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  1. @Rashidi has a pertinent video on his YT channel (Bust the net), so you can check it out there
  2. I think just the first, but not 100% sure. So once again we'll have to rely on @Seb Wassell for a definite answer.
  3. Nothing wrong with an IWB as a role in general (provided you have the right player for it), just doesn't go hand in hand with wing-play. In a different style of football, an IWB on support behind an attacking AP and a winger would be a great role combo in terms of space creation and utilization.
  4. Instructions-wise, I would definitely remove both the overlap (L) and underlap (R). Because wing-play is more of a counter-attacking type of football than possession-oriented, so you don't need TIs that tend to slow down your attacking play. Focusing play down the flanks already encourages your fullbacks to be more attack-minded. When it comes to roles/duties, I don't see much point in using an IWB as a role in a wing-play tactic. Other potential tweaks would depend on whether you insist on playing the IF in AML or not.
  5. If you want a wing-play as your tactical style, then - among other things - you need a more simple and focused striker role (as opposed to highly creative and roaming). In your setup specifically, I would prefer DLF on attack duty, simply because you have an IF on attack in AML. Otherwise, my preferred choice would be PF on attack. But as I said, there are a couple more changes I think you should make if wing-play is really the style of football you want to play. I guess you have a good reason why you opted for that particular style and not something else.
  6. For example: DLFat IFsu Wsu DLPsu CMat Ade FBat CDco CDde WBaut SKsu Positive, shorter passing / distribute to CBs and FBs / higher DL + split block
  7. Btw, @Rashidi might be able to help you on this subject if he is not too busy atm.
  8. How can you be so sure it's a "bug" when you haven't even posted screenshots of your set-piece routines so that people could take a look and tell you what is possibly wrong and what you could tweak to improve them? In case you find posting screenshots too inconvenient, then you can at least describe how your SP routines are set up.
  9. Be more expressive is also an instruction you may want to consider, at least as an occasional tweak
  10. The tactic itself looks good, but you might not have players who are good enough to execute it in the right way.
  11. Not sure if a literal recreation is possible in FM - especially as real-life managers adjust their tactics both between and during matches - but here is what I believe could be pretty close to how Utd play under Ole at the moment: AF IFsu AMsu IWat CMde DLPsu WBsu BPDde CDde WBsu GK Positive - higher tempo, shorter passing, run at defence, pass into space, low crosses ... - counter ... - DL and LOE can vary (sometimes higher DL/standard LOE, and sometimes standard DL/lower LOE) I would probably start with the above, watch carefully what happens on the pitch and then gradually tweak as I see fit.
  12. What a coincidence! I had the same issue with Pogba, although in FM19. I played him in MCL even though he would have better suited my tactic in MCR, because I thought it mattered. But recently I learnt - from @HUNT3R I think - that side preference is actually irrelevant. Although you can never know when it comes to Pogba
  13. Just one small self-correction from myself - my first-choice for the LB would actually be Luke Shaw.
  14. Yes, because TQ is hard-coded not to press much. But the other 3 should suffice.
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