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    i'm play at fm and cm since 1994 ... i remember squillaci and asprilla ... i'm a ancient :(

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  1. hi @Cleon (or another FM-Master) how and where would you integrate an SV (A) in the setup, to get the best out of it?
  2. omg , what a players !!! its clear: dmc (dms) Abel mcl (aps) arthur* - mcr (b2b) sander aml (ifA) admir * - fc (cfs) davide - amr (ws) rodrygo * magical connection here , and admir is too pacey for playin upfront
  3. Advanced Forward, If you manage to build a team around he, you will have success assured in FM . for that reason, I cant stop recommending this thread : https://community.sigames.com/topic/345239-what-makes-a-goalscorer/? the best read of this forum
  4. the 90's sampdoria : toninho cerezo maldini - vialli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twKXsAEsb6Q
  5. upfront FR Messi (Treq ) -FL suarez (CF A) the midfield 4 is a diamond with one AMC on Support (paulinho) and one dlp (d) at dmc (busi), MCL iniesta maybe a AP (s) and MCR rakitic mez o med (s) in defence Alba is more attaquin winback than semedo , and 2 standard cb
  6. @Cleon When you refer to a link player, what type of player are you referring ? maybe a pm, or a deep-runner or to a wb with an attack duty, or maybe any of them? thx
  7. I have never dared to use an amc (s) behind a dlf (a), it's spectacular combinations of passes and generate attack moves that can be done, thanks a lot
  8. @Cleon I cant wait another minute to read any analysis of you about fm18 or anything one thing I would like to see, if possible, would be the classic Dutch 433 with crosses from the 2 wings to a poacher, I have never got it, I hope someday you can write about it
  9. hi again! i need some help,please: im desperate playing a 433 , I can not supply an AF in a 433, I can not find the way to generate space for to score regularly. My Ap not connect my set-up fb(s) - cb - cb - fb (a) -------- A(d) ------------- b2b* ----------- Ap (s) w(a) - Af (A)** - If (s) * or mc(A) ** or P(A) counter,flexible i'm playin in spanish tier 3
  10. hi to all again! i have a combo-question : i have a player with the PPM "dictates tempo" , this player always dictate the tempo? i mean , also with a non-playmaker role (AM or WM) and i have another player with the ppm's: "switch the ball other flank" and "tries long range passes" , .what is best playmaker combo with this players and what is the best candidate for 1st primary playmaker, lot of thx!
  11. you'r front 4 are very isolated, your wb are too agressive, your style is too agressive , 1st put your both WB on support 2nd 1 regista is more than enough ,try to other dmc the simply dmc (D) or dmc (s) 3rd the AMC try to AP(s) to get back and collect the ball 4th the IF (A) and CF(A) W(A) -> change both to support , you play too high on the field, and down the mentability to standard Start with this
  12. Hi to all again! a typical doubt: in 433 system what's best role and dutty for dm , when with almost a 1 attack. FB, and high D-Line ex: fb(s) - cb - cb - wb (a) ------ dm (?) = (anchor,dmc,dlp, HB) thx
  13. thx i'm go to try this, but i'm not sure dlp(s) is good protect to the defence ...
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