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  1. This is one of my main gripes from this years release. Overall game is great so far, but why did they feel the need to add in an extra screen for a simple response? It's pointless and annoying. Because as you say, before would always click an answer, not just decline vast majority of time. Hopefully it's something that can be changed for full release, but probably too much coding maybe to change this late on?
  2. I think it'll drop this week at some point. More time for BETA and to discover multiple bugs whilst we're in lockdown (in England), ready for the full release come end of November. Will hopefully allow them more time to discover more bugs and implement the fixes.
  3. Not sure if been mentioned before, but after playing an online save with brother and few of his friends since lockdown on touch, one thing we all said we'd like to see is player quotas for countries on Touch. It's far too easy/simple without them. Because as soon as any of us got to Prem (and then Europe) you just packed your squad out with South Americans, and between the 5 of us, we'd have like 4 Englishman in our squads Would be more challenging amongst us if there was player quotas like in the full version, so players have to develop some homegrown, more competition between us to sig
  4. Not my players directly (latter is someone I did manage when I was at Shandong) from different saves. They're not top tier, but very good players from obscure nations, and couldn't find a thread so putting them here. Always fun having players like this pop up for a certain nation
  5. Main tip is to abuse the ‘trialists’. As soon as players are released end of season (usually around May for youth players from leagues like Prem) and end of June for others. Offer them all 1 week trials. You are able to see then what ability and potential you are looking at. Then sign a few of the better ones. In regards to loans, I’d say get attacking players in on loan. They’re usually where the regens are OP, so priorities loans on them rather than defenders. When you know you can have 4 attackers in first team on loan (usually on low wages compared to their ability) you can spend more on d
  6. It's a tough balancing act, but I do agree the EPL finances distort the game if you go 8+ years into because of the money. They have that much money they can hoover up all the top regens and are constantly at the top end in Europe with never a dip. But it's something you need to put up with, because whilst it's arguably 'easier' when managing an EPL side, it can be more of a challenge vying again them in Europe if you are managing abroad. FM could do a lot better with increasing and decreasing league prize money depending on leagues reputation, European winners over x years, players in World T
  7. Man Utd, mostly because I've grown up seeing them dominate so I'd rather not dominate with them Every other club open too if it's an open career save.
  8. It’s pointless. I literally just sign an Assistant Manager that has 20 motivation (and the highest stats elsewhere whom are interested in joining) and assign all the tasks to them But it's something Miles will bang on about because it's 'realistic and part of management', but managing a reserve/youth side is not.
  9. Not sure who Newcastle researcher is anymore? But I miss the times when they would go OTT on a Newcastle player (looking at Cisse). I’d expect most players who are still there from last season to remain the same at best, with increases for Schar and S.Longstaff. Matty will likely be League 1 quality at best, so will have to wait to January to get bumped up and potential increased. Almiron I expect to be toned down so he’s just pace, hope he remains the same though. Only had one save on last FM, so can’t remember what Joelinton/Krath/ASM were rated as, because Newcastle researcher would have n
  10. I have to say I'm not particularly wowed by the changes to FM so far, expect more. But end of the day, I get money worth out of the hours played so it's essentially £25-£30 for a squad update for me. Disappointed about there still being no option to manage reserve/youth sides, and it sounding like they won't bother any time soon Really would add something to the journeyman/career save.
  11. Also might be me not paying attention to this FM because of the save I'm engrossed in, but can you become a club u18/u23/reserve manager? If not, I'd like that included in this FM so it adds a different dimension to a journeyman save. You can be charge of B sides, so would be similar but elsewhere.
  12. Posted elsewhere but will post here what I'd like to see in FM20: Basically an added difficulty to the game and added realism, that can be changed for people that don't want it. If I leave/join a club and they want a 'Head Coach' rather then 'Manager', then make it so the club signs the players to a certain model. Means I have a more difficult job in deciding to join. Also hope they update some of the media interaction. Always leave it to assistant anyway, but the one part I find annoying is after being at a club for multiple years (in this case it was 22 years in my save), I resi
  13. Overall Best Team to date 11 seasons in, the overall team to date. Still some cult players in there that helped the club raise, most notably Sambou. Still our top goalscorer for what you'd expect to be just for a couple more games. Airam is there, and we had a chance to resign him for £10m, however he wanted over £150k pw so I had to back out as that's silly money for a back up LW.
  14. League Table 28-29 Championes!! We've not reached Sir Alex Ferguson peak Man Utd times with now 3 titles in a row, this one culminating in our most points and goals to date so far in the Premier League. Yet again it wasn't an easy title, with Spurs for 2nd season in a row pushing it all the way to the final 2 games of season, and even though it went down to the final game of season, our superior GD meant it was won, and another win coupled with Spurs losing at Man Utd makes the gap look bigger then it was. Elsewhere, Man Utd continue to do badly since Simeone left, and
  15. Tom White 3 years after losing him for his release clause, he goes and becomes 2nd most expensive player in world football behind Neymar. Was hoping I'd be able to get him back in years to come, that dream is over.
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