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  1. very interesting i am going to set this up and see how it plays out and if it gets the shape right.
  2. thanks zabyl this has gave me a lot to think about and some fresh ideas, have you got any formation in mind or roles that could be used in fm to achieve this.
  3. My inverted wing backs would be midfielders that i will retrain i am hoping they will push high up to create a diamond but also be ale to give more cover in the wide areas than a carrilero.
  4. i have had a read it the analysis very good piece wish it was a bit more about how he has set up this season with the players he has but the principles are the same, im now looking at this shape
  5. looks a great article ill have a read of this later, thanks Crazy ivan.
  6. Has anyone tried to set up how sampaoli does i really love the idea of a 3331 formation i just wanted some advice on this set up this is what i have gone with as a starting point
  7. Thank you@Cult of Football ManagerSeeing your great season you have had with Rangers and the football you had your team playing i am thinking of starting of fresh in a different league and really have some fun with it
  8. Great Progress @ Cult of Football Manager really love how the thread and the tactic has evolved i had to put my save on hold as wife has just had a baby so i have not been brave enough to fire FM back up yet but i have been brave enough to have a read through this thread again i just can not wait to play fm again when everything has settled down a bit.
  9. Yh i found that out i downloaded and it did not work that's a real shame hope Mr Wazakii will bring out a update.
  10. will this work with the new patch i am very interested in this as this looks like its gonna happen for real.
  11. why are mangers so rude and abrupt when they talk to you about loan players not getting enough game time i had a manager end a conversation with me that made me feel a way that i was disrespected for no reason.
  12. Thank you i was a bit curious as i have downloaded a file before with staff members and there id's seem to change every time i start a new save and there pictures no longer work.
  13. If i create a player using the editor will his unique id change every time i start a new save, i want to add my son to the database ang give him a picture.
  14. This tactic and style really reminds me of CM 03/04 with the big mitre ball on the front cover where the only formation that in my mind was successful was 442 i had Romario n Edmundo playing upfront for Ipswich save in the championship got promoted through the play offs.
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