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  1. I suppose that makes sense, just so damn infuriating when you have a player that seems determined to ruin the club atmosphere and it feels like there's so little you can do. Laughable that all I did was criticise their performance in a friendly match. Said they needed to perform better in the matches that mattered. Matters less now, anyway. The new chairman sacked me. Wanted his own man. I just feel sometimes that FM doesn't have enough ways to interract when the game seems to focus a great deal on interraction now. Often feels like there is nothing I can do to turn things around when I hit a dressing room snag, and as performances really do deteriorate badly in these situations it can easily ruin a season. I really wanmt to enjoy FM like I used to, but the game seems determined to not let me.
  2. I have a defender in my team who keeps complaining, and as he is influential he tends to bring support with him. The problem is I can't speak to him to try to resolve the issue, it's brought down the dressing room atmosphere and no other play, bar my vice captain, will talk to him, and my VC failed to change his mind. To top it all off I've had a board takeover and the new chairman stated he wanted to bring his own manager with him. For that reason he's decided to wait to assess my management of the team and maintained a transfer embargo. It's pre-season, I'm trying to improve the team and I'm losing players I wanted to all this crap. It's little things like this that annoy the hell out of me in FM, and mainly why I've found it hard to keep the enthusiasm for this game over the past few years. Why can't I speak to the player again (after the intial discussion)? Why can't I speak to my chairman and discuss my position with him, or ask him to remove the embargo for the sake of the club? Ther game has some great ideas when it comes to interaction with your players. I like the idea behind it all, but it feels to me that SI fail to follow it through and input all the interactions that should be possible. My save has become seriously screwed for reasons that should easily be overcome in real life.
  3. Have you simply set the game to not give transfer budgets for first window? The database is as of after the end of the first transfer window so there is an option in game not to allow clubs a transfer budget for that first window, because essentially they have already spent their budget on players that are already in the database. You'll see very little transfer activity in the first window if you have ticked that option. Come January, and then the next summer window (one we're in now - 2018), clubs should then get a budget. If they're still not getting a budget - but if I'm understanding your post correct then you've gone to 2018 - then I don't know. You mentioned starting May 2018? Is this the start date when you are checking out clubs in the summer? If so, then I'd suspect it's the 'no transfer budget' option. If you start July 2017 and they get no budget in summer 2018, then something is wrong. If you want to start a game in this transfer window, then possibly your best bet is to start a game in July 2017, holiday for a season with an unemployed manager, thenn add a new manager after the 2017-18 season ends in May. That way you'll fully simulate 17-18. Unless you're loading lots of leagues then it shouldn't take long. I honestly think you just have the no transfer budget for first window selected, i.e. clubs have spent their money in 17-18, are not given a new budget and have no money.
  4. anagain

