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    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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  1. Present save - FM21, 27 years. Managed 3 clubs so far - Blyth Spartans, ChievoVerona and Newcastle.
  2. I share my opinions and won't be shouted down by some ringpiece like you. If I'm outta line, a mod will pull/ban me.
  3. The team have done us proud, but lets not try and hide the fact that we have some arseholes who are going to take advantage of this and cause all sorts of mayhem. But, lets sweep it under the carpet eh?
  4. The gammon will be going off it tonight - kudos to the young lads who showed guts to come forwards and take their pens, but the pens themselves were poor. England got their tactics wrong from the 2nd half - Southgate (like Bruce does) dropped England onto the edge of our 18 yard box and defended from there. It's asking for trouble. Feel sorry for Rashford, Sterling and Saka who will doubtlessly now be the target for lots of vile racist abuse. They and the rest can hold their heads high - making the final is a terrific achievement. It just wasn't to be in the end. Well done Italy - best team won.
  5. Best team won tonight - no complaints, as pens is a total lottery. Feel for the 3 young lads who came forwards and showed guts. It's been a really enjoyable 4 weeks of football, but it just wasn't to be in the end.
  6. Over the moon with the win, but it was a completely risk-averse England performance. Southgate must have been taking lessons from Steve Bruce. Final point - totally embarassing from the gammon England 'supporters', who booed the German national anthem and the taking of the knee. Shitehawks.
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