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  1. #FM20Features Previous player partnerships have been added into tactics. So players at a club who've got an established partnership will appear in-game and if you reunite two players who have played well together previously, they may still have a connection
  2. In #FM20, owners now consider the international break as a point where it may make sense to replace a manager #FM20Features
  3. https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/1184442616668028928?s=20
  4. I always get the job if it is the second part of the season, after winter transfer window is finished. Before that, I didn't get the job.
  5. @knap hey, what is the best tactic for a sub team with high number of clean sheets and solid number of scoring goals?
  6. Do you use any SUS version of this tactic? Btw is it a nice tactic so far, I am using the mirror shaped tactic but it works fine.
  7. If I win the game, I just warn the player. But if I lose or even draw, then I fine him with two weeks.
  8. Won a promotion with Cholet in my first season even tho media prediction was 6th place and board expecatition top half. Had about 15 points above the second place. Now, I am lying in middle table after 10 games. Media prediction are 20th place and board expectations are to avoid relegations. Using of course v2 steadfast, but when I got the lead in the second half, I change to @optimusprimal82 CTRL tactic. Working well so far. And have a question, why is my AM choosing so frequently to train GEGENPRESS and only gegenpress?
  9. I played with a couple clubs so far in fm19 and in every club, my AM is scheduling GEGENPRESS training even tho I didn't even play a gegenpress tactic. Why is that?
  10. I love your thread and it is very useful. I will try your CTRL and SUS steadfast tactic.
  11. Startet a new save, club I chose is SO Cholet. They are playing in french third league. Expectations are top half position. So far so good. They are semi professional club, so I asked the board, twice, to go professional status but they refused. Don't know when will they go to professional status because I didn't play so much with semi-professional clubs. Never mind, here are some SS-s.
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