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  1. Harry Kane, get off set pieces forever. Thanks.
  2. Perfect penalty.
  3. Nobody called it 'up and direct football' He said mayb tiki-taka's time is UP and DIRECT football is ready to make a come back. Direct doesn't mean hoof.
  4. I know the game isn't of the best calibre, but this commentary duo is the most negative thing about the whole game from what I've seen so far. I missed the Shaqiri goal live, did they praise that? All they've done is put everything and everyone down since I've switched on.
  5. Every powerful effort on goal - Smalling header, Lallana volley and Rooney volley just then - all straight down Akinfeev's throat. Just need that luck.
  6. Brilliant start from Walker!
  7. Has Joe Hart always had such a monster throw?
  8. Due to Carvajal injury?
  9. Absolutely love Crouch, model professional. After seeing a few of your "top" players bottle big games, go missing and genuinely not look bothered this season, he would be a great signing. Guaranteed a scissor kick goal on his debut
  10. Laporte and Zouma being injured surely the only reason Mangala is in the squad?
  11. I enjoyed Arteta scoring yesterday When Sanchez looked up, was so happy he chose to pick out Arteta and get him on the score sheet. Great moment.
  12. I still remember all the bitter United fans after losing in Europa, saying that Liverpool didn't have a chance against Dortmund. Some of the posts that were later quoted from the usual idiots
  13. I'm really looking for a topic or something about how to draw a Minecraft creeper? I have been struggling for years. I JUST CAN'T DO IT.
  14. He posted a link to those, as if this is a player thread - it needs a few certain things. Taken from the rules; If this is just a general "looking for a WB to replace him", then the buy/sell thread or even aptly named "Looking For Thread" would be perfect.