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  1. Depends on how you set it up, and how wisely you pick players for each position/role.
  2. 1. Don't be so one-dimensional with roles and duties. I hope you understand what I mean by this? 2. You don't need more than one BPD. You are having as many as (all) 3 of them. 3. In this system your only wide players are wide mids, so they need to cover the entire flank. Using them as defensive wingers could well exhaust them, so I would consider some less demanding role (standard WM for example).
  3. I think I have a pretty clear idea how I would basically play with these players and who would (ideally) be my starting 11. I'll get back later with more details. For now, I can only tell you that it would be a good old 4-4-2
  4. You already showed player roles (i.e. players and roles) in the screenshot of your tactic. Don't get me wrong, but your tactic looks like a complete mess. Based on your team instructions and mentality, I assume that your goal is to draw opposition deep into your half, win the ball and then hit them extremely quickly on the counter. But you set it up in a completely wrong manner. First, you don't need to use this ridiculous asymmetric formation. Secondly, you also don't need so many team instructions in possession. Your team is Valencia. It's a very good team, so you can play normal football with a normal formation and instructions and get good results. There is no need to complicate things when it can be quite simple. Good. I like counter-attacking football, so I can give you suggestions on how you can play that way with a team like Valencia. Formation-wise, I would probably go with a 4141dm wide (as the game calls it). You can play counter-attacking football on a higher mentality (positive, for example). It does not necessarily have to be defensive or cautious, especially when you are a strong team like Valencia. Balanced can also be okay. You can even play with a higher d-line and still be able to execute nice counter-attacking football. If you want more detailed tactical advice, I'll be glad to help
  5. The first suggestion I can give you - don't use the same tactic against every opponent, unless you are a top team that can impose its playing style on most other teams. And even the strongest teams sometimes have to tweak their tactic. NOTE: don't confuse tactic with formation - you don't have to change your formation, just make tweaks to instructions (and sometimes mentality). I suppose your team is Nurnberg, right? As far as I know, it's not a top team, and you are 4th in Bundesliga, which is probably an overachievement. What was the media prediction at the beginning of the season, and what's your board expectation? If both are lower than your position on the table, then your tactic obviously works in terms of results you are getting. Looking at the schedule screenshot, your results seem pretty good overall. Now let's take a look at your tactic... The setup of roles and duties is quite okay for a 4231. The only question is whether you have assigned each role to a suitable player (or vice versa)? I could tell you more about that if you post screenshots of your player profiles. Regarding team instructions, it's not quite clear what kind of football you want to play. The combination of much higher DL and much lower LOE suggests that you want to achieve the maximum possible vertical compactness, but that can backfire if you play against a team that tends to play long passes from deep directly into space behind your defense for their fast forwards. You can have a pretty good level of vertical compactness without being so extreme - higher DL and lower (or even standard) LOE should be enough. In order to give you more specific tactical advice, I would need to know more about the style of football you want to play. Judging from the screenshot you posted, it's neither possession-based nor counter-attacking (except for the counter TI in transition) nor fast attacking football. I guess you want some sort of counter-attacking football, but if so - then your tactic needs some more tweaking.
  6. But do you have the right players to play that way - that's the question. Btw, possession and high tempo/fast-moving football usually do not go hand in hand, though better teams can achieve both at the same time (Liverpool for example). If all (or most) of your players are like the 3 strikers, then you can hardly play possession-based football. Maybe you can use possession as a defensive weapon (to prevent opposition from having the ball by keeping it as much as you can), but that's another pair of shoes. Simply put, you don't have players for the style you want to play. Anyway, given that you are somehow overachieving - and overachieving very much at that - I would suggest you to keep playing the way you already do and stop bothering about your strikers struggling to score (as long as you are getting results anyway)
  7. Apart from the issue regarding the (lack of) quality of your strikers - as @scratchmonkey correctly noted - it's not quite clear from your tactical setup what style of football you want to play - is it possession or counter-attacking? Most of your TIs are pointing to possession football, but your setup of roles and duties is more suited to a counter-based style. Btw, I see that you are occupying the 2nd place in the Championship, and it's March - meaning the end of the season is nearing and you are likely to win promotion into the EPL. I guess that expectations/media prediction were much lower, so you are obviously over-achieving, right? A bit more realism would be welcome IMO.
  8. Just one more thing - be careful with the "underlap left" TI in this second tactic. If you find that you are getting overly exposed in that area (left flank), just remove it.
