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  1. Incorrect kits

    Arsenal vs Burnley at the Emirates in the Premier League. Burnley are wearing their home kit and Arsenal are wearing their away kit.
  2. Here are my specs Game is installed on the 2nd hard disk. I played three matches last night. First one was on very high graphics. Game was laggy with frame rate regularly dropping to around the 30fps mark. Second one I dropped the quality down to high and the it was perfectly smooth, lovely. Third match was at high again, but I had lag levels similar to the first match. Frame rate skipping around all over the place, down as low as 30 again.
  3. German licensing

    Lets hope so. It's a tough environment out there for everyone in the gaming industry at the moment and SI aren't immune from that.
  4. Still struggling to work out how to play well at home against teams who defend deep and break on me. I understand the concepts, I don't understand how you translate that into a tactic in the game.
  5. LLM Tactical Advice?

    But how do you get sufficient support to your striker if you drop the attackers back a bit?
  6. Help me out of this slump

    OK so basically I've kept the short passing, but I've got my central midfielders to be more direct. Converted my wide midfielders into wingers. My striker is now a DLF (s). Initial results are promising (managed an exciting 2-0 win over 2nd placed Swindon ).
  7. Help me out of this slump

    Won't quote your whole post @Rashidi but big thanks, will play around with your suggestions tonight
  8. Help me out of this slump

    I've told them to dribble more, that's it. Will give your suggestions a go, thanks !
  9. Help me out of this slump

    i) First half of the season, typically crosses. Since my poor run of fun began, it's been shots fired in from just outside the area. ii) Thanks. iii) OK thanks !
  10. Firstly I should say this isn't just this game, every single career game I play in FM, I get off to a flying start, and then things gradually turn to crap after 6 months, usually resulting in me being sacked or giving up in the second season. Anyway, here we go. I am Port Vale. Here are my results: League table My home tactic and my away tactic If you need any further info, let me know. Basically I'm posting because I literally go through the same exact pattern every career game and its getting tedious, I'm obviously doing something fundamentally wrong either tactically or with some other aspect of the game, would be good to know what exactly as common sense is not providing an answer so far.
  11. Hmmm that would actually be a better reason because I really feel my tactics are pretty sensible.
  12. Cheers Yeah I don't mind that, it's the death spirals that I'm going into where the club just self destructs that I want to stop
  13. Any guides you or anyone can recommend to playing against teams who treat you as the favourite? Literally every career game I play I end up having to give up after the second season because this just destroys it and I'm a bit stumped as to what I'm meant to do.
  14. Is the AI reacting specifically to my tactics, or is it a general "that team is performing really well, I'll go more defensive to combat it" type approach?
  15. How do I adjust my tactics to cope with second season syndrome?