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  1. pearcey_90

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Love comedy defending like that.
  2. pearcey_90

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Also, Sterling and Lingard fast pace and attacks resulted in free kicks higher up the pitch and corners, where Kane scored two from. RLC will be a great impact player of the bench for me this World Cup, unsure about starting him, rather go with someone like Delph over Alli if you wanted a CM in there. Really need to play Rose over Young though moving forward. Sterling keeps getting pelters from media because he's not out and out wide and drifts inside, but that's his role in this side, not his fault there's no full back utilising the space when he moves in those more central areas, so when he has the ball he's hampered there for an option to pass. At City he has Walker maurading in the space so is used to an overlap. Also when Rashford comes on, he's instructed more to operate in that wider area then Sterling is at start of games as a different option, so it's not like it's a like for like tactical swap.
  3. pearcey_90

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Really impressed and delighted how we played the first 20, high press, perfect. Repeat that in every single game and we’ll do well as not one team at this tournament will enjoy that press, just got to make sure we score 1/2 when in that phase because the better sides when we rest for a period and they ping it around will likely create a chance or two unlike Tunisia. Bossed the game from the word go. Only Tunisia, but great to see we offered them nothing expect the penalty and another game and the VAR guys actually watching the game in the truck instead of Coronation Street and we’d have two pens and Lingard shooting boots another couple more goals. I’d change Alli for someone and Rose for young next game.
  4. pearcey_90

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Probably more exciting in here the next 45 then that game in truth.
  5. pearcey_90

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Because of that goal innit, and that performance against Liverpool, despite him literally doing nothing else since turn of the year. He’s in confidence and Sterling is void of confidence.
  6. pearcey_90

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Bench Sterling Ffs, do people not see the amount of chances he creates for us and even by his movement giving Kane more space around the box? Yes he misses a load for England, but at least he’s always working himself into those positions like against Nigeria. Rashford smashes in one worldie (that a taller keeper saves with ease) and people just fixate on that. Sterling and Lingard receiving the ball on the half turn and immediately running at defences is the key for us to do well in this tournament because it straight away scares the **** out of teams as shown so far when they face runners, and gets the ball a lot closer to goal for Kane just to smash it every time when he’s within 22 yards of goal.
  7. He's great at link up play, hence why Pep favours him over Aguero Not been his best day, but Brazil need someone who's higher up then another player dropping deep when you've already got Coutinho/Paulinho/Neymar operating outside the box. People don't realise how much hard running Jesus does in games with constant angled runs behind and pressure on defenders.
  8. pearcey_90

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    Can't say I'm surprised after seeing the friendlies leading up to the tournament, but still a shock because of who Germany are and the talent they have.
  9. pearcey_90

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    Hummels so bad these days Germany just can't keep defending that high with him ffs, just will get slaughtered.
  10. DIdn't get booked for a delibrate handball either
  11. How can you put Mbappe in there Only one offering France something this half and trying to create stuff.
  12. France won't go far wrong in sacking Deschamps after this game if it's another 45 minutes of this. They have no game plan or ideas how to attack. It's like watching Man Utd in the 2nd half of the season, just relying on individual brilliance. The speed and talent they have in this squad, they should be playing with such a higher tempo and dragging Australia all over the place, but it's been easy for the Aussies and not a hard shift to remain in shape, just a small shuffle from side to side. Pathetic stuff from France.
  13. pearcey_90

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    His all round game was top stuff. Held ball up, slowed play down, countered with pace, constant threat. People will forget that he layed one on a plate to Guedes first half and his fantastic first time flick that took 2 defenders out and played Guedes through one on one against Ramos? just to mess up again
  14. pearcey_90

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    **** off Literally been involved in every single Portgual attack and hold up play to take sting out of game. Layed one on a plate for trash Guedes to mess up too.