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  1. This is a very good point Btw, using both strikers on attack duty - and under the Attacking team mentality at that - is a result of a misconception that many people have, assuming that a striker on support duty will stay deep at all times and never get into the box and/or find himself in potential goal-scoring positions. Which cannot be further from the truth.
  2. That's good. Btw, what are their stats for positioning, tackling, stamina, teamwork and acceleration? Well, that basically comes down to the same. Anyway, in that case you need to create a system in which others will have to do all the "dirty job" in order to make the striker entirely focused on getting into scoring chances. The most logical choice for the striker's role would be poacher. Now when you know that, you can think about how the rest of the system could be set up. You need to create as many different ways of creating chances for him as possible.
  3. Yeah, total football preset would be quite interesting to see. I personally have some (vague) ideas as to how it might be set up, but would like to see how SI views the style.
  4. You posted so many screenshots of Celtic scout report(s), but not a single one of your tactic. And btw, try to be more realistic: You have 5 wins and 6 draws against probably the best club in Scotland. So you should be more than pleased with your record against them.
  5. The only thing I can tell you is to report this in the bugs forum.
  6. I do not recommend that a 4231 be used for every team. But that can also be said for any formation btw. Because if you want to use a certain system, you first need to have a certain type of players. Okay, but if you focus entirely on your striker scoring most of goals, you may neglect some other important elements of the tactic, which can ultimately lead to the collapse of the entire system.
  7. I use the very 5212 system in my Man Utd save. I can tell you what is my preferred setup of roles and duties, but it does not mean it will work for you. First, because you may have different type of players than me. And second, even if you create an "ideal" setup of roles and duties, it can still fail if not supported with the right style of play (mentality, team and player instructions). So this is my basic setup (which I occasionally tweak a bit though): F9 AF TQ DLPde CAR WBat CWBsu CDde CDst BPDde But again, I don't know if this will work for your team.
  8. Well, I do play FM - and create tactics - entirely based on the logic of real-life football. But never mind, I am glad that your Lage "replication" is working wonders
  9. Forget about presets, as they can be misleading sometimes. You can play counter-attacking football on both lower and higher mentalities (or Balanced, of course), the question is what exact counter-attacking style you want to implement and whether your players have what it takes to play in a certain way. Not necessarily. Everything depends on what your players - all of them, not just attackers or defenders - are capable of and what they aren't. Lower DL and much lower LOE can invite too much pressure from the opposition, so you will need very good defensive players (not only nominal defenders), with good positioning, concentration, marking, jumping, heading, decisions and composure in the first place, in order for them to be able to handle such amount of pressure (plus, you will invite a lot of opposition long shots, some of which may well end up in the back of the net, especially when you play without a DM). Counter-attacking football on Balanced mentality is a quite good starting point. Then you can experiment by making slight tweaks here and there to see how your players will behave, but make them gradually, not too many at once. And never ignore the defensive aspect of the tactic.
  10. Before I comment on the tactic, I just want to tell you this: if you are pleased with results and how your tactic generally works, do not make changes only for the sake of one or two players, because you may risk ruining the entire tactic and hence your team overall performances. I said this in relation to this: Now, let's see the tactic. So, this is what your tactic looks like: DLFat IFat APsu Wsu CMde CMsu WBsu CDde BPDde FBsu SKsu Positive mentality - Short passes, build out of defence, low crosses, overlap to the left - Distribute to centrebacks, counter, counter-press - Higher DL, More urgent pressing, Use offside trap Basically, these team instructions are okay, except for more urgent pressing. When you play on a high-risk mentality (like Positive or higher) plus higher DL, there is no need to increase team pressing and thus risk disrupting defensive shape, especially when you use a top-heavy formation (such as 4231) and with no DM. On higher mentalities the level of pressing is already higher than on lower ones, and you already have counter-press, which is quite enough. Instead of more urgent pressing, I would suggest adding the Prevent short GK distribution, which would absolutely make sense with 4 players up front. In possession, I guess you opted for low crosses because you have fast players up front, right? But the problem may be that in most cases you will play against teams weaker than yours, who will look to defend deep and pack the box, so there will be little space for these low crosses to be successful. Low crosses make more sense when you play a sort of counter-attacking football with fast forwards who can get quickly into space behind opposition defenses. Of course, you can persist with low crosses if you want, but my personal preference would be either whipped or mixed (default). And of course, there are optional in-possession instructions that you may occasionally use, depending on what you see happening on the pitch and/or what exactly you want to achieve or to adapt to the opposition way of playing/defending (e.g. higher tempo, work ball into box, be more expressive). But as you said your tactic has worked well so far, maybe there will not be a need to use (any of) these instructions. In transition, everything is okay. The only thing I would add is distribute to fullbacks (along with CBs), so that the keeper has more options to pick from (which is safer, after all). Let's now take a look at roles and duties. The setup is well-balanced in terms of duties (taking the Overlap left into account as well), but could be more inventive when it comes to the selection of roles. But then again - if your tactic works well for you, why would you want to make changes at all? I mean, I can tell you what changes (adjustments) I would consider in terms of roles if you want me to, but the question is why would you do that at this point?
  11. I am not talking about a Benfica replication. I am talking about your tactic from the OP as such. In order for any tactic to work, it first needs to make sense from the perspective of elementary football logic (unless it's created as an exploit plug-and-play tactic, which is legitimate as anyone's free choice. but that's another pair of shoes).
  12. Overlaps/underlaps do not affect central players (like Gabriel in this case), but only wide ones. So Gabriel can make direct (or whatever) passes to Grimaldo, regardless of overlaps/underlaps. But that actually does not matter a lot, since your tactic is full of a lot more glaring issues than this one.
  13. Which ones are on the left side, and which ones on the right? FB(s) and WB(s) - who is LB and who is RB? The same question for IF(a) and W(s), as well as CM(s) and CM(d)?
  14. Don't interpret instructions so literally. They are not set in stone, and primarily serve to encourage certain types of behavior from players in situations when it makes sense. So if you have an overlap (or underlap) activated, it does not mean that Rafa will always hold up the ball and wait for Grimaldo to arrive for an overlap or underlap. That's not how things work in FM (nor in real-life football). I frequently use overlaps not in order to create actual overlaps, but to make more dynamic interplay on the flanks by slightly increasing the fullback's/wing-back's mentality and slightly reducing that of the wide forward/wide midfielder (which is what both overlaps and underlaps do). Okay, but what does it have to do with overlaps/underlaps?
  15. Rashidi has never said that you should not combine these 5 things you listed above (or at least I cannot remember him saying that, and I am someone who has been watching all his videos since FM18).
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