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  1. FMS Predictions League 2017/18

    As long as you don't keep going on about your history (Ducks Under Table)
  2. December 2017: December 1st: Rhyl (H) (16/32) Eight minutes into the game we had the first chance as L.Elford-Alliyu thought he beat the offside trap to score but the assistant referee raised his flag late to deny him the goal. Soon after we had another chance with a long range effort from A.Kwateng but his shot went just over the crossbar. On the 26th minute we finally broke the deadlock as A.Evans headed a R.Parry corner into the back of the net after W.Fletcher's initial effort was well saved. Twelve minutes later we came close to another goal with a thunderous effort from R.Brobbel but the crossbar saved the day. The second half was much the same as we continued the pressure and on the 64th minute we made it two nil with R.Parry rattling in a free-kick off the upright after S.Quigley was fouled. Ten minutes after the goal R.Brobbel came close to making it three with a low effort which was tipped round the post from the keeper. Rhyl weren't getting close to the ball and with two minutes remaining in the game we had our final effort of the game as L.Elford-Alliyu ran through the defence with ease and fired under the keeper but the ball bobbled just wide of the post. TNS 2-0 Rhyl A.Evans 26, R.Parry 64 J.Dixon, C.Stone (capt), T.Matthews, A.Evans, R.Pryce (W.Christopher), R.Brobbel, A.Kwateng, C.Morton (N.Cobain), R.Parry, L.Elford-Alliyu, W.Fletcher (S.Quigley)
  3. 2017/18 Fantasy Football League

    Week 5
  4. 2017/18 Fantasy Football League

    Match Day Five: Results Boom Xhaka Laca Laca 43 - 46 Ben's Arsenal triforce 64 - 52 STFCDP Saturn FC 38 - 52 Haven't Got A Kalou Belgium Power 66 - 49 Spicy Meatballs Moto Club Gunners 61 - 48 Random Fandom Overvalued XI 29 - 59 Suarez Bit Me Team Losers 53 - 87 What the Fuchs Dunce of the Week goes to Overvalued XI who scored 29pts for the week Performance of the Week goes to What the Fuchs who scored 87pts for the week
  5. FMS Predictions League 2017/18

    Week 6: Saturday 23 September West Ham 1-2 Spurs 12:30 Burnley 1-0 Huddersfield 15:00 Everton 1-1 Bournemouth 15:00 Man City 3-0 Crystal Palace 15:00 Southampton 1-2 Man Utd 15:00 Stoke 0-1 Chelsea 15:00 Swansea 2-0 Watford 15:00 Leicester 1-1 Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 24 September Brighton 2-1 Newcastle 16:00 Monday 25 September Arsenal 3-0 West Brom 20:00 The table has been updated guys
  6. FMS Predictions League 2017/18

    Week 6: Saturday 23 September West Ham v Spurs 12:30 Burnley v Huddersfield 15:00 Everton v Bournemouth 15:00 Man City v Crystal Palace 15:00 Southampton v Man Utd 15:00 Stoke v Chelsea 15:00 Swansea v Watford 15:00 Leicester v Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 24 September Brighton v Newcastle 16:00 Monday 25 September Arsenal v West Brom 20:00
  7. FMS Predictions League 2017/18

    Week 5 Not a high scoring week for most of us with no one hitting the double figures mark. The Performance of the Week goes to BuryBlade who scored 9pts for the week with two correct scores to move into 2nd place. The Dunce of the Week goes to our very own Scouser salkster2102 who grabbed 2pts for the week which is one more point than his Liverpool side have got this month . JayR2003 remains top of the table but his lead has been cut to 4pts. Onto some great news as Lawro is down to 3rd place and currently sits 8pts behind the lead. The bottom of the table is currently held by salkster2102 who is 4pts behind 9th placed Bagpuss
  8. FMS Awards 2017 Final Round Vote

