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  1. 9th July 2013 I showed up bright and early on Tuesday as we had a morning training session this would also give me the chance to evaluate my squad. I also met the Assistant Manager Joseph Woodhouse he seems like a good lad at the age of 33 he’s 5 years older than me so possesses a bit more experience than me. He handed me a report on the entire squad and other staff members at the club like coaches and scouts. I already had a decent impression on most of the players seeing as I played with most of them last season. What I did know is that the squad we have has a huge amount of young players who might not all be here if I decide to bring in my own targets. Goalkeepers Matt Archer, English, 16 Matt is a great young keeper and has a lot of potential to succeed at a decent level of football. He’s a tall lad at 6,2 and possesses good Teamwork, Work Rate and Jumping Reach skills. Whether he will still be here after I do a complete overhaul of the squad remains to be seen as I need to add a lot more quality to the squad. Roy Peacock, English, 17 Roy’s a great young keeper and will probably start over Matt unless I bring in a new keeper to add quality to the squad. He has great skills at Rusing Out and Work Rate but he’s Natural Fitness is fantastic which stands him in good stead to be my first choice keeper at the moment. Defenders (Full Backs) Jamie Oliver, English, 22 Jamie is a decent enough player nothing exceptional but will play a decent backup/rotation role in my squad. He is a very brave defender with good fitness. Wes Buchanan, English, 28 Wes is a good right full back with great physical skills. Technically on the ball he is shambolic but making bursting run’s down the line overlapping the winger’s is his speciality. He is a very brave and pacey full back. Billy Lamb, English, 16 Billy is a good young prospect who can hold his own on the pitch and will play a predominantly backup role to Wes and will spend the majority of the season in the Reserves or Under 18’s. Festus Agu, English, 16 Festus is another good young prospect who again will spend most of the season in the Reserves or Under 18’s to develop his skills and fitness levels. He could make a few appearances here and there if need be. Defenders (Centre Backs) Ritchie Mileson, English, 25 Ritchie is a decent player who possesses no talent on the ball but is a determined player who work’s hard the fact that he is 6,3 mean’s he can try and dominate and win ball’s in the air although he could be a player I try and move on after watching him repeatedly lose the ball In training. Marcus Ingham, English, 19 Now this lad is a talent and will be making many appearances this season if he can keep progressing and developing his skills as a defender. He is a very commanding player who work’s hard to win the ball back off the opposition’s attackers. He’s a massive lad at 6,5 as well. Harold Withey, English, 22 This is another player who could be shown the door quickly as he doesn’t show any sort of quality on or off the ball in training and seems like a player who could disrupt the positive energy in a changing room. Will hopefully be moved on quickly. Thomas Gibson, English, 17 Thomas is another talented lad that has risen up through the ranks of the team to find himself in the first team. He is a very determined player who work’s really hard on and off the pitch to become the best player he can be. Lewis Purrington, English, 16 This lad will probably spend most of the season in the Reserves or the Under 18’s to develop and learn new skills at a decent level of football. I might try and get either Marcus Ingham or Thomas Gibson to teach him a few different skills as he does have good potential according to my coaches. Geoff Rideout, English, 15 Geoff is another talented young player with a fantastic attitude. He will most definitely spend much of this season in the Under 18’s. Midfielders Jon Cheal, English, 21 Jon is a decent defensive midfielder who will work hard to win the ball and fight for possession just in front of the defence. He is very determined and can take a fantastic penalty as shown to me many times in training when we were going through a couple of shooting drills. Arthur Wannell, English, 16 The jury is still out on this lad he will spend much of this season in the under 18’s and will need to work hard to force himself into my plan’s as I don’t think he’s strong enough. He is a player who plays predominantly on the left side of midfield. Karl Johnstone, English, 22 Karl is a good player who can play on the right side of midfield or further up in a right wing position. He has a great first touch and has a good amount of pace when he gets going down the wing. Adam Toal, English, 28 Adam is a strong leader of the squad at the age of 28 and holds a more experienced role in the squad as a centre midfielder. He has fantastic technique on the ball and can really strike a long pass, he also work’s really hard for himself and the team. Ben Clay, English, 15 Ben is a talented young midfielder who plays in the middle of the park. He is very young and has a lot of time on his side so will play mostly Reserve or Under 18 football this season. Wingers Rahul Golding, English, 25 Rahul is a good member of the squad on the right wing and possesses