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  1. you are right. and i think fm 2020 is one of the worst versions.
  2. Thank you so much mate. Finally i enjoy the game. Real version is best tactic i ever seen in fm 2020, and i swich inter verison from balance to positive. İ use real version at home and use inter version away against strong teams.
  3. Real version is really great, but i was barely scored with first version of inter. So i will try the latest version of inter today.
  4. İ use balance as away and agains difficult teams, i use your other tactic in home and weak teams in turkish 3.league. İ can say its really working. Thr game engine can not solve the tactics after one season in same league. İt seems classic Alex Fergusons tactics. İ never sim the matches i hate it. Just problem is its not easy to keep the score, but as i say i am in lower league and managing weak team.
  5. İ will use your teafor one 451 as home tactic, and 4141 as away tactic.
  6. engine knows my tactic if i keep use same tactic in same league and its really annoying. now i start new save in public beta and using Destroyer V1. its really good tactic and works well at underdog team.
  7. These tactics are what i was looking for. İ will try your tactics.
  8. i play this game since cm 01 02 and after fm 2012 the game does not allow us to use same tactic always. i mean you can not succes just with one tactic. i tried most of tactics on test league but it does not change anything.
  9. Thank you. You know why i ask it. The game does not allow to us playing just one tactic. The game solves the tactic we use always.
  10. Hi knap. You have every kind of tactic. İ want to use your 2 tactic. One is for home and easy games, the other one is for away and cup matches but with same formation. Can you advice me tactics for this?
  11. only one tactic is not enough. you have to use more than 2 tactics as home and away. You can use 1 tactic just for a season and than its not successful as before.
  12. i have really problem with tactics in fm 2019 and unfortunately i dont enjoy the game anymore. i have my own tactics too but its not what i imagine on results. which one of 4231 tactic is good for home and for away ?
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