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  1. It'll be Bundesliga.3 has been added (maybe even lower German leagues).
  2. Anyone able to help with this would be much appreciated. Laptop hard drive died a few weeks back, so brought a new hard drive and got everything reinstalled. When it comes to FM18 though, it appears to always crash not long after loading up with this coming up. Thought it may be a steam thing so downloaded FM17 too just to see if that crashes, but that works perfectly fine. So I uninstalled FM18, and redownloaded but the same has happened. Any other thing to try and see if it works?
  3. pearcey_90

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    You travelled to Brazil to welcome home the beautiful football of Brazil.
  4. pearcey_90

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    **** Wembley. Glad one of their upcoming games is outside Wembley. USA/Croatia should be else where too around the country.
  5. pearcey_90

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    £160m. Don't think it's silly to say he could leave this summer if a club is prepared to pay like £220m-£250m for him.
  6. pearcey_90

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Mbappe Glad he had a decent World Cup, and good final. People will finally take notice and realise that his a top talent.
  7. pearcey_90

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    This is why I got so annoyed at ourselves refusing to shoot when within 25 yards. Subasic awful.
  8. pearcey_90

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Amazing that France are going to win World Cup, despite being poor for pretty much 80% of the tournament and again in the final Just shows don't need to play good, just get the job done.
  9. pearcey_90

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    3-0 France. Early goal inside 20, then pick off Croatia late in 2nd half when in cruise control and they push for equaliser.
  10. I'd argue against that. That 2010 team was very poor if you consider that all the team was supposedly in their peak (only 6 in squad under age of 27). Had Gerrard/Lampard/Cole/Rooney, but a lot around that was rather poor. Just was a very poor World Cup. Even final game against Slovenia we only had to score more then USA, and still only managed one goal. Could have got Ghana instead of Germany. Compare the football to the last two World Cups, it's moved a lot forward. Just Southgate needs to learn when to change things when games are slowly difting away from us.
  11. 2 of those defeats lets be honest mean **** all. Knockout football is just all about the game that eventually knocks you out. Couldn’t careless if at Euro20 we draw every game in group like Portugal, then ET our way all to final and win it on pens.
  12. Great inclusion in the squad. Got some minutes in the England B v Belgium B game and that’s it Never really care about taking a young player along just to get experience, but in his case you might as well have.
  13. Jones **** off to the Championship pal, that’s your level.
  14. Left pub at half time. There was 6 people and atmosphere dead. Such a pointless game this, could tell from national anthems neither side could be ****ed for this.
  15. Looking to see what this midfield trio can do.