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  1. As I am in need of a save to draw me back into FM21 I thought I would take another go at this. So after holidaying till the 6th November the FM gods have given me . . .
  2. So for once I was given the chance to take over at the club that play literally down the road from where I grew up on my very first attempt this year without having to constantly keep reloading to get them in. I am again going to try and do what I attempted last year (and failed miserably) and make this an Academy Challenge to. It is certainly going to be a tough road to surviving this first year with 7 of this below squad list being 'greys' (I am still undecided if I am going to allow myself to sign the 'greys' within the Academy Challenge restrictions)
  3. Perfect timing @Mr U Rosler Was just about to start a Sunderland save to get them back to the Premier League. Although as a stronger team in League One I might still go for the 4141 as my base to start games so we are solid out the gate every week
  4. @Brys1 Congratulations on the great first season and the double
  5. So shortly after our playoff promotion to League 2 my laptop decided that I had been to lucky with penalty shootouts and it would screw itself so I lost the save . . . but not to beaten after 26 reloads I have finally got AFC Hornchurch showing again on the 25th June to start this challenge again, but with a twist. I was so impressed reading about what @Mr U Rosler has achieved with his Stockport Academy Challenge I am going to try that with AFC Hornchurch. Now this is my entire clubs worth of players that I have till the next intake, Senior, U23s and U18s. Now the glaring issue I have is only 2 GK's across all 3 squads so that's gonna be fun when I get an injury to one of them and have to rely on 'grey-gens'. Thankfully all over positions are 'covered' unless I have a major injury crisis. The AI had recognised this to as there were 3 GK's down as pending transfers that I have cancelled.
  6. AFC Hornchurch 2022/23 (I have just realised I forgot to do a 2021/22 season update what with all they Christmas festivities so just to quickly say we were painfully inconsistent all season of which I didn't help with tactics changes and finished 15th) Anyway onto this season . . . WE DONE IT !! As you can tell from the timings of the goals I thought we would slip to extra time and penalties for the 3rd time in our playoff run follow 10-9 penalty shoot out win in the 1st round and a 5-6 in the semi's !! We were certainly a lot more consistent this year which probably had a lot to do with me only tinkering with a couple of downloaded tactics here and there rather than wholesale changes I made last year. We went into the final game of the season with an outside chance of being champions but a loss to Carlisle scuppered that which was even harder to take when I check the table after the match and if we had of won we would have been champions on goal difference !! But all is well that ends well Our best player for this season was : Not a bad goal tally for someone who swapped between AM in a 4411 and ST in a 442 !! Sean Marks as planned is my Assistant Manager after a non-playing contract offer saw him hang up his boots and Mr Consistency George Saunders is still putting in solid performances week in week out Hopefully the board will finally let us go Proffesional as we make the step up to League 2. I am going to try and keep the core of this team together and add a few good loan players to try and keep us up next year We did also make it to the FA Trophy final but I threw the game by playing only U18's as it was 3 days before the playoff final and for the last month of the season I had been battling fatigue. Bloody fixture planners.
