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  1. If I win the game, I just warn the player. But if I lose or even draw, then I fine him with two weeks.
  2. Won a promotion with Cholet in my first season even tho media prediction was 6th place and board expecatition top half. Had about 15 points above the second place. Now, I am lying in middle table after 10 games. Media prediction are 20th place and board expectations are to avoid relegations. Using of course v2 steadfast, but when I got the lead in the second half, I change to @optimusprimal82 CTRL tactic. Working well so far. And have a question, why is my AM choosing so frequently to train GEGENPRESS and only gegenpress?
  3. I played with a couple clubs so far in fm19 and in every club, my AM is scheduling GEGENPRESS training even tho I didn't even play a gegenpress tactic. Why is that?
  4. I love your thread and it is very useful. I will try your CTRL and SUS steadfast tactic.
  5. Startet a new save, club I chose is SO Cholet. They are playing in french third league. Expectations are top half position. So far so good. They are semi professional club, so I asked the board, twice, to go professional status but they refused. Don't know when will they go to professional status because I didn't play so much with semi-professional clubs. Never mind, here are some SS-s.
  6. In Fm16, if I recall, I was managing Karslruhe, was in third division, won two straight promotions. After few games in the first bundesliga, I won nearly all games and then I played against Bayern Munchen away. I was thinking to play defensive football against them, but my first tactic( which was a little offensive) was great, so I decided play with that tactic against them. Lost 10-0 the game.
  7. Then send your scouts in decembre to scout player which contacts are expiring in the summer.
  8. Yes, mostly because of the winter world cup. Just one game in november and december, it is weird to see that in Premier league. And now I see that I have 9 games in january. 9 games haha!
  9. I have used a lot of KNAP's tactics, but this one is the best. You don't score a lot of goals which is fine by me, but the number of conceded goals and CS-s are amazing and because of that I love this tactic. Sometimes, when I have a 2-0 or 3-0 lead, I change to CAUTIOUS mentality, change to HOLD SHAPE, DRIBBLE LESS and change the CWBs and WMs to SUPPORT duty. % possession jumps to +10% in your favor in about 45mins, and you get more about 50% of completed passes. I must admit I barely score in this tweak, but in 15 games that I used that, I conceded just one goal. I just use this tweak to protect the lead and to REDUCE the intensivity of the tactic.
  10. He was your penalty taker or what?
  11. Race for the title is thight and this happens against Man City. They have Mbappe, Milinkovic-Savic, Dier and others. But I have Adama Traore
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