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  1. Ok thanks, maybe i will start a new topic to discuss my new edited tactic, liked your comments by the way
  2. So what should i do to make my tactic better-more beneficial? Maybe 2 roaming playmakers? I like to play possession footbal besides ..
  3. So if you see to my tactic, should i use support or attack then, or doesn't it matter generally comaperd to my tactic and is it then just dependable to the kind of player i use?
  4. Hi guys, i am trying recently some new tactics with my team where i have one importanrt role to choose: Should i use a DPL A or S, or what kind of forward role should i use wich fits best in my tactic? And what are the differences between a support dpl and an attack dpl? Thank you.
  5. thank you very much for your instructions. i'm struggling with tactics now for a while and just want to create the best tactic for my team but these comment will deffinetly help me .
  6. i would like to play like pep guardiola's style and i think i have signed some quality players to do that. based on that, wich instructions-formation, should i use generally then?
  7. yeah i've tested it and "permanentquandary" 's quote seems to be right. what should i do to make it more effective?
  8. overall, you seem to be pretty right. how can i change my tactic then, what proprosals can you give me? thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, Recently i made a tactic with an attacking-possession mentality. The formation is 4-1-4-1 Dm Wide. All the defenders and DM have "shoot less often" on. 2 CM, AMR/AML and Forward have "roam from position" on. What do you think of this tactic? I need some feedback and help. Thank you all in advance.
  10. ok i'm sorry, i see now i will make a topci there then, thank you.
  11. hello, thank you for your reply. this is f.e. a topic that i made some time ago; can you please comment on my last picture that i uploaded a minute ago. i really like your comments and really would appreciate some feedback . thanks in advance
  12. this is my final tactic actually, two cm roam, two attacking wingers roam and forward roams also. thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, thanks for your comment, just want to create a tactic that dominates possesion, something like Guardiola's style. What do you think of my modifed style then? two cm roam, two attacking wingers roam and forward roams also. i would really appreciate your feedback, as i really respect and almost read everything from your site aswell.
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