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  1. That's what I would basically do. But I don't know anything about your team, so cannot offer you more specific advise. I play only one game a week, because I spend a lot of time on analyzing every single aspect of management and am very methodical when preparing the tactic for each game, so my approach is pretty much different.
  2. Experienced Defender

    Help me get back into FM, please.

    It can be a WBatt, it was just a suggestion, not a "command". The reason I suggested a standard FB was to reduce defensive vulnerability, especially as he is using underlaps on both sides (I would personally have removed underlap on the right, because there already is a natural one). I does in a sense, but can help with creating an overload on the left in order to release Robben on the opposite side CAR is more defensively minded than BBM, and his primary duty is to protect the flank when "his" FB/WB bombs forward.
  3. Experienced Defender

    Help me get back into FM, please.

    Then I can only suppose that setup does not suit your players in the best way. So you could try the other one (with Alaba as IWBatt and Roben as IFatt). And also pay attention to team instructions (try not to use too many of them at the same time and then make tweaks when you see fit).
  4. Experienced Defender

    Leicester city tactic - need help!!

    Okay, so you would like your players to play a patient possession-based game and wait for an opening before releasing a decisive (key) pass for some of the forwards to try and (hopefully) finish the move by scoring, right? If so, it's relatively "easy" to create such a tactic, though I'm not sure if it would be the best idea with a team like Leicester.
  5. I would like you to post a screenshot of the tactic, in order for us to be able to see it in a more proper context Not sure about this. I have Gabiadini in Southampton. He can play as a striker and AMR, is left-footed and has the "Cuts inside from the right wing" PPM. I use him occasionally as a CF or DLF on support in the STCR spot with the "Stay wider" PI and it seems to work pretty okay. Btw, my formation is (a bit "weird" 3-2-2-1-2 (2 DMs, 2 WMs and 1 AMC)
  6. Experienced Defender

    Leicester city tactic - need help!!

    The immediate issues of your tactic are: - the isolation of your front three (all on attack duty) - one-dimensionality in the setup of roles and duties (apart from the DMs, because anchor and volante are a good combo) - you play a lower tempo - shorter passing game in an inherently defensive (bottom-heavy) system, but at the same time with a high (positive) mentality, so it's hard to understand what actually you want to achieve Now, I can give you just an idea of what you can do to improve your tactic through an example: DLFsu IFat Wsu RPM ACM VOLat WBsu CDco CDde WBde SKde If you want to play on positive mentality with Leicester, I would suggest the following team instructions for your starting (primary) tactic: - in possession: just work ball into box and more direct passing (instructions such as "Pass into space", "Early crosses", "Play wider/narrower" can be added occasionally, i.e. when you logically assume they could be useful/helpful) - in transition: counter - out of possession: prevent short GKD and get stuck in (the rest can be adjusted depending on defensive qualities of your players and the type of a specific opponent)
  7. I absolutely subscribe to everything you said here And just want to add a couple of suggestions: - be very careful with your defensive (out of possession) instructions, especially in a lower league (extremely urgent pressing can be very risky, an even more so when coupled with counter-press) - the same goes for overlaps and underlaps, as they increase the mentality of your fullbacks. And if you use fullbacks on attack duty and wingers on support, you already have a natural overlap without using the specific team instruction - your formation is a top-heavy one, which is a bit too risky for a lower-league side, even if you play on the cautious mentality. I mean you can use that system (424), but then you need to be a lot more conservative with the roles and duties
  8. Experienced Defender

    4-1-2-3 DZ struggling.

    If you want to create an overload, that's something different. But for overloads to work, you need a really good players who can keep the ball under pressure long enough (they need good first touch, off the ball, passing, composure, technique, decisions...). So, for an overload on the right to free up your IF on the left, I would look for something like this: PFsu IFatt APMsu DLPsu CAR HB WBsu CD CD FBsu And when you use overloads, you should not use them as a part of your starting tactic, but only at a certain point during a match, i.e. when your team struggles heavily to break down the opposition defense. You may also need to adapt some team and/or player instructions (in addition to roles and duties). You can also use a CM on support instead of CAR in MCR.
  9. A DLP would be my first choice as well To the OP - you also need to consider/take into account the roles and duties of your other players. Don't look just at the 2 CMs separately.
  10. I didn't mention "stopper" at all in the "tactical" post. You first mentioned a stopper in your reply. I was talking about a NCB (no-nonsense centre-back) as a role. Stopper is not a role, but a duty.
  11. Experienced Defender

    4-1-2-3 DZ struggling.

    Then a DLP on support would be my choice. Who mentioned a Mezzala? I didn't.
  12. Green partnership is ideal, but is not necessary. If they play together for a reasonable period of time and have similar defensive attributes, they should work well in tandem even without green partnership.
  13. If you watch the match, you'll see whether the opposition defense leaves a lot of space behind them or not. If they do, you can add "Pass into space" to try to exploit that space. But if you see that your players are making too many mistakes and are losing possession a lot when passing into space, then you should refrain from using the TI. Yes. But here you need to consider the creativity and technical abilities of your players. I don't know how good they are, so I cannot tell you definitely how the instruction will work for you. Maybe you'll need to change some other instructions along with "Be more expressive" (e.g. lower tempo a notch, or passing... or even both). I meant this - when you use the "Overlap left", don't use the "Focus play down right". And vice versa - when you use the "Focus play down right", don't use the "Overlap left". I would not recommend that in this tactic. Only overlap left. As I said, I don't know your players. You can play Guedes as the Winger on attack on the right, and use some other player who is also right-footed as the IW-support on the left. And no, he won't be "too defensive" as an IW on support duty, especially if you play on a higher team mentality (such as Positive). Of course, you can play Guedes as the left IW on attack duty, but that would require changes to other roles and duties. For example: PFsu AF IWatt DLPde BBM Wsu WBsu CD CD IWBde No. Either both on defend or one on cover and the other on either defend or stopper. If they are on the same duty (defend), it's the "safest" option when using Offside trap. It can also work if one is on cover and the other on defend, but is a bit more risky. But if one is on cover and the other on stopper - don't use Offside trap. But you have to understand that the offside trap is sometimes going to fail, even if your defenders are the best in the world. An intelligent opposition forward will manage to beat the trap from time to time.
  14. Experienced Defender

    4-1-2-3 DZ struggling.

    But who is your "creative player" in this system? You have a CAR (MCL) and CMa (MCR), none of which is a creator. Anyway, it does not matter whether your main creative player will play next to the IF or on the other side. You should rather take care that the setup id well-balanced and has enough defensive cover. For example, in this particular system you can play an APM on attack duty as MCR (instead of CMa).
  15. Experienced Defender

    Help me get back into FM, please.

    That's what I do in FM19 as well The AssMan is in charge of general training, I just tweak a couple of sessions on a weekly basis. However, players' individual training (including additional focus) is solely my responsibility