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  1. how come none of my custom leagues work after this latest winter update.
  2. really love this tactic my team really controls the game with fantastic build up play great work Panneton0
  3. i have not seen any PSV games this season had to tighten my belt and have premier sports took off my out goings, i have been keeping a eye on there scores and particularly the formation, to anyone that has watched them is he actually setting up like this a genuine 4222 almost like how a lot of brazil teams used to line up, if so i would love to know how to translate this into fm21 regarding roles
  4. i am 7 seasons into my save and I've done a good job for my club but i have never been offered a interview or job offer ever, was wondering if anyone else has found this in there save, I know if i applied for the job i would more than likely get it but i like been head hunted makes me feel good about myself.
  5. i was worried when you said the dark arts i thought you was going to say you was gonna be recreating a thuggish lump it up to the big man style
  6. i have played a couple of matches using the exact tactics used in the article and im very impressed with the tactic still early days though.
  7. I was watching Riverlino Footballs greatest and Pele described the team very much as 4 2 4 and Rivelino been on the wing it really is fascinating about how much people differ on what they see i find it hard to argue with what the former players say on how they set up, but just from what i see from the extended highlights of the final against italy Riverlino plays on the left of a 3 man midfield.
  8. i have been using the ideas of that 1970 Brazil team i came across this and it really does play wonderful football a great article and write up as well https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2020/11/play-like-1970-brazil/
  9. Thank you very much for that it was staring me right in the face all along.
  10. is it possible to make players swap positions when setting up a tactic.
  11. Yes i never thought of it in that respect in the lower leagues with out a pot to pee in the grey's would be a god send.
  12. i will give this a try and see if it rids the grey's, but the game should leave me to my own devices and let me worry about filling my bench.
  13. point taken but i have a u21 team with plenty of players available if needed, i like a small squad but its a pain seeing these names i have even tried using the IGE to move them to another club but it will not let me get rid of them,
  14. why do these greyed out players who are not part of my club keep appearing in my first team squad it is driving me crazy i like things nice and neat but i have these mad men who don't belong to my club appearing.
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