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  1. Thanks for the reply 🙂. I asked about speed because I noticed that as you progress in your save in FM21, after you reach a point ( usually the 2035/2036 season) processing day by day becomes slightly slower after a match is played/simulated with instant result. Speed returns to normal after reloading the save. Also, why do you only use instant result to play your matches?
  2. You have progressed quite well in your save @ToMexico!!. I have a question though. How is the game speed (processing day-day speed) on the save now? Also, how do you blitz through seasons quickly?
  3. The advice mentioned by various members of this forum is what is, because that's how "succesful" defensive tactics will work on the current iteration of FM. You have to understand that the game is not perfect. It has it's own mechanics and the advice provided on this forum helps you to understand the mechanic of the game and create a tactic that works with said mechanic.
  4. As stated by @FrazT, on field decisions are not affected by contracts, they are mostly affected by attributes. Contracts may have an effect on hidden attributes which make up a player's personality. I recall reading on this forum that giving a youth prospect a huge contract could drop their professionalism attribute by 5 points.
  5. Scouting assignments are not directly tied to your recruitment package. Recruitment packages help you to increase the number of players in the player search table and also gain a small amount of knowledge of them. Scouts will still find players on assignments even if you have no recruitment package.
  6. I think the major issue people have with using lots of TIs and PIs is that if the tactic has a problem, it will be hard to pin point the exact instruction that is causing the issue.
  7. If you play with attribute masking on (fog of war), scouting knowledge of a particular nation helps you reveal more about the attributes of the players from or based in that nation. The players you see in when you have no recruitment package are: 1. The players you've scouted. 2. The players known by your staff.
  8. Not sure if this is the place to ask this but I have a question. I play FM21 on a laptop and I noticed something peculiar. I load up my save and after playing like 7-8 matches in a row, processing from day to day becomes slower until I either restart the game or load the save again. I want to know whether anyone here experiences what I said above. Edit: I forgot to mention that I play on a Dell G5 intel core i7-8750h with an NVIDIA 1050Ti GPU. Please I would be grateful if I can get any information on this.
  9. If you play him in the position that you want, he will eventually learn it.
  10. Sports scientists can help you to reduce jadedness in players.
  11. Hello everyone, Please, I need help in trying to find the location of the XML files for the panels circled below : Thank you.
  12. Congratulations in getting the treble@ToMexico!! Please, I have a question. How many leagues to you have loaded and what's the player count of your save?
  13. Scouting was revamped in FM18. Now if scouts want to gain knowledge of any nation they have to watch matches in that particular nation. Since FM doesn't have a league for Thailand or Uzbekistan or you haven't loaded a custom editor file, the only matches scouts can watch in those nations are the international and continental cup matches. The reason mentioned before is why scouts are slowly gaining knowledge of those nations.
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