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  1. Not really. A poacher would be a more suitable role for him than AF, but not in your system (because he would likely be isolated most of the time). So either a PF or TM (in both cases on support). I mean, you can experiment and try him as a poacher or PF on attack to see if and how that would work, but I fear it would require adjustments to some of the other players' roles.
  2. Please do not exaggerate I do try to help as much as I can, but I also remember very well how much the help I was getting from more experienced tactical masters meant to me when I was struggling with tactics. That's okay to me. I like when people want you to explain your tactical advice, rather than just blindly following what you said/wrote. The problem is that I don't always have time to explain everything in a single post, but instead will explain later if people ask me. Absolutely. The FM is not an easy game, but that's exactly the reason I love it so much
  3. I did not say that you should get rid of Lukaku. He is a great player, and I would always look to keep him in my team. I am more surprised at your decision to play Wan-BIssaka and Tierney as first-choice fullbacks. I am not sure if they are good enough for a team such as Man Utd at the moment. Mark tighter for the midfield trio is to put as much pressure as possible on opposition when they are trying to build up an attack, in order to help your defenders. Sit narrower for Pepe to make him more involved in the build-up and to create more space for the attacking fullback on the right as an additional passing option in the final third. PF role for Lukaku is based on his attributes. He lacks passing and vision for a CF or DLF, and you obviously don't want to play him as a TM because you want to avoid too many crosses. As a PF on support he would put some pressure on the opposition back-line while still being a dangerous presence in and around the box when you attack. I would play him as a TM on support in this system, but I guess it's not what you want.
  4. If you want to play with Lukaku as the lone striker in a 4141dm wide system - but don't want to use him as a TM (which is his "most natural" role) - then I would play him as a PF on support. However, it seems to me that you again - as with Cardiff - are failing to take a proper look at your players and their strengths and weaknesses, both when creating tactics and dealing in the transfer market. Anyway, I'll tell you what I would change in your tactic (without changing the mentality, formation and your selection of players), based on what you described in the opening post. Roles and duties PFsu IFat IFsu MEZsu DLPsu HB FBsu CDde CDco FBat GK/SKde Team instructions Mentality - Positive In possession - play out of defence, higher tempo, work ball into box In transition - counter, counter-press, distribute to CBs & FBs Out of possession - higher DL, higher LOE, prevent short GKD Player instructions GK/SKde - De Gea - take fewer risks DCR/CDco - Bailly - take fewer risks DL/FBsu - Tierney - sit narrower, cross more often DR/FBat - Wan-BIssaka - stay wider DMC/HB - Matic - mark tighter MCL/MEZsu - Pogba - mark tighter MCR/DLPsu - Herrera - mark tighter AMR/IFsu - Pepe - sit narrower STC/PFsu - Lukaku - roam from position, move into channels If you want some more explanation on the above tactical decisions, feel free to ask me
  5. As Robson rightly noted, your setup of roles and duties is pretty much inappropriate for a system such as 4231, irrespective of what style of football you want to play. And even more so for a possession-oriented game. Having 3 out of possible 4 forward players on attack duty in a top-heavy system will hardly work, even if you are a world-class team. No more than 2 attack duties among the front 4 - and no more than 3 overall - is a general recommendation for a 4231. For your goals to be scored more via through (killer) balls and less from crosses, you first need to create space in the final third for these killer balls to be played into, and you do that through movement of your players. And also bear in mind that the way your guys create chances and (hopefully) score goals depends at least in part on how opposition are defending. So if you play against a tight and packed defense, you will logically see less chances from through balls and less clear-cut chances in general. This is especially true. There are a couple of exceptions though when this combination - both the AMC and ST on attack duties in 4213 - can work, but it's more suitable when you want to play a sort of counter-attacking football. However, since the 4231 is "naturally" much more suitable for possession-based and more attack-minded styles, playing counter-attacking football with a 4231 is pretty much tricky and requires a lot more tactical knowledge and experience, so that you could be able to set everything up in the right way. Otherwise, it will most probably fail.
  6. After reading Cleon's reply, I think we misunderstood each other. I did not mean that player playing on the right flank would go to the left flank and then run with the ball like a left winger (as that would really be bizarre What I meant was that when he has the ball on his (right) flank, he will look to run with it leftward, i.e. toward the middle of the pitch.
