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  1. Vlahovic's attributes are better for a lone striker role, as he's good in the air and brave, so should be your go to guy against packed defenses, and can bring your wide forwards into play. Bozenik's attributes are those of a striker who would look to get behind defenses, so more of a poacher type pf player.
  2. Technique - Accuracy modifier. For passing, crossing, corners, penalties and finishing. If two players have the same attributes for everything except different Technique stats, the one with the higher technique stat will be generally more accurate. Aggression - Aggression is like bravery, but for tackling and winning the ball back. Higher aggression = higher likelihood of tackling player with the ball. Great for ballwinning players and tactics.
  3. What do attributes mean in game context in simple terms, really ? Bravery - A high bravery player will get to the ball in a crowd of people (opposing players). When ball is in flight, brave players are more likely to get to the ball in a crowd. Great for defenders defender aerial balls in crowded areas (in addition to defending attributes like Jumping reach and anticipation). Great for target men and strikers who have to get to the ball in crowded spaces. I had a tactic that i used and after a while my strikers weren't getting shots, Took a closer look and whenever the ball was played my striker was surrounded by two defenders. Solution was to either tweak the tactic or play a striker with higher bravery, did the latter and goals started coming again despite the same conditions. Balance - basically an anti-tackle stat. a player with good balance is hard to take the ball of off. If a player has good dribbling, place and balance, let him run with the ball/dribble because he will have a lot of success in that area. low balance = easy to dispossess. Decisions - a choice modifier stat. A player with high decisions will mostly make the best choices (esp in passing the ball) when they have multiple options. Great for playmakers. If there are three passes available, a high decision player will often make the best one, all other attributes considered. Not often spoken about but great for set piece takers too. IF you have players with similar attributes for set pieces, let the player with the highest decision stat take them.
  4. I play Football Manager is phases, have done so for the past 15 years. I play and get into it for a few months, find a working tactic, understand my squad and have the success i want, and then stop playing for a few months and come back to it feeling almost completely lost and far behind the knowledge of my previous managerial in-game self. When this happens i am able to somehow claw back the knowledge from scouring this specific forum for hours, but sometimes i need just a quick, concise reminder to get me back on track. Disclaimer : I will most certainly get some of these wrong and want this to become more of a collaborative effort with people joining in and giving their battle worn advice. So, what are these attributes, (and attribute clusters) and what do they simply mean in terms of gameplay. Really. So you got a striker who seems better than the one you previously had but still can't seem to score the goals the previous one did so easily ? Same with a star midfielder, or defender. A tactic not working even though it seems good at face value ? There's a good chance there's an important attribute you are overlooking .
  5. LEt's say the midfield is sorted and fine, what are some generally good Strike partnerships for an AF and under which conditions ? I want a Creator/Scorer front two and want to know which strike partnership worls well with an AF and which does not at all (assuming the players are good at all the striker roles) I had an Af- Pocaher partnership that worked very well in FM19, but now i'm not having so much success with it anymore.
  6. The MoosBadda FM19 Wolves Challenge Details : I will upload one of my saves for you to play out for a season. This will be my Wolverhampton Wanderers side playing in the EPL in 2024. There will be a list of challenges and points will be awarded for completion of them. I will upload the save to a shared Google drive folder or here for download and players will re-upload the finished saved for verification and points. IF I GET 5-10 PEOPLE SHOW INTEREST I WILL EDIT THIS POST AND UPLOAD THE SAVE FILE Challenges 1. Win the Premier League (20 points, 5 extra points for player who does it first) 2. Win the Champions League (30 points, 5 extra points for player who does it first) 3. Get one of Augustin/Santamaria/Montano to score 60 (30 pts), 40 (20 pts) or 30 (10 pts) goals. 4. 5 extra pts for any other player reaching the listed goal tallies. 5. Get any of Freitas/Lainez/Foden/Mboula/Strijker to 40 assists (30 pts) , 30 (20 pts) or 25 (10pts). (5 extra points for any other player) 6. 5 points for every player from team who makes EPL TotY 7. 10 points for every player from team who makes UCL TotY. 8. No unhappy players at end of season - 20 pts. 9. Positive wage budget (1 pt per 50k/pw under budget) 10. Any of Montano/Freitas/Santamaria wins WPotY (20 pts) Anyone else from team 30 pts. It's a very talented, well curated side and i'm sure this will be a fun save for anyone who wishes to try. Aside, here are Montano, Santamaria and Freitas
  7. what's the name of the skin you're using pls ?
  8. Can anybody help me with a match view screen that allows me to see which of my players is making the most mistakes and/or giving the ball away the most during a game ? Or even show me how to do it myself. Would be very much appreciated.
  9. What does Dictates Tempo mean in the context of play. What does that sort of player look to do ? When is it good, and when is it a bad trait ? I have a very talented AMC with the attributes to be a great midfield runner. I want him to be a midfield runner first, score second, creator third. i think the dictates tempo trait might be preventing that and holding him back.
  10. What does Dictates Tempo mean in the context of play. What does that sort of player look to do ? When is it good, and when is it a bad trait ? I have a very talented AMC with the attributes to be a great midfield runner. zi think the dictates tempo trait might be preventing that and holding him back. Thank you.
  11. I just want a base i can start off with. I have the CB, MC , AMC, and striker roles sorted. The Striker will be an Advanced forward or a poacher because of his attributes and play style. I don't want anybody to necessarily give me a tactic, what i was wishing for was for someone who has had success doing what i'm trying to do give me insight. Eg. Well the best way to play through balls to a short striker is to play defensive wingbacks and use APs in the wide forward roles. etc etc. Not to give me a full tactic per se. Because i have tried and tried but my team keeps crossing and that's stylistically not what i want.
  12. I'm trying to play a 4-2-3-1 with AMR and AML to take advantage of the talents of a certain striker i have. I want my team to primarily funnel balls through the middle for him to run onto, i want zero to no crosses from out wide at all. I've done a few hours and a large number of matches but can't seem to find what i want. I play on balanced mentality and have decided upon the roles of the 2 centrebacks, the AMC and the Striker. I want to know the player roles, and instructions i should employ for the wide men (AMRL and DRL) as well as midfield two to make my team play this way specifically. Any quick and easy answers would be greatly appreciated.
  13. The perfect answer. Just what i wanted. Much appreciated !
  14. Is the box to box midfielder a stable "sitter" in midfield ? I want to play a certain player as a BBM next to a DLP (s) and just want to know if that qualifies as a semi solid, 2 sitter midfield base. If not, can you guys please suggest a suitable sitter to join my dlp, who also performs some creative passing. Thank you
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