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  1. Often things like a run-in for the league or a one-off final are about managing the pressure and expectations for your team. Don't pile it on them too much, keep them confident, but not weighed down.
  2. I have noticed that in the domestic cups we're wearing yellow and grey as our first choice change kit, not the blue and yellow. I think that the navy blue and yellow should only revert to primary choice for the champions league only.
  3. I must say the first thing that came into my head was managing expectations and pressure? Were you saying you expected a win at critical games etc? I normally try and keep the pressure off as much as possible. Allows you to ride out any dodgy games.
  4. That depends on things like tempo and passing options
  5. Yes the CM(D) has always had close down more by default. You could always just change the instruction to close down less instead for exactly the same effect defensively. Hold Position refers to offensive behaviour - i.e. not pushing forward when in possession.
  6. For this kind of style of play think of deep playmakers like Pirlo, Xabi Alonso or Santi Cazorla
  7. Interesting really - ordinarily I wouldn't go near the idea. However it just goes to show, the right combination in the right system with the right personnel makes a massive difference. If your team sit deep, but the 2 ball winners quickly intercept and launch a counter attack, then clearly it works!
  8. It looks pretty good actually. How are you playing with it?
  9. No reason whatsoever why that would not be very effective with the right personnel. A good example of overlapping and covering.
  10. You know I've been suffering with a similar dilemma myself.. The normal caveat I start with is - it depends - specifically on the players. Generally I like to use Support-Attack on 1 flank on Attack-Support. But it kind of depends on all of your system as a whole.
  11. Defensively we're fairly strong, but we're struggling for goals so far. We've won 6 and drawn 4 in the league. The only loss in all competitions was a 2-1 loss away to Bayern in the Champions League.
  12. Once again daleuk8 - it depends!
  13. Well yeah, it's kind of critical to it. If you're leaving that much space in behind you, then you need to stop the opponents having time to pick a pass and make a run.
  14. Good result - it's a balance between your style and making adjustments. I generally like possession football and pressing, but i'll sit deep and hit opponents on the break sometimes if I need to.
  15. Exactly. So for instance I played Burnley away recently. They were sat in a 4-2DM-2-1-1 formation (basically like a defensive 4-4-1-1) - so I did the following; played Xhaka and Cazorla in central midfield, as I don't need a specialist holding midfielder like Coquelin or Elneny - I played Ramsey on the right instead of Walcott, as Ramsey drifting in with Bellerin in the overlap means I can exploit pockets of space wide to get in behind the defence. I'm not likely to play through both holding midfielders of Burnley, but using the width to stretch Burnley was vital. I won 2-0, helped by a red card for Defour after half an hour with the scores at 0-0. When I went 1-0 up, I gradually became more cautious to protect the lead, knowing I could exploit space on the counter attack. I brought on Coquelin to add some defensive nous in midfield, Giroud to help hold the ball up in attack and Walcott for pace on the counter. I scored a late 2nd when a Giroud knockdown was smashed in by Alexis. It's not just taking a lead it's game management too, knowing when to defend and when to attack.