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  1. Wanting women's football to be on an equal footing with men's football is not a political agenda. How does a company, who isn't owned by or involved with the government in an way or form, peddling a political agenda??
  2. Are you sure you read the blog that was posted in the OP very well? There was no "political agenda" involved when this decision was made; this was done to give equality to all and give a more accurate description of the football world. Also, not every decision a company makes has to be economically driven. Companies can and make decisions that lead to the improvement of equality, environmental conditions, human welfare, etc.
  3. The way the words "politics" and "political" are thrown around in this thread is really funny. I am really trying to fathom how the introduction Women's football to FM is a "political" move or is ruining it. You'd think people will be happy that the game is moving towards a more realistic representation of the global football scene.
  4. From my experience, players still develop very well even if they are loaned to a team in a league that isn't loaded. Clubs that are in unloaded leagues still play league and cup matches. The only difference is, the matches in unloaded leagues are simulated using the quick match engine (Please, someone correct me if I am wrong). All that matters is that the player should be: 1. Loaned to a team in a league that is equal or greater than his current level(you can check is report card to know the division he is currently operating at). 2. Loaned to a team with good training faciliti
  5. Just hover your pointer over your points; it should give you the head to head record of the three teams.
  6. About 3 months ago, you made the thread below Many prominent members of this forum informed you of how mentality is actually just a risk modifier, and how the in-game descriptions could be modified to show that. I don't understand why you are asking a question you have already received numerous answers to.
  7. If I remember correctly, you could give individual shouts to players as far back as FM15. The only issue I had was that it was very tedious doing this.
  8. I know for a fact that most of the teams you face on FM play with a holding midfielder (single DM or CM with the hold position PI active). If I were playing a 442 with attack anf support strikers, I would tell the attack striker to man mark the holding midfielder, so as not to allow him to get pulled out of position too much, and I would leave the support striker as it is as I believe he will automatically zonal mark the DM position.
  9. What about two strikers (One on attack and One on support) and the attack striker man marks the central midfielder?
  10. Thank you @Neil Brock. I have received the email and also uploaded the save. Nevertheless, I just want to note that this issue is not save specific; it affects every save that I have. I want to give an example of another incident where this issue popped up. I was playing another save and I'm currently in the 2037/2038 season. Pre season went smoothly without any hiccups; I even played a couple of games and I noticed no slowdown. However, immediately after I played the first premier league game against Man Utd, the day to day processing speed just dropped. I am really
  11. Good morning @GuitarMan I have only loaded England (Premier League to Vanarama North/South) on a default detail level.
  12. Good morning all, I already sent a support ticket to SEGA with regards to this issue, but I was told to post it on the forum instead. Please if anyone can help me out, I will really appreciate it. I play FM21 on a laptop (Dell G5 core i7- 8750h 8GB RAM with an NVIDIA 1050ti Graphics card) and processing day to day in my saves becomes really slow after reaching the 10 year mark (2030/2031 season) in any of my saves. The slow down begins after playing matches. The game gradually slows down after playing a match to the point where it takes 5-10mins to process from day to day. The only way to
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