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  1. Looks like the only solution is to just keep posting this until they finally answer. I mean, i know it’s been seen, it’s also being ignored which is hugely frustrating
  2. A simpler way to illustrate it is the following. If I set a game up with just English League 2 and above with a large database, I get an approximate player count of 14,160. Yet when I go to advanced options and select large database, and add all players of Irish nationality (for example), the player count drops to 10,480. It seems that using the advanced database set up, sets the base database size to small, no matter what size you select. Can anybody else reproduce this issue? Or does anyone have a workaround? Because at present it is preventing me from starting a lower league save. Cheers
  3. when i change from small to large, the player count remains the same frustrating as first day, i can't even set up a file how i'd like p.s, nothing to do with the huge database added. this problem happened in beta, happens when i also delete the huge database from my files
  4. I am posting this here as I've posted twice since release in bug section with no reply. Other people have also reported this and never got a reply @mattboy_slim was one who posted, this is the issue.... So, wasn't sure which forum to put this in, but I've encountered an odd bug when setting up a new game. So I'm planning to start a game in the Welsh leagues with a few other leagues loaded. As per the screenshot below, a large database size gives me an approximate player count of 33,360. However when using the custom database options to add all players of welsh nationality and those based in Wales, whilst still keeping a large database, the player count drops to 30,490. This seems to be constant irrespective of database size selected. It seems that it defaults to the small database count. Don't know if anybody else has noted this? Don't recall it being an issue in the Beta?
  5. probably not to both questions. its mad frustrating. its been posted 4 times now and each time its being ignored...maybe we have to tag one of the developers or something because it seems to be just ignored
  6. oh i won the league, fa cup and cc...lost in the CL final
  7. Just so you know, this tweak scored the most points in MRL tactic testing https://mrltactics.com
  8. who said it was better than the original? tweaks aren't always necessarily to make a better version than the original. People tweak so it suits them. maybe you want to be more defensively tight or want tp create more attacking. or just put your own stamp on things. i prefer narrow football, hence both tweaked tactics i've gone narrow,
  9. REAVING V1 Tweaked by RDF (TFF) .fmf if 0-0 at HT and you're the better team, changed the tempo one to higher Only 8 games, but tweaked TFFs Reaper and doing very well and also nice to watch!!! i really want a long term save with Chelsea but could never get the right results...will play FM full version now and update results. tweaks were in TIs and PIs...most notably, Width to Narrow, DL up to standard. a few PI changes to wide players, CM and CBs p.s sorry TFF for keep tweaking haha, your tactics are very good and just trying to squeeze out every little piece of greatness out of it haha
  10. best to have attributes similar to a SS. and i would usually use one of the preset trainings. mostly the tactical pre set
  11. Martial started the game injured. Rashford was my main striker for around the first 20 games. scrored a lot too. but when Martial returned, i found it worked better with Martial as St and Rasford as IW
  12. one is for the week with 1 match day. other is for 2 match days
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