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  1. Thanks to the guys in here I've realised you'd need 2 teams within your squad with opposing qualities to successfully implement 2 opposing tactical frameworks. Makes sense when you think about it but doesn't help my situation. I'm still stumped as to what to change for games against stronger teams when my tactic is setup to take on weaker opponents.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. All makes a lot of sense. One aspect I'm still struggling with though. Say I'm playing a very fluid system with high pressing and control mentality and I switch to counter won't the high pressing be ineffective? Also wouldn't it leave space for the opponent's to exploit?
  3. I've read these forums over and over again and I know it's recommended to find a base tactic and change shape and mentality if required. The thing is everyone I've seen write about this only ever make minor changes like control to attacking and maintaining team instructions like pressing. Would it be ok to have two completely opposite tactical frameworks. I'd like to have a control tactic that is very fluid and presses high against weaker teams. And I'd like a counter tactic within a highly structured shape that stands off opponents for games against stronger opponents. Would these two opposite tactics work within the same team and would there be any drawbacks?
  4. Anyone know the reason why they haven't done it then?
  5. I know I'm far too late to the party but does anyone know if SI have made the stadium graphics editable this year? It would be awesome to play in real life stadiums.
  6. I agreed to the philosophy of signing young players for the first team. All was fine till the end of my first transfer window since agreeing new contract when the board complained about the lack of youngsters signed for the first team. That's when it dawned on me. I should have agreed to the philosophy of bringing players through the youth system. I'm Leeds Utd and a champions league team, in the middle of a very long and enjoyable save. I bring youngsters through the youth system and would never sign them straight for the first team. Is this going to cause me problems? How can I change the philosophy before it causes problems?
  7. Sure its been mentioned before but I'm not going through 34 pages to find out. I think its about time SI made the stadium .sia files editable so this great community can start creating realistic stadiums.
  8. Question for those of you who like to stay at one club. What do you do if you get sacked?
  9. Admittedly I've not played FM14 yet. Still enjoying FM13 but if was the OP I'd be more concerned that he had 10 clear cut chances. Seems unrealistically high to me.
  10. Pretty Regens?

    I would buy him just for the glasses.
  11. Pretty Regens?

    I want part time accountant regens. This guys class.
  12. Staff reputation

    But why buy coach A when coach B has exactly the same stats, lower reputation and a lower salary???? In real life you pay more money for higher rep coaches because players train better with them. If that's not happening in FM then its pointless hiring higher rep coaches.
  13. Staff reputation

    Very interesting. I have searched through the deepest realms of Google and I have seen nothing like what you have presented. Maybe reputation does affect quality of coaching and not just salaries.
  14. Staff reputation

    I understand that but what I mean is there is no point going for a higher reputation coach when you can get a lower one for less money with exactly the same skill set. Higher reputation coaches should be able to train players more effectively otherwise its a waste of time them having a reputation.
  15. Staff reputation

    But that's my point. If reputation only affects the salary they ask for there is no point in having reputation as far as us the gamesplayer is concerned. A waste of a stat.