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  1. Main tip is to abuse the ‘trialists’. As soon as players are released end of season (usually around May for youth players from leagues like Prem) and end of June for others. Offer them all 1 week trials. You are able to see then what ability and potential you are looking at. Then sign a few of the better ones. In regards to loans, I’d say get attacking players in on loan. They’re usually where the regens are OP, so priorities loans on them rather than defenders. When you know you can have 4 attackers in first team on loan (usually on low wages compared to their ability) you can spend more on defenders on permanent deals. That’s how I approached things and had a good rise through the leagues with King’s Lynn. Went each season as: VN – VNL – VNL – L2 – L2 – L1 – Champ – Champ – Champ – Prem – Prem Two prem seasons have been 42 points then 37. So just about clinging in there as we slowly transition from the squad that got us out of the Championship to a Prem standard squad. Started investing in facilities after first season in Champ when we finally had money in bank to spend on it. Slow process but whole club is coming up to standard. By end of season after next, we’ll be in a new stadium, with good/great facilities and hopefully a firmly established Prem club so we can start looking at top half and Europe, hopefully. Still got the striker leading the line that scored the goals in my final two seasons in Championship which is nice. Should end up firmly establishing himself as the all time top goalscorer that may never be beaten if he keeps scoring up for another 2-3 seasons.
  2. It's a tough balancing act, but I do agree the EPL finances distort the game if you go 8+ years into because of the money. They have that much money they can hoover up all the top regens and are constantly at the top end in Europe with never a dip. But it's something you need to put up with, because whilst it's arguably 'easier' when managing an EPL side, it can be more of a challenge vying again them in Europe if you are managing abroad. FM could do a lot better with increasing and decreasing league prize money depending on leagues reputation, European winners over x years, players in World Team of the Year playing in that league etc. Probably a very hard algorithm to get right without breaking the game in long saves.
  3. Man Utd, mostly because I've grown up seeing them dominate so I'd rather not dominate with them Every other club open too if it's an open career save.
  4. In the league cup, they cup using VAR. Haven't seen it used this season in real life, so not sure if it ought to be in the game?
  5. It’s pointless. I literally just sign an Assistant Manager that has 20 motivation (and the highest stats elsewhere whom are interested in joining) and assign all the tasks to them But it's something Miles will bang on about because it's 'realistic and part of management', but managing a reserve/youth side is not.
  6. Not sure who Newcastle researcher is anymore? But I miss the times when they would go OTT on a Newcastle player (looking at Cisse). I’d expect most players who are still there from last season to remain the same at best, with increases for Schar and S.Longstaff. Matty will likely be League 1 quality at best, so will have to wait to January to get bumped up and potential increased. Almiron I expect to be toned down so he’s just pace, hope he remains the same though. Only had one save on last FM, so can’t remember what Joelinton/Krath/ASM were rated as, because Newcastle researcher would have no input on them. Wonder if Ronaldo will have like the usual one 20, whilst Messi has 8+ 20s again?
  7. I have to say I'm not particularly wowed by the changes to FM so far, expect more. But end of the day, I get money worth out of the hours played so it's essentially £25-£30 for a squad update for me. Disappointed about there still being no option to manage reserve/youth sides, and it sounding like they won't bother any time soon Really would add something to the journeyman/career save.
  8. Also might be me not paying attention to this FM because of the save I'm engrossed in, but can you become a club u18/u23/reserve manager? If not, I'd like that included in this FM so it adds a different dimension to a journeyman save. You can be charge of B sides, so would be similar but elsewhere.
  9. Posted elsewhere but will post here what I'd like to see in FM20: Basically an added difficulty to the game and added realism, that can be changed for people that don't want it. If I leave/join a club and they want a 'Head Coach' rather then 'Manager', then make it so the club signs the players to a certain model. Means I have a more difficult job in deciding to join. Also hope they update some of the media interaction. Always leave it to assistant anyway, but the one part I find annoying is after being at a club for multiple years (in this case it was 22 years in my save), I resigned with a year left on my contract. At no point was any questions about my 22 years there, or why I resigned (i.e. wanted to take a break from the game). Was all directed like I had a fallen out with the club, no recognition for what I did etc. Game has improved on the AI transfers over the years, but feel it's an area they could make bigger strides. If they go even more mental on the tactics/coaching aspect for FM20, yet don't include the part I mentioned about Head Coach, I'll just stick with my current FM19 save.
