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  1. FM17 - Who is doing what? Please find a list of all the threads that are currently in production by the following users;
  2. Welcome back everyone! It is upon us, the BETA is live and the game is just around the corner! Unlike previous years, there wont be restrictions on who can do what thread - just make sure to take a look at past team threads and put a little bit of effort into it, not only for appearance but for people to gain a bit of insight and inspiration to start their own saves. This part of the forum has quietened down a bit in the past year, so let's try and get some momentum and get the place active again! If you could post in this thread what you're doing, I'll insert your name in the below post so people can see that the thread is in the process of being created and don't have to ask or wont start doing one themselves. Let the fun begin!
  3. Harry Kane, get off set pieces forever. Thanks.
  4. Perfect penalty.
  5. Nobody called it 'up and direct football' He said mayb tiki-taka's time is UP and DIRECT football is ready to make a come back. Direct doesn't mean hoof.
  6. I know the game isn't of the best calibre, but this commentary duo is the most negative thing about the whole game from what I've seen so far. I missed the Shaqiri goal live, did they praise that? All they've done is put everything and everyone down since I've switched on.
  7. Every powerful effort on goal - Smalling header, Lallana volley and Rooney volley just then - all straight down Akinfeev's throat. Just need that luck.
  8. Brilliant start from Walker!
  9. Has Joe Hart always had such a monster throw?
  10. Due to Carvajal injury?
  11. Absolutely love Crouch, model professional. After seeing a few of your "top" players bottle big games, go missing and genuinely not look bothered this season, he would be a great signing. Guaranteed a scissor kick goal on his debut
  12. Laporte and Zouma being injured surely the only reason Mangala is in the squad?
  13. I enjoyed Arteta scoring yesterday When Sanchez looked up, was so happy he chose to pick out Arteta and get him on the score sheet. Great moment.
  14. I still remember all the bitter United fans after losing in Europa, saying that Liverpool didn't have a chance against Dortmund. Some of the posts that were later quoted from the usual idiots