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  1. The press conferences need a total revamp imo. I lost the league only because the result between me and Real Madrid, and not one question was about that.
  2. Am I missing something here? Start day is in may and will be completed in february in the same year?
  3. Hi, I was hiring some players who retired(or at least they were) as a club staff and when I sign them, days after they just retire from football at all. This happened three times in only 2-3 weeks.
  4. Hello, I am playing in quarter final of CL second leg against Juventus and I can choose only 7 subs and can only use 3 of them but rules are saying that I can choose 12 players and can use 5 substitions. This happened also in 1/8 final of CL against Liverpool. The weird thing is, this happens only in second legs. In first legs, it is normal. And yes, it is the first season.
  5. @Experienced Defender Will be there another 4231 thread from you for this FM version?
  6. Hi, after every game, you can speak to your players how they played the last game or after a couple of games, you can speak to your players how their form is, you can praise and critisize them. So. I was thinking, it would be a good option if you could speak to your players about their season after the season is finished. Like you can praise them, that you are pleased how the player played a good season or critisize them, like that he must play much better next season or he will be sold. Another option is, that you can speak to your players, like that you are think
  7. After every game, I can discipline at least three players for playing bad even though I am playing good and win games. It is getting frustrated, because the media is also pumping with questions about the poor form from my players, especially from my fullbacks.
  8. Hello I am at the end of the second season with Leicester City, I have of course still Vardy in my team even though he is declining because of his age. I am playing with a one striker formation and have three good strikers where Vardy is now my third option. He still has one year contract, so I don't want to sell him, I want that he retires here. But the problem is, he has the highest wage in the club even though he don't deserve it at this moment and his agreed playing time is Star player, but as you can see in picture, he is a regular starter. I wanted to renew his co
  9. Oh my God. I just scored a goal which was looked by VAR because of offside and the goal stood! This is amazing!!
  10. I hate the fact that I can't see who assisted a goal or who has x goals or x assists during the game. I just hate it.
  11. The problem here with these one-question interviews is that you need to click it to attend and then give your answer. Why not just give me answers in the inbox and I will click it. Now I just ignore it.
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