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  1. This story ends with Ozil retiring from international football and him releasing a quite extraordinary press statement
  2. We simply don't know, who would have predicted Southgate and Martinez would be good international managers? I think we should all show a bit more humility with our footballing opinions and just admit we will never know.
  3. Important to remember that a few lads running into a retail store and chanting ITS COMING HOME is the worst thing you can do as a football fan.
  4. I think he instinctively moves his hand towards the ball, so its deliberate and therefore a penalty. It's a decision consistent with how the refs have operated in this world cup, have there been any handballs in the box that weren't given?
  5. No where near as good or dominant as that side was.
  6. 98 the best one for me. Knockout stages were immense in that, quarter finals onwards was all the best teams facing off against each other in incredible matches. Final was just mad for drama. 2018 probably the best one since then, it's been a great tournament because it's been so wide open.
  7. Not sure I'd say France have been the best team in this tournament.
  8. France cannot control the ball, been the case all tournament.
  9. France almost messed up a 4-2 lead against Argentina...
  10. If ref is unsure he should hand it all over to the VAR and let them make the call.
  11. This is a good game, Croatia the better team but behind, should be a cracking second half.
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