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  1. Hello, guys. So this has been brought to my attention in my Discord server. Like @Jack722 explains, there's hardly any width and 'defensive' sides tend to defend the middle well unless you break that shape and get width. This tactic can work, given you have quality players (as you do with City) minor tweaks. What also may work is if you add dribble more on the full backs and get further forward. Defensive sides sit back, so naturally on FM your full backs will look to get forward no matter what, and you can tune their behaviour with PIs rather than having to change the role completely. With
  2. exactly what I wanted with the CBs but wide attacking width encouraged too much wide play and also led to too many misplaced passes. It's really crazy how much one instruction can take effect on the whole tactic lol we're already open for counters and wider just left us exposed. Possibly drop the DLP to DM?
  3. The Intro: Due to a tactical change, Ronald Koeman's men look revitalized under the new 3-5-2/3-4-3 system, which looks to have mitigated some players' weaknesses and improves key players' performances. The tactical switch has had many positive effects off the ball. They are now a better pressing side, and on the ball, the side looked to have found their rhythm and played some excellent fluid football. Along with the tactical switch, Barcelona have been producing some excellent results. Most noticeably in their La Liga and Copa Del Rey 2nd leg matches against Sevilla, their 4-1 victo
  4. So for example, his Beowulf tactics generally are based around the same tactic instructions. Same as Echo, Dark Side, etc....They tend to have set instructions. Freestyle maybe means that it doesn't have set instructions, so each Disraeli gears tactic can come with different instructions. It's not really based of any instructions, whereas his Wulf tactics will have some set instructions that'll be in all Wulf tactics. I think that's correct anyway lol
  5. When most of his opponents would play a 4-4-2 formation, Johan Cruyff would play a 3-4-3. Johan Cruyff believed a certain way was the best way to win a football match, and that was to dominate your opponents in all areas on the pitch, which led to some eye-catching offensive displays. He believed playing 4 at the back was a waste (against two strikers) and that the extra player could be used elsewhere, in a more advanced area. This then allowed his team to form more triangles further up the pitch, aiding the possession game and disrupting the opponent's shape to go on and play the beautiful fo
  6. Wow, these look nice, will test them out later! Maybe we can create training schedules for them and find the best players to suit the tactic
  7. Maybe you would want to use Attacking Mentality with Counter instruction when you win possession. Inverted Wingers will look to overload your Attacking Midfield position but Inverted Forwards will look to make lateral runs into the channel so Inside Forwards are probably best suited or can use one of each. The Shadow Striker for sure will making runs trying to take advantage. Pushing wing-backs forward, you're running a small risk of getting caught which is why I dropped the DLP into the DM position rather than the CM position. I find it's better for possession but also can help add protect
  8. I don’t see an issue with it, as long as you are well balanced in other areas. Maybe I wouldn’t have them dictating the same line. So one dictating deeper and one dictating in advanced areas. That way you could have one controlling your build-up and dictating the speed of your build up and the advanced playmaker will dictate play in the opponents final 1/3
  9. It's difficult to understand what you want but what I do take from this...PF will set the tempo for the press with the high LOE. Shadow Striker will/should follow closely. With two inverted players and narrow width, you can make the pitch small and difficult for the opponents to get out. If they do break the press, you have a BWM trying to pick up the pieces and he's protected by the the DLP. Two wing-backs attacking offering natural width because you have two inverted wingers and also their starting position will be high which is good for the press. Nothing tested, just got this from reading
  10. @Panneton0 My video was removed by a mod. Not exactly sure why. One hand i'm getting told its against rules but the rules say video guides are appreciated and has to be a direct link, which the video was.
  11. This tactic is getting nothing but good reviews! Most importantly, people are enjoying watching their games and seeing the football it produces. If you're reading this and haven't tried it out yet, I would recommend you try it out!
  12. The striker becoming the 2nd striker when the DLF drops deep to link up play. Highlight started with us closing them down, forcing a long ball to an area well protected defensively. The anchor man is the one who wins it. The Wing Back playing a angled through ball like I spoke about, into the channel for the IW. Concern is the lack of bodies in the box. 2021-03-02 13-12-16.mp4
  13. I've only just realised how old this is! LOL But I was told to have a look and help. I did a test of the tactic I created in the comment above and this is the result from the first match. Impressive stuff, specially the key passes. Maybe we can revive this post!! LOL
  14. Or drop your pressing. Lower your LOE and pressing intensity. As you said, you've won the title a few years in a row so it's likely you and your teams reputation has grown so teams are now maybe more extreme in shutting up shop. So you can force them to come out a little to create space to exploit. Or even changing the PF(a) to PF(s), F9 or DLF(s)to shake up the attack and get someone dropping deeper to again, create space.
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