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  1. Was there any updates lately? Because from beginning I have only 2 goals allowed when watching VAR but in last couple of games I had three goals allowed when watching VAR.
  2. I cant find it, because I started a new save. But whenever a highlights is showing and Haaland is going on goal, he shoots and it is a goal. No matter on what side he is, he scores. Left or right foot, doesn't matter. 😂 Pace and long shot definitely. I will try but it will be hard. I signed though Odeegard. This will be funny haha. Hello mate. Are you ready for beta 22? 😎 He scored much more than 100 goals in calendae year.
  3. Hello I am playing active more than 10 years FM and something like this never happened to me. To score 88 goals plus 12 goals for Norway is truly amazing. I think after this I can't continue the save because I am feeling like a broke the game or something. I feared only that he gets injured but luckily for me, he didnt. You can see that I am not using some exploit tactic, it is a usual setup for me. PI have only shoot more often and he scored some beautiful ranged goals. He is the best FM player ever played for me. I had to share this with you
  4. In all my FM years, I've never had a striker like Haaland who scored this amount of goals.
  5. Never used BWM before but will give it a try and see are there any improvements. Thank you for your help and suggestions as always. Cheers! 😎
  6. Thanks for suggestions, I will try to put Moukoko on rigth wing in 4231 tactic as IFa or even Ramdeuter. I just put it randomly, but want to have the left FB attacking and the right one defensive. Left winger would be more the creative playmaker and the right winger to be the dribbler. And two attacker of course haha. So what is your role setup? I am curious. 😁
  7. I had it already three times and guess for which side was goal corrected. Not mine ofc. 🤷‍♂️
  8. That could work if I set it right. If I would choose this formation with these roles: PFa PFa IWs Wa DLPd BBm WBa CDd BPDd IWBs SKa What TIs to use?
  9. The thing is, I wanted to play from start and Haland and Moukoko together, so 442 would be the best formation. But it is hard to play the way I want because both Haland and Moukoko are similar type of strikers. Don't like the 442 diamond to be honest, like I said in earlier post, I don't like to play without at least two central midfielders. That is only my inital setup for this asymmetric tactic. I am using 4231 and it is going very well but wanted to play with two strikers. I want to involve Moukoko more but can't replace him with Haaland be
  10. I will give it a try, but I am also not a fan of these tactics, without at least two central midfielders. Oh, what do you dont like about my initial tactic? You mean my 4231? Or this 442?
  11. Hmm.. something like this maybe: PFa PFa AMs IWs Wa DLPd WBa CDd BPDd FBs SKa DLPd on DMC position and wingers on ML/MR. What do you think?
  12. This is my 4231 tactic where I won the bundesliga and Haland scored a lot of goals though. You're kinda right, I should just stick to my 4231 tactic and maybe just change my right winger to IF on attack duty and put Moukoko there. He has attributes to play there but first must retrain the position. Will try to have a BBM over mezzala and dual PFa in the attack to see are there any improvements. Thanks for the suggestions! received_513946723103076.webp received_2982293172053582.webp
  13. Hello guys and girls, I want to make a 442 where my both strikers will score most of the goals. I usually playing a 4231 tactic and it is fine, but having Haland and Moukoko, I need a two type striker formation where they will be my main goalscorers. This is how I setup at first but it isn't good. Was trying both strikers on AFa but was not satisfied with that. My playstyle would be aggressive-possesion based and prefer short play than direct passing. I also prefer having one FB more defensive oriented like in my case right FB and one more attacking ori
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