  10. Overall Best Team to date 11 seasons in, the overall team to date. Still some cult players in there that helped the club raise, most notably Sambou. Still our top goalscorer for what you'd expect to be just for a couple more games. Airam is there, and we had a chance to resign him for £10m, however he wanted over £150k pw so I had to back out as that's silly money for a back up LW.
  11. League Table 28-29 Championes!! We've not reached Sir Alex Ferguson peak Man Utd times with now 3 titles in a row, this one culminating in our most points and goals to date so far in the Premier League. Yet again it wasn't an easy title, with Spurs for 2nd season in a row pushing it all the way to the final 2 games of season, and even though it went down to the final game of season, our superior GD meant it was won, and another win coupled with Spurs losing at Man Utd makes the gap look bigger then it was. Elsewhere, Man Utd continue to do badly since Simeone left, and Arsenal/Chelsea are slowly falling away as no longer being top 4 clubs and are in danger of slipping into a mid table side. Start Season started with an exciting Community Shield clash with Spurs which set the tone for our battleS to come this season. Moving into the start of the league, things did not start off cracking, with just one win and a shocking defeat at home to Bournemouth. I started the season with droping Palko for a new CB signing (see further down), and after the poor start I reversed on that decision, restoring Palko despite him stats wise being poorer but our form picked up and he remained in side ever since We had a big defeat in the UCL, but that was just to turn out to be just a one off... Run In As you can see from the run in, the 8 wins in the league was what sealed the title, fantastic squad depth from the talented youngster proving crucial alongside the UCL run, with fitness being great and minimal injuries. Spurs collapse (they were leading league by 5 points) can probably be attributed to the embarrassing defeat they suffered at our ground in the UCL, this meant in return league we could send out our 2nd side and play a fresh full strength side against Arsenal away to move top on GD and remain ahead from fair on in. FA Cup I sent out the 2nd string because of the UCL, and this didn't end well with Chelsea easily bossing the game Chelsea went on to lose in the final for the 3rd time in last 4 seasons. In the UCL, our great form continued by dispatching Real Madrid who had lost in the last 2 UCL finals, meaning we would face the holders, Peps PSG, wonder how that goes... League Cup Final The continued battles with Spurs in the league cup, and I've also got to say, the week before this we played in the league at their ground and lost 1-0, so after going down 1-0 at HT I was fearing the worst. However a double change around the hour mark saw us spring into life, and our two main goalscorers this season delivered the goods to ensure we won our 2nd League Cup Champions League Final Bloody money bags PSG and Pep Nothing we could do on the day, their extra talent and depth was just too much for us to contain. Was an evenly balanced game, but when it came to creating the crucial chances, they were more clinical and deserved the trophy. We just have to regroup and hope to go one better next season. Transfers Huge profit made this summer, largely down to Alvarez which you will have seen in a few posts up. His constant going out partying last season meant I had to get rid of him, and without him not handing a transfer request, I blinked first when Porto came enquiring. They initally came in at £65m, but after a few negotiations, we ended up with a huge sale where every party was happy with the outcome. I went into the season without replacing him, but knew after window shut if we are to go far in UCL we need to replace him, so I agreed a deal to sign Baltierra at the start of the winter window. Etoundi was a transfer I agreed 18 months ago and only now just moved, with the two Kansas signings coming after I added the MLS to the save and a few players appearing. Whitney was the CB that started over Palko before being dropped. Biggest signing was Roura. Had my eyes on him last season, and after Arsenal missed out on Europe I made a move to unsettle him and managed to pick him up for a bargain! Went on to be a key player, and even came 2nd in the Balon D'or. We also brought back Harvey just for the nostalgia. Despite being a decade on, he's still the best player our acadmey has produced Jean Etoundi Brandon Whitney Genis Roura Mathias Baltierra Team of the year Even spread of goals across my main 6 attackers (2 strikers, 2 ACMs and both wingers) helped to this great season. Midfield duo are settled with Rodriguez pushing Kovacec close to take his place and is a good healthy battle. Back four also settled with Palko regaining his place of Whitney. Foden lost his place to Roura, but still a key player with rotation key there, and with him having 2 years left on his contract, I may run it down and let him go on a free because I can't see his physicals staying high when he's 31. I might give him a one year extension if his wage demands are not excessive. Lowe is progressing very well as a teenager and again another healthy battle with Machado. Plans for next season It'll be business as usual as the team continues grow as it matures with age. Only signings I will be targeting are a CM and CB, with Wald and Ricardo moving on to keep squad fresh and increase depth. Rest of the sigings will be u18 players because yet again we had another dreadful youth intake where not a single player will progress to be a Gateshead player. Our stadium is maxed out at 33k, and after being there a few season and with plenty of cash in bank, I'm hoping sooner rather then later we'll get an option to build a new one because we need it. With the team maturing, they're now demanding contracts in excess of £150k a week, and we need a bigger stadium to allow us to offer those deals to as many players as possible. We may be good for another 24 months, but after that, wage bill could become an issue or players will need to be sold
  12. Tom White 3 years after losing him for his release clause, he goes and becomes 2nd most expensive player in world football behind Neymar. Was hoping I'd be able to get him back in years to come, that dream is over.
