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  1. Hi @Pete Sottrel - no problem, happy to help. I haven't seen the misc. sponsors bits show up in game, but I'm only on day 1 so far... As for kits, it was the GK kits only that had some issues. The third GK kit had a mixture of black and white numbers for the different competitions. The third GK kit should have the same number colours for each competition. The GK away kit and home kit both need colours changed.
  2. @Dan Ormsbylooking at the Arsenal finances: Some of the income is not labelled correctly, e.g. shirt sleeve sponsor, stadium sponsor are not labelled The finances do not look like they have been updated to include our £60m a season Adidas deal, it's the same expiry date and value as the Puma deal (so should be £300m from 01/07/2019 to 30/06/2024) Stadium Sponsorship is at approximately £2.8m a season, stepping up to £4m a season from 2021 I'm not sure where that £130m of non-renewing "commercial income" refers to for 2019/20. Am I missing something massive...? What do the £5m, £4m and £650k "other income" refer to? References for finance bits: https://twitter.com/swissramble/status/1145583489103945728?lang=en https://i.imgur.com/YGqE6Ly.jpg https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/08/arsenal-adidas-new-kit-supplier-puma Player Contracts Emi Martinez & Mohammed Elneny contracts expire in 2022, not 2020 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-arsenal/berateruebersicht/verein/11 Kits We don't have a purple goalkeeper away kit. The home goalkeeper kit is far too bright, it's quite a dark green instead. The away goalkeeper kit should be a bright blue. The numbers used for all competitions are black, with white outline - whereas a mix are used on the data. https://premierleague-static-files.s3.amazonaws.com/premierleague/document/2019/08/23/c8a5b4b5-7f29-43b5-9317-aae04d407c18/2019-20-PL-Handbook-220819.pdf
  3. The ability to custom select what kit used for what match on the editor would be good - so for example, preventing me seeing Arsenal using their away kit against Tottenham and vice versa The ability to select a kit policy in the editor (so for example, do we wear home kit as often as possible, often change to away kit, use both away kits equally, rather than a distinct 2nd and 3rd kit, use a specific kit in a cup final etc.) In-game changes of kit would be good to see in leagues where this is not negatively impacted by licencing
  4. I have noticed a few things about crowds in the last few years that could be improved: Proportion and variety of shirts - I don't see any crowds wearing third shirts nowadays (it's all home and away), but with far too great a proportion wearing replica home shirts instead of normal attire - especially in winter. Shirts could also see names and numbers appearing from big players in the squad. For big occasions perhaps you would be more likely to see patterned tee-shirts in the crowd (so for example blocks of fans in red, the alternate blocks in white for a trophy collection, final, or stadium move) In finals the crowds the 2 x teams should have a specific "end" and be more like to meet in the middle on each side, rather than each having a side and each having an end. In bigger finals there are more neutrals/sponsor fans, so we should see a more distinct end each, and the "neutral" areas down the sides a mixture of non-club attire, with some fans of each club dotted in there. There is currently the occasional flare, but I don't see any scarves anymore - this plus distinct groups waving scarves and flags (clappers etc. too) in home ends would be good. Customised stadium design on the editor - so we can control overall design (separate stands, or bowl, filled in corners or not, length of run-off area or running track)
  5. Let's take coaching as an example, you could have some things that are traits that are likely to be passed on (similarly to a PPM in mentoring) - so for example there could be PPM or specific attributes which see slightly larger or smaller increases as a result of a coach ability. The interaction and relationship element of your coaching staff has room to develop. So for example if you want a person to change role and they don't initially appear willing to change you could discuss this (e.g. going from assistant to first team coach in order to not lose the member of staff, or from U-23's coach to an U-18's manager because you want to use them in a manager role instead). Relationships between coaches and players (positive and negative) could also be added (e.g. Fabianski leaving Arsenal as he didn't get on with or like the quality of goalkeeping coaching from Gerry Peyton).
  6. The most notable trait of a False Nine is his movement - so he needs space to drop into, as well as teammates attacking the space. For example in a 4-1-2-2-1 (4-3-3) he will have space to drop into without getting in the way of a teammate. With a 4-2-3-1 he may get in the way of a teammate, which means the AMC would also need to drift wide, or push forward to ensure he doesn't lack space.
  7. So my thought process was: He's a good dribbler, which suits an IF/Winger role He's right footed so suits an IF on the left, or Winger on the right He doesn't have the outright pace to go past lots of players, but is mobile still which suits receiving the ball in tight areas PPM Cuts Inside from Both Flanks Fairly creative too
  8. Same as @dily mentioned - I play him on the left flank mainly. I tend to have him as an IF(S) coming into the centre to create overloads in the #10 area with Ozil & Alexis.
  9. Excellent thread - got me thinking of a few ideas - normally an excellent sign that it's a good thread!
  10. Shame there hasn't been more replies as it's a good thread. Whilst I don't play "strikerless" per sé, I play with an F9(s) in the middle, with a Raumdeuter looking to attack that space. The man coming deep helps overload the #10 area in front of their defence, which means our combination play often opens up the opposing defence. If that doesn't work, the WB(A) on the right stretches the defence across and creates further gaps to exploit instead.
  11. Thanks! That's very kind of you. I personally like THOG's Lines and Diamonds guide. What I feel my guide is good at is building logical and balanced tactical systems. I think THOG's is much better at creating styles than mine.
  12. I drew my 2nd leg 1-1 at home to Atletico, so went out on away goals. Frustrated by that really. Into the semi finals of the FA Cup after beating Spurs in 6th round. Semi final draw: Arsenal v Reading & Man United v Brentford Also lost Cech, Monreal, Koscielny, Holding & Iwobi to injuries recently. Monreal, Holding & Cech will miss the rest of the season.
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