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  1. Any chance this one can have the Essex Senior cup added to it? With clubs from level 3 in it etc. Like Colchester and Southend etc.
  2. But the Essex Senior cup has many League clubs and clubs at level 5, 6, 7, and 8 in it. No chance it can be made how it is in real life?
  3. Hey thanks for doing this. Any chance of adding Essex Senior cup? Only ever seen one of these databases to add it. I am always Chelmsford city and would love to be in the Essex Senior cup every season
  4. Suppose that would of helped. Never ever done the editor before.
  5. It has not been fixed Still cant view u23 and u18 games . I am still running the Beta save. With the full game now added. And viewing 1st team games has now been fixed though.
  6. Why has this still not been fixed? I have the Beta still running and viewing 1st team games has now been fixed but not viewing u23 and u18 games. I really dont want to have to strart again
  7. I have the Beta save still going and as people know you was not allowed to watch u23 games or u18s games ? Why has this not been fixed? It seems they have fixed viewing 1st team games though.
  8. Anyone know if appearances on the records section is going to be brought back? And why was it taken away from FM16 onwards.
  9. This has been an issue since FM16. FM15 was fine on this issue. Also missing in this same area is most goals for team. Back on FM15 you could go into club and then history and then records. Then when you click on players you could scroll down on the tab and find most appearances. And most goals. It would tell you out of the players you have selected so far which ones had the most goals for the club and appearances etc. So you could then check to see how far away they was from the Club record for example. I used to love this stat looking at which teams had kept faith with players over the course of my save. And who had built up amazing goal records etc in the save. Also on this subject and how in depth the game is now why cant we check the all time appearances for that player at your club? It shows overall appearances in his career but I want to see how many games a player has played for me only or for another team. Any help from SI team or a reason why this was taken out and if it can please please be re added. Thanks.
  10. Yep I got this. Really annoyed about this. Love attending my reserve games How does this kind of mistake get into the game?? Dont people test this game?
  11. Just found that you cant view your u23 games? or u18 games. I have them playing eachother in friendlies as hundreds of trialsits all playing off v eachother and it wont let me watch the games. I added a new manager thinking it was somethign to do with my manager not able to get to the games as we had friendlies for the 1st team etc. But this did not work. A new unemployed manager could not even watch any games at all. Even first team games. Anyone else found this out yet? Or can they try and see if it is just me?
  12. Just looked this up as for me this is almost a total game breaker. I cant stand seeing the players being the wrong skin colour. Just been watching a utube save and some player turned into cult status. John Massala. Thiught wow gonna sign him when I start my level 9 save. Signed him and he is white in my game. In real life he is black. And on this guys utube save he was also black. It seems certain players are totally set to random features and skin colour. Why is this 😡. Fuming!!
  13. On FM15, the beautiful u21 and u18 league. Which I used so often. Please please why was this taken away? Since Fm16 the Reserve league and u18 or u whatever has been taken away on the squad list. Anyone know why please someone from Si can you tell me. This is my 25th year playing this game and I used this stat more than anything. Now the only way for me to see it is go into every individual player and see there stats. And when you have 30-40 Reserve or u19 players etc it takes ages. And how it looks now on the 3rd pic I also hate how the top 100 players lists in each division has been taken away? Now only top 20? why?
  14. Pretty sure I dont remember players ever being able to use 1 foot so well or always using it when they are actually better on the other foot. I have a center back who is left footed only. Yet only yet in my 1st friendly all he has done is clear the ball and play long passes with his right foot? Anyone else noticed this? Also Anyone know why things like this brill little stat was removed? The top 100 stats on league tables for players, now only showing top 20?? i want to see top 100. Plus the stats on the menu where you could see a players stat from a certain compition compared to the rest of your squad. I used to like seeing My top perfomer in the reserves. But if you play lots of friendlies in the reserves this skews your reserve ratings and friendly ones. May only seem small to some plaers but i used this all the time.
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