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  1. Preliminary Season in the 6th Tier (Doesn't count, but great practice run for the actual Challenge) End of Season Table Squad at end of Season Two Best Players Favourite Match
  2. Having a go at this with Kidderminster on FM18. Posting from my phone due to broadband/wifi problems at home. Will post screenshots tomorrow at work.
  3. AIM - Slow personal ascension through the lower leagues of England RULES - Start the game unemployed and load English leagues up to or past the Vanarama National League. Take over a team in the Vanarama National League and only move to the next league after Winning the League multiple times. You start at the Vanarama National league, win it multiple times, then move on to the Skybet League 2, win it multiple times, then move on to Skybet League One. As you can tell by now, winning a Lower League multiple times brings in some interesting conditions. Yes, you guessed it. You have to win the Vanarama National League, resign, sign for another Vanarama National League team, and win the league again and continue the process. When you win the League the required number of times to qualify to the next league, you can choose to a) Go into the Next League with your promoted Club or b) Take a job at a club that is poised to play in the League you have now qualified for. No save game editors allowed. No scouting programs allowed. Player attribute masking on/off is up to you. This Challenge comes in two Tiers- The Gold Challenge and the Platinum Challenge. The Gold Challenge requires you to win each League in the 5 English leagues twice, starting from the Vanarama National League and going up a League after winning it twice, up until you win the Premier League twice to finish the challenge. The Platinum Challenge requires you to win each League in the 5 English leagues three time (3x) , starting from the Vanarama National League and going up a League after winning it three times, up until you win the Premier League three times to finish the challenge. Promotion through 2nd place finishes and playoffs do not count - Your aim is to win all the leagues, multiple times, in order. You must turn down job offers at clubs in leagues you have not qualified for. Loaning players from affiliated clubs is allowed. At the start and of every season you post a screenshot of your squad list. A Screenshot of some of your favourite players, and a screenshot of the final table. You are basically the Jose Mourinho of the Lower Leagues, chasing trophies at all cost even it means putting the future and financial health of your current club in peril. A few tips and interesting dynamics of such a challenge - Pushing the financial limits of your club knowing you just need to win the league and you can resign.
  4. I'm currently doing a challenge very similarly to this. Start unemployed. Take over Lower league club (tier 6 and below), and try to win each league 3 times before taking a job at a club in the next higher tier. It's grueling, it's fun, it's a fantastic mix of short-term and long-term gameplay and it makes for some very interesting decision making. Might do a proper write up if i get the time.
  5. Underrated : Diogo Dalot. Only on the beta, but his pace and acceleration have been nerfed. The kid is quite fast frok what ive seen from him in real life. 💁🏾‍♂️
  6. Worth a shot. You're an LLM legend. Thanks a bunch
  7. What are some good player traits for a DLF-S playing in a two striker system ? I want him to create and score goals. Thank you
  8. 1. I found out that "Comes deep to get ball" is a great player roles for an F9/Treq (Striker) in a two man strike partnership. Rui Fonte had that trait and performed very well for me. I had another player with better stats, but it seems the player trait might have worked in his favour because he consistently played better than him in that role.
  9. SO i had Patrick Cutrone who was brilliant as a DLF for me, but for some reason i taught him to try to break offside trap, and how he has poor match ratings. This led me to realise that maybe i got him to learn a Player trait which doesn't work well with his player role, of DLF-S. So i just wanted to ask if any of you have had success with certain player roles for certain positions, and what they were. 1. What are some great player traits for a DLF ?
  10. In terms of FM 18 i have seen Phil Foden And Jadon Sancho listed as Wonderkids. I'm in 2020.
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