  7. Yes, PPMs affect players' behavior, regardless of a position/role they play. And it's not a bug. It's how the game works. That's why you need to consider everything when creating a tactic.
  8. So here it is: DLFsu IFsu SS APat BWMsu DLPsu IWBde BPDde CDco WBsu GK GK - Curtois (PI - fewer risky passes) DR/WBsu - Carvajal DL/IWBde - Nacho (because I don't know who else you have in the position) DCR/CDco - Varane DCL/BDPde - Ramos MCR/DLPsu - Kroos MCL/BWMsu - Carvajah (not sure about PIs without having a look at his attributes) AMR/APat - Asensio AML/IFsu - Vinicius or Rodtygo (PI - stay wider) AMC/SS - James STC/DLFsu - Benzema (PI - roam from position) Mentality - Positive Team instructions: In possession - play out of defence, shorter passing, work ball into box, be more expressive In transition - counter, counter-press, distribute to CBs&FBs Out of possession - higher DL, higher (or standard) LOE As I said in my previous post, this is how my primary tactic would look if I managed these players. Occasional tweaks would likely need to be made, based on the type opposition and on what you see happening on the pitch during a given match. Tougher games - such as against Barca, Atletico etc.. - would of course require some sort of "special tactic", which would be a bit more conservative and cautious than the primary one. If you have any questions or want me to explain why I opted for this tactic, feel free to ask
  9. I would use Vicinius as an IF on the left, rather than a winger. The same goes for Rodrigo (when he plays in AML). Nacho could play as an IWB with defend duty on the left, but I guess you have some other left backs in your team? Possibly some of them would be a better choice than Nacho in that position? As for Mariano, I would rather play him as a PF on attack or poacher. I don't see him as a CF. Benzema on the other hand can play as a CF, but also some other roles (DLF on either duty, or AF... even a trequartista). Asensio is simply "born to be" an advanced playmaker both in AMC and AMR positions. Which duty he should play would depend on how other roles/duties in the system are set up. Jamez Rodruguez - a shadow striker if you ask me. Carvayal - a great fullback. I would use him as a FB on attack or WB on support for most of the time (though he can play any role in his position). That's how I view the players from the screenshots you posted. Later, in the next post, I'll tell you what my primary tactic would look like with this bunch of guys
  10. As long as you create enough good chances (regardless of how the game will qualify them), that's good
  11. You already have a natural overlap on both sides with the WB on attack and IF on support. An overlap TI makes the flank even more vulnerable because it further increases the mentality of the fullback/wing-back. Okay, that looks slightly better. I am curious to hear what's your reasoning behind playing narrow? Btw, do you use any in-transition and out-of-possession team instructions? What particular style of football do you want to play? I guess a patient possession game, since you opted for lower tempo and short passing?
  12. You can allow senior squad players who are not selected for the Eredivisie match that day to play for the B-team. If I correctly understood the quoted part
  13. 1. Are you managing this current Newcastle squad or you are in a later season and have brought some new players in the meantime? Maybe 4231 is not the most suitable formation for your squad, to begin with. 2. What are your team instructions and mentality? 3. I already saw some potentially problematic points in your setup of roles and duties, especially in terms of defensive risk (2 attacking WBs in a top-heavy formation with nobody in DM to more directly protect the back-line).
  14. You can tell the taker(s) to throw it short, and set 2-3 players to come short. That's what I do. For example, if I play a 4231, for the right side throw in I set it up this way: taker - throw it short AMR, ST and MCR - come short AMC - lurk outside area (edge of the box) AML - go forward others - stay back The same goes for the left side, only inversely.