  9. It's time for another - just slightly modified - version of the tactic PFat Wat IFsu MEZsu DLPde IWBde WBsu CDde CDst CDde SKde The starting 11 for this tactic & player instructions: GK/SKde - Patricio - no PIs DCL/CDde - Boly - less urgent pressing DCR/CDde - Coady - stay wider, less urgent pressing DC/CDst - Dendoncker - mark tighter WBL/IWBde - Jonny - no PIs WBR/WBsu - Doherty - cross more often MCL/MEZsu - Moutinho - mark tighter, more urgent pressing, take more risks MCR/DLPde - Neves - mark tighter, less urgent pressing AML/Wat - Jota - roam from position AMR/IFsu - Costa - sit narrower, mark specific position ML or AML ST/PFat - Jimenez - shorter passing, shoot more often Team instructions: Mentality - Balanced In possession - slightly more direct passing, play out of defence, play wider, underlap left, overlap right In transition - counter, throw it long, distribute quickly to the flanks Out of possession - higher d-line, standard LOE, use tighter marking, prevent short GKD, use offside trap Optional team instruction (used occasionally, but not as part of a starting tactic) - be more expressive Optional player instruction - ease of tackles for the stopper-duty CB (Dendoncker)
  10. Okay, maybe he is in real life. But in this system, there is no cover-duty CB. There is a stopper instead, in order to make up for the absence of a DM. I don't think they are on attack, especially not both of them. In this case I use the overlaps to encourage them get more forward in a safer way than by using attack duties.
  11. And yes - you might also consider adding the "dribble less" TI, in order to encourage your players to build the attacks and create chances more through a quick and fluid interchange of passes.
  12. I would always play Leo as a trequartista, especially on the left flank (where you play him already). That's the role that suits him perfectly, as he has all the necessary attributes to play it. As for the rest of your system, I would recommend swapping Rakitic and Arthur around, so that Rakitic would play the right CM as a DLP on support, while Arthur would be a mezzala on support. Suarez can play as a DLFsup, though I would try him as an F9 and would also tell him to roam from position. Roberto would be a WB on support on the right, so that he could provide more close support both to Rakitic and Messi further up the pitch. Busquets is a perfect choice to play as a HB, and that's generally the role that perfectly suits your desired playing style in this 433 system Dembele (if you play him in AML) is also best suited for an IF role with support duty, so that's a good choice again Now, given that one the left are two attack-mided roles (MEZ and IF), even though both on support duty, Alba should IMO be slightly more conservative - FB on support instead of WB. However, I would now add the "Overlap left" TI in possession, which would make Alba going forward a bit more, while Dembele would be positioned slightly deeper. Dembele would be also told to sit narrower (PI). All this together should create a lot of nice passing combinations on the left, allowing Messi more time to explore space on his side and - given his great intelligence - exploit it through well-timed movement. Regarding team instructions, passing should be just shorter (rather than "much shorter"). Be more expressive is a must when it comes to Barca IMO. Counter-attack in transition is another must, because with the players you have up front, you can be lethal on the counter. Quick distribution to both CBs and FBs is something I would also recommend. Out of possession - not sure if you need both lines set to "much higher". I would drop them both a notch - i.e. to just higher. But would add "prevent short GKD" (and possibly also use tighter marking). So this would be my setup with these 11 lads: F9 IFsu TQ MEZsu DLPsu HB FBsu CDde BPDde WBsu SKsu/de Positive mentality / shorter passing, POD, WBIB, be more expressive, low crosses, overlap left / counter, distribute quickly to CBs & FBs, counter-press / higher DL, higher LOE, prevent short GKD, use offside trap (and use tighter marking) PIs - AML/IFsu (Dembele) to sit narrower; F9 (Suarez) to roam from position; DCR/BPDde (Pique) to stay wider; the midfield three (HB, DLP and MEZ) to mark tighter.
  13. I am not surprised that your defensive performance has improved following my suggestion(s), because all "my" teams are pretty strong when it comes to defending. Regardless of what my primary style is, being tight at the back is always my first priority. I am glad that you watch your matches and tweak the tactic accordingly, because that's the best way to understand the game and eventually create a tactic that suits your preferred style of football entirely by yourself
  14. I am not trying to replicate real-life Wolves, but to create a tactic that would suit their players based on their attributes in FM. The formation 343/523 is the system they play in real life though, but that formation is really the most logical choice IMO.
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