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  1. Southgate has got the country back loving England and me backing him, but I really can’t forgive him for that final from half time onwards. More so start of ET, the team to utilise the bench and get fresh legs on against an Italian side who would’ve sat back. Instead he played the penalties card which is inexcusable when you then don’t win it. Rashford for Sterling at start of ET should’ve happened at a minimum. Braver choices maybe could’ve seen Bellingham on for Phillips, or Sancho on for Saka (holding hands up that he was a poor sub in first place), or really ballsy DCL for Kane. Just changes that would’ve seen us have the momentum and asking Italy questions for 30 minutes. Just hope we don’t in years to come turn this generation into the ‘nearly’ generation
  2. Oliver Skipp gets given a chance at Spurs this season coming, he’ll be in that England squad. Few times I saw him at Norwich he looked class and just needs that next step now.
  3. Rashford should have came on for Sterling at start of ET. Was an obvious proactive sub to get the momentum on our side. To leave it till the final minute is just proper weird, basically said from Gareth that he’d rather have pens then risk losing it in extra time, which I can never get on board with when you eventually lose the shootout.
  4. 1 shot on target in like the 130+ minutes of game time after we scored is truly pathetic. So annoyed, as we had the chance from that early lead and just went into proper negativity mode
  5. Players don’t pick who takes them, manager does. Southgate will say Saka has scored every one in training.
  6. Italy deserved winners. Mancini subs from half time onwards was all to win the game, Southgate was Croatia 2018 all over again. Hold on, late subs, negative mindset. He’s been superb for getting the feel good factor, but again when it matters he’s cautious approach has killed us.
  7. It’s the one thing that Gareth unfortunately hasn’t improved on since 2018. Hopefully won’t matter.
  8. Grealish and Rashford, for Mount and possibly Sterling IMO. Sterling you won’t want on pens, and Rashford fresh pace is needed as Kane is never going off.
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