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  1. Knap - is there many changes to the way 20.4 tactics will perform on the most recent update at all?
  2. Will this work on the newest patch? Unsure if there were any significant ME changes - seen KNAP posted a new version of the 4222.
  3. Been using Tea 4411 was unbeaten in 14 with Newcastle now not won in 11, weird.
  4. No I mean Tea 451, has this tested well and anyone given any feedback around it mate?
  5. Hey TFF, which tactic if I want to start a LLM save and essentially blast through the leagues?
  6. It started last night, dont recall any sort of update. It's a local save, not cloud.
  7. Gutted about this and hoping for some help. Tried restoring previous and none show as available. Is there anything I can do? Read about file restoration software but not overly familiar with this...
  8. Knap, what one of the new tactics do you think would be best for an underdog team mate?
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