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    i'm play at fm and cm since 1994 ... i remember squillaci and asprilla ... i'm a ancient :(

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  1. sorry for the question , I guess it's not the first time it's been asked ... what is the main difference between IW and IF ¿? i'm think IW is a runner & creator and IF its a goalthreat , its that true ? thx
  2. hi @Cleon (or another FM-Master) how and where would you integrate an SV (A) in the setup, to get the best out of it?
  3. omg , what a players !!! its clear: dmc (dms) Abel mcl (aps) arthur* - mcr (b2b) sander aml (ifA) admir * - fc (cfs) davide - amr (ws) rodrygo * magical connection here , and admir is too pacey for playin upfront
  4. Advanced Forward, If you manage to build a team around he, you will have success assured in FM . for that reason, I cant stop recommending this thread : https://community.sigames.com/topic/345239-what-makes-a-goalscorer/? the best read of this forum
  5. the 90's sampdoria : toninho cerezo maldini - vialli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twKXsAEsb6Q
  6. @Cleon When you refer to a link player, what type of player are you referring ? maybe a pm, or a deep-runner or to a wb with an attack duty, or maybe any of them? thx
  7. I have never dared to use an amc (s) behind a dlf (a), it's spectacular combinations of passes and generate attack moves that can be done, thanks a lot
  8. hi again! i need some help,please: im desperate playing a 433 , I can not supply an AF in a 433, I can not find the way to generate space for to score regularly. My Ap not connect my set-up fb(s) - cb - cb - fb (a) -------- A(d) ------------- b2b* ----------- Ap (s) w(a) - Af (A)** - If (s) * or mc(A) ** or P(A) counter,flexible i'm playin in spanish tier 3
  9. hi to all again! i have a combo-question : i have a player with the PPM "dictates tempo" , this player always dictate the tempo? i mean , also with a non-playmaker role (AM or WM) and i have another player with the ppm's: "switch the ball other flank" and "tries long range passes" , .what is best playmaker combo with this players and what is the best candidate for 1st primary playmaker, lot of thx!
  10. Hi to all again! a typical doubt: in 433 system what's best role and dutty for dm , when with almost a 1 attack. FB, and high D-Line ex: fb(s) - cb - cb - wb (a) ------ dm (?) = (anchor,dmc,dlp, HB) thx
  11. hi to all! great threat, i need some help ; I'm trying to re-create the villarreal style to play ,442 counter , and my biggest doubt, is to recreate the role of the two mcs, bruno & trigueros , bruno is a holding mid. and 1st creator, and trigueros is a posibly mixed runner/creator (runner with ball in fm terms) , but I'm not sure that being a creator can easily run at the opp. box and help de strikers pair. I attach some file with trigueros passing stats and bruno description i'm think bruno is DLP (d) and trigueros is a RPM , is good mc mix for 442 ?
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