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  1. i just have not got the memory to remember each game i would have to go and watch a ten minute clip of each year, i reckon fm05 though because after the big split and break up with cm i thought it was the end so i was so happy when fm05 finally came out.
  2. There used to be flares in previous fms i do not know why they stopped it i really liked them it added something to the game, but guess flares are banned everywhere now, but it would be nice for the crowd and the passion level to be different in certain countries.
  3. would it really take up so much memory i am not that tech savvy enough to know, but personally speaking i would still like it.
  4. Stop chairman selling your club, and to change the pitch patterns also some way of editing the structure of your stadium.
  5. i sadly attend the big derbies around the world Boca v River Partizan v Red star Fenerbache V Galatasaray Olympiacos V Panathinikos and the Milan derby oh and the lisbon derby, i just enjoy watching them.
  6. looks like a evening of changing and tweaking my tactics tonight
  7. exactly what i think i do love geography and that would be a great place to put in in the pre match window screen, i did suggest this in the new feature ideas section a few days ago.
  8. Yes you are right on reflection he has only really got everyone talking for 3 seasons now witch is not long in the grand scheme of things, and that's what i love about fm every year there is something new with what we can do with tactics.
  9. its crazy to think we can recreate some of the most genius tactical minds of the last century of football im talking Sacchi Bielsa Cruyff Guardiola Klopp Lobanovskyi but we just cant recreate Christopher John Wilder i think he is a fantastic tactician and as a villa fan i am extremely jealous of Sheffield United.
  10. looks a good tactic im just worried about the shadow striker how he would preform and even finding the right player for that role would you retrain your striker to play there.
  11. i know the pack but that stays on all the time and i struggle to see anything else on the club screen with that on unfortunately,
  12. i really like this i am going to start doing it myself, ive always thought Fm should implement something like this to immerse us even more into the game
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