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  1. Underrated : Diogo Dalot. Only on the beta, but his pace and acceleration have been nerfed. The kid is quite fast frok what ive seen from him in real life. 💁🏾‍♂️
  2. DownTheFrank

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

  3. DownTheFrank

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

    Worth a shot. You're an LLM legend. Thanks a bunch
  4. DownTheFrank

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

    Scouted a bit pls :/
  5. DownTheFrank

    I just bought a bear...

    How is he performing ?
  6. What are some good player traits for a DLF-S playing in a two striker system ? I want him to create and score goals. Thank you
  7. DownTheFrank

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

    Patrick Cutrone and Alejandro Pozo
  8. DownTheFrank

    Good traits for Specific Player Roles

    1. I found out that "Comes deep to get ball" is a great player roles for an F9/Treq (Striker) in a two man strike partnership. Rui Fonte had that trait and performed very well for me. I had another player with better stats, but it seems the player trait might have worked in his favour because he consistently played better than him in that role.
  9. SO i had Patrick Cutrone who was brilliant as a DLF for me, but for some reason i taught him to try to break offside trap, and how he has poor match ratings. This led me to realise that maybe i got him to learn a Player trait which doesn't work well with his player role, of DLF-S. So i just wanted to ask if any of you have had success with certain player roles for certain positions, and what they were. 1. What are some great player traits for a DLF ?
  10. DownTheFrank

    Wonderkids from England

    In terms of FM 18 i have seen Phil Foden And Jadon Sancho listed as Wonderkids. I'm in 2020.
  11. DownTheFrank

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

  12. DownTheFrank

    False 9

    DLF, yes, sorry
  13. DownTheFrank

    False 9

    Get a good young DLP, teach him to come deep to get ball and refrain from taking long shots and you have yourself a good f9
  14. Just wanted to start this thread in the hopes that any kind player, who is currently 5 years or more into the game would do player screenshot requests so we can see how some of our favourite youngsters develop later in the game. Would be much appreciated. Personally, would love to find out how Ryan Sessegnon and Matt O'Riley turn out after 5+ years.
  15. DownTheFrank

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    Alejandro Pozo My DoF brought him in on loan in my third season, and he helped Fulham to a Champions league qualification campaign with 18 assists and 6 goal playing as a Wide Midfielder on Attack. Snapped him up for 17.75M after finding out that was his release clause.