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  1. Thanks Mark. I won’t be voting as I haven’t made the time to read any stories this season. Enjoying a stint at Leyton Orient in FM20 but don’t feel the need to write it up. I look forward to the results as a jump-off point, though. Between that and FM21 maybe I’ll find the inspiration.
  2. 11 August 2018 Kobra Kharkiv had done well to draw 0-0 away and were still only two points behind us. Gaps in league was starting to open, and six teams were into double figures with a three-point gap to the rest. We still had five more games to pick up as many points as possible before slowing down into a weekly league. We had played three from the top and three from the bottom so far; we were holding our own. Obolon’s manager was the most experienced I have faced so far – a career in the Premyer-liha starting with Dynamo Kyiv, 10 caps for Ukraine, and fifteen years as a manager. He
  3. 08 August 2018 The obscenely long travel back through Kyiv saw us skip an overnight stay. There was no party to be had; these players were too tired. We did stop for a break and the quiet of the coach helped me to assess the situation. Staruschenko was a real concern, an outlier in terms of social cohesion. In the same time the two physically strongest members of our squad, Lykhovydko and Rafalskyi, had earned the respect of their teammates and I thought this was a good time to address the squad. We had started excellently – there was no way we would be relegated if we keep this up.
  4. 01 August 2018 Nadiradze was young and needed a break from the firing line, his performances diminishing as the season went on. Lugovyi had performed excellently against Rukh Vynnyky and he also got an assist at Salyut at the end of pre-season when played further forward so it was an easy decision to reinstate him. As he was that little bit older, he may yet cement that role as his own. It would be cruel on the young Georgian to lose out permanently. I would have to find a place for both. Shtan’ko would remain as the home goalkeeper for the foreseeable future. Both he and Staruschenk
  5. 28 July 2018 We would show Girnyk-Sport no such respect at Yuvileynyi with a return to 4-4-2. There was still an issue with how best to utilise Murashov but overall, I wanted to keep our unbeaten run going for the entire month. Next month we had nine games that were ripe for experimentation. As luck would have it, one of those games would be in the cup against our next opponents. Going up against a division rival put my personal win bonus in jeopardy, but I wound figure them out today. The future home draw will hopefully suit our new attacking quality. The surprise we had for them wa
  6. 21 July 2018 Both teams lined up in variants of the 4-2-3-1 that I wanted to implement at Sumy, and it reinforced the idea that I was on the right track in Ukraine. Both had captains in the middle of the field, but that is where their similarities ended. Dynamo Kyiv had most of the attacking players home grown and foreign full internationals behind them, while Shakhtar were the exact opposite. The really were diametric sides. A clash of histories, styles, and fanbases lining up in a cup final. It was thrilling stuff. From kick-off, the men from Donestk bossed the ball and were reward
  7. 18 July 2018 Rukh Vynnyky had a real pace merchant in central midfield and to my surprise and angst he did not start the game. What on earth did they have planned? Our players were promptly instructed to back off at all costs but mark their lone striker tighter. In our first league game at home we had to keep things tight. The away side had a formidable counterattack that belied their lack of pace, so we had no choice but to shut the back door at the expense of our attacking instincts. One game into a style evolution and I was reverting to this club’s type. We were on top in terms of
  8. 14 July 2018 The money had dried up already – Tkachenko putting a stop to the signing of a chief scout when he found out the cost. The man was impossible to read. One minute he was open to suggestions, the next he used Galina as the bearer of bad news. I would make do on my own as the fixtures were coming thick and fast. We had to weather the storm until that September normality of one game a week. We would play Wednesday and Saturday – 14 matches in seven weeks – which would test every squad in the league to its limit. I figured that promotions and relegations in this league were likely
  9. 09 July 2018 Murashov again trained like no other this week, yet something irked me. The first signs of coasting were appearing, a player hiding in the crowd. Yavorskyi had again lagged the group in various running sessions. As the players walked off, I cornered him and let him know we could not tolerate poor performances in training. The squad wasn’t too small for him to not have to worry about starting games and I let him know it. He offered by way of apology that he was not sure about his role on the right, coming inside, and whether it felt natural to him. I told him that it should no
  10. 04 July 2018 This team embodied Zolotnitskyi and I didn’t want to upset his standing among staff with a regime change. Their defence were organised to protect the goalkeeper at all costs. Ludogorets is all I had to judge them on right now, but it spoke volumes of their character. They naturally defended deep, inviting the ball onto them in the defensive third, and looked to snuff out momentum by throwing their bodies in front of the ball. Yet there was unused speed in the team – three of the back four arrived in the summer to bring that. Perhaps this was all part of a process. There
  11. 30 June 2018 Zolotnitskyi talked me through the style that his team was most comfortable with. It made for grim listening. Principally defensive in outlook, he’d had them lined up in a flat 4-5-1. They had discipline, like all Ukrainians he was quick to point out, and liked to take their time. They would look for direct balls into wide areas because, naturally, these were their best players. Without the ball they would try to get tight and rough up the opponent. It was typically agricultural. But it worked for him. He expressed regret that we simply didn’t have the numbers to comfort
  12. 23 June 2018 I felt like I had made a good impression; Tkachenko and I had an easy, if guarded, rapport. We both were concealing something, although I already had an idea what his secret was. The club was fiscally up against it – I was certain of that – but there was somehow still money in the pot. Vechurko’s wages seemed impossible. Was his acquisition privately funded? Did a gas company indirectly own Sumy? Perhaps the chairman was sitting under duress, but he hid it well. I couldn’t have asked for any more smoke and mirrors to hide my own past. I just wanted to get on with coaching pla
  13. 19 June 2018 I arrived late and, exhausted from the journey, slept longer than usual. Driving through sunset did that to you. There was no breakfast to be had here but at least there was heating to keep me asleep. You could always rely on gas. The room wasn’t much to look at and staffing was just as sparse, but in truth it was the least of my research concerns. It was a just bed for the weekend. My hair still stunk of peroxide. I checked the mirror and didn’t recognise myself. Like an actor in costume I had a visual cue for my new role, reinforcing the lies to myself. I have to say it fel
  14. 18 June 2018 The soft, serpent winds of Moscow pursued their foes as I stood resolute, eyes closed and tilting my head toward the sun’s minor warmth. This can’t go on. I need to stretch the truth. I slowly looked around at the casual swarms of people ebbing in and out of the square. Deception was my only option now. A quick month had passed since the world’s media had gone home. The World Cup had energised the country. Russian football was back. Most part-time pundits had used the screen well, boosting their familiarity with the public and going on to secure their first coaching jobs on t
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