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  1. Super. Finally for tonight @Dan Ormsby, Santi Cazorla's contract - I get the impression he has a year left only, with an option for the club to extend it a further year. http://news.arseblog.com/2016/10/cazorla-no-talks-yet-but-im-open-to-arsenal-stay/
  2. Cheers @Dan Ormsby - swift response. Have also noticed with the goalkeeper kits that the home kit has a gold number on the back for Premier League games. It should be a yellow number for all cup games, but white with a black outline for the league games. I have noticed the away goalkeeper kit is green, whereas officially the blue goalkeeper kit is the 2nd choice. I haven't seen the blue goalkeeper kit used by us yet on the game too, is it included?
  3. Just a thought on Matteo Darmian. He seems to be getting selected in my game, but he clearly isn't likely to play under Mourinho. Perhaps have Darmian and Mourinho set to disliked personnel?
  4. Hello @Dan Ormsby - got a few bits of feedback for you: Stadium - the stadium is a bit of an unusual shape and set up. I am not sure how much is random and how much is data directly. The home dugout is on the wrong side. The stadium has a screen on the corner, and a kop style end behind the goal. It also appears that the main stands look different from the corners. It should ideally be a bowl instead. Alex Iwobi - I think the clear areas that Iwobi could do with improvement relate to his mental attributes. He is pretty mobile, but he doesn't have pace like Walcott or Bellerin, I think his physical attributes are rated quite well. I think his intelligence is very good, he reads the game fair well and his combination play with his teammates is also very good - I think his teamwork could go up to about a 16 or 17 and anticipation to about 14 or 15. I also think his decision making is quite strong too, and maybe should be nearer 14 too. His work rate is not great yet and I think that could do with dropping to maybe 10. I think he might be good for the PPM "Plays One-Twos". Alexis Sanchez - I think his positional rating as a centre forward could do with a slight increase. The game doesn't rate him much differently to Giroud or Lucas Perez so far, and clearly Alexis is first choice there. Jeff Reine-Adelaide - have seen both of his league cup appearances this season, and what stood out to me was how technically strong this boy is, but that he needs to improve his intelligence. His dribbling, first touch and technique are all very good and I think could do with an increase. He's also fairly mobile, but strong at the same time. I think his agility and balance should be nearer 14 or 15 each.
  5. Again, it depends on the personnel - I would not have an issue playing 2 AP's, but I would try and get them doing something different (1 attack and 1 support), or having an IF(S) and an AP
  6. I would change him into either an IF(S) or AP(S/A) generally. But sometimes I have even experimented with Ramsey as a Raumdeuter. Depends on the individual. I tend to go for 1 more direct wide man, with a WB(S) behind on 1 flank, with a WB(A) on the other flank, with a more technical/creative player coming inside ahead of him to create space to overlap.
  7. I wrote a guide on this a couple of years ago. Everything on there is completely applicable to now:
  8. Certain players wear a different preferred number for their country than their club. I would like to see this included. Fabregas wears 10 for Spain and 4 for his clubs. Henry wore 12 for France and 14 for his clubs.
  9. You'd generally find a Counter mentality is better to absorb pressure, keep shape and exploit space behind the opposition. I'm a massive fan of the CF(s) and find he often really suits those systems. Glad you've tweaked sensibly to isolate your problems. Big thumbs up as lots find it tricky to do that. Good work pal.
  10. Your 4-3-3 doesn't seem to be too static so far. Both seem balanced. Most importantly though - how does it play? Some things look great in theory but terrible when your XI tries to make it work. The DM(D) can disrupt shape, but considering you are closing down proactively it makes sense for the DM(D) to do that too, otherwise it can leave the opponents time and space in front of your defence to play a ball in behind.
  11. I have a single primary formation, but can switch to 2 alternatives. They aren't usually drastically different either. For example with a 4-2-3-1 I have a 4-4-1-1 as an alternative (simply dropping the wide men back for a more compact shape) and a 4-3-3 as the alternative (switching AMC to DMC depending on personnel available). I can tweak anything that I feel though depending on opposition and players available. Sometimes I tweak roles and duties, others I tweak instructions, and sometimes it is the mentality. It really depends. I have a feel for what I need to do when though.
  12. I'm definitely not a fan of your AMC-STC combination. It seems so static. With that in mind, narrowing your wide men might congest the centre too much, without any of the attacking 4 really controlling play. Who is playing at AMC and STC?
  13. The lack of proper, qualified coaches is very disappointing. We a tiny amount of UEFA licenced coaches in England compared to Spain and Germany. It's basic grassroots problems with mentality and tactical awareness.
  14. Agreed with the above advice in general. The CF will be isolated. However I would always have an attacking duty influence on each flank. I would probably go for WB(A) & IF(S) on 1 flank, and WB(S) & IF(A) on the other. Adds some penetration to the side that you will lose when the CF is dropping deeper in a support role.
  15. Amen to that! It's only 120 minutes in the final in the Copa America nowadays, it goes straight to penalties at 90 minutes in the Quarter and Semi Finals. Saves on the 30 minute wait for penalties.