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  1. Please update some Italian coach's preferred formation. Italian manager who use 3-5-2 IRL should use 5-1-2-2 WB in game, because the midfield structure is more like a inverse triangle rather than flat midfield. Also, take role "regista" into account because Regista is a role based on Pirlo in Conte's 3-5-2, and it is reasonably be regarded as a Italian role in three defenders formation. For example, Antonio Conte's preferred formation should be 5-1-2-2 WB instead of a flat 3-man midfield, given his use of Pirlo create Regista role in DM slot and he use Brozovic in a similar way. https://www.transfermarkt.us/marcelo-brozovic/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/156617/saison/2019/wettbewerb/IT1/verein/46
  2. Wow, that is eye-opening. Since I just finished Michael Cox's book The Mixer and he used a bunch of tactical role names as FM, it made me feel interested in the development of those roles. Thank you for the informative response. @Seb Wassell
  3. I see what you are saying but I might need to clarify my question a little bit. My question is how SI "create" new roles to the game? If they look into players IRL as example, how do they comes up with the idea?
  4. According to SI developers, AI manager would change their preferred formation to accommodate their best player but what I find in FM world is that 4-2-3-1 Wide is used by AI manager way too much to accommodate CM players in their team. For example, most of CM in game has role suitability as DLP, so AI manager would train them to DLP. if a team has two good AP at the central midfield, AI manager would train one of them to DLP, and put both of them in 4-2-3-1 Wide. Why does not AI manager change their formation like 4-1-4-1 Wide or diamond midfield to accommodate good AP? I saw too many good central midfield AP like Havertz, Zaniolo be trained to DLP by AI manager and it limit the tactical variety in game.. sad.
  5. Question: How SI design a player role? How do they know a real-life player is playing that role?
  6. Marco Giampaolo's preferred formation should be 4-3-1-2 rather than 4-4-2 Diamond Narrow. Ekdal's preferred position should be at DM rather than MC, although he play as the deepest midfielder in 4-3-1-2 but irl it is more like a DM.
  7. Great Example! Trying to go along with your example.I would say Luis Suarez is more like Complete Forward. In Michael Cox's book The Mixer, he exemplify Dennis Bergkamp, Teddy Sheringham, and Eric Cantona as Deep Lying Forward. Bobby is more like a mixture of False 9 and DLF. Advanced Forward: Fernando Torres, Shevchenko Pressing Forward: Diego Costa
  8. Hey! I really like your work. I also spend TONS of time in FM17 trying to recreate Giampaolo's tactics, but given there were no Mezzala or Carrilero in FM17, so I found it difficult to imitate the lateral movement. Here are a few thoughts I have when I study Giampaolo's tactics. Compared to WB, I would say FB on support duty or automatic duty might makes more sense. Personally, I add PI like "hold position" and "cross deep" on both sides. TI like "overlap" seems make sense to get the fullback forward in the right time, but I did not try it tho. To defend crosses, I use a few PI to recreate the compactness. I ask the full back to close down less, or even much less and set the side cm to close down more to recreate the compactness in the box and half space. Also, I suggest using opposition instructions to help. I set close down always on opposite fullback , so wide cm usually close down sooner than your full back, and it makes full back can hold the team shape better. In Giampaolo's 3 year charge in Samp, he uses different midfielders to play the wide cm position. I would say Barreto is more like a Carrilero while Praet is a Mezzala. Linetty is more like a B2B or mezzala imo. There is also one important thing to take into account, Sarri and Giampaolo like to have their CBs and DLP to form a triangle when building up from the back, which means the DLP would stay ahead of CBs rather dropping between CBs. According to my experience, if you are using DLP-d, he would usually drop deep into the CBs. Also, looking at passing stats in Samp, the deepest midfielder usually is the player make the most pass. And in fm, if you use a defend duty DLP, I find it would make your wide support cms make the most pass instead. (Ps: Maybe Mezzala and Carrilero's wide position in new version would alleviate the situation.) Therefore, i suggest looking at in-game passing stats to see if DLP is underplayed.
  9. Quick question: When AI manager use certain roles like Mezzala or Carrilero, would they take the formation into account? For example: We know Mezzala and Carrilero are used in a three-man midfield, if AI manager has a world-class Mezzala. would AI manager therefore change their formation to accommodate those roles, or just use them in whatever formation? Looking forward to the response from @Seb Wasselland @Jack Joyce!!
  10. Currently, scout report is just a reiteration with the player attributes, can not offer any insightful things about a player. I think a new scout report could be revamped to show something more meaningful to managers. There are a few suggestion: Eg: When describing a player's strength, it could be a strength from a combination from two or three attributes. Reports could show something like this: "He can be well-uttilised in tight space." -- "Reason: High in Agility, Technique, Dribbling" "He is good in using the space in front of him" -- "Reason: High Anticipation, Off Ball Movement, Pace" "He is defensively inadequate. -- "Reason: Low workrate, Low position, Low tackling" Taking a player's weight and height into account when giving a recommendation about a player in realife, coach usually highlight the height of players in each position. "
  11. Thank you!! Another question I have in game is that do you think DM and centre back is underplayed in build-up in FM? When I am looking at real life football, I found that DM and centre back is usually the player who made most pass in the game. No matter a direct-attacking team like Liverpool or tiki-taka team as Man City. But in FM's ME, dm and cb's value in build up is usually bypassed.
  12. Yes, and that might be the easiest solution so fat. Not only 4-2-3-1 but a lot of formations with double pivot should be reviewed as well.
  13. I see what you are saying. But I hold a different opinion about the position in football nowadays. I believe the concept of position still exist in football, just the way they carry out is evolving. If you follow any manager or coach talk about their tactics or formation in the public, you'll hear them using terms like No.6 position, No.8 position, No.10 a lot. Here in discussion, position itself should be separated from the role concept in game. In a simple sense, when a lot of player talk about their position in interview, they would still say something like "I preferred playing no.8 position" or "I could play both No.6 and No,8 position". So I believe the position concept is still here. Position is still there, but it could be played in a different way. Using another real life example, Liverpool and Man City both using 4-3-3 formation, which means they have a same set up of 1*No.6 + 2*No.8 in position wise. But the job they ask their No.8 to do in the pitch is different. Here, if we are using an FM term, is they were playing a different role. That's how we normally see football: playing a same position but doing different job. What I trying to say is the position in FM's formation system is not right. There should be 2*DM in 4-2-3-1 rather than 2*CM. (ps: in any version of 4-2-3-1) Liverpool's right back can play like a No.8 is just the way he play is different to another right back. In a sense of position, he is still a right back but with different job with another right back in another team. I'm not a English native speaker so there might be ambiguity in my expression, when I'm saying No.6 position should only have No.6 role, it does not mean they all have to be in defensive role. There still could be a more offensive role in that position like Segundo Volante or RPM. You can ask your No.6 play a little bit attacking, a little bit box-to-box, but in a position wise, he still plays a No.6 in the formation, just with more attacking sense. I do agree with your idea of setting attacking and defensive shape separately, it's something pretty common in real life football and i believe it would make the game more fun to play, Cheers!
  14. Hey Ozil! I noticed that crazy passing stats for Dantas. Speaking of the passing stats for a playmaker, how can I make my Regista become the player that pass the most? Since I'm trying to implement a possession-based style with 3 midfielders. My set up is a Regista with 2 box-to-box. My Regista is usually underplayed while my two box-to-box midfielders always become the players who pass the most even though I own a high possession every game. Do you have any advice to build a passing hierarchy in midfield?
  15. Yes, it's correct, but Carzola is being used as a dm in that double-pivot with coquelin.
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