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  1. It's really really good to see you back Loversleaper. I enjoyed reading through the thread and cannot wait to try out your downloadable tactics
  2. [FM14 SKIN][WIP]Vexillium '14 FMC Edition

    This is what I have been waiting for over the past 6 months, thanks!
  3. FMC Dark skin - does it exist?

  4. FMC Dark skin - does it exist?

    Yeah, I really think that an official dark FMC skin is needed however there was a Steklo FMC version last year so maybe there will be one this year again.
  5. Minor tweaks I agree with. As I understood it, the main part of Barca's game that was pretty much constant was the pressing and short passing. In the current ME, it seems like you cannot play pre-dominantly with high pressing because smaller teams are so good at playing the counter. I am getting caught on the counter, at will, by teams with far inferior players than mine. I mean, I understand that it will happen some times but not this easily because I have a much higher caliber of players. But this is what I am saying. It is fun for you to have to think about each game and make changes for each game and analyse what is happening a lot but I do not want to do that, I have my job for that. There should be a way for each of us to play the game how we want i.e. a difficulty option.
  6. I do not believe that this is what Guardiola did at Barcelona. One example comes to mind of Barcelona vs Chelsea in the Champions League Semi-Final and although they lost, they were largely successful playing this style during his tenure. Also, I may be wrong, but it seems like Bielsa has a system and plays that way against all teams. I do not mind making small tweaks like OI's or changing strategy. Regards Shiraz
  7. I had a tactic that I was really enjoying before 14.2 and after the patch, it was no longer as successful. Since then I have been trying tons of different tactical set ups to get a system that dominates possession with an attacking style and lots of pressing but in every save, there are matches where I am torn apart on the counter and I kept struggling to understand why. Now it makes sense and is seriously disappointing so I will stop playing Football Manager, at least for now. I do not want to make changes to my tactical style for each opponent because I believe that there real-life managers who develop a style and try to impose that on the opposition no matter who it is and that is how I like to play but it is not successful any more. At the end of the day, this is a game and everyone wants to get enjoyment from playing it, not frustration. I get enough of that in my everyday life and play a game to get away from it Regards Shiraz
  8. It is unfortunately not possible but would be awesome if it was
  9. FMC is really excellent in terms of tactics because when you change something, you immediately see the full effect of those changes on the pitch. The only problem with it, for me, is the lack of a database editor.
  10. So does the "Push Higher Up" and "Much Higher Defensive Line" shouts increase individual closing down as well?
  11. [Release] [FM2014] bergkamp14 transparent v5 and v5 bg

    Anyone know why the author has taken down all of his content?
  12. I used Hassle Opponents from the beginning of FM14 and played a tactic with a high-defensive line, narrow and compact and it worked well. I did not score too many because of compressing all of the play in the opponent's half but the opposition did not score many either and I was happy with how we played. I used the following shouts with a 4-2-3-1: Retain Possession Play Narrower Push Higher Up Hassle Opponents Mark Tighter Get Stuck In Use Offside Trap Be More Disciplined Strategy = Control Philosophy = Balanced Since the 14.2 patch I noticed that my tactic (which worked so well before) started to leak a lot of goals. Around 60% of the goals conceded were long balls over the top of my defence and I understand the risk of playing with a high line but this is happening against almost every team I play, even teams I am heavily favourites to beat. Basically my win percentage before the patch was around 70% and then it dropped to around 40% which is crazy. I tried changing formations to the 4-2-3-1 Deep, 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1 and even 4-1-4-1 but I keep getting caught with long balls over the top where Championship level strikers are scoring against me with ease. To re-iterate, I really do understand the risks of playing the way I do and previously most of my goals conceded were also due to the high D-Line but the number has dramatically increased in 14.2 and I am Manchester United, but I have tried this with Ajax Amsterdam as well, since both teams are amongst the best in their leagues in terms of players so I do not think that is the problem. I enjoy playing with a high-line and lots of pressing and it has worked reasonably well up until the latest patch but now I am considering downloading a tactic to carry on playing FM because I will get more enjoyment from it TBH. Anyway, that is just my experience so far Regards Shiraz
  13. Is anyone else having issues with playing a high D-Line after the 14.2 patch? I was using a high pressing, high defensive line tactic and it was quite successful until 14.2.
  14. FM14 New Match Balls

    These look awesome, thanks!