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  1. Enjoying using this tactic. Having similar problems with away games but do pick up the odd win and draw. Am finding my best away results come using version 2. Does anyone have any particular players who have flourished in the system? mainly strikers for both roles? My current strikers have been decent for my sheffield wednesday team (performing above expectations in the prem), but none of them are looking to hit more than 20 for the season. One player I would reccommend is a left back called Baba Rahman. He's averaging something like 8.50 in this formation.
  2. does anyone have any suggested mid game tweaks or changes that they make once a 2 or 3 goals ahead? I seem to race into leads but almost always let the opposition back in, sometimes even losing!
  3. Top work with this tactic, its working really well in my sheff weds save right now. Only a few league games in but have not lost yet and also had decent results in my friendlies. My only problem is that in every game I will pick up something like 3 or 4 injuries. My players are never at 100% fitness. Ive brought in a decent fitness coach but Im not sure what else I can do? Maybe I didnt play enough friendlies (5) and so the players are still working their fitness up and therefore are not ready for competitive football every 4/5 days? Any suggestions?
  4. Great tactic I started using it after having pompey in the premiership for a couple of seasons, it really kicked me on!! One question, sorry if its been mentioned already. I assume if your starting as a lower league team you would drop all of the attributes set in your filters by a few points untill you find the standards of players which are more likely signings?
  5. Since updating Ive had an issue where when asking the assistant to pick the team, the line up takes around 30 seconds to fully update. is this just me?
  6. I think I got around £8million when I went up, but as ive said in my previous post Ive been stuck on only having 20% of transfer revenue being made available which sucks. Pompey are still paying back the CVA until 2016 I think so hopefully that will rise once that is complete.
  7. Im just about to start the 2014 season (3rd season in the prem after being promoted through the play offs in my first season), is anyone this far and still having to deal with only having 20% of transfer revenue being made available? Ive had some decent offers for players (10 mill for roddellega, and 11 million for james mccarthy), but it just doesnt seem worth selling as I wont have the funds to replace them.
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