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  1. It's probably just a journalist making stuff up, but if he's getting briefed this info from a couple of players thats a bit of a ****** thing to do.
  2. The only player in the final who tried to carry the ball forward was Rice (Saka as well when he came on), and with the best will in the world Rice doesn't quite have the ability to do anything at the end of the run/surge. I think Grealish would have been a great option who should have been used more.
  3. Only thing I would say in defence of Baptista is he was obsessed with Wilshere being world class for ages even after all the Arsenal fans had given up on him.
  4. Yeah I've been worried about our centre backs but actually what we have is quite good really. They need protection obviously but then most centre backs do these days. Centre midfield is where we need to take a step forward. Bellingham looking like he might be a generational talent is huge. And I'm convinced Smith Rowe is going break into the squad in the next few months.
  5. Gareth's way has worked, but it's fine margins, it's always going to be fine margins if you play for the 1-0 win. I would not be at all surprised if we get dumped out of the World Cup at the last 16 stage, would that suddenly make Gareth a bad manager who needs changing?
  6. Agree with a lot of what you say. Also worth saying I have zero confidence in the FA appointing a good coach to follow Southgate. Remember he only got the job by accident because Allardyce got caught out.
  7. Ah I've Googled it and I'm conflating that bomb thing with the two fans who slept in OT overnight to try and watch the Arsenal match.
  8. When ManUtd discovered those fans that sneaked into OT the other season, they delayed kick off for 24 hours to make sure it was all safe didn't they?
  9. Then English (British tbf, you Scots seem to find it impossible to play Rangers Celtic anytime after noon) haven't suddenly become *****, we've behaved like this for decades, and we know late kick offs at weekends can be highly volatile. At the very least it means you need to scale up the security presence which doesn't seem to have happened at all at Wembley yesterday.
  10. Everyone needs their cope I guess but we lost and it sucks, Iets just move on.
  11. I hate Wembley way, just an awful experience going in and out, and the times I've gone it's been when people have largely behaved themselves (apart from one year when City fans started kicking off). Must have been hell yesterday with so many idiots about.
  12. Actually worth noting how quickly keepers have got used to having to keep their foot on the line.
  13. People getting in with no security checks is... bad. Actually really surprising the game was allowed to go ahead on time but I guess TV companies are more important.
  14. We probably should have a separate thread for what happened, but people breaking in and being able to watch the match is just insane. Worst security failure at a major sporting event for a long time.
  15. Would be interesting to hear what people at the game think, but on TV I thought the atmosphere sounded terrible.
  16. Grim. Argentina 2002 the only time its ever worked in a big game, actually played properly with decent counter attacks. The lack of counter attacking last night was infuriating.
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