  13. Euro 2028 A dream run to the Semi Finals in all honesty. Playing every home nation at a major tournament is once in a lifetime sort of stuff, and we kept on winning to take our unbeaten record to 40 games, but then disaster struck... 3-0 up after 23 minutes, and the England fans are in party mood as we look to go 41 games unbeaten and make it to another final, but we concede straight away to a 45 yard free kick, then with 2 minutes added on Doni goes on a Maradona run to pull another back. 2nd half then completed the Asensio show as we never got a grip of the game 2nd half and that's my time at England over
  14. STALEMATE OVER! £5M below his release clause, I'll take that every day. Bet he rejects them...
  15. League Table 27-28 Championes!! Back to back titles secured, despite the season being far from top level stuff. The fact Man Utd are still poor ever since Simeone left has been a major help because there's no way 84 would have been winning the league with Simeone in charge. Could be on for a period of domination domestically, but Europe is where we now need to improve. Start Fans got their money worth in the Community Shield in a 9 goals thriller Neither side knew how to defend and set the tone for the season in terms of our defensive display. A slow start saw us having to play catch up in the league, with a shocking 5-2 defeat away to Spurs making me think we would come up short in the league. Run In After going out of the UCL too early, it helped us domestically as we were able to rattle in the wins and with a small squad cope with little injuries. Title was wrapped up after the 2-2 draw at Leeds, with a 17 GD swing required on last day a drab 1-1 draw saw us mathmatically win the title. Super Cup Final Good close game in normal time, but as soon as we went down to 10 men, it was just a case of hanging on till penalties which we unfortunately fell short. Lesson learnt to shut up shop a bit more in Europe when needed. FA Cup Final Our second FA Cup, and one that was a fairly easy win for a cup final. After wasting numerous chances in the first half, big money summer signing Miath-Castry opened the scoring, before MAM added a 2nd and Maith-Castry scored a beautiful effort to blow Chelsea away and end the season with a double. Lowlight of season 1-0 win away to Porto, you'd think we had one step in the QFs giving our impressive form in Europe leading to the 2nd leg. After going 1-0 up after 8 minutes and entering HT 2-1 up it felt like job done almost with us being in control. However that wasn't the case, a cagey 2nd half saw Porto equalise, and having learnt from the Super Cup I decided to shut up shop and take the draw. Then with 4 minutes added on, referee still gave a free kick outwide in the 95th minute which saw it swung in and jubilant scenes in the away end Heart break. Team of the year Good spread of goals which I like to see, with Machado really looking like a class finisher. Alvarez been carted out to back up LW after going out EIGHTEEN times during the season. He still won't hand in a transfer request, and I refuse to sell without one. He's got 4 years left on his contract so could be a long stalemate this... Only transfers I will be looking at is bringing in a couple of defenders to replace the current back up ones I have to keep things fresh. End of season awards Show, Giarrizo sweeps up the awards Said at start of season it was heard how despite winning them last year he wasn't even in the top odds to win again. Easy money though if you backed him Plans for next season Keep building what we're doing with this young team and start to look at making our mark in Europe. Facilities are now up to the top level, so it's about time we started producing our own players with every intake we get being all players that will never make it into our squad. Once we start producing players that can be part of of our squad, I can start moving on a few players and getting a more home grown Northern core to the team
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