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  1. this year i have learned a lesson i will not buy fm until January its been a nightmare for me waiting on mods custom leagues and skins and all the gloss i put on the game to be done, i wish i had stuck with fm20 but i played fm21 now and like the match engine but next year ill be waiting till the game is complete in my eyes.
  2. thank you for this i really love having my teams colours it makes every club you manage unique and not feel the same.
  3. i already have a pictures folder that contains my ad boards is that where i put this file
  4. i wish they would stop taking things out the game i want the time bar back, every year for me now the game is getting harder to get everything the way i like it, i finally had everything i wanted with fm20 as in skins custom leagues panels by about April 2020, now i have this naked game with a ton of work to do i can hardly play the game right now just so much to be done, and to tip it off this year we have a lot of licence issues it just never ends ill get Fm 21 they way i like it by October 21 i reckon
  5. You are a one of the greats thank you my fm life has just improved a great deal thank you fantastic mod
  6. during a match where can i see the attendance i can not find it i like to know my attendance
  7. Your making me want to start a save with them now i respect history and the real Steaua have a lot of history
  8. i hope it does to very frustrating when you have a save in mind and you get stopped like this, hopefully another member of the forum can solve this for you good luck Dino Eze
  9. i wonder if it has anything to do with the league start date, i see you have start in england pre season try starting it Romania.
  10. You may have to wait for the editor guys get to work and upload the league for you, i have downloaded a leagues megapack but Romania isn't in it yet but it will be soon
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