  15. Did you take your players' attributes and traits when setting the roles and duties up? Or you created the setup first and then just assigned them to players, without paying attention to who will be placed into which position/role? I am asking this because, for example, I see that you play Kroos as a standard CM, even though he is a world-class playmaker. I don't know enough about your front four players, so cannot tell you whether IMO their roles and duties are well-chosen. But I can give you a couple of ideas based on what you described as your issues. For example, I would first lower the mentality to Positive. Playing on attacking mentality does not mean your attacks will be successful in terms of creating good chances. With positive mentality, your players will still be primarily attack-minded, but will not rush the play too much and instead try to work the ball in a more measured manner. This way chances you create would be of a better quality. Now that the mentality has been slightly tempered, you can add some deep runners to provide more support to the front four in the final third. But in order to tell you which particular roles and duties would best suit your team, I would need to see screenshots of your front four and both fullbacks. So it would be nice if you posted them I mean, there are setups that work very nicely in a 4231, but it's hard to tell which one would work for you based on this limited info. Anyway, I'll give you an example of a system that worked for me in a number of cases: PFsu APsu SS IFat CAR DLPde FBat CDde CDde WBsu GK/SK Or this one: PFat IFsu APsu Wat DLPde BBM FBat CD CD IWBde Additional team instructions I would consider are "Be more expressive" and "Play wider" (but not the extreme width). Btw, player instructions can also play an important role.
  16. But be careful, because a mentality change affects everything else in your tactic. So you'll probably need to adjust some of the other settings.
  17. DWs do a lot more pressing and start pressing earlier, and they are slightly more defense-minded than WMs (on the same duty) in the sense that their starting position is a bit deeper. So DW is generally the more demanding role, especially when it comes to the physical side of the game. I assume that's more down to the low (cautious) team mentality you use than role selection. Crosses are essentially a sort of "speculative" passes, so with cautious mentality your guys are probably less willing to cross too often. You could try with the "hit early crosses" and the "wider attacking width" TIs to see if that makes a difference.
  18. Might be an "exploit", but who cares If you are getting results, just go ahead
  19. I have some idea of what could be done, but would need to look at screenshot of his (Ivonei) and MCR (Chiquinho) player profiles, to see if and how that would work. Anyway, the idea is to play the MCR as a mezzala on attack and the right AMC as an AP on support. I would also consider changing the CF's duty from attack to support in this case. So the setup would then look like this: CFsu SS APsu CMsu(CAR) MEZat DLPde WBsu CDde BPDco FBsu
  20. I've just read it through. A fantastic article, I wholeheartedly recommend it to all you guys
  21. Be careful with the "Run at defence" and "overlaps/underlaps" TIs, as well as with pressing levels in general. Run at defence can disrupt your defensive shape to a certain extent (even though it's an "attacking" TI), while overlaps and underlaps increase the mentalities of you fullbacks/wing-backs. Btw, you already have a so-called "natural" overlap on the left, since the wing-back is on attack and the IF on support That being said, I don't mean that you should not use over/underlaps at all, just be aware of the abovesaid mentality change.
  22. I don't know your players, so I cannot tell you exactly what you could (should) do to make your tactic work better. Only I can do is offer you some basic idea of how you might try to play a sort of counter-attacking football using a 442 system against a team that is considerably stronger than you (I assume Spurs are a much better team than your Sunderland?). An example of possible setup of roles and duties (to give you stability in defense and some decent potential in attack): PFsu AF Wsu BBM DLPde IWsu IWBde CDde NCBde Fbsu GK/SKde As you can see, I changed very little compared to your original setup of roles. Now, these are team instructions I would probably start with (and then tweak a bit based on what's happening on the pitch): Mentality - Cautious In possession: more direct passing, higher tempo, play (slightly) wider, hit early crosses In transition: counter, regroup Out of possession: standard (default) d-line, lower LOE, standard (default) pressing urgency, get stuck in Potential player instructions would be: - all the midfield four - mark tighter - Wsu & IWsu - get further forward - IWsu - take more risks - PFsu - roam from position Potential tweaks to team instructions you may try at certain stages of a match: pass into space, distribute quickly, distribute to flanks. If you manage to get a lead (or simply want to hold on to a draw), then you can remove pass into space and early crosses and add (for example): play for set pieces, waste time sometimes, distribute slowly (instead of quickly), hold shape (instead of counter), lower tempo... What you also need to know is - when you play a counter-attacking football, you cannot expect that every time you intercept an opposition attack there will immediately be an opportunity for a promising counter-attack. Because the opposition will certainly look to protect their potentially vulnerable areas as best as they can. So you have to be patient. Your primary focus should be on good and tight defending, and only then on attacking. And against top sides such as Spurs (City, LFC, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal), a draw is a fantastic result (even a narrow defeat is not bad).
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