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  1. Solid clearance from the Ronster to win 6-4
  2. My big doubt with Higgins at the Worlds is that its ok producing that performance in a best of 9/11 match, but you've got to do that 2/3/4 times per match at the Crucible. But then you could say that about all the other contenders, its about avoiding the really bad sessions isn't it.
  3. Some good racing (Mortara did an insane double overtake) and then Lynn and Bird smash into each other like chumps.
  4. First Formula E race of the season starting NOW and it's LIVE on BBC digital platforms.
  5. Of course, there's the old souls classic tactic of just running straight through.
  6. Actually just as a serious and boring point, how long after the vaccine can side effects hit? If you get a bad reaction suddenly you might not want to be drunk at the time.
  7. And the bar tender says, why the long face?
  8. This is absolutely wild Don't you think a fair trial would be a good idea to establish this ?!
  9. Seems strange to me that this could still be considered a fair trial.
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