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  1. My preference would be - Aubameyang as IF on attack (or RMD) in AML and Lacazette as DLF on support (or F9) (speaking of 4231). Which formation do you want to play? In the first post you mentioned 4231, but here you talk about 2 DMs, CM (or maybe 2 CMs?), APM (in which strata?).
  2. On the top level, anyone can win anyone, and sometimes (often?) it's more than just about tactics.
  3. Sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about the blocked crosses. Though I have to say that I haven't experienced this other issue (defender giving the ball away to opposition in the way you described) either.
  4. I guess because it does not happen to all people who play FM. For something to be considered a ME-related issue (bug), it would need to be experienced by everyone.
  5. While DLP and regista are both playmaker roles, there is a considerable difference between them. DLP is a holding role, whereas REG is roaming (and generally much less responsible defensively), plus more adventurous than DLP in terms of his style of play. So if you play with a lone DM, the REG could be a bit too risky option (especially when you are an underdog).
  6. This one looks good to me Perhaps I would consider giving the central CB a stopper duty (to sort of compensate for the absence of DM), but it's not necessary. Unlike the 5221, I don't like this 3421. First, I would avoid a winger role when I have only 1 player on the entire flank, simply because the role as such is essentially attack-minded (regardless of the duty). My preference would be a simple WM on support (or WP on support if I have a suitable player and if the role fits my playing style). I would also avoid a DW, although for a different reason than in the case of the winger. While DW is not attack-minded role (compared to the standard winger), his inherent tendency to both press and tackle aggressively can leave his flank exposed when he is responsible for the entire flank (especially given that there are no DMs). Therefore, I would again opt for a WM. The front three look okay in terms of roles and duties, but the central midfield could be tweaked a bit. I would play Kante as a CM on defend, whereas Jorginho would remain the DLP but on support duty. Because in this system you need both CMs in holding roles, considering that you have a 3-man defense without any DM. And I definitely don't like how you set up the 3 CBs (looks like a complete mess to me). Either all 3 on defend duty or the outer 2 on defend and the central one on stopper. And I would definitely play Kepa (SK) on support duty. In terms of instructions, I would only be a bit more cautious with the DL/LOE combo, because here - unlike the 4123 and 5122 - the defense has less direct protection, so a bit more vertical compactness may be needed. So this is what my basic 3421 setup would (probably) look like: DLFsu SS AMsu WMsu DLPsu CMde WMsu(at?) CDde CDde/st CDde SKsu NOTE: Apart from all of the above, I would look to avoid making such big changes to a tactic that works (and you said that the 4123 worked very well for you). If you want to try a new formation, then better wait for the next season and use the pre-season to familiarize the players with the new system.
  7. I definitely use this. Although if the player has a trait that involves dribbling, the "Dribble less" TI will not completely prevent him from attempting to dribble, but only (somewhat) reduce his tendency to do that. Not necessarily. This would entirely depend on my style of play.
  8. Absolutely. Whenever I managed a top team and tried to adapt the tactic to another top team by making big changes, it would prove a (big) mistake. So either start with your regular tactic and then make small tweaks during the course of a match if necessary (as @Akasha suggested) or make just a couple of minor tweaks that would make the tactic slightly more conservative but without changing your regular style of play.
  9. The purpose of the PSGKD is to try and prevent the opposition from building up from the back and force them (the keeper or a defender) to clear it long instead. It tends not only to be more effective but also safer when you play in a top-heavy formation (e.g. 4231 or 424) or at least a medium-heavy one (e.g. 4123 a.k.a. 4141dm wide or narrow 433 with 3 actual strikers), because you already have enough players up front who can execute the instruction without moving too much away from their basic position. Conversely, when you use a "top-easy" formation (e.g. 442, 4411, let alone flat 4141), the PSGKD is considerably more risky because some of your midfilders (usually wide ones) will need to move further forward to help the forwards execute the instruction, which can leave a lot of space behind them for the opposition to exploit. Well, when you play on a lower LOE, it basically means that you deliberately want to lure the opposition into attacking you so that you can hit them on the counter once you intercept their attack using the space they left behind. Therefore, the PSGKD makes less sense, though you can still use it as an option if you want to put some pressure on their defense in the initial phase of their build-up. Ultimately, it's a matter of one's personal preference. I personally would look to avoid the combination of lower LOE and PSGKD, but that's just me What you described here is the so-called split block (or split press, if you will). It means that you don't immediately look to stop the opposition from building from the back, but let them advance a bit before your players that are engaged in the split press start the pressing. In case you want to be as aggressive as possible, you can of course use both the split press and PSGKD at the same time, but this can be a bit of an overkill (and entails potential defensive risks). And also keep in mind that all these settings - like everything else btw - are automatically affected by the mentality you play on (the higher it is, the more aggressive your players will be, and vice versa).
  10. This setup looks pretty good IMHO, except for the LB. I would be a bit more cautious in a top-heavy (bottom-easy) system like 4231. WB on attack might be overly attack-minded, so my preference would be FB on attack - it's still the same duty (attack) but a more conservative role. Btw, that's why I prefer 4123 to 4231 - it offers more options and room for maneuver. You mean in terms of the player trait or PI or role/duty? Btw, in this particular case, I would also prefer BBM as the RCM. If I were to be a bit more adventurous - provided I have good enough players including defense-wise - I may even consider a mezzala on support duty with an IWB behind him (on defend or support duty, depending on how confident I am in both his and my team's general abilities). But the mezzala can come into the equation only if I manage a really strong team.
  11. I would ignore the training advice. As long as I am not satisfied with a player's attribute, I'll keep insisting on the additional focus. You are the manager (boss), so you are the one that makes the final decision
  12. If I understood you correctly, you said you are pleased with (my) 4123 and now want to try a 3421. Or perhaps I misunderstood something?
  13. How exactly do you mean to translate the 4123 into a 3421? They are not quite compatible systems. Can you post a screenshot instead of this file? Because I don't play FM on my PC but on someone else's, so I cannot open it here.
  14. I appreciate that the question is for @Rashidi and he will certainly give you a more detailed (and accurate) explanation, but I would assume it has to do with: - playing on a high-risk mentality (Positive in this case AFAIR) - higher tempo - and the very configuration of his roles and duties setup (including the TM on attack duty up front)
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