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  1. You beat PSG when they had big balls, I remember it well.
  2. Unlucky... Could you share a screenshot of Brendan Wynne, Andrew Hancock, Tom Harris and Reece Lindlay? Your 4* + players. Hancock worth £61m! Nice.
  3. I think you're right, but that's a testament to your tactics and management, you being promoted and battling. It wouldn't hurt you to have a season down for development of those players, all look to have growth. Similarly if you stay up they are progressing in the EPL. Great to get sight of them, nice one
  4. Skin looks good. Pellegri looks great!
  5. I'm so glad to see you've returned to this, as was loving it before you took a break. I've just caught up having not been on the forum for a couple of weeks. What great progress! Nice one on getting to the EPL. One thing I would love to see more of is screenshots of your first team players - we only get to see the players on youth recruitment day. KUTGW!
  6. Not been back to check as have been away for a couple of weeks. Awesome progress
  7. Nice work - had a break but it was a hospital break unfortunately! How will you cope if the Macedonian's contribution deteriates? Any sign of improvement in those away games against the big guns? My turning point in my W Bridge career was those away games so I know what you mean.
  8. You are a cheat. A dirty low-down cheating cheaty cheat Loved the feedback on my question over the French strikeforce - nice one! Get in there Xabier! Your Euro campaign has gone under the radar a bit (for me)... I see in latest post you're in the knock-outs which is crazy good all things considered. Tell me to sod off and continue as is, but as I've seen in other threads the fixture/result list when separated and commented on by competition provides a clearer overview for the reader. (I should add at this point that this is the most enjoyable thread I've read on here in a looonnnngg time. Loving it )
  9. Who is in the way of Xabier/Dulce leading the line for France?
  10. Caught up after a week off the forum. Amazing progress
  11. Nooooooooo! Unlucky. Will you be able to start up a "mini-save" in the meantime?
  12. Overall despite end of season woes, my general sense is one huge stride forward really...
  13. I think a lot of players need a fancy Power Point presentation to explain what exactly they're part of... unambitious, pfft!
  14. Is Xabier being mentored by anyone? Just an eye on that 13 determination.
  15. Inspired me to start a Wayne Bridge career that I've been loving for the past 6 IRL months so nice one DB Hoping you crack the euro spots this season, hows it going?
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