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  1. I have exactly the same problem - it wont let me proceed even tho i have submitted the squad
  2. What setup does everyone use eg what leagues or advanced setup?
  3. South Shields 2020/21 Season Review League Table Youth Intake Squad Transfers First season started off quite well was top 4-6 for first few months , then hit a losing run of 7 matches in a row (this did co-inciide with the patch being updated but not sure if this was the cause) then ended the season with a 7 match unbeaten run and finished a respectable 10th position when the pre-season prediction was 24th. Finances seemed to struggle this season , with only a 3,500 capacity stadium not much gate receipts Youth Intake - seems pretty average Squad - been having to play youth goalkeepers (poor ones aswell) which has hurt the performances , unfortunately nothing we can do until a good prospect comes through the ranks
  4. MR Rosler has the tactic been updated in the OP or do we manually need to add "play through the middle"?
  5. Which tactic would be most suitable for a mid to bottom side in the vanarama national north league (south shields) Thanks
  6. First time at attempting this challenge, Ive just took over South Shields in Vanarama North Manager Profile First Team Squad U23s Squad U18s Squad
  7. Also i seen on last years challenge someone took charge of cameroon u23s , is that not allowed this year?
  8. Gonna start this today , do you people load all leagues or just the continent that you intend to manage , Im prob gonna for africa or asia first so was just going to load up those leagues to start with.
  9. Is the Wolfsburg tactic better than the home / away tactic that had been tested on brighton / newcastle
  10. I was doing really well with Newcastle in first season , 6 or 7 games unbeaten , opposition hardly having a shot - using 4141v2. Then I went to man Utd in the cup and got trounced 4-0 although stats suggested even game , since then I hardly score and opposition score off only 1 or 2 shots on target . NO real changes to my team either , tried switching to the 442 in the other thread aswell , but still same outcome.
  11. I have myself as finding and finalising all transfers for first team and youth teams, only setting I cant change is the "Youth Development - bring youth players into club and inform of their development" it only gives me option of having HOYD or Under 19s manager to do this .
  12. Is there anyway to stop your HOYD offering trials to youth players or to stop him trying to sign free transfers? or do just need to cancel the transfer before it goes through
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