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  1. Hi knap, i am about to stop playing because they always solve my tactics. it seems there is no way to be successful for me, and what is your advice for these? and which tactic do you recommend for le havre? i mean one of your tactics or 2 tactics for home and away.
  2. but i must say that this is only good plug and play tactic i have ever used in fm 21. there is no freak formation and instruction.
  3. i think this is not so realistic. beacause there two BPD and there is no defensive midfielder. opponents easily score from long ball. i tweaked one of BPD to CD and CM to Ddefender CM. and i dont use shorter passing. it seems better like that.
  4. has anyone tried his 352 home and away verions? i tried that but it was not successful.
  5. these tactics work better in fm 21, especially home tactic.
  6. you are right. and i think fm 2020 is one of the worst versions.
  7. Thank you so much mate. Finally i enjoy the game. Real version is best tactic i ever seen in fm 2020, and i swich inter verison from balance to positive. İ use real version at home and use inter version away against strong teams.
  8. Real version is really great, but i was barely scored with first version of inter. So i will try the latest version of inter today.
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