing upfront for Ipswich save in the championship got promoted through the play offs.
  9. Custom skin OPZ Elite been my favourite skin for the past few years now, looking forward to seeing some more of your results ill give you a update on mine a bit further in to my season hopefully my team can keep it up.
  10. Yes it has been a very encouraging start but as you say there are some big test coming up i look forward to seeing how the formation stands up to it, so far in every match i have felt in full control, i have a feeling injuries will play a part KDB is getting very jaded and Barnardo is out for 8 weeks. And i reckon we all have to be a bit mindful of abandoning a tactic and a idea to early we are in a tough league, a little tip what i do for keeping possession a bit more is just tweak the time wasting a little sounds horrible but i find the players are just a bit more careful in possession
  11. This thread has really got me enjoying FM21 again been getting great ideas and seen how things are working for others i am going to finish the season with City then see if i can take this Style of play to another league, ive really tried to get the shape of the way City attack with the 2 3 5 shape so far results have been good.
  12. Very early days but my God the football is amazing the shape in play and the link ups are looking amazing possession is really good to.
  13. This is the formation i have gone with i am just starting my season with the same instructions as Cult of Football Manager.
  14. Really looking forward to the next update i am obsessed with this thread right now enjoying reading how other people are getting on as well with different teams.
  15. Good to see you not giving up Poma sometimes i find i have to have a week of fm and come back with some fresh ideas, i found in my case i was just expecting to much out of my team in a tough league when in reality my team would play the football i want in say four or five games out of ten if that makes sense.
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