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  1. Apologies this took so long everyone If you create a thread, please post it in here and I'll get it added to the list - once the list grows, I'll organise into leagues/nations.
  2. Club Threads - Arsenal - Liverpool - Leeds United - Manchester United - KRC Genk - Salford City - Ajax - Middlesborough - Marseille - Tottenham Hotspurs - Newcastle United - Everton - Derby County - Athletic Bilbao - Borussia Dortmund - Olympique Lyon - New York Red Bulls
  3. General League Threads - The English Football league - Bundesliga - Danish league - Italian league - Vanarama National league Other Threads - Tycoon takeovers - Help deciding which team to manage - Rate my regen - Hidden Gems - Should I buy X player? - Request a screenshot - Teams with talented young players
  4. Welcome to the Official forum links thread, find the threads you need! Please ensure that when YOU create a thread, YOU post the link in this thread so we can keep it up to date. For those still playing Football Manager 2018: FM18 - Links Thread Do you need general advice when making your squad? For tactical advice or player recommendation have a look at he following thread: How to assemble a good team, if you can questions about the guide, feel free to ask. Or you want advice how to make good player thread? Look at this. Can't find the club thread you want There might not be a thread for you team, so why not make one? If you need help, follow the ultimate guide to creating a good team thread and you should be able to create a good thread. Good luck
  5. Passed this on my way to work this morning grammatical error aside, I very much enjoyed it. ITS COMING HOME!
  6. Has the world seen a replay from infront of the goal? I haven’t seen one anywhere.. WE DESERVE ANSWERS!
  7. It’s a shame we conceded straight after Pickford’s incredible wonder save. If that’s the save that kept us at 1-0 and put us through - it would get all the glory it deserved.
  8. If Argentina get through, they'll end up with a full reserve squad out at this rate
  9. I'm not sure if you heard, but he also likes Kante honesty for getting up after tackles. Only mentioned it three times now...
  10. I'm not sure if you heard, but he also likes Kante honesty for getting up after tackles. Only mentioned it three times now...
  11. They look hopeless going forward as well... they don’t seem to know what to do with it?
  12. Korea with a bit more quality up top/wide and they’ve snatched this game.
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