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  1. Earlier in the tournament he blatantly didn't know what the rule was if the ball hits the referee.
  2. Matterface... he sounds like someone who doesn't really like football, has never really watched it and is now trying to fake it I actually quite like a commentator who sounds a bit Partridge in places, if they are passionate about what they are doing you can forgive a lot. But Matterface, it's just a job for him and he's not even any good at it.
  3. Sterling has just been another level this tournament hasn't he? But more than that, I think we need to start talking about where he stands compared to other players who have had standout tournaments. Like how many other English players have had tournaments like this? Not many (you probably have to go back to 66 to find someone who has just been on it all competition). But then widen it and how does he compare to other countries? He's right up there in the dizzy heights of the elite.
  4. Personally I don't think stuff like Sterling should be a penalty, but it consistently is given these days so I'm not complaining about Sterling playing for it.
  5. Let me experience losing a semi final AND a final and then I will get back to you.
  6. This might be the only England final any of us ever see, so enjoy it, remember it, make a day of it.
  7. Pretty scummy. I think they were doing it loads because the 4th official noticed.
  8. I've created a monster here haven't i I've got a few ideas about stuff to put it in. Will have to be good, might be one of the most read match threads ever on these forums...
  9. That was the 2nd/3rd time Sterling tried making that run and going for the penalty. Absolute elite player.
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