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  1. Petition here in support of giving NHS staff a bigger payrise; https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/campaigns/nhs-1percent-petition
  2. It's a culmination of 40+ years of gaslighting, started by Margaret Thatcher - radicalization via a tap.... drip, drip, drip.......
  3. With regards to being off work for a year - I was back in 2005/2006, due to anxiety/depression issues with my employer at that time. It's bloody hard to fill your time! I ended up doing some voluntary work for a local MIND group, which helped in terms of my own state of mind and getting back into the workplace, be it in a new job.
  4. Desperate times. No wonder they know they can get away with not giving nurses and other NHS staff a payrise. No one cares.
  5. Here is my regular haunt, as well as Newcastle Online (Newcastle supporters forum) I check Digital Spy on regularly, but it's not often I post. Thinking about joining Reddit and seeing what the craic is there.
  6. Was a french show - am sure it used to go out on Sunday mornings on ITV. I remember; and also the less well known;
  7. Ian Brown continuing with his madcap ideas. I love his music, but he's a proper throbber these days.
  8. 2C on the Northumberland Coast today - not helped by a haar which has lingered since yesterday.
  9. I would imagine (and hope!) that we will see man returning to the moon, in the next 10 years. I wasn't even born the last time someone stepped foot on there (1972) It's been too long.
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