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  1. @Dan Ormsby Shkodran Mustafi should probably have the PPM "Dives into tackles" - a very common trait of his really Laurent Koscielny's injury return date should be involving a return to light training on 23rd August and a return to full training on 17th October.
  2. Perhaps add in: 3 x FA Cup 4 x Champions League 4 x Europa League This should mean that whichever European competition Arsenal are in, the correct number of games are included within the cost of the season ticket. The only potential issue I can see is a scenario where Arsenal drop into Europa League from Champions League, but it's a bit tough to legislate for that. Perhaps if that's the case, make it 4 x FA Cup, then 3 of each European competition.
  3. The most notable trait of a False Nine is his movement - so he needs space to drop into, as well as teammates attacking the space. For example in a 4-1-2-2-1 (4-3-3) he will have space to drop into without getting in the way of a teammate. With a 4-2-3-1 he may get in the way of a teammate, which means the AMC would also need to drift wide, or push forward to ensure he doesn't lack space.
  4. So my thought process was: He's a good dribbler, which suits an IF/Winger role He's right footed so suits an IF on the left, or Winger on the right He doesn't have the outright pace to go past lots of players, but is mobile still which suits receiving the ball in tight areas PPM Cuts Inside from Both Flanks Fairly creative too
  5. Same as @dily mentioned - I play him on the left flank mainly. I tend to have him as an IF(S) coming into the centre to create overloads in the #10 area with Ozil & Alexis.
  6. Excellent thread - got me thinking of a few ideas - normally an excellent sign that it's a good thread!
  7. Shame there hasn't been more replies as it's a good thread. Whilst I don't play "strikerless" per sé, I play with an F9(s) in the middle, with a Raumdeuter looking to attack that space. The man coming deep helps overload the #10 area in front of their defence, which means our combination play often opens up the opposing defence. If that doesn't work, the WB(A) on the right stretches the defence across and creates further gaps to exploit instead.
  8. Thanks! That's very kind of you. I personally like THOG's Lines and Diamonds guide. What I feel my guide is good at is building logical and balanced tactical systems. I think THOG's is much better at creating styles than mine.
  9. I drew my 2nd leg 1-1 at home to Atletico, so went out on away goals. Frustrated by that really. Into the semi finals of the FA Cup after beating Spurs in 6th round. Semi final draw: Arsenal v Reading & Man United v Brentford Also lost Cech, Monreal, Koscielny, Holding & Iwobi to injuries recently. Monreal, Holding & Cech will miss the rest of the season.
  10. Laurent Koscielny fits all of the things you want. You'll struggle to prise him off Arsenal and he is 31 now.
  11. I have won the EFL Cup - unbelievable climax! We went 1-0 down in the first half. After 65 minutes I used my final change and brought on Olivier Giroud for Alex Iwobi. Giroud converted Walcott's cross to equalise on 72 minutes. We went to Extra Time at 1-1, and with 10 seconds of injury time left on the clock, Pickford came for a lofted ball into the box, Giroud won the knockdown to Ozil who scored into an empty night. Talk about leaving it late! Boom boom Olivier!
  12. It's been a few years since I actually played in the competition - haven't won a Champions League since FM12 roughly
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