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  1. I am not but I am scoring a lot of them. Also there are good number of goals from set pieces.
  2. @Experienced Defender it is little off topic, but I just want to congralute you for your moderator role. You deserved it definitely!
  3. Never been relegated, but have been sacked many times. Sometimes because of bad results, sometimes disagreement with the board.
  4. Played three friendly games, so far I am satisfied. - Didn't see any long balls neither of me or my opponents, even though I push my DL to higher(and both my CB-s are on defend duty). - No more high header shots long over the goal - Wide players are crossing more often (had one situation, where my wide player was chasing the ball and he immediately cross it with his weaker foot into box and my striker scores a goal, in previous ME my wide player would just stop the ball without breaking and the opponent would just pick the ball and there is counter attack for them) - had only one 1 on 1 situation and it has been scored even though it was a little difficult angle - And what I liked the most of this ME, is the variety of passing
  5. @Andrew James https://easyupload.io/myamme here is the save days before announcing the youth intakes and again are very bad,
  6. Hi, I will upload, I am currently in month october, so I guess the youth intake will be in march. Will have a prepared save for you by that time. Cheers.
  7. Don't know is it a known issue, but in my save all penalties are taken with low shots. I can upload some pkms with penalties in if it helps you.
  8. I don't know why is he chasing to catch the ball even thouh the opposition player is not get it? Why just don't let it go for goal kick?
  9. All my penalties are low shots and whenever the opposite GK goes to the side where the penalty taker shoots, he saves the penalty.
  10. 73rd min - Milenkovic is running to catch the ball but he is also chased by opposition player and he catch the ball but he went out and the opposition player just took the ball and there is a big chance for them in which he missed the 1 on 1 situation. Ajax v FC Utrecht.pkm
  11. Well, I guess it could be that because I have a well respected captain and have very good relationship almost with all my players. But it feels like cheating or something
  12. Whenever I receive an offer from a big club for my player where he wants to negotiate with them, I reject the offer and next thing is that the player is asking why I didnt accept the offer, I just ask a teammate to resolve this. What happens? He is happy to stay at the club. I did that 15 times and every time it has worked.
  13. Hmm.. I was giving a non staff contract to one of my players who is retiring at the end of the season. And there were options what playing role will I give him. There was impact sub, emergency backup and so on and there is last option a 'none', staff only but he refused that option even though he is retiring. Surprisingly, that was in january or february I think and I am in my last game of the season, want to try again and I can give the player only a staff contract. So you must wait until the end of the season to give them a staff contract.
  14. I reduced long balls over my defence and I am scoring a nice % of my 1 on 1s, but when my wide player wont pass to my striker who is alone in the box for just an easy tap in goal, that frustrates me the most.
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