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  1. Well with FM19 round the corner I needed something to get my interest back into FM18 so here I am for a go at this. So we are off to the south coast. Certainly going to help with the Academy aspect. Might even try and focus on the academy with just the odd purchase. One thing I do like in the newer FM's is the ability to buy and sell the transfer clauses
  2. It's definitely going to be an experience (and ultimately a failure probably) but I will have fun trying. I agree that its doubtful I can get a lot of the movement that article discusses to work in the ME but that article is a fantastic insight into how a) real life tactics/managers work and b) how (to me and I may be wrong) it seems to contradict what I 'understand' about how the ME works but then at the same times opens the eyes to options. Definitely going to read through some more articles there relating to Sarri and Pep to see what can be moulded together.
  3. Just read through this thread from the start and there is some great info and ideas in here which has inspired me to make this my last game on FM18 and take a crack at this with Chelsea (as they are my team). It was one of the refrences back on page one to Thomas Tuchel that really got me thinking and lead me to this great article around his Dortmund team : https://spielverlagerung.com/2015/09/15/team-analysis-tuchels-borussia-dortmund/ That is what my ultimate goal is to try and create in game so been jotting down a few ideas of how I want to line up while at work. Interested to see if going 'narrow' as a TI and using PI's to give width via the full backs will work in FM the way it 'worked' for Dortmund in real life from the article. I'm going tgoinw re-read this from the start and take notes :)
  4. Well that didn't go according to plan . . . sacked by 'Ricay' before Christmas. So for attempt number two I will be going with . . . Warrington Though when I turned up to meet my backroom staff it was eerily quiet . . .
  5. Right I am going to jump in and have a go at this, with a twist. I am going to try it with only using players that come through my own youth academy so no buying or loaning what so ever. The reason for this is I am utterly rubbish at judging players in the lower leagues and have as much success in the transfer market as Del Boy does becoming a millionaire. So without further ado and a good couple of hours siming season one I present to you my team . . . . I was rather pleased when they came up as one of my options (I didn't do the save on the 24th thing and just went with what I was given) as they are fairly local to me and my parents used to live there for a while. I really want to try my tactic from the Community Tactics Challenge so to start with I am going to go in with the totally unfit for lower league set up of . . . . I will obviously work on a 'Plan B' for when this totally doesn't work at all. One thing that will be a struggle early on is the total lack of a left back other than Will Putt so will need to look to retrain someone as back up
  6. When I used to play football (at a crap Sunday league level) my manager regularly played a back 4 in a way that would most fit the sweeper one discussed above due to the fact one of our centre backs was great in the air and often functioned as what FM would see as the stopper role where as the other guy was great on the deck quick across the ground and good at distributing the ball as he used to be a midfielder. He never played as a cover centre back as FM would see it he truly did line up as a sweeper as we out and out didn’t play off side as it was not to my managers taste. At no point did I ever see them standing on top of one another in the way FM portrays it. They did at times flatten out to a central two if dragged out of position but the way we play was for us full backs to sit narrower to cover the space when defending and then spring wide when we recovered the ball. Now as I say this was lowly Sunday league and we could pull off a four at the back sweeper and trust me we weren’t great players of managed by the next Pep. That formation is bugged to allowing to player to literally sit on top of one another. Any level player represented in FM is so far beyond the level I played it’s light years and if we could pull it off and not stand on top of one any other as a default the players in FM shouldn’t. Your right it doesn’t have to be an effective formation and just cos it’s there shouldn’t d mean it has to be effective but it should at least make sense and not automatically make good quality players act like idiots worse than my old Sunday league team.
  7. Oops I totally missed that. Ah now I feel like I have slightly cheated. Going to reload this and start again fresh and do it properly. Thanks for pointing it out. Note to self, bloody read things properly.
  8. Well that's season 1 in the books for the enigmatic 5-2-2-1-0 DM, and I am actually rather please with how things turned out I know it means we miss out on Europe but that is no bad thing as I hated Thursday night games as it really ruined freshness for the weekend fixtures. Talking about European football though, all I can say is the lads done me proud After topping our group we went on to beat Nice and Ajax in the first two knockout rounds before being drawn against the mighty Real Madrid in the Quarter Finals. I wasn't confident and was worried the trouncing we would receive would ruin confidence for the league but do you know what, we lost but my god the lads done me proud, we were never the dominated underdogs I expected us to be and we had a few more chances ourselves that if only we converted !! Annoyingly the 3-1 flattered them as that was in the 94th minute when I was pushing for an equaliser !! To round up a few other bits we done a bit in the transfer market across the season but not loads, the major happening was Hector leaving for £39million to Man City I'm really excited about Emre Ozalp who I just signed on a free and is only 14 and to me looks amazing for his age I have mentioned previously that this tactic lives and dies by the talent of the plays and isn't some wonder formation that will get any old team playing with the main two in my eyes that have shouldered the responsibility the most being Bittencourt and Clemens and I think the below shot pretty much sums it up
  9. Look who we got in the quarter finals . . . . . . . . and that will be the end of our European adventure. @Jambo98 I love reading your updates. I wish I had the vision and in game knowledge to have such good updates.
  10. Cheers Cregan, going to give that a go now will report back once I have had a few games.
  11. We just absolutely dominated Dortmund all round. Actually it was one of our best displays all seasons and yet again I lose to a damn corner being one of their only attempts on goal. I wish I had of kept a full tally of the number of times its happened where conceding set pieces has resulted in a loss or a would be win becoming a draw. I must be nearly at double figures.
  12. Does anyone have any decent defensive set piece set ups? Especially corners? Although its not actually tactic related in terms of what the thread is about it is currently my single biggest point of frustration with where I am at the moment with this challenge.
  13. Well at the Winter Break I must admit I am rather pleased how it is going . . . Now I'm not a tactical genius so unfortunately I am not going to have any amazing insights of how I have got the 5-2-2-1-0 DM working but to my basic eye I think what has worked is the fact that I have set the back 5 to be just that, a back 5, no attacking fullbacks looking for overlaps. Nope. They are defenders and that is what they are there for (in this tactic) though I am set to Fluid so there is at least some 'co-operation' between the defensive/creative/attacking elements. This then to me is where we have done well and where we lack at the same time. Individuals. We depend on them way to much. Don't get me wrong at times we play some lovely football. Possession. Pass. Move. Switch the play. BUT. Its all because we are so inherently deep in the opponents half even thought I have the DL as far up as it can go we always seem to be playing in front of the opposition defence and relying on bits of magic (mainly Clemens and Bittencourt) to unlock a defence or get a goal which is great that I have players able to turn a game but I feel success is resting far more in individuals that tactical success. Though counter the that its the tactics base that allows them to turn games instead of chasing comeback draws. Our biggest failing. Defending Set Pieces. My god we are awful !! And nothing I try works !!
  14. Just a small update up to the early season International break and although my first big test is yet to come when I face Bayern next match I am rather pleased with how things have gone. And a then the injuries start to hit . . . . . grrrr . . . . all first teamers !!
  15. We talking about possession as I remember seeing your earlier comment about it and I did try on one of my run throughs to go with a possession based tactic and yes we did have loads but we were so blunt going forward though saying that I hadn’t opted for a high line at that point. I just regularly find the space in behind my FBs so bloody difficult to protect a lot of the time and I had tried so many other things with this formation it was more a sod it why not lol Had a good cup result so now to test it against BMG in the first league game.