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  1. Tequila Sunrise RDF MINOR tweaks !!FM20.3.0Tequilasunrise MINOR TWEAK .fmf and for away games against big teams (look at screenshots, i've won every single one so far) !!FM20.3.0Tequilasunrise MINOR TWEAK BIG AWAY.fmf okay. i posted so many screenshots to minimise any questions and filling up Knaps thread. these are my results so far with West Ham using Tequila Sunrise tactic and player types FBs - Fast and good attacking (dribbling, crossing...good balance and agility a bonus) CBs - Tall and fast (acceleration, pace, jumping reach, agility and balance) 6ft'1 at least in height DM - nothing special. just good ball winner WGs - fast and good at crossing, dribbling (good dribbling, stamina, agility, crossing and flair) STs - TALL, fast and basically just powerful. check Caicedo and Haller attributes for an idea. being 6ft at least Training. i do training but not indivdual training, only with youngsters. Players will learn roles by just playing. Schedule below Balanced.fmf i put all CMs in defensive unit, and ALL wide players attacking unit. So full backs in attacking unit too my ASS man. he does all press confrences and tactical briefings....i do the rest will post end of season as i'll probably be looking to use this long term CREDIT KNAP
  2. its not like that...at all. People are talking as if they results are normal and should be the norm lol maybe the seasoning is too much for the customers taste. maybe not to his preference. doesn't mean his complaining. but IF everyone said it was over-seasoned then surely hes on to something? i never once said it was unacceptable or i wasn't satisfied. IMO LFC were overpowered before, and this particular save even more so. considering real life results, no complaints BUT doesn't mean it has to happen all the time because it doesn't happen all the time in football. It would've been a complaint if this was happening to everyone on most saves. But its not, so no complaint. so nice try with the joke
  3. some will say its luck haha they're 2nd and im 1st so great result...used counter mentality here, i usually dislike changing mentalities but i usually get absolutely smashed by LFC
  4. a nice 1-0 away win before the LFC and Chelsea game. i haven't posted tweaks yet but.... tempo has been set to "higher" as i'm Norwich and "work ball into box" is taken off all away games so far i've taken off "play out of defence teams that play 5 at the back, i take off "pass into space"
  5. my first 6 games with a couple tweaks (using 20.3 teaforone vol2442 PF P100) no games conceded! away to Sheff in cup was with youth players too! will keep testing but i got 3 away matches in a row, LFC and Chelsea 2 of 3 as well so can see results taking a sudden drop
  6. That’s what I love too! His tactics with all wide players inverted are also excellent but I get more satisfaction using traditional WBs and Ws. WBs certainly offer more that IWB, and also I’ve played wingers in the WB position to be ultra attacking. I’ve had 4 wingers on the pitch at the same time. Surprisingly good defending, as theyre quick enough to get back into position in case of counter attack
  7. As I’m Arsenal, only use against Man Utd, Man City, LFC, Chelsea, Spurs and LFC AWAY BUT I have accidentally used it against Fulham away and won 4-0 At home I only the original but without “work ball into”. That’s my most disliked team instruction and never use it
  8. beat LFC, Chelsea and City away using the little tweaks i posted above
  9. Can I just say. TEAfor One 4222VOL2P105 is best tactic out there by far for those who’s struggling away. Try taking off “work ball into box” and “pass into space” and using “regroup” instead of “counter-press”
  10. That was kind of my point earlier on. People keep banging on that it happening in real life. Buts it’s a BERY rare thing to dominate like that in the league. Very rare. it’s not even about them winning, it’s the manner of how they’re winning which made me think they’re overpowered. Smashing teams, averaging 30+ shots a game and averaging 3 shots against a game is crazy stats. If a human player did that and posted, he’d be questioned for cheating lol. I only posted this because I’ve been playing FM over a decade now, this has NEVER happened for the AI in first season. And it happened to be my first save after new patch so was making sure this isn’t always repeated across all files.
  11. I guess the game can’t win. Either overpowered or it’ll be too easy 🤣 but yes, I’m currently Arsenal and once you get Ozil (who’s stats are way too high imo and I support Arsenal) and Auba performing then you can steam roll most teams but all my years playing FM, never seen the computer win 35 games out of 38 and scoring 121 in the process. Usually those numbers when you find an “exploit”
  12. 😂 believe they lost to Villa too. But ended P38 W35 D2 L1. Since that post, they went on to win every game only conceding 3 (2 was in one game which they won 7-2) , finishing scoring 121. I think they’ve found an exploit 😂
  13. 😂😂 yeah Lingard profile was one I looked at first after the update as I thought I was going to see a decline in attributes because I thought FM were very generous with it. But nope. David James is another one, my team can never tackle him 😂
  14. Get over it? Lol do you and other people actually read or excuse to try shut someone down on the internet. Chill man lol simply asked a question, is anyone else experiencing this?! Yes it’s happening in real life, does not mean it’ll happen again and again and again. So just chill, if you read, I don’t have a problem with it, but if it was happening across every save then clearly an issue. Which it’s clearly not. So clearly no issue.
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