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  1. Bakiano

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Did one of the three teams drew or lost on the last fixture?
  2. I played a couple of seasons of fm19 and 0 goals came from through balls even tho I am playing a style that is focused on through balls and shorter passing.
  3. Yes, but when I need a goal, I use the original Knap version.
  4. They are making a new update, especially on ME so there will be less goals from set pieces.
  5. !FM19.1.4BEOWULF442WKnapP110 This formation is amazing. I love how my strikers (FINALLY) are scoring goals. In the picture below, I started using this formation from the game against Porto and I did use it against Amiens, but I wasn't impressed with my low % of possession (40%), so I changed the mentality into CAUTIOS and change COUNTER PRESS to HOLD SHAPE in transition. Results are the same, but I have about 60-65% of possession. 11 games, 11 wins, 35 GS, 5 GC, 8CS
  6. I dont want to sound annoying or something, but when will they release a new update?
  7. For those who are testing 1916, are there any improvements on ME?
  8. What a coincidence, also in my save Fekir got injured for 7-8 months in my first season and guess what happened in the second season? He got injured again from the same injury and for the same period, 7-8 months.
  9. Are there a lot difference between IFs and IWs or just a small amount? And are there any article or posts where there are a more extensive describes about each position and role?
  10. Yes, that's true and how easy they score against me, that is unbelieveble.
  11. For me is when I find and sign a youth player and latter in the game, I am getting a BIG offers for him.
  12. Friendly games in Key highlights and all competitive games in Extended highlights.