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    I'm a Stockport County fan and I'm a football manager veteran

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  1. Can you answer my questions @bluestillidie00?
  2. But how do the successful teams do it in real life? I constantly use my own Tatics, training, keep up with any constant concerns with players with my leadership captain, so anymore thoughts on this?
  3. So basically I'm Stockport County currently in my 5th season in League two (after being promoted second season in) and not even close to the middle of the table, I start off great but then for some reason I slither down to like 22nd (I can't take screenshots of the past positions in league two if someone can show me how, that'd be great) anyway of getting the players to NOT bottle it after December
  4. Many gaming laptops have a fan, I’ve got the Acer Predator Helios 3000 and it's got a fan with it
  5. I'd wait till the end of the season and if he despises you, fine
  6. Not a big deal but is there a way to change the width between the club logo and the league logo on the club profile?
  7. I’m at Stockport but currently got 22 players and got about £17k to spend do you think I should withdraw some money so my players get their contracts and/or sell deadweight then build my money back up, currently no takeover which is a drag
  8. I know my beta save will always be Stockport but not sure about my main
  9. Could you show me where Best postition, condition and lat 5 games in the "add column" ? please
  10. Could someone give me a rating my own custom squad view? if there is anything added, taking away, let me know?
  11. I know it doesn’t sound like a fm post but hear me out, I’m going to factory set my laptop, will all my files be removed if I do this?
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