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  1. Because in the end, it's still a videogame and needs to work within a defined framework. Player Roles are here to stay. You could try the very old fms though.
  2. In my experience at least, Ambitious youngsters improve a lot quicker than everyone else. Professional players can train more without complaining.
  3. What i know is that player value is based on reputation mostly. Play him a lot in CL and Europa league games (and hope he plays well) + National team appearances also help.
  4. Playing as Manchester United. Two players, Diogo Dalot and Axel Tuanzebe are unhappy about their contracts and want new ones. I have negotiated and agreed contracts with these 2 players. The contracts kick off at the end of the season - players agreed to these contracts. So until the season is over, players are still on current contracts. Players still showing Unhappiness and want new contracts. (I can assume when the contracts kick in, the players' unhappiness over their contracts will go away, but it seems strange to have to deal with unhappy players grumbling until the contracts they agreed to sign, kick in t the agreed time)
  5. A quick question and i hope i get a quick response. So i started a save when fm20 was free to play for a few weeks in March/April. I enjoyed it so much i did 2 full seasons and stopped playing in the 3rd season. Now i have bought the full game and want to add a few extra leagues because the free play only had 3 leagues available ( i think). So now, i want to know if when i add 4 new leagues, will the game populate with a large number of regens like it did in older games ? or will it not. Because if it gets populated with regens i sadly might just have to start a new game. Hoping for a quick response. Thank you.
  6. i think the Wonderkid description is for a young player, playing well and playing REGULARLY. A better player, playing much less, might not get the tag
  7. corners is easy. Put two tallest players at near and far post. that's it. Maguire, Tuanzebe, Smalling, Mctominay. lots of options. Tuanzebe and LIndelof have had hattricks in a match just from set pieces.
  8. Marcus Rashford. 25 goals and lots of assists every season from AML
  9. Sent Chong out on loan and he progressed well. Same with Garner. Play Williams regularly. (he got twice as many games as Shaw ) Mejbri and Gomes have about 10 appearances between them and are progressing well.
  10. If you don't want the 20 anymore can i have it then ?LOL I'm playing on the 2 week free Covid19 promo and i think it might be hard for me to go back to 19
  11. Quick question - is anyone having great success with a striker for Manchester United, and if so , who and how are you playing them ? Could be any of the ones already at the club or a new signing.
  12. Scott as DM, Bruno and Pogba as dual Mezallas in front of him. Doing quite well for me.
  13. I do double Mezzallas actually. works a treat. Lots of goals and assists from both guys. Being a deep formation you need to play on positive or attacking to really see attacking results. I see the mezalla to be slightly more aggressive Aps, who move forward, and hold on to the ball less.
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