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  1. @knap what is the best 442 for top team with the least conceded goals?
  2. And how about christmas tree 4321? Or 4312. Does it must have wingers to use MM?
  3. Can MM be used in 4231 formation with three AMC-s? Would it work?
  4. Knap Can you make some tactics with 3 CBs at the back? 352 or 343 maybe?
  5. This happens to me right now. I don't even know who the hell is this guy..
  6. The worst and most annoying question is about my tactical setup, like I know just one tactical setup and using it. With that question, they are like questioning me no matter if I am very succesful.
  7. @knap What is the best 4231(with amc) or 41221(with dmc) for a top team. Prefer a solid defence.
  8. @knap What is the best tactic for a lower team where the striker or strikers, are main goalscorers?
  9. Well, he is my backup striker but waa surprised to see someone with these attributes but never heard of him. There a lot of youth players with great potential, so this will be a good save.
  10. I usually load about 12 nations with maximum 65k players.
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