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  1. Finally back in the roster... and joining the booking party!
  2. @Rob HeckmanIt's exactly that. Here are the saves. Rien102_Tamworth_1: The one just before I retire my holiday man where you can see Tamworth in the job center [you can also go check that the club have no staff att all] Rien102_Tamworth_2: The one where I am at the moment[still haven't hit spacebar yet]. I tried to go into the future to where an AssMan would be in, but the game didn't let me make the code. I tried this twice, one doing the team meeting, one without. The outcome were the same.
  3. Ok, this mean that there are other ways to have a situation where it is impossible to make a code of conduct. @Rob HeckmanDo I need to open a another ticket for a different situation but with the same result?
  4. @Rob HeckmanSpecifically about the impossibility of making a code of conduct that you said that you are aware of, does this include the following format: You basiaclly do a Dafuge challenge type of save (i.e. 1st year hollidayed until the new calendar is done, you retire the holiday manager and put another at the head of a newly promoted team that was unavailable at the start because they a division under Vanarama north/south)? So far, I made three trials: one in December, one in January and one today, all the teams that were selected had no staff at all (despite putting in the start of the career to put AssMan in). When I come in, I can make a team meeting but the code of conduct is completely unavailable. Tks in advance
  5. Dans la mesure où j'ai toujours des joueurs identifiés et suivis, naturellement! Lorsque l'on est dans une fenêtre de Mercato (ou proche d'une), il y a naturellement plus de messages concernant plus de joueurs.
  6. Ces messages, lorsque je les reçois, concernent des joueurs qui sont "suivis". Autre que de ne plus suivre certains joueurs, je ne vois pas ce que tu pourrais faire. Désolé.
  7. I think he was speaking of procedural generation of an entire league with all the players and that all was balanced in advanced. Maybe it's the translation but for me, it was all about the game doing everything by itself.
  8. 1) nope 2) Yes, absolutely 3) as far as I know, you can export a lot of different data to spreadsheet (sometimes you need to prep them to do it) but you can't bring it back in by the same road, you have to do every modification in the editor, one at a time. Hope it helps.
  9. hmmm... 1 staff is Italian (goalkeeper coach) out of 24 in total and other than him, I have another staff (data analyst) that knows about 15% of Italy... This is just weird... or depressing since I just love developping players and by bringing me scout reports from Italian clubs, full of "old geezers" above 31 years old!, I feel the need to cry!
  10. Oh, I might have specified. What I find weird as nothing to do with showing me players from English clubs. What I find weird is that there is so SO many players from Italian clubs! As I said in the orginal post, I didn't touch the levels of details for any leagues/countries. I knew English clubs/leagues would be full details since I was going to manage there. Italy doesn't have more details than the other "big three" remaining countries so why does players from these clubs are so proeminent compared to French clubs? or German or Spanish clubs?
  11. I have level 3 from bottom (Championship + league 1 over and 1 down). Scouting range is entire Europe.
  12. I need guidance. Playing an English club at the moment (Championship). I put leagues from the "the European Five" on, at least, three level (when possible). I didn't touched the "details level" at the start of the save, just selected the leagues. Yet, when I go into the scouting section, player search tab, the results I get are about: 60% English clubs, 30% Italian clubs and the remaining 10% are players from French clubs, Spanish clubs and German clubs... I find it weird since if it goes like that, in about 10 years, there should be about as much Italian players than "UK countries" in the English top leagues clubs... Here is my set-up. Any guidance to make the results different (i.e. more balanced between the leagues) would be more than welcome... Here are the leagues and details from my save. (I have the screen caps for all the right side if it is absolutely needed btw...)
  13. Looks like those bribes ar for more than just bring Arsenal players on the National Team... (Just saying...)
  14. Glad to see you back! Nice read my friend... impostor! oops Imposta!
  15. To expand on the UX post I made earlier, I have some concrete examples to show. First, let's take the Opposition Instructions. Let's say you decide you'll make them for positions. You go in the TC, go to the tab and just select them (pic 01). You then wait for the Tactical Breefing to make them automatic like seen in pic 02... ... but the problem is, when in you enter in the match and go check, you see that the starting XI is selected to be "as instructed by your Oppoisition Instructions". The thing is, the subs that will come in will not be "targeted" by the instructions! In the other versions, they would be but not in this one. I tried, many many times. The only way to have the subs "targeted" as well, basically, you have to re-enter the instructions again in the TC of the match (pic 03) by selecting all the players (XI + subs). Annoying... Example #2, also in match. You go in the TC during the match and you see this (PIC 04). You need to change something in th In Possession window so, you click on it but why do you make the "Confirm Changes" (in the bottom right) button vanish??????? [and it is like that with default skin as well]. So, to go back to the game, you are forced to close the damn and to bring the mouse completely accross the screen and make another click! Why???? Why add clicks like that??? For me, those are things like those useless extra clicks, useless mouse movements or the perpetually colomns width you have to reset every single time you go to a window that makes me be affirmative and talk about a poor UX... "One more for the road" in the annoying little things category... You have a player on loan, you want to check his game form. You go into the window and which form does the UI present you right at start? The form in the U21 squad of course! (PIC 06). So, what do you have to do? You have to go get that drop down menu to select the team the player is loaned to... every single time! (pic07). Way can't we set a default? At least, put the "All team" on top! sigh...
