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  1. Thanks again for your effort. I know its hard to tell without watching the game first. Maybe i can move the LCM=B2B TO CM and make it assymetrical, and perhabs the MEZ-A to MEZ-U? I dont have IWB(a), its a WB-A, so i think u misunderstood that part. My idea is he will be let loose on the Left side. But maybe i should let the IWB-S be a WB-S on the other side. This is what i have in my head: Sadly cant test since in not in front of fm but just wanted to hear if my thoughts are sane.
  2. @VinceLombardi Thanks for your great work! Not in front of FM right now, but I'm considering doing something similar myself with the base of your tactics. What do you think about this: Your basic symmetrical 4141 shape: PF-S IW-S, B2B, MEZ-A, IW-A LWB-A, DM, IWB-S CD CD And any more general tips about trying to build my own setups? I feel there is a lot of room for improvement for myself!
  3. True that. As for the old tutoring, you are given 2 options with different outcomes (to tutor with ppm or not) So maybe there is a specific difference between those 2 greeting options, seeing its similar to or a "mini-mentor" session?
  4. When I bought a new player and he arrives to my club, there is an option to ask my captain to introduce him to the club and show him around. First off all does this have any impact besides boosting the captains morale? And, what is the difference between the 2 options i have to choose from when greeting him? Thanks for any replies.
  5. It just happend again. Now with windowed mode. And it didnt happen since last time i posted here. And now it was exact same situation, final moments of the game and im putting and injured player to the bench to rest.
  6. I have 2 questions about PPM training. 1. If i want to my player to develop his weaker foot, and my trainer tell me he cant do it, how often are the trainers wrong? Anyone succeded/not succeded with forcing the ppm training? 2. If i would force it and it doesnt work, does it still take up CA?
  7. No worries, hope you can find anything! Just ask me if you need more information, it seems like a very dull problem for me.
  8. It's like im getting an advice from my ass mgr. to put my player off when he got injuried in the last minute or so, then i just click apply, but it might just be an coiincidence somehow. It's just, when it happend the other time my player got red carded and went in to the tactics screen to apply changes, meanwhile the game was in the last couple of mins/secs. Sometimes i can do everything in the menus except saving/entering tactics screen, and sometimes i cant click on any things at all. And no i am just managing 1 team.
  9. Thx for advice. I tried it meanwhile this happend and it didnt help. Although i tried spamming and pressing buttons i somehow managed to bypass this and take 1 day off so i could continue the game, it took 3-4 hours to make it happen though. Anything else i can try except this? Little OT: Do you still recommend trying windowed mode for overall performance?
  10. This happend to me twice now in 1hour. It has happend like 1 time every 2nd week or so otherwise. I cant click on certain things like "cancel pending changes" but i can enter some menus and not some other menus. I cant either save the game or force it. What i noticed is that when me or opponent getting an injury or red card in the final moments its just like the game tries to make a substitute or something like that even though the game has ended. I got into the final menu post game but i couldnt proceed from there and now i cant enter it at all. I can pause the game, and then nothing happends, and if i resume it, the game just keeps waiting for the next highlight. It's getting rather frustrating. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Im on Linux mint 18 "Sarah" if you need that info.
  11. yeah thanks for the answer rashidi! Also what would you recommend training players with low-/semi low bravery? if i have many choices how to train them, or rather where would i avoid training them to?
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