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  1. but i must say that this is only good plug and play tactic i have ever used in fm 21. there is no freak formation and instruction.
  2. i think this is not so realistic. beacause there two BPD and there is no defensive midfielder. opponents easily score from long ball. i tweaked one of BPD to CD and CM to Ddefender CM. and i dont use shorter passing. it seems better like that.
  3. has anyone tried his 352 home and away verions? i tried that but it was not successful.
  4. these tactics work better in fm 21, especially home tactic.
  5. you are right. and i think fm 2020 is one of the worst versions.
  6. Thank you so much mate. Finally i enjoy the game. Real version is best tactic i ever seen in fm 2020, and i swich inter verison from balance to positive. İ use real version at home and use inter version away against strong teams.
  7. Real version is really great, but i was barely scored with first version of inter. So i will try the latest version of inter today.
  8. İ use balance as away and agains difficult teams, i use your other tactic in home and weak teams in turkish 3.league. İ can say its really working. Thr game engine can not solve the tactics after one season in same league. İt seems classic Alex Fergusons tactics. İ never sim the matches i hate it. Just problem is its not easy to keep the score, but as i say i am in lower league and managing weak team.
  9. engine knows my tactic if i keep use same tactic in same league and its really annoying. now i start new save in public beta and using Destroyer V1. its really good tactic and works well at underdog team.
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