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  1. Have won group, but not in the next round draw. Is there something wrong here?
  2. The 103p people keep mentioning? Is this the dribble less one?
  3. After ripping apart League 2, didn't expect this in season 2 - destroyed the league and set new records for games won, points and total goals scored. Was lucky to have Man City as a feeder team and managed to pull a major coup in getting Geubbels on loan which I didn't see coming but above is the result. Using Venom&Faith 20.4.1 - will update when I've finished in the championship. Tall CB's are a must for me, I had Sam Hughes and Harwood Bellis and both scored 15 goals.
  4. @knap been away for a bit with work. Seems 4321 reigning supreme. Is the 103 one the best ATM?
  5. Newcastle in 2024, switched to Kashmir and the results speak for themselves. I do have a strong team but this is a very strong tactic.
  6. @knap Sadly, the 4321 has lost it touch for me. Got a good 5 seasons though. How are the 4231s working on the new patch? Which would you recommend? Got a good few AMs I want to utilise.
  7. Season 5 using 4321 and still working well. Found an inconsistently in big away so used RDF away tactic from sheff utd and combined the result have lead lead my Newcastle team to two straight EPL and UCL wins.
  8. Update- won the league with just one loss away to city. Also won UCL, beating PSG 3-2 in the final.
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