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  1. As usual great read and glad its back
  2. I dont hate her just trying to read between the lines, but loving the story lines!
  3. Hardcastle had returned to his thought game and lapsed into silence for a moment. Patty sighed. She knew what he was doing. There was always one way to tell, but she preferred not to stare at that part of his anatomy. “Why did I ever let him get so close?” she thought to herself. The car rolled on. # # # Does that mean the baby could be Hardcastle's?????
  4. This story has me hooked already like all your stories! cant wait for the next installment!
  5. excellent read and cant wait for the next post
  6. I'm a big fan[and hope the story continues!LIST=1] a LIST=1]
  7. He had never slept with a client before. He smiled to himself and leaned back in his chair again. On his face he wore a smile of triumph. The skulduggery could wait. The baby is it hardcastles and not ridgeways? I need to know, the story is great and I think at twist is about to blow the ridgeway family apart
  8. excellent again would like to see another entry to this story soon!
  9. looking forward to this story again!
  10. great story from day 1 in padova til now keep up the great work!
  11. Great story just read through them all, well worth the time cant wait for the next update. hope Cassie and Tina stay together
  12. This has been superb and had me hooked the last few days in work and not much been done!
  13. Great thread! Spurring me to continue my career! I see he has a had a good start to his managerial/ coaching career but how much is this down to the previous manager or is solely down to Danny?
  14. i still plasy 08 as computer too slow, im in my 4th season with celtic wish i had the new 1 thou! winning league and cups easily enough just trying to get by the 2nd rd of champions league!
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