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  1. Is the Wolfsburg tactic better than the home / away tactic that had been tested on brighton / newcastle
  2. I was doing really well with Newcastle in first season , 6 or 7 games unbeaten , opposition hardly having a shot - using 4141v2. Then I went to man Utd in the cup and got trounced 4-0 although stats suggested even game , since then I hardly score and opposition score off only 1 or 2 shots on target . NO real changes to my team either , tried switching to the 442 in the other thread aswell , but still same outcome.
  3. I have myself as finding and finalising all transfers for first team and youth teams, only setting I cant change is the "Youth Development - bring youth players into club and inform of their development" it only gives me option of having HOYD or Under 19s manager to do this .
  4. Is there anyway to stop your HOYD offering trials to youth players or to stop him trying to sign free transfers? or do just need to cancel the transfer before it goes through
  5. Will give this a go with my Newcastle save in 2021 , seem to have a better than average squad but really struggling at the minute
  6. Tried this with my newcastle side who had finished top 6 for last three seasons, struggling miserably. Concede off nearly every cross, and not scoring at all, mustnt have the right players for this tactic.
  7. I have used all your tactics for about 3 years now, so will gladly give this a try with my Newcastle save and report my progress.
  8. Been using away invert so far and results have been very poor to say the least: free photo upload image hosting 12mb Mitrovic currently injured
  9. Can someone else explain the difference between AWAY SOLID and INVERTED AWAY - which would you choose for the newcastle default squad. Many Thanks
  10. Think im having second season syndrome my defence is letting in goals left right and centre, im still 2nd in league after 6 games but have conceded: 4 against leicester 5 against man u 7 against athletic madrid 3 against everton Not sure if its my match training which is on teamwork, my defenders or my midfield
  11. Whats the best training, i have been using balanced for general and def positioning for match tactic. Also whats the attributes for the advanced forward and dlf, im not sure if a pacy forward or a target man type of forward is better for the adv forward. Any help would be appreciated.
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