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  1. Hmmm that would actually be a better reason because I really feel my tactics are pretty sensible.
  2. Cheers Yeah I don't mind that, it's the death spirals that I'm going into where the club just self destructs that I want to stop
  3. Any guides you or anyone can recommend to playing against teams who treat you as the favourite? Literally every career game I play I end up having to give up after the second season because this just destroys it and I'm a bit stumped as to what I'm meant to do.
  4. Is the AI reacting specifically to my tactics, or is it a general "that team is performing really well, I'll go more defensive to combat it" type approach?
  5. How do I adjust my tactics to cope with second season syndrome?
  6. If you're going two flat banks of 4 you're probably better using a flexible or fluid team shape.
  7. Well SI have never really let themselves be bullied by the community or social media over the features they put in the game (and as a company which generates over £10m in turnover doing it their way, why should they) so I'm not really concerned about them not putting in the designs and ideas they want.
  8. I'm a massive fan of Brexit being in the game, but there really is nothing wrong with people saying it should be optional or editable in some way. Whilst saying that it is SI's game and they can do what they want is a valid point, it's not particularly constructive.
  9. Force the player to fill out one of those political compass tests before starting a game, and give them a Brexit based on their political beliefs
  10. This is probably the best idea Miles has ever had. So much publicity !
  11. Allow us to embed tweets and I'll be happy.
  12. Plenty of dumb European footballers around. You think Ronaldo is some cleverclogs?
  13. Don't really think it made much difference (I think France would always struggle to an extent to lift themselves again after such a big result) but the obvious thing to do would be to play the semi finals at the weekend (could do them on the same day then without affecting the TV viewing figures) and then have the final on the following Wednesday night.
  14. Only good world cup final I can remember watching was 98.
  15. Yeah South America is a mess as well isn't it. Really looking forward to the next World Cup !