great leadership skills and is a real candidate for the captain’s armband as he is very vocal and can arrange a team with ease. He also has great fitness and is very determined. Brett Laraman, English, 21 Brett is another player who I’m not sure about he showed no certain qualities of a right winger in training and just looked disinterested. He could be a player I try and move on quickly. Attacking Midfielders Dominic Forshaw, English, 22 Dominic is a good attacking midfielder who has great flair and has decent pace and is very attack minded at runs at the opposition to try and create chances for other. Shayne Hamblin, English, 17 Shayne is another player who could probably do with spending a season on loan or maybe in the reserves to develop his skills as he could do with playing first team football but won’t get that here yet. John Kemp, English, 17 John is a very poor player and will be shipped out immediately as he doesn’t offer anything to the team and the coaches agree with that statement as he doesn’t possess the qualities an attacking midfielder should. Strikers Nick Shilton, English, 15 As you can already tell we have a very young set of strikers so this is an area of the squad I need to upgrade instantly. Nick is a decent striker with good potential. He is a decent Target Man at 6,2 and has a decent finish on him but needs to develop his composure. Lewis Phillips, English, 16 Lewis is a decent young player who has a good finish with great flair he also has good amount of pace in him. He needs to develop quickly though as he could play the role of a backup player this season due to no other decent strikers in the team. Rys Cousins, English, 17 Although the oldest of the three strikers he is easily the worst and will be the first player out the door due to his lack of finishing and no composure in front of goal as shown by the many balls that went flying over the bar and wide of goal in the shooting drill we did. So that’s the team a lot of improvements needed all over the squad and I will be working hard up until the season kicks off to get this team in a good state with a solid foundation to continue progressing up the leagues. I may also get rid of the backroom staff that are here and bring in some old friends and contacts I have from around the non-league scene to help in my bid for promotion.
  2. Thanks mate, All positive feedback is welcome I will have a new post up in 2 minutes. Yeah I'll head over there in a bit.
  3. This is my first story on here and after reading a few stories on here it got me into the mood to try and write a story myself. I hope you all like the intoduction of it and I will try and get another update posted sat some point today. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome My name is Elliot Britton, I have been a long term supporter of Oldland Abbotonians being that they are my local club and also I have been a player there for around about 10 years when I joined as a young lad at the age of 18, playing predominantly as a striker. I was a decent player that averaged around 10-15 goals a season. I loved playing the beautiful game but the thought of becoming a professional manager had always been a massive goal of mine and one that became a reality sooner than I had expected. It was like any other Thursday training session working hard and going through simple drills and focusing mainly around fitness to get all of the players back to full fitness getting ready for the upcoming season. We had all finished showering and getting ready to leave the training ground at Aitchison Playing Field which doubles as the training pitch and stadium. It's like any other semi professional sides ground a simple playing field. Just as I approached my car the manager Dale Dempsey jogged over to me puffing and panting. ''Wait up Britton'' he shouted. I turned round confused as to why he seemed so eager to chat with me before I drove home. ''I've got some big new's'' he said. This piqued my interest hugely i had already had my suspicions about what it was. Rumours had been going around the club that Dale had been offered a job higher up the footballing pyramid after his solid work here last season. My suspicions were confirmed second's later. ''What is it boss'' I said. ''I've just got off the phone with the chairman Bob Clarke and told him about the job offer I received last week which I accepted today.'' I tried acting as surprised as possibly it was obvious that Dale would jump at the opportunity to progress himself further as a manager higher up the leagues. ''No way your kidding congratulations'' I said trying not to overdo it too much. ''That isn't the biggest new's though, I recommended you for the position'' he said. Wow I wasn't expecting that, this was a huge opportunity for me and one that I would try and take on fully if offered the position. ''Woah I don't know what to say, thank you so much I really owe you one'' I exclaimed trying to hold back my excitement. He smiled ''Well you can repay me by going into that interview and getting that job'' Dale said with a grin on his face ''I know how much you love the club and thought you would be the perfect candidate.'' A week later I was announced as the new manager of Oldland Abbotonians and I couldn't wait to get started.
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