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  1. I wrote a guide on this a couple of years ago. Everything on there is completely applicable to now:
  2. Certain players wear a different preferred number for their country than their club. I would like to see this included. Fabregas wears 10 for Spain and 4 for his clubs. Henry wore 12 for France and 14 for his clubs.
  3. You'd generally find a Counter mentality is better to absorb pressure, keep shape and exploit space behind the opposition. I'm a massive fan of the CF(s) and find he often really suits those systems. Glad you've tweaked sensibly to isolate your problems. Big thumbs up as lots find it tricky to do that. Good work pal.
  4. Your 4-3-3 doesn't seem to be too static so far. Both seem balanced. Most importantly though - how does it play? Some things look great in theory but terrible when your XI tries to make it work. The DM(D) can disrupt shape, but considering you are closing down proactively it makes sense for the DM(D) to do that too, otherwise it can leave the opponents time and space in front of your defence to play a ball in behind.
  5. I have a single primary formation, but can switch to 2 alternatives. They aren't usually drastically different either. For example with a 4-2-3-1 I have a 4-4-1-1 as an alternative (simply dropping the wide men back for a more compact shape) and a 4-3-3 as the alternative (switching AMC to DMC depending on personnel available). I can tweak anything that I feel though depending on opposition and players available. Sometimes I tweak roles and duties, others I tweak instructions, and sometimes it is the mentality. It really depends. I have a feel for what I need to do when though.
  6. I'm definitely not a fan of your AMC-STC combination. It seems so static. With that in mind, narrowing your wide men might congest the centre too much, without any of the attacking 4 really controlling play. Who is playing at AMC and STC?
  7. The lack of proper, qualified coaches is very disappointing. We a tiny amount of UEFA licenced coaches in England compared to Spain and Germany. It's basic grassroots problems with mentality and tactical awareness.
  8. Agreed with the above advice in general. The CF will be isolated. However I would always have an attacking duty influence on each flank. I would probably go for WB(A) & IF(S) on 1 flank, and WB(S) & IF(A) on the other. Adds some penetration to the side that you will lose when the CF is dropping deeper in a support role.
  9. Amen to that! It's only 120 minutes in the final in the Copa America nowadays, it goes straight to penalties at 90 minutes in the Quarter and Semi Finals. Saves on the 30 minute wait for penalties.
  10. Really the big problem was more that the movement of the other players was excessively static. The creative players need more movement off the ball to offload it in any meaningful manner. The tempo of our game was so slow as a result. The only genuine movement off the ball and from deep came from Rose & Walker.
  11. It's a straight Allardyce or Bruce choice for me. Both experienced, tactically flexible (more so in Bruce's case, but Allardyce does get his sides to play to their strengths) and understand English football. Lack of European/top level (and I mean title chasing clubs) experience the only real downsides to them. I see no reason not to offer either of them a good shot at it.
  12. Agree with pretty much every word you've said. Excellent post. Particularly the bolded part.
  13. You know it's an interesting point - because from the point of view of his dedication to his professional development, he is frankly an amazing man. Truly unmatched levels of dedication and desire to win. It's the socially unappealing behaviour that undoes all of that for me - for example tantrums, narcissism etc.
  14. Bravo indeed. You really genuinely think that Lagerback's comments are worse than the behaviour of Ronaldo and Pepe to earn them their reputations in the first place? A partially inaccurate statement above, I admire sportsmanship - which for the record are things that neither Ronaldo nor Pepe are renowned for. In fact, this is a good reason to dislike them. On the other hand, hateful has a little truth to it. I hate Ronaldo and Pepe for all they represent, and the terrible role models they are. So, only 50% wrong. Which frankly seems impressive given your deluded sense of morals.
  15. Pepe has spent his career behaving badly. Ronaldo is the world's greatest narcissist. His comments about Iceland we're an absolute disgrace. He has a go because they came to defend? Yeah I would too if I was Iceland? Or were they meant to open up and pander to his raging ego? I'm not sure how you made Lagerback the bad guy... Anyone but Portugal for me. They have not won a single match within 90 minutes either.