  7. AFC Hornchurch 2020/2021 Season Well after last year's shocking league win and promotion I thought we were certain to come plummeting straight back down and with a media prediction of plumb last at 400-1 I well and truly meant it when I said to the players all I expect is a brave battle against relegation. Yet again though we would not be content with the media predictions and wanted to bask in the limelight again, this time to an amazing 5th place finish : As is always the case for me when I end up in the playoffs I feel deflated and that it was a bad season unless I go up but I need to look at this honestly and say we were fantastic. We had a good start to life in the National league being early playoff contenders before a run of only 5 wins in a 20 game run that lasted from September to December which say us drop to the bottom half of the table and prompt the media to question if we had generated enough point to be safe. Then as the new year came a change of tactic saw us go on a 13 game unbeaten streak consisting of 10 wins and 3 draws even managing 9 consecutive wins in that run to propel ourselves back into the playoffs. Although the form went patch again after that it never got as pad as earlier in the season so we maintained our playoff place where we unfortunately went out in the first playoff round Goals were a lot harder to come by this season with two new signings topping the charts after it became clear the legend Sean Marks wasn't going to be able to make the step up with another year in the legs. The change of formation to 1 up top in January pretty much ended anymore starts for him and he became a late time wasting sub most weeks. George Saunders was again Mr Consistency in every field and is a great little player at this level no matter what role he is fulfilling out on the right of midfield. Next Season I am a little worried about next season as a couple of my better players refused to sign new deals, centre back Ollie Cook being the main one and with a spiralling financial situation I might need to minimise the first team squad with some sales and hope the kids can step up and improve with some gametime : Career Summary
  8. I know this means we won our first game up at Conf National so I am pleased about that but I hope this isn't the type of nerve shredding game I'm going to have to deal with all season lol :
  9. AFC Hornchurch 2019/2020 Season I don't actually know what to say, I have never actually been speechless before from this game till today. My players are heroes. With a season preview of an expected finish of 21st and nothing more required from the board than to fight bravely against the inevitable and expected relegation, we somehow managed a miracle : We clinched the title on the penultimate weekend against long time league leaders Dulwich Hamlet but the season was so much more than that with a rollercoaster ride of victory snatched from the jaws of defeat and many a defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, but ever single time the boys just bounced back to upset the odds in the next game. Through the season there was a constant income of free agents (17 to be exact, and 4 loans for depth early on) but there were 3 players that stood head and shoulders about the rest. Sean Marks - 36 goals from 45 games. It was more than the number it was the importance, it was the amount of winners that he got us either late on or early in boring 1-0 wins. Sean has a contract for life for what he has done this season and as soon as his playing days are over he has the pick of any backroom job he wants. Brad Warner - 31 goals from 41 games. Unlike Sean's goals Brad regularly got his goals in the more high scoring wins but with an eye for the spectacular and the knack for some lovely freekicks he is well and truly a member of my new favourite front two in FM. George Saunders - 12 goals, 20 assists from 48 games. Where with Sean and Brad it was mainly about goals with George its goals, assist and non-stop consistency. There was never a game where you though George isn't playing well we need to sub him. He might not have grab the headlines with stunners like Brad or won use games so clinically as Sean but he was rightful one of the first names on the team sheet and the one you knew you could rely on come rain or shine. PS - Damn that has got to hurt if your Dulwich Hamlet, look how long they were leaders for, to the not even get promoted via the playoffs :
  10. @XaW Thanks for the answer. I quite like that idea and might adopt it in my dafuge game
  11. Hi @XaW you know against your player names you have 28c 23d etc, I can guess the number is the youth intake year but what does the letter correspond to?
  12. So after multiple reloads I finally got I grew up literally up the road a few mins walk from the Stadium and even got to play there once for a post season friendly with my Sunday league team, so there was only one team I could do this challenge with
  13. Thank's for v3.0 FuSS. Roll on hometime from work and the chance to try this out (though I need to choose a team for a new save to). I have really enjoyed your tactics for FM18/19 (never used one before tha) so thank you for your work.
  14. Right well the Southampton save didn't last long (I knew there was a reason I normally use the 3 rolling autosaves and not just a single one !!) Anyway I decided to re run this straight away as I wasn't that far in with Southampton. So I present to you . . . So with November being a very quiet month with the International break I thought I would get the November update in here. I am pleased overall with the results, especially as Newcastle are a massive bogey team of mine but the Palace game was one we really should have won but as you can see it is tight at the bottom so if we can get some positive results in December I reckon we can drag ourselves up another position and out of the relegation zone come the start of the new year. One a side note I can't believe how many unhappy players I had when I joined, only 8 wanting first team football
  15. Right after dabbling in some getting to know FM19 games with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid I am ready for my first proper game and this is as intriguing a place as ever to start. So the footballing gods have actually smiled on me for this . . . a team with players and a good proven youth set up . . . what more could I ask for . . . I present to you my team . . .
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