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  1. Legend, thanks! How annoying though, did think I may have missed it.
  2. Evening all, I've got to the "end of season" date 19th of June on my FM20 Dortmund save. I'm pressing continue on my season to generate Liga 3 in Germany hoping that Dortmund II will appear. I've done so 20 odd times and they're not appearing. What's the chances? Pretty scatty info search the Web/forum so hoping for some hope as I've prepared the U19s with players ready to play for II when they're in an active league. It's 2034 and they've never reached Liga 3 in the save (I joined them two seasons ago) The team has 2* rep which is more than a few of the teams in that leagu
  3. And you were complaining about PSG The 2-0 win over Spain was a big moment really in terms of the story/trajectory of this career I thought!
  4. Pleasant surprised to find this update after so long. Shocked about Muller though!
  5. Would love to see him back, equally however be good to see him crack the first team and smash it up at Spurs... can't be wasting away there!
  6. You beat PSG when they had big balls, I remember it well.
  7. Unlucky... Could you share a screenshot of Brendan Wynne, Andrew Hancock, Tom Harris and Reece Lindlay? Your 4* + players. Hancock worth £61m! Nice.
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