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  1. Caught up after a week off the forum. Amazing progress
  2. Nooooooooo! Unlucky. Will you be able to start up a "mini-save" in the meantime?
  3. Overall despite end of season woes, my general sense is one huge stride forward really...
  4. I think a lot of players need a fancy Power Point presentation to explain what exactly they're part of... unambitious, pfft!
  5. Is Xabier being mentored by anyone? Just an eye on that 13 determination.
  6. Inspired me to start a Wayne Bridge career that I've been loving for the past 6 IRL months so nice one DB Hoping you crack the euro spots this season, hows it going?
  7. Great update and YES, I love the board! Things are looking very good right now
  8. Nice work raking the monies in. I have zero hope of you keeping hold of him, sucks bad!!
  9. £275k a week!!! What's your top earner on?
  10. Argh, I'm desperate to see Xabier have an AB career!
  11. I'm playing FM15 and the reserve game options do bug me, opting them in or out, did they play last time, what games coming up, relatively minor things but can have consequences if not thought through. For me its bothersome. Should have 1 game options rather than until fit or ongoing. Nice catching up with the weekends posts. Shame about promotion.
  12. Be good to see how Felipe settles in. Shame about that other guy, c'est la vie!
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