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  1. We got no yellows.. YAY! Oh... didn't see we got trashed...
  2. @mark wilson27Still can't escape the feeling you chose Celtics over Rangers just because a famous Arsenal international managed there... Oh, almost forgot... good start!
  3. Talk about team work! Miss a month because of injury but still find the way to be the 2nd one being suspended because of too much bookings!
  4. Finally back in the roster... and joining the booking party!
  5. @Rob HeckmanIt's exactly that. Here are the saves. Rien102_Tamworth_1: The one just before I retire my holiday man where you can see Tamworth in the job center [you can also go check that the club have no staff att all] Rien102_Tamworth_2: The one where I am at the moment[still haven't hit spacebar yet]. I tried to go into the future to where an AssMan would be in, but the game didn't let me make the code. I tried this twice, one doing the team meeting, one without. The outcome were the same.
  6. Ok, this mean that there are other ways to have a situation where it is impossible to make a code of conduct. @Rob HeckmanDo I need to open a another ticket for a different situation but with the same result?
  7. @Rob HeckmanSpecifically about the impossibility of making a code of conduct that you said that you are aware of, does this include the following format: You basiaclly do a Dafuge challenge type of save (i.e. 1st year hollidayed until the new calendar is done, you retire the holiday manager and put another at the head of a newly promoted team that was unavailable at the start because they a division under Vanarama north/south)? So far, I made three trials: one in December, one in January and one today, all the teams that were selected had no staff at all (despite putting in the start of the
  8. Dans la mesure où j'ai toujours des joueurs identifiés et suivis, naturellement! Lorsque l'on est dans une fenêtre de Mercato (ou proche d'une), il y a naturellement plus de messages concernant plus de joueurs.
  9. Ces messages, lorsque je les reçois, concernent des joueurs qui sont "suivis". Autre que de ne plus suivre certains joueurs, je ne vois pas ce que tu pourrais faire. Désolé.
  10. I think he was speaking of procedural generation of an entire league with all the players and that all was balanced in advanced. Maybe it's the translation but for me, it was all about the game doing everything by itself.
  11. 1) nope 2) Yes, absolutely 3) as far as I know, you can export a lot of different data to spreadsheet (sometimes you need to prep them to do it) but you can't bring it back in by the same road, you have to do every modification in the editor, one at a time. Hope it helps.
  12. hmmm... 1 staff is Italian (goalkeeper coach) out of 24 in total and other than him, I have another staff (data analyst) that knows about 15% of Italy... This is just weird... or depressing since I just love developping players and by bringing me scout reports from Italian clubs, full of "old geezers" above 31 years old!, I feel the need to cry!
  13. Oh, I might have specified. What I find weird as nothing to do with showing me players from English clubs. What I find weird is that there is so SO many players from Italian clubs! As I said in the orginal post, I didn't touch the levels of details for any leagues/countries. I knew English clubs/leagues would be full details since I was going to manage there. Italy doesn't have more details than the other "big three" remaining countries so why does players from these clubs are so proeminent compared to French clubs? or German or Spanish clubs?
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