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  1. it'll work fine but I think the other way round makes more sense, as if you buy from steam this year like the last ohh..5 years at least, the uk version will be about £35 and the EU price id €50. if you are seeing it on a greyer site then yes it will work fine, and thats where most of us paying in euros will be looking.
  2. its the football manager groundhog year. see announcement of preorder. get excited, forgetting last year. go to order it. see the Euro price is 29% higher than the uk price. be annoyed and refuse to be ripped off. wait till its on sale or buy a boxed edition. at least this year I thought with it being on Epic there were two chances of being charged a fair price, but I guess Sega set the price.... £35 on uk epic, €50 on European.
  3. playing as Celtic in a (downloaded) modified game where Celtic, rangers were put in championship and Aberdeen, hibs put in EFL div 1. first season I got promotion. my players are away at a training camp with a decent amount of friendlies lined up, whilst ive been spending my new found wads of cash on some foreign talent. but each of the new players has a 'Una' beside them and when I hover over it it says 'unavailable for next match due to not being included in training camp' which of course they weren't, I hadn't signed them at the time I chose who went to training camp. ive g
  4. thanks but this isn't intermittent, it wont open for me at all. ive restarted steam, ive restarted my Mac.
  5. ive installed and tried to open and I get a small dialog box that says Steam - Error An error occurred while updating football manager 2020 (unknown error) see the steam support site for more information
  6. he's a 32 year old free transfer. he's not even played for me yet (it was a transfer already done when I took over). apparently he's fairly loyal. it says he's an influential player. which is nonsense. not only has he just joined the club as cover, but he's hardly featured in real life and I haven't seen anyone complaining. the game does have him as key player, which would suggest maybe the problem is the Celtic FM researcher wrongly attributing him. I mean at the same time Nir Bitton isn't in any of the squads, he's been with the club for about 5 years, always
  7. or whats the minimum? im trying to get Oliver Burke to Celtic on loan, they want about 200k a month playing contribution but 500k a month unused contrbution. the former is expensive the latter is bonkers. im willing to take him (heart over head) but I don't want to pay 500k a month. I don't think he'll be first pick, im sure he'll play his part though, but what is the bottom line? is any appearance at all enough?
  8. sorry but this is mental. this is the second time. last week I was playing a new game as Celtic, who as you might know have 4 rounds of qualifying before getting to CL. that time I did leave out a player who whilst not first pick was in my previous squads and he threw his dummy and I didnt handle it well and the squad mutinied and I got thrashed my next game. so started again brand new save. and early days but it was going so well. 9 friendlies won, most by a barrowload. first CL qualifying round, albeit against Vikingur, 19-0 on aggregate. Red Star 4-0 on aggrega
  9. its almost as annoying and boring as every season having to tell the players I think theres a chance we could win the league....
  10. they said they were unhappy, in the Tierney situation I said that we have to look after finances, and most of them were okay but brown was still pissed off. In the Griffiths situation I said he wanted to go, and a couple of them were still unhappy.
  11. happened again. I admit to cheating, only cos its early in the game and one of the players I wanted to sign I just offered him what he asked for, then he signed for someone else. so I quit and went back to the saved game just before Tierney was sold. the same two bids I got, the other teams again wouldn't touch half that. so Chelsea or united for between 54 and 59 million. then arsenal came in with 64. accepted all 3. and he didn't accept any of their offers. I thought wow I know he's Celtic through and through so I went to offer him a new contract. he won't accept on
  12. early in the game as manager of Celtic, I get bids of 12-20m for Keiran Tierney. knock them back, except Chelseas I negotiate and wack it way up, 35m up front and another 20m in definite (after 50 games, after 10 internationals etc) add ons. Tierney makes it clear he wants to leave, preferring Man City. alas city won't spend that sort of money, but at the last minute Man Utd gazump Chelsea with £59m bid. I have to take it. in real life Celtic would have to accept a bit of 25m especially if he wanted to go. so he goes with my blessing, and we are rich I tell you..rich...
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