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  1. Respond to all: I just don't find it realistic that a rpm or ap s will never enter the box in wich situation it might be, even if they have the right ppm to do so (because i tried). i think this is something SI should evaluate, hopefully.
  2. i don't think this is true. I saw that players like Kroos, Iniesta, Xavi, .. and a lot more, just get in the box to finish plays, while they played just the on the cm's playmaking support roles, which was easy to see. In FM, this NEVER happens, they can only score from outside or with direct free kicks, or with free kicks/corners when they are in.
  3. After trying rpm's with arriving late in opponents area, i saw again that they still won't get in the box, disappointingly. I finally am convinced to choose 2 bbm's with maybe ppm dictates tempo, to also make them more playmaking. I still think that FM should make a PI "gets in the box" or simply let them sometimes do it, because playmakers who really "never" get in the box with crossing plays in real life is not realistic.
  4. Hi, my preffered tactic would look like this in general, with the if' and f9 roaming. do you think it's an okay tactic and wich ppms i would look for with the rpms?
  5. Okay i seem to be little convinced with choosing cm (s) + get further forward and the right ppms. But to add: with a rpm you can’t add get further forward. But maybe i can choose the correct ppm’s with rpms again.. thanks
  6. Thanks for your repy. I also thought of a Central midfielder with get further forward, but then he makes more off the ball runs forward rather then organizing the midfield, not? I really think FM should make an PI like "get in to box" wich should make this available, because i think a CM doens't play like an AP or RPM. Players will not "focus play" on cm's like they do on RPM's, and the fact that the RPM never get into the box, i find very disappointing.
  7. Hello, I like playing 4-3-3 with fb's (a) , holding dm (s) or (d) , 2 if's (a) and a tm (s) or f9. But i have some issues choosing my cm's. I would like them to organize midfield situations Next to this, i want them to support the forwards and also get in the box with f.e. crossing plays. I would think of using the rpm roles but I see that they won't get in the box but instead, camp outside it for long shot opportunities, when my full backs are crossing from the upper sides of the field. Is this really the situation? Or do they well get in the box in cases? I thought of using th
  8. Ok thank you. Now i'm satisfied that personality attribute changes have some realistic effects on players in FM. Gonna play it with more pleasure now .
  9. Yes, i mean the attributes like Pressure, Professionalism, Temperament,..
  10. Thank you. So what I understand is, even if a player is at an older age, still his personal attributes can change?
  11. Hello, In how much extend can player personalities change in FM 21 ? And how can we do this best in positive ways? Does it have an age barrier? I hope not, because i think no matter what age you have, you always can improve your personal attributes in life. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, Have a question, hope you’ll answer : In how much extent are personality attributes in FM 21 variable? F.e.: If one's pressure is 14, how much can it change by maybe good personal or general managing? And also for the other personal attributes? Thanks in advance !
  13. I’ve tried to use Thiago many times but he didn’t impressed me really.. Maybe i used him in a wrong role or position, mostly i used him as a DLP on DM position. I thaught that he would contribute there but the results where dissapointing, so i finally, slowly put him with the substitus. I teally like Keita and Henderson’s profile because they are complete midfielders in my opinion. Keita’s dribbling and in general above average “creative” attributes alongside Henderson’s strong mental numbers with also above average creativity, i find them much creating in my highlights. But yeah, they
  14. hmm, Ok i'll leave the topic by here then... But thank you all for you're replies
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