    With Ben's vote that makes four members that have voted. If my counting is correct a total of 11 more members are required to vote if they want the chance to win an award. The voting at the moment is very close. You have now just under two weeks remaining to vote
  9. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I'm all good mate, wish I could say my work is looking up. Getting fed up with it, but its a job and it pays bills . The little one is now two. Got two girls so outnumbered mate
  10. November 25th: Haverfordwest (H) (15/32) Two minutes into the game we were a goal down as K.Smith made a mockery of my defence and slotted in past J.Dixon. Soon after they had another chance with a curling effort which had J.Dixon at full stretch to save him. On the 18th minute though we managed to level the scores as S.Quigley ran onto a N.Craig through-ball and fired in under the Haverfordwest keeper. The goal seemed to give my players a kick up the arse and on the 43rd minute we took the lead as S.Quigley grabbed his second of the game with a low shot which rattled in off the upright. The second half was all us as my player reacted to my full blown hair dryer treatment. Just before the hour mark we had our next chance with S.Quigley coming close to grabbing his hat-trick as his effort was tipped round the post. Soon after we had another chance with a low shot from W.Fletcher which went just wide of the post. On the 74th minute we added a third goal as N.Craig hit a thunderous effort from thirty yards after running in from the wing and unleashing the effort. TNS 3-1 Haverfordwest S.Quigley 18, 43, N.Craig 74 / K.Smith 2 J.Dixon, C.Stone (capt), W.Christopher, A.Evans, R.Pryce (J.Jones), R.Brobbel, A.Kwateng (G.Draper), N.Craig, C.Morton, L.Elford-Alliyu (W.Fletcher), S.Quigley[/b] End of Month Review: Dafabet Welsh Premier League: 2nd (-3pts) JD Welsh Cup: Knocked out in 3rd Rd v Pen-y-Bont Nathaniel MG Cup: Final v Connah's Quay Scottish League Challenge Cup: Knocked out in ¼ Final v Dundee European Champions Cup: Knocked out 3rd Qualifying Phase v Dinamo Europa Cup: Knocked out Play-off Round v Girondins de Bordeaux
  11. FMS Awards 2017 Final Round Vote

    Cheers ben, votes recieved and counted thanks
  12. November 18th: Bala (A) (14/32) Two minutes into the game we were a goal down as M.Connolly beat A.Evans to a loose ball and fired under J.Dixon. On the 6th minute it was two nil as J.Breese showed my defence how too play football and wasted no time in dinking the ball over J.Dixon. It was just far too easy for Bala and on the 35th minute they grabbed another goal with a thunderous effort from J.Breese. On the stroke of half time Bala came close to grabbing another goal but luckily for us the referee ruled out their chance for offside. The second half was much the same and on the 58th minute Bala grabbed another goal with C.Lemonheigh-Evans firing in from close range after some woeful defending. Two minutes later they grabbed a fifth goal with J.Breese completing his hat-trick after my pathetic excuse of a defence fell asleep and they fired under the keeper. We just weren't getting near the ball and on the 83rd minute the referee ruled out another goal for offside when it was clearly on. Six minutes later though we pulled a goal back as W.Fletcher did the honours from close range but it was more than we deserved Bala 5-1 TNS M.Connolly 2, J.Breese 6, 35, 60, C.Lemonheigh-Evans 58 / W.Fletcher 89 J.Dixon, C.Stone (capt), W.Christopher, A.Evans, R.Pryce, R.Brobbel, A.Kwateng, N.Craig (G.Osborn), C.Morton (S.Quigley), L.Elford-Alliyu (G.Draper), W.Fletcher November 19th: I received a surprise call from the Canadian FA asking whether or not I'd be interested in taking over the National job with a wage of £9,250 per week. I have decided to reject the offer at the moment as I still feel like I can help this club progress further on the European stage
  13. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    Not sure Mikey, probably best place to ask is in the general discussions. I know that they said that on the game the game will do either a hard brexit or a soft one but I didnt really read into the full specs of it. Anyway apart from that hows you
  14. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I'm good mate, hows things with you?
  15. FMS Awards 2017 Final Round Vote

    Votes received and counted Joey thankyou. On another note you now have two weeks left to vote guys, we have had only had three members that have voted.