  16. Feedback, yeah! Finally was able to complete my third season this week-end (I have life, family, kids, work) and I think I played enough to make a proper post. First and foremost, I won’t talk about the graphics… or the ME because most of the “ME problems” that have been put forward by players, well; I don’t see or have them. Balls over the top? Nope! but I’m not the kind to play full-on gegenpress with the highest possible D-line while only having BPDs either… (but even if it was the case, after 3 games, I would have seen the AI is telling me I’d get punished so, I would have stopped… just saying,...). The only thing, for me, about the ME is the habit of all the strikers (whatever the role and mentality) to just stop running when a winger/fullback make a run with the ball. Instead of the strikers running as fast as possible to go into the box, they all crawl to a stop to make sure the cross will land in a box occupied only by the opponent’s CDs… The game itself? I love it. I like the management aspect and the possibility to go for a short term view of things (i.e. 1 season with a specific team) or a very long view. This flexibility is something I like a lot! The sheer number of leagues available is also mind boggling to me! The introduction of the club vision is making me hope for better things to come in club building (on the AI side of things) and the new “player playing time” flexibility when negotiating contracts is something I like... a lot! My main feedback is about the UI and, particularly, UX (i.e. experience with the UI). Since FM18, there were major changes in the UI that, in my view, degraded the experience. The main lens I use is the infamous “it’s only two clicks!” fallacy. Now, a ton of things (not only in FM btw), is put under that “it’s only two clicks!” rug and it is seriously starting to infuriate me because it is a lie. It is not “only two clicks!” because A) most of the time, there is a mouse movement between the clicks and B) if it is an operation that one player do an average of 100 times in a play session, it is 200 clicks and accompanied with the 100 mouse movements! So, no, it is not “only two clicks!” Today, it’s 2020 and yet… we still cannot make our own keyboard shortcuts to where we want to go by ourselves! We can “add” shortcuts only on those SI already have done and only if they are not in conflict with the pre-set ones! So, no, it is not like we can make our own shortcuts… or our own side tabs… without forcing a player to do something, maybe, he doesn’t want to do. Example? U21/U18/B teams where you can have them on the side tab only if you take charge of the personal training of those teams! Bringing up a contextual menu with mouse movements is not a short-cut… I’m not even talking about the “it’s only two clicks!” fallacy here! Accessing U21 team from the screen is: a click on sidebar icon + a mouse movement across 35% of the screen + a drop down menu (that include mouse movement inside the menu)! If you use the contextual menu, it still is: mouse movement to the sidebar item +right click + mouse movement to the team + 1 second waiting period for menu of the team appear + mouse movement to the item you want from the chosen team + a click! I’m sorry, we are far from the “it’s only two clicks!” Speaking of 2020… I cannot believe I cannot make templates in places where I would really really want to. For example, in the scouting center. I want to assign scouts to go after young players but the SI definition of a “young player” is not my definition: 23 yeard old is not a young player in my book. The only way to send a scout looking for young players according to my definition, is to set the whole thing up, each and every time, from scratch. If I want to send 10 scouts ? I have to do it 10 times! In the same realm, why can’t we create contracts templates? Nope, everything must be done, by hand, each and every time. I know this is something talked about for years now and yet… I’m sorry to say: it’s not like templates are impossible to make because we can make some for players in the scouting center... Speaking of the scouting center, I love the way it is done now: very visual, possibility to make a lot inside the mailbox directly… this is awesome! One thing I would like though (and that I think a lot of players would like too), is the ability to set viewing preferences for scout meetings. In those, the only thing you could set, to thin out the number of reports, is the % of the scout recommendation. At the same time, the recommendations that comes in contain way more information than that and we should be able to tell our scouts to thin the amount of scouting reports based on specific pros or cons a player have/don’t have. Here’s a little example. I always weed out the players with the “dread big matches” tag, without exceptions. Why can’t it be possible to put somewhere that “If X tag is present, don’t show the report to me”. How many clicks would I save if that would be possible? You don’t like slow players of any kind? You can just select the “slow player” tag in the “don’t show me the report” pile. You only want to see those who are “good in the air”? You select that tag and Bam!, only the reports having that tag are shown! Only a few clicks (a few intelligent clicks I might had because it creates selections based on my preferences) and suddenly, I will never see anybody except those with/without a specific tag! How many hundreds, thousands, of scout reports have you dismissed because you, as a player, have an aversion/preference for tag #3 or tag #129! Sorry for the wall of text… and I didn’t even mentioned stuff like the new “Staff responsibilities” page that irks me so much! Why two pages? Three pages? Jump here, jump there, mouse scroll up down mouse movement for drop menu + click for menu + mouse movement to the item + click again… that you have to repeat all over again for the U18 team… I’m not even talking about the fact is written so small to be able to fit the maximum of them on the screen… and in colors… and for your information, your choice of colors is bad beyond measure for my type of colorblindness by the way… which I cannot change without making my own skin… because of course… TLDR: I honestly love the game but the UI/UX is slowly, and surely, killing my fun…
