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  1. @knap Aa mentioned, time 108 been smashing it for me in s7. Only issue is in recent games, stopped being as effective. Any advice? Change for a few games?
  2. After ripping apart League 2, didn't expect this in season 2 - destroyed the league and set new records for games won, points and total goals scored. Was lucky to have Man City as a feeder team and managed to pull a major coup in getting Geubbels on loan which I didn't see coming but above is the result. Using Venom&Faith 20.4.1 - will update when I've finished in the championship. Tall CB's are a must for me, I had Sam Hughes and Harwood Bellis and both scored 15 goals.
  3. Newcastle in 2024, switched to Kashmir and the results speak for themselves. I do have a strong team but this is a very strong tactic.
  4. @knap Sadly, the 4321 has lost it touch for me. Got a good 5 seasons though. How are the 4231s working on the new patch? Which would you recommend? Got a good few AMs I want to utilise.
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