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  1. I need some games to play on this, or something that will proper grab my attention. Not really used PS5 since I got it in November Just used it so far for Cyberpunk (lol) and drifting the odd hour or so into some of the games on Plus. Not looking like anything big will come out any time soon, so is there any games that came out in the last 2-3 years that I really should play?
  2. With everything open, they probably are not at any more risk than other professions. But if they're basically going to be only main profession that's fully open face to face for 6+ weeks, they will be at risk loads more than majority of population, and unnecessarily allow the potential for mutations to happen and spread.
  3. I can't wait to the summer, and things being open. It'll be just like last summer by large, which is good. Need to move forward and get things open, but only concern I have is the government slowness in the past. If there's a concerning mutation, and they've picked it up, instead of doing something quick I can see them leaving it for a while and we'll potentially be back to square one. Hopefully it won't ever happen, but them putting it all on the public is them edging it that way IMO. When come summer months and things are largely open, hopefully they do a lot more in terms of pushing me
  4. Yea, all the talk was something would need to give for something else to stay open. But never happened, then Tier systems came in but by that point damage was done and it was damage limitation, but the slowness just allowed it to go wild.
  5. I had this couple years ago but from Ecuador. Just contact them by telephone and it was sorted in 2 minutes. The annoying part was when I first logged on, all they had done so far was change language to Spanish So I couldn't see how to change it back, but Netflix changed it for me. They literally just went "Yea your last log in was England, then 4 hours later Colombia. We've reset password, and you should get an email now". Job done.
  6. In terms of sport, at least football, the reintroduction of Fanzone during live games where there'll be fans from both teams commentating or a group talking about the game as it happens. Basically introducing more social stuff that we've started to see over recent years with clubs having their fan channels, live shows such as 'The Kick Off'. For home life, the move away from 'open plan' living in housing if more people are working from home and require that private space. For TV viewing, there to be a continued shift towards streaming as main TV to watch and videos. With there being
  7. Hopefully we give a good clap for both, for their efforts. Not give a pay rise.
  8. Did they get NHS to mainly do the work? Or was it subcontracted out to one of their mates?
  9. Non essential shops is my main one. Want to get out and get searching for new furniture etc. And get DIY booked in without having to jump through multiple hoops.
  10. Most likely outside pubs in April, then inside come May (weather with food/limited number of households, we’ll see) IMO.
  11. Still been loads of people that have gone into hospital in this 2nd wave that are working aged people. Rarely see that with flu, especially in these numbers. Its majority elderly that die, but people who think they’re relatively safe have been hit hard.
  12. When basically Carlos Vela, Denilson, Alliadere, Barazite, Merida, Bendtner were all insanely rated for potential Swear even one version, Ramsey was the only (or maybe of a couple) players that were -10 potential
  13. House move went all well yesterday, till we discovered a leak in one of the non rooms (basically a coat room at best) from the ceiling above. No-ones lived in the house since like October, so thought with the freezing weather it could just be condensation, but it was still leaking few hours later Had to get the plumber round today to have a look as both floors have under floor heating and my worse fear is the en-suite underfloor heating has a leak, but after smashing away the tiles in there it's turned out the back of the toilet was proper bodged and was constantly leaking water :/ So to
  14. We're moving on Thursday Finishing off the last of the packing today, before braving the freezing weather tomorrow to load the van and unload on Thursday! Should be fun...
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