  17. Yeah... England is the rival of Germany for sure! And you still are among the living? Shocking!
  18. I decided to give a go to the Beta. One very simple question: Does anybody noticed a difference in processing time (i.e. spacebar/continue)? On my side, I felt that the process time is about 25 to 30% longer when I go on holiday inbetween games. Am I the only one who felt that? Anybody could try to reproduce?
  19. Came "that close" to buy the in-game editor no later than a week ago! (I don't have it btw). Reason I came that close? Rhian Brewster! I'm into my seconth season and I'm in League 1. Sheffield Wednesday were relegated the previous season but, thanks to the way the game manages relegations/promotions, you have about 6 weeks to play the system to your advantage or being penalyzed by it. Well, the Owls were able to get Rhian Brewster from Liverpool, a PL level player according to all my scouts (including HYOD with 14 in CA eval) and valued at 7M pounds to play into League 1! How did they manage that? Easy! They made the offer before the calandar got made and BAM! Of course, everybody getting promoted get smacked because they can'T sign anybody before that calandar date... which means that the very bests of each crops are taken before they have a chance to do anything because they still are "lowly Y level" instead of a "shiny X level"... To be honest, I always had a special... "feeling"... toward the 6 weeks waiting period for the promoted/relegated teams to be tagged/identified as playing in their new level but this time? Well... And that was the time I felt the most compelled to buy the in-game editor... and I didn't... even if 1 week after the thing, every time I look at the stats of League 1, with Brester dominating everybody and everything, and see the Owls flying over everybody because of it, it still makes my blood boil a little... just a little... Oh... I cheated once in fact. Ass Man leaves me to go to manage Accrington... for 3k pounds less. At the end of the season, I go look at table in League 1 and saw he have 1 game to play and could be relegated. I actually reloaded that game twice just to be sure he was relegated!
  20. or maybe he can make a special skin for @themadsheep2001for the contract negociations windows?
  21. Dang! I love the spread of the English talent! Sunderland, Hull, Crystal Palace! One is even playing in frog league! Of course, we'll overlook the weight of the Gunners in there because I'm sure @CFulleris very convincing!
  22. yeah yeah... proverbial salt in the wound! PFF!!! Anyway, this whole thing smells like yesterday's fish! Everybody @mark wilson27don't like got given teams with stupid expectations ( @salkster2102). In the same breath, he'll create a sacrificial lamb just to try and "make it look fair" ( @EvilDave). And of course, his bias against newbies is well known so, I got thrown under the bus first!
  23. Ok, I guess in-game, it doesn't. Might be worth putting it into the suggestion bin. Might be interesting, especially for small clubs since IRL, the main problem of those small clubs is precisely that the vast majority don't even know they even exist in the first place... so, I small boost in attendance would bring some money in while, at the same time, help teamwork/cohesion. @KlaaZAs for having no impact on sales, I wouldn't see that as a "silver bullet" that would give 10% crowd growth in a single year. That being said, all the clubs that does it publicize it. If they publicize it, it is "to grow the brand" and "growing the brand" is equivocal with "growing the sales". Go on any major FC's youtube channel or club site and you'll find vids about their "outreach in the community". You really think that they do that just out of the kindness of their hearth (or for increase team cohesion) and that they know, in advance, that doing it will bring them nothing in terms of sales? No company, of any kind, that does charity/community work and who publicize it (a data I once found for the US was that 98% of the companies that did charity work were publicizing it), doesn't do it to precisely "grow their brand" (and the tax breaks).
  24. Inside the training program, there is a little item called ""Community Outreach" I was wondering if, since the team is doing something in/for the comunity, its visibility will increase... than its number of butts in the seat overtime??? Anybody tested this? Got results? @Neil Brockmight have the answer maybe??? I was toying with the idea of putting one session like that every two weeks... but if all I get is player developpement imparied for an increase in spectators of 0.00000003% after a full year... you know?
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