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  1. Bought FM Mobile recently for my Android tablet and it's decent so that may also be an option to pass the time?
  2. I'd also suggest the mixer, it doesn't go into too much depth but it was a really good read.
  3. If you look at the average positions after playing a full match with this setup, my guess is that the ST (& maybe AMR) would be isolated from the rest of the team. Also, you're asking the team to play out of defence and pass shorter but you have the ST & AMR trying to get beyond the opposition defence which would probably be more suited to a direct passing game.
  4. Agree with you 100%, Darmian has been first choice for me and is doing really well.
  5. I know that in FM19 this is the case but I'm asking about previous versions. So when I used the 'Roam From Positions' TI in FM18, I assume that only certain positions would have been told to roam because asking DC's to roam doesn't seem like the best idea.
  6. Now that the 'Roam From Positions' TI has been removed, how do I create the same effect with PI's? i.e. Which positions would have roaming turned on with the TI?
  7. Not seen it mentioned in this thread but I can't seem to find the "Roam From Positions" TI. Does it still exist somewhere?
  8. I think you're being really harsh. It's not a complete guide on 4-2-3-1's or tactics (It's not meant to be) but to say it's 'nonsense', 'not helpful', 'invalid' is just wrong. It may not be helpful to you but it definitely is to me and other people looking to get a basic, balanced tactic working.
  9. I think you guys are missing the point. It obviously should not be rigidly followed however if you're not great at tactics and want to get a decent functioning 4-2-3-1, these tips can definitely help to start with.
  10. In terms of do's and dont's, what are the things that you guys do when analysing whether there is an issue with your new tactic or confirming if things are working well? For example: Use 2d camera, Look at possession % etc. PS: If this is taking things too much off topic, I can start a separate thread.
  11. Thanks for the tips, will see how it plays for a bit and look out for the things you've mentioned
  12. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it! I mostly went with what you suggested but changed Gotze to an AP-A as I also want him to dribble more. When I picture the game being played out in my mind's eye, he's dribbling from deeper or making through balls when higher up and being a goal threat. Delaney looks awesome, thanks for the tip! I really do need some strength and height in my midfield.
  13. I really like this suggestion a lot. I have an idea of what I want e.g. I want to build a team around Gotze as an AMC and I want him to be pinging through balls that create scoring chances for the wide/forward players. But this is where I kind of get stuck. I know that a short passing possession game would suit the above plan but other than that, I'm not sure where next to go or what is the next question to ask myself. Do you have any further pointers/suggestions?
  14. The most important thing I've learned in the past few months is that losing is quite important because you get to watch key moments in that game and figure out what to improve on so you can avoid it in the future. Now I actually don't feel so bad about losing because it helps me understand the flaws in my current system.
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