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  1. Now I'm out of home, I have to check this...but I'm pretty sure that in TI screen, when you click Retain Possesion it reduces the tempo slider
  2. If it so, why does he have a high value in closing down? Shouldn't closing down and sitting back be opposite each other? That's what I do not understand and it drives me crazy ...
  3. Hi Herne, this is from your OP. I'm wondering...if Retain Possession reduces through ball, why is the corresponding instruction of Pass Into Space not marked as contradictory? Are you sure of this? When I choose Retain Possession on TI screen, it reduces the tempo by one notch (or similar).
  4. Thanks for your answer, Atarin. And how about sitting back? Could it represent the manager's will to not press or to not go attack?
  5. Hi guys, I am an italian FM player as well as a long-time lurker of this forum. In the last year I tried to play FM with the most possible realistic approach, delegating to my staff the tasks for which they are hired and focusing only on managing the matches. Most of all I tried to use the Pre-Match Tactical advices of my assistant and in some ways I found that they work, let me playing good football as Bologna, winning matches even when I'm underdog and in a couple of seasons reaching the Euro Cup placement. But now I'm wondering what their advices come from? From the opposition analysis or from the values of hidden abilities that define their personality? Going to analyze this hidden abilities, I found myself not understanding what some of them define (see below table for reference) So...for example....fluidity and flexibility what do they mean? Which of the two is related to the team shape? Sitting Back stand for? So I wonder if any of you have ever analyzed these parameters and know the answer?
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