    Question about Steam

    Well, you are obviously able to get online because you posted here. As far as I am aware, all you have to do is go online once with Steam to register the game, then you can set Steam to offline mode. I hear you on the question of 'what if someone can't get online', but how rare is that nowadays anyway? In 2017 90% of households had internet access (according to Office of National Statistics - UK). Steam is unobtrusive, offers the user access to a wealth of games and is free. I don't understand why people are so against it. It's harmless. That said, the choice is yours. If you don't like it, then you're free to feel so. If it's the social media side of things, then maybe it would help you to know that I don't use Facebook or Twitter either. Steam has never made me feel like someone is intruding in to my life, and the latest updates have made it possible to be pretty much anonymous. No one need know who you are, where you are or even what games you play. The only person you rob is yourself, really. You are denying yourself a game you obviously want to play (or you wouldn't have felt a need to post this comment) due to a firm denial to use Steam. All you have to do is install Steam, register FM (a move made to combat piracy), set Steam to offline mode and sit back and play your game. You may even then look at Steam and find it's really quite useful. Up to you, of course, but I don't think you really understand all there is to this, or maybe you don't want to. You're only denying yourself though, pal. I can remember when I first got Steam myself. I was playing an MMO and a friend said 'don't you have steam?' I said 'no, and why do I need an extra program to play games?' To which he replied 'give it a go and see'. I was somewhat dubious, but 9 years later I realise it was a bloody sound decision; an expensive one (my choice to spend money), but a sound one. Give it a go and enjoy a game you want to play. If you can't get online, and you are posting this somewhere else, then sorry, but you didn't make that clear.
  5. Hi. Sorry for the late reply, but I haven't had a huge amount of time for FM during the week, and I did sort of forget I'd posted this. Truth be told, I haven't had a crash since last weekend, but I also have been focused on continuing to the dressing room at half time, rather than leaving the game running on the half time screen. I have also since upgraded my drivers, but as the only crashes happened on that half time screen it is hard to say whether that fact has fixed any problem. It's obviously not ideal to have to be focused on keeping the game running to avoid a crash, nor is it ideal to be wondering if the game will crash every match, but I suppose it's a solution for now. It'd be a pain to have to keep running matches to see if I've fixed the crash or whether it's still happening, and then to have to run again to find out if an addon caused it. It takes me long enough to run a season as is. I've included my dxdiag in case you can see anything alarmingly obvious, but as I've said, I've experienced no problems with any other game. Not that that's a definite answer, but would there not be problems elsewhere if anything obvious was at fault? I am running the game in full screen, but I suppose I could try windowed (don't really like running games in windowed though - personal preference). Is there any option to run the game in borderless fullscreen? I see posts on this forum saying fullscreen is borderless now though. Don't know how accurate that is. If it means I can freely move to second monitor easier then perhaps windowed is best. I appreciate the reply, Luke. Sorry if I sound like I'm being funny about this, because I do appreciate the work you guys put in at SI, and FM crashing really is a new issue for me. Just odd that it only crashes at half time, and a pain for the the fact that it is a nuisance to test. I'm inclined to think that it's something flashing up in the rotating image of the stadium, and the only connected thing I can think of is that I do sometimes get an odd occurance of flashing nets in matches. It's like they pusle between different colours. Game has never crashed while match highlights are playing though, and I've seen these flashing nets often. I did set my match graphics to recommended for my system after I posted this last week. I was trying to get rid of the flashing nets. Thanks again for the reply, and please let me know if there's anything alarming in my dxdiag (I don't really know what to look for). For now I'll keep advancing the game to dressing room at half time. If it crashes any more then I'll have to look in to it again. DxDiag.txt
  6. I'm at a loss with this one. I'm going through the steps to ensure drivers etc are up to date, but I'm wondering if it might be switching between a 2-screen set up that is having an impact. I've had 3 or 4 crashes now since I bought FM a couple of weeks ago. The crash always happens at half time, but only if I leave the game running whilst I do something else (often including switching my mouse to second monitor and discord/chrome. If I continue the game to the dressing room imeediately then it has never crashed. Is there any history of alt-tabbing or switching across 2-monitor set ups crashing the game? The game never crashes at any other moment. I doubt dxdiag is at fault because I run many other games with no problems, and if it were anti virus would not crashes happen at other points of the game? My video drivers are now up to date, but I was previously using a version installed after FM18 originally released. My thought is something running in the half time match screen is causing an issue. I have two graphics packs added to the game (facepack and logos). Could they cause this issue? I hope not. Just wanted to add that this is not something that is fun to test. If the crash is only happening at half time I obviously don't want to be having to run lots of matches to half time only to see if they crash. I don't even get a crash dump file. I suppose I could remove the graphics packs for one session and see if the crash happens. To be honest though, what I may need to do is just make sure I don't alt-tab or move monitor at half time. I never have had any problems with the simple graphics packs I use in any FM, so why they would suddenly cause problems with FM18 would be bizarre.
  7. Thanks Fraz. Maybe my heart's not in FM as it once was. I'm finding it harder to get past the things that bug me than I would have in editions of yesteryear. I really like the new dynamics feature. FM has been crying out for something like that for years. Many little things that really bug me, so much so that one friendly and I feel that itch has been scratched.
  8. I was thinking I might give FM18 another try now that it's been out a little while. I have the demo but I wanted to be sure it updates the same as the main game. I'm pretty sure it does, but it can do no harm to ask. My demo says it is version 18.1.4 but that's confused me because as far as I can tell the latest update is 18.1.3. While I'm here it can't hurt to also ask whether the game has had any major improvements to the UI since release. The UI was my biggest bugbear when I tried the demo. I hated it and I couldn't get past how bad it was. I've been watching a lot of Loki Doki on YouTubs and it's given me that itch to play FM again. I see the awful horizontal pitch is still game, so is it really any different from release yet?
  9. I just tried the demo over the last couple of evenings and I have to say I'm not feeling it this year. I found it hard to get in to FM last year after taking a break the year before. It could just be me, and the simple fact that I may have just lost that spark for FM, but my overriding feeling whilst playing has been that the changes (and I mean changes that should have been good for the game) are just poorly implemented and leaving me feeling like this is the poorest quality FM in memory. The match UI is by far the worst match UI I have experienced in nearly 20 years of FM (I first played this game in 1999). I find it hard to put words to how I feel about it, but I would say it is over complicated. I like the addition of praise to the pitch shouts, but I feel unsure as to whether I've implemented anything when I use shouts, only to see it flash up on the bar at the top. There's no confirmation of doing something. The whole match feels rushed, as if SI have listened to those wanting a faster game and cut down the highlights for everyone. Regardless of what goes on in a game, I feel like the information overlay between highlights is up a lot more than the highlights. Have the number of highlights been cut? I make substitutions and confirmation buttons are hidden away at the bottom of the screen, along with team talk options. The opposition instructions screen is now not part of the pre-match setup, but a separate window. The in match tactics window does not seem as interactive as it used to be. There appear to have been many changes, but not changes implemented well. I've had two obscure pieces of commentary in two matches (that I have noticed). I got a penalty in one game only to be told that the assist came from a player who had left the pitch injured near the start of the game. In my second match a player was injured after colliding with a team mate even though they were at different ends of the pitch, the injured player in acres of space. Injuries is another sore subject for me. In the past I've been dismayed at the number of posts on these forums that say there are too many injuries, so believe me that I feel uneasy saying that there are too many injuries this year. I get a report every match to say half my team are at serious risk of injury because I am training at high intensity in pre-season. I'm getting at least two nasty injuries a game and more from training. These are Premier league players and they're struggling with a high intensity pre-season. It just feels harsher than any FM I have played. I was very glad when I read that SI were implementing quite a few changes this year. The player dynamics feature pleased me immensely, along with the game delving more in to player-manager relationships. This is something I have felt FM needed for some time, and I am sure it will turn out to be a fantastic feature. Sadly, I just can't quite pull myself past a lot of features that I feel have been changed unnecessarily and even rushed...or appear to have been so. I have a lot of experience of FM, and the quality does not appear to be on show this year. The UI changes really are poor, and perhaps that is what is bugging me so badly this year. A poor UI can detract heavily from a game. If you feel like you are over clicking or are struggling to find information easily, then that very fact can bring the whole game down.
  10. Accrington? Founder members of the league for whom it didn't work out for. Now back in Football league after a long time in non-league. Nice association with the afore-mentioned Ian Rush, too. I think any team who are listed as foudners of the English league have a rich history for that fact alone. Totally biased here, but Bournemouth have a rich history. We giant-killed ManU once! Joking, of course. But, nice club to have a challenge with, too. Can you play the way they do now and keep them in the Premier, or will you change the style and see what happens? Can you build them a rich history? Can you keep the club's ethos of a predominant backbone of English talent. The biggest fall from grace currently in the game as a team to start with would be, I think, Stockport. They were as high as the Championship at one point and now find themselves in the Conference North. Other than that, and at that level, Darlignton 1883 and Bradford Park Avenue are former league clubs that had financial problems. Gainsborough Trinity were in the Football League once, but not for long. Depends if you'd want to start that low. From your original post I'd figure not. But when it comes to non popular teams in the Premier league with a rich history (as per your original post), I think I'd have to go with Burnley or West Brom. Depends if you want to stick to your original outline of expand as per people's suggestions.
  11. anagain

    Questionable Results

    Freak results happen. Labelling it questionable is unfair.
  12. Not managing the Premier League, but perhaps FM is just tougher on managers this year. From my own perspective I just got sacked as Stirling Albion manager after my new board sacked me despite saying they wouldn't judge me on past performance. Apparently I failed to meet a points target that was set my the previous board...even though I did actually meet it. It's true that real life management is a precarious game. I'd like to see FM harder on managers.
  13. anagain

    The Olympics in FM17

    It is essentially because the FAs of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland believe they will lose their