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  1. My current FM19 save. Also waiting for a few more patches for FM20.
  2. I will be waiting to see if the have fixed the ME, in particular - the strikers issue.
  3. Not much to go on, so far. Here's hoping SI have managed to sort out FM19's ME issues.
  4. Just about to turn 70 in my long term save (into Season 2042/43) with Newcastle so am obviously reaching retirement age! Question I wondered - do others retire when you reach a similar age in FM, do you plod onwards or do you start a new game altogether?
  5. Nicola Zigic (ex Valencia and Birmingham) is 6'8 - same height as me.
  6. I play 25-30hrs a week. FM is the only game that I play, which helps. Got my PC setup in the living room, where I can watch TV and play at the same time. Our lass doesn't mind. I see my daughter at weekends and still manage to get some time in, when she's having a Fortnite session on the XBox. I'm totally hooked on FM and have been now for 25 years.
  7. I used to post in there a wee bit and I still play LLM style (as in starting my way up from the bottom) It's been years since I decided to start out at a PL or Championship club. I feel any success in the game has to be earned the hard way. Shout out to iajfer. Don't know if he is still around.
  8. No shame tonight. It's been a great run and couple of weeks. It's allowed to many of us to reconnect with the national side and I think that's great. For the match itself - we had no-one in midfield to change the game, as Croatia gradually got on top. That's why Jonjo Shelvey should have gone - because he can take a risk and pass the ball forwards. Eric Dier isn't going to do that! Have had a cracking night at the local club, with my family. Everyone stay safe, as doubtlessly some nuggets will see it as an opportunity to cause bother.
  9. Really professional performance. Brilliant, brilliant afternoon, watching at the local social club with the family. #HowayEngland #ItsComingHome
  10. Fair play to England - watched with my dad and we feared the worst when it went to pens. Well done to Pickford for the save and to Dier for the winning penalty (bar that, he was toilet!) My MoM - Harry Maguire.
  11. Devastating counter-attack from Belgium. So unlucky Japan.
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