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  1. Doubt this is the group of death right?
  2. What is the logos you use and skin? and congrats on the title win
  3. Had the game been at full capacity, this wouldn't have happened
  4. As an England fan, we don't condone any attacks on any fans who visit Wembley or those who are hooligans attack our hosts. I'm appalled to those who did this but it does say "she claimed" she was attacked but either way this is digusting
  5. Even if we lose on Sunday, those memories will last me a lifetime (hopefully we'll get more memories) we got to a final at Wembley and the boys singing the national anthem will give me goosebumps, yes we got those charges against us, who gives a flying f***? we're in a major tournament final
  6. His ankles were clipped, 2 pens should have been given one on Kane and their freekick was a dive but we're in the final that's all that matters besides the 🇮🇹's dived last night so don't know why you're all complaining?
  7. Denmark should be proud of what they've achieved with what's happened over the past 3/4 weeks and they should be hailed as heroes but we're in the final and that's all that matters
  8. I think we can beat the Italians, sure we might have conceded due to a freekick Pickford should have saved but it'll be tight like tonight, two equally good teams but we're though that's all that matters, one big hurdle we've jumped over
  9. I think they should scrap the 3rd place from the world cup, no place in tournament football
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