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  1. Does anyone know whether the level of corporate facilities of the feeder club affects how much you are gonna profit from a feeder club that increases your profile in another country? Also, whether reputation of the feeder club has any effect.
  2. Mine was away against Newcastle. They had a full squad I think. I beat them 2-0, but it was more of a fight than what I appreciated.
  3. I just experienced that I had next to no first team player available for a PL match, because of international qualification games for some ****. Is this really for real? All my youth players who are talented are out on loan, so all I had available was squad fillers for u18 and u23.
  4. Oh, I forgot, I also have a real admiration for early Arsenal era Wenger, before he got obsessed with tiki taka and possession football. Arsenal played some really beautiful counter-attacking football.
  5. Ole Gunnar Solskjær. No, just kidding ;P, My manager idols are Klopp and SAF.
  6. Maybe someone else who plays fm18 could try your save to see if they experience the same (I don't).
  7. I've not read any of the other replies, but to me it looks like you could be vulnerable to counter attacks because of how high up the pitch your wingers are. My experience is that this kind of set-up leaves your fullbacks in a bad position, as the higher up the pitch your wingers are, the less likely they are to track back in time to help your fullback, if they track back at all. You're also going for the possession kind of style, and a high d-line, which often makes the opposition go for a low d-line (the weaker teams), where they try to hit you on the counter. If the opposition is a weaker team, they will probably have a low attacking mentality away from home, which makes it easier to control the game for the home team. The opposition team is probably more aggressive at home, which probably means they press higher and/or have a more attacking mentality. When they win the ball and manage to get through your high pressing, you may be in for trouble because of the spaces on the flanks between your fullbacks and your wingers. Even if the fullbacks are set to press high, the opposition may hit it long, into the space that the fullback has vacated. This is a common problem for teams who play with a high d-line and press high, especially if you play with wingers that high up the pitch, and especially when you give the opposition time to regroup (slow, short passing). Against bigger teams your slow short passing may leave you vulnerable to high pressing, where they win the ball in your half and hit you on the break. What would I do? I would play the wingers lower down the pitch, and maybe compensate by giving the whole midfield more attacking roles. If you have a good team I would increase the passing speed, so it's more likely that your players will be able to pass their way out of high pressing. If you have a weaker team I would play a more direct style. Personally, I play a direct, fast style with a big team, and it works a charm, so you could try that. Another thing you could do is playing a lower d-line and lower point of engagement. This is because your players may not be up to the task to press high against the best teams, so they pass their way through your high pressing. Maybe it's more likely they will do this at home, where they probably have a more attacking style.
  8. Another question in regards to training, I have changed the coach that is responsible for planning general training, but the scheduled training has not changed. Why is that? I do not use my ass man to plan general training.
  9. Also, another thing, in medical centre it says "team training only" on several players that I have set to do individual training.
  10. Thanks for the info. Do you mean the training load (is there a combined match+training load somewhere?)?
  11. This is a good point. Thanks for the input, I will try it out.
  12. Thanks for the input. Do you agree with Experienced Defender that I have a too light general training schedule? Would you advice having one of your coaches planning the general training?
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