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  1. oh sorry, I meant I would've used winger with hold position, but i'm guessing this set up has no PIs
  2. oooh this looks nice! how come you opted to go with WM? that role intrigues me the most in this set up. I was thinking Winger (s) with hold position but i'm guessing no PIs
  3. Pretty much spot on! (huge Arsenal fan lol) maybe i would *dribble less* as both wing backs and wingers have direct dribbling instructions but it's our full backs that tend to dribble more often than the rest. When Ceballos plays in the middle, he dribbles a lot too but Elneny doesn't, Ceballos is obviously used to breakdown/stretch the opponent. Saka dribbles a lot and though our LWB is a IWB, his dribbles both wide and inside which would be hard to replicate...but with *Be More Expressive* I'm thinking if then, the attackers especially, will dribble a lot more often
  4. i tend to skip and not allow ass man to do much...if i'm not motivated, i usually tell him to do training but that's about it really...tactical briefings/shouts and even press, ass man can say the wrong thing or not selected the best option
  5. you have to be careful though. a lot of support duties so hardly any penetration and a team like Brighton, you'll need to take some risks. He's Barcelona so his changes i think are more suited for a top team rather than a lesser team. i'm not sure how well Brighton would do under a very fluid system, that's a lot of team work, anticipation, decisions and off the ball needed
  6. wow! @SortitoutsiVP and can you imagine if you had good wing backs?! both of those wing backs aren't the greatest at all
  7. I've managed to hit the woodwork 38 times in 18 league games...that is the most ridiculous thing! On average we hit the crossbar/post 2 times a match. I've hit the woodwork 6 times in one match!
  8. FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132P100ECCC.fmfFM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132IW.fmf used IW version ONLY against top 6 (Barcelona, R. Madrid, A. Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and A. Bilbao)
  9. this has happened to me....remove everything from this Football Manager 2020 folder
  10. Think the ME is the same but in FMT you don't have things like team dynamics/shouts and the other stuff. There's also no tactic familiarity in FMT. I haven't tried it yet in full FM, i keep trying out new things haha
  11. Hey Guys....so i tweaked the tactic above last night in FMT....Mainly to make it a little more solid defensively (remove some risk take out of possession) along side some roles Won the league with Leicester, most impressive result in this is that both Chilwell and Perieira were long term injured AND Leicester only have two strikers in the team. We also had 2nd best defence in the league, that's with key defenders injured. Both strikers hit 20 goals in all comps. Maddison with 20 assists FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132VOL3RDFTWEAK.fmf
  12. Hope This Can Help Everyone Else. Preachin' Blues is a demanding tactic. Mainly suitable to elite teams as there are only forr Team Instructions in possession! Also highly demanding player roles in CWBs, and IFWs. Leave the players every opportunity they get to use their skills, and not be locked by any system. The central forward stretches the line, and the side forwards cut inside. The central midfielder will arrive late into the box while the mezzala creates. This makes for many possible triangles and good passing combinations. Top teams who have quality defenders with sufficien
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