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  1. This story ends with Ozil retiring from international football and him releasing a quite extraordinary press statement
  2. We simply don't know, who would have predicted Southgate and Martinez would be good international managers? I think we should all show a bit more humility with our footballing opinions and just admit we will never know.
  3. Important to remember that a few lads running into a retail store and chanting ITS COMING HOME is the worst thing you can do as a football fan.
  4. I think he instinctively moves his hand towards the ball, so its deliberate and therefore a penalty. It's a decision consistent with how the refs have operated in this world cup, have there been any handballs in the box that weren't given?
  5. No where near as good or dominant as that side was.
  6. 98 the best one for me. Knockout stages were immense in that, quarter finals onwards was all the best teams facing off against each other in incredible matches. Final was just mad for drama. 2018 probably the best one since then, it's been a great tournament because it's been so wide open.
  7. Not sure I'd say France have been the best team in this tournament.
  8. France cannot control the ball, been the case all tournament.
  9. France almost messed up a 4-2 lead against Argentina...
  10. If ref is unsure he should hand it all over to the VAR and let them make the call.
  11. This is a good game, Croatia the better team but behind, should be a cracking second half.
  12. By the standards of this World Cup, that's a penalty.
  13. GREAT GOAL and we have a final on our hands now.
  14. Going to be a boring match if France just shut this down like they did against Belgium.
  15. Japan were considered no hopers going into the tournament but then gave the second best team the game of their life in the last 16. If teams get to the latter stages of the World Cup, they are good.
  16. As I said before, you'd like to think we will have better players and use better tactics in the future so we can be considered one of the leading teams again. But that's the future, we pretty much maxed out what we had available to us in this World Cup, Kane puts away that chance from 1 yard out we probably go through to the final. All the England games were fun to watch from a fans point of view, the stuff in between was lots of fun, don't really get what more anyone could want from this World Cup given the circumstances.
  17. You need to play well in open play to get the set pieces in the first place.
  18. Yeah @Pukey. Hopefully we can get some momentum going over the next few years and have a squad that always has a good core of lads who know how to play and win matches at major tournaments whilst at the same time being able to bring through young talent.
  19. Hope Kane doesn't become a sacred player that Gareth feels has to play every single minute. If he's not fit or not playing well enough, pick someone else.
  20. It felt like Gareth was making subs for injury reasons and was holding back on subs because he was worried certain players were going to break down. Probably inaccurate analysis but I'm struggling to work out why he waited so long to make subs and why he subbed off the players he did.
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