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  1. This is interesting!! Can i showcase this post and tactic?
  2. The Man - Fatih Terim Believe it or not. This is currently Fatih Terim's fourth term at Galatasaray. In December 2017, the ex-Galatasary player replaced Igor Tudor as manager but the contract was only until the end of the 2018-19 season. With the 18 games left remaining, they produce some great results, winning 14 games, drawing once, and losing 3. To no surprise, he was then offered a two-year extension, an interesting one as no wages were agreed with the club president the one deciding the wages. In May 2019, Galatasaray became the champions of the 2018–19 Süper Lig season. This wa
  3. try left IF on support and hold position. The right IF has support with the wing-back and mezzala, this also creates space for him...the left IF may be struggling because if him leaving his position too often (attack duty) and the DLP will hardly go forward to support him, he will only cover him...IF are very attacking roles but without the attacking support, they could be isolated
  4. Sorry, notifications are off for some reason and didn't see this message. This was the team.
  5. Those who are using Venom & Faith, I recommend using a team like Everton who are very well suited. This is with no transfer but I did control training and used my own schedules which we will release sometime soon once we get all training schedules complete. I will then give Knap the schedules I used for this as I feel the schedules are good for most of Knaps tactics Player interactions help too! praise when good match performances and training. Criticise for poor match performance and poor training ratings Key players: Richarlison 40 gls 38 games...Calvert Lewin 23 gls 34 ga
  6. what do you do? i'm also sound engineer and mix & master...i also have the same containers as you, from Wilko's haha
  7. yeah I know nothing about this stuff lol it just seems odd to schedule advertisement for a Beta that not even they know when it's going to be released. I'd assumed you would schedule a social post when things are ready to go, maybe.. Its advertised as out now and if new customers purchase because they think they can access the game right away, few would be disappointed lol
  8. I don't think they can be that complacent. They'll know first hand issues can occur on Beta forcing them to delay the release. I'd be shock if they even planned a release date/time to the point of purchasing ads and stuff. BUT, can be wrong as no game yet lol
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