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  1. A mezzala on support duty can work nicely with a RMD, but only if the whole tactic is set up properly (like any tactic btw). So the first couple of tweaks I would suggest are: - change the striker's (DLF) duty to support (to create as much space for the RMD as possible) - drop the LOE to standard (again for the sake of space which RMD especially needs) - use the combination of shorter passing and standard (default) tempo (to give your players a bit more time to create chances for the RMD, and also for the RMD himself to explore the space) Depending on the quality of your players, you may also consider changing the RB into WB on support duty, in order to encourage him to provide more support in advanced areas, which can benefit both the RMD and MEZ. In that case, it would be advisable to change the DM into either a HB or anchor. If you decide to try these tweaks, report back how it works
  2. Having analyzed your starting 11 and taking into account everything you said (including what the board wants/expects from you), I would switch to the 4123 wide formation and set it up like this: PFat IWsu Wsu DLPsu MEZat DMde FBat CDco BPDde IWBsu SKsu Benkovic would be the BPDde (in DCR), and Onguene the covering CB (in DCL) DLPsu - Geiger MEZat - Olmo AMR/Wsu - Stengs (he is left-footed, so playing him on the right flank would make him a hybrid between a standard winger and IF/IW) AML/IWsu - Veron (probably the "weakest link" among your attacking players, but still good enough) Considering both what the board wants in terms of playing style and your players' attributes, these would be my starting team instructions (small occasional tweaks would be added when needed): Mentality - Positive In possession - shorter passing, higher tempo, play out of defence, be more expressive In transition - counter (and occasionally counter-press) Out of possession - higher DL and standard LOE Player instructions - split block involving the striker, both wide fwds and mezzala. You have a very good team, so your previous counter-attacking tactic - which looks really good in and of itself - does not make sense anymore (as you yourself already noted). If you have any questions and/or want some explanations, feel free to ask
  3. Split block is very simple. Rather than increasing the pressing urgency for the whole team (and thus risk compromising your defensive shape), you tell your 3-5 most advanced players to close down more in their player instructions. So your defenders and more defensive midfielders are keeping their shape while more attack-minded players are putting pressure on the opposition. Which means you are defensively solid, but still not too passive when defending. There is a softer version of split block, in which only 2 players are told to close down more (the striker and the most advanced central or attacking midfielder). Now, the split block alone is not going to make you defensively solid if the rest of your tactic is unsound. You primarily need to pay attention to your vertical compactness and the balance of roles and duties. Even in-possession instructions can (indirectly) cause defensive issues if your players lose the ball in a dangerous area and/or at an inopportune point during the attacking phase (which usually happens if you ask more of them than they are capable of). Hope this helps.
  4. Okay, let's first present your setup in a more convenient way: PFat IWsu IFat BBM MEZat DLPde WBat BPD? BPD? WBsu SKsu Before I move to your mentality and instructions, I want to tell you what IMO is problematic in your setup of roles and duties (besides the fact that this is definitely not how Liverpool play). - defensively very unsound (the quality of Liverpool players might offset this to some degree, but still...) - too many players attacking same areas of space in the final third - 2 BPDs is also something I don't like, especially when there is a PM in front of them, but okay To cut a long story short, this is how I would tweak your setup to make it more sensible, both in attack and defense (retaining the PF on attack): PFat IWsu IFsu CAR/BWMsu MEZat DLPde WBat CDde BPDde (I)WBsu SKsu Now, let's see the instructions: mentality - attacking in possession - extreme tempo, slightly more direct pass - counter, counter-press - much higher LOE and much higher defensive line Here we have an even bigger problem than with your (initial) setup of roles and duties. Again, apart from the fact that this is also a completely wrong interpretation of how LFC play in real life (except for the counter and counter-press, which are okay). First, mind the effect that the mentality has on everything else. When you play on the attacking mentality, you basically don't need even "just" higher tempo, let alone much higher. The same goes for passing. Especially when you play with a higher or much higher LOE (because you are further reducing the space that your defensive opposition is already looking to deny you). If you want to sort of "emulate" LFC under Klopp using the Attacking mentality, go with the default tempo and slightly shorter passing. Although Liverpool also tend to play out of defence. When it comes to out-of-possession TIs, I would drop the DL to higher (instead of much higher) - again taking the (attacking) mentality factor into account. The LOE would be standard (to create more space for potential counter-attacks) with a split block added. So, to summarize - this would be the team instructions I would opt for in a primary (starting) tactic: Attacking mentality - slightly shorter passing and play out of defence (potential tweaks: be more expressive and/or work ball into box) - counter and counter-press - higher DL, standard LOE and offside trap Player instructions - split block with 4 or 5 players Any questions?
  5. I personally prefer the 4141dm wide (a.k.a. 4123). It's the best balanced system overall, so can suit not only possession but almost any style of play. Among top-heavy formations, the 4231 is clearly more suitable for possession styles than 424.
  6. You are probably referring to this one: I meant "not ideal" due to lack of central penetration from deep and because a mezzala works better when "his" wide forward is on a different duty from him (e.g. if the mezzala is on support, his winger or IF/IW should be on attack, and vice versa). Another potential issue could be the CF. For two reasons: 1. he is the only attack-duty player among midfielders and forwards, so he might struggle due to the lack of proper support 2. CF is a very demanding role, which may further compound the point number 1 So, if you want to keep the CF on attack duty, I would change the mezzala into a CM on attack, who is a more direct type of deep runner and works nicely with a winger on support. If you opt for the CM on attack (according to my suggestion), then you can also consider changing the RB from FB on support into IWB on support. That would also help your possession-oriented approach. The DLP's duty might then need to be changed to defend though. Like this: CFat IFsu Wsu CAR/BWMsu CMat DLPde FBat CDde CDde IWBsu GK/SKde There are other options of course, but they would entail a bit more tweaking. So this is the simplest one.
  7. You need to start a separate thread for this type of advice. Because this one is specifically for quick-fire questions. Which yours is not. Thanks!
  8. Regroup makes no sense if you want to play possession football. You can either go with the counter-press or leave both unselected (if you fear that your players are not good enough to execute the c-press properly). Distribute to CBs makes sense, although I would add FBs as well (to give the keeper more options for safety reasons). Well, no instructions is not a bad idea in general. But given that you want to play possession football, that may not be aggressive enough. Because possession football is not only about keeping the ball as much as possible when you have it, but also winning it back as soon as possible when you lose it. You should at least turn the Prevent short GKD on given that you play in a top-heavy system.
  9. Yes, this is not necessary. Not only because you already use the PoD TI, but also because you have a DLP in DM as a natural ball-magnet. These defensive instructions are suitable for counter-attacking styles, but definitely not for any type of possession football. You are asking about the 424 formation or your setup of roles and duties in the 4123? Although I already explained the latter one in my previous post. A carrilero is basically a "soft-core" version of BBM. It's a hybrid between a midfield holder and midfield runner. He controls the space between the defensive and attacking midfield areas, tending to drift a bit wider when needed to cover his flank defensively. That's why the role is useful when you use a more attack-minded FB or WB (including WB/CWB on support duty). Of course, a player playing the role needs a certain set of attributes, which are displayed in the player profile (I would primarily look for positioning, anticipation, tackling, teamwork, work rate, stamina and some decent speed... bravery and determination are always welcome, of course).
  10. The 424 as a formation is not optimally suited for possession-oriented styles of football. I already told this to a guy who was trying to do it as well. There is a way to make it more possession-friendly through a proper setup of roles and duties. This is the setup I proposed to him: DLFsu PO IFsu APsu DLPsu/de CAR FBat CDde CDde WBsu GK/SKde Basically, the whole team is working for the poacher. There are 2 PMs in different types of PM roles controlling different areas of the pitch. Most players are on support duties to help keep and circulate the ball until an opening occurs. 2 relatively conservative CM roles allow for the fullbacks bombing forward more regularly to provide width in attack, including a natural overlap. If you want to make it even more possession-oriented, you can add the Work ball into box TI. But be careful if your players are not good enough to keep the ball in tight areas of space under pressure. What are your out-of-possession and in-transition instructions? They are also very important.
  11. If you want to play a possession-oriented type of football, then wide 4123 is definitely a better choice of formation. The right side is generally okay - FBsu, MEZsu and Wsu. But the left one is problematic IMO. While IFsu and FBat do make sense, especially because they create a natural overlap, the BBM is not an ideal CM role here. You need a more holding or covering type of CM. These can be DLP, carrilero or BMW on support. Given that you already have a DLP in DM, you can go with either BWM or CAR in MCL position. So, the setup would now look like this: CFat IFsu Wsu CAR/BWMsu MEZsu DLPsu FBat CDde CDde FBsu GK/SKde This looks better balanced, but is still not ideal IMHO. However, I would encourage you to try it and see how it works. If you are pleased - great. If not, report back and we'll discuss further potential tweaks Btw, which mentality and instructions do you intend to use for this setup?
  12. Sorry, but there is no thread started by you in the Tactics forum in the last few days. Maybe you posted it somewhere else by mistake, but not in the section where people ask for tactical help and advice.
  13. Okay. And these were the instructions: Balanced - PoD, short pass, lower tempo, overlap left, more expressive - counter, counter-press, distribute to CBs/FBs - Higher DL, higher LOE, more urgent, prevent GKD So - according to team instructions - you were basically trying to play hard-core possession football in a system that is not ideal for such a style of play. But even if you adapt the 424 via roles and duties to be more possession-friendly, the way you did it was pretty much wrong. If you want to play a heavily possession-based football using the 424 system, you should go with something like this: DLFsu Pat IFsu APsu DLPsu CAR FBat CDde CDde WBsu GK/SKde When it comes to instructions, the overlap left is a clear overkill + defensively risky in a top-heavy system without a DM like the 424. Which btw you yourself already noted. Another overkill is using short passing and lower tempo at the same time under the Balanced mentality. Because playing in such a slow manner gives too much time to the opposition to consolidate and get back into their defensive shape. Given the type of formation (424), I would also be very careful with pressing urgency, especially when having both DL and LOE set to higher (plus the Prevent short GKD).
  14. Okay. Well... first, making such a big change to a tactic is never a good idea. It's far more advisable to tweak the first tactic by removing needless elements step by step. Can you sketch your first setup of roles and duties in this way: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX
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