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  1. It’s no trouble - I usually scan the forum and add in any I come across that should be in here
  2. Club Links; Ajax Arsenal Athletic Club Bilbao Derby County Everton Liverpool Man United Marseille Nottingham Forest Real Betis Tottenham
  3. General Links; Rate My Regen (Regen show off) Free Transfers Tycoon Saves League Discussion Links; Italian Football Spanish Football Scottish Football German Football Nordic Football French Football
  4. Welcome to the Official forum links thread, find the threads you need! Please ensure that when YOU create a thread, YOU post the link in this thread so we can keep it up to date. Do you need general advice when making your squad? For tactical advice or player recommendation have a look at he following thread: How to assemble a good team, if you can questions about the guide, feel free to ask. Or you want advice how to make good player thread? Look at this. Can't find the club thread you want There might not be a thread for you team, so why not make one? If you need help, follow the ultimate guide to creating a good team thread and you should be able to create a good thread. Good luck
  5. unbelievable, I’m now starting to become surprised he actually gave the penalty.
  6. It should have just been a free kick immediately and then checked for a potential penalty no foul at all is just a joke.
  7. *Messi does his laces up* WHAT A WORLD CUP THIS GOD OF FOOTBALL IS HAVING!
  8. Has anyone got a weird noise on the game? It’s a background noise, kinda sounds like the wife is using a hairdryer upstairs. It’s really aggravating me but it’s definitely the TV.
  9. The BBC still haven’t realised it’s not Bounou, still saying his name whenever the GK touches the ball.
  10. What about Maguire being in a position for a second phase of play? He can’t now, he’s been fouled to the ground. You can’t two foot someone off the ball, why should you be able to foul in a different manner off the ball?
  11. Grappling someone to the ground off the ball with no intention of anything but to pull them down is fine. Touching someone’s shirt which had barely any effect on the situation but the person fell down like it did? THATS WRONG. PENALTY.
  12. Has Southgate ever had a plan B? If 5 at the back doesn’t work, he switches to 5 at the back with more misplaced passing, if that doesn’t work it’s 5 at the back with Kane dropping into central midfield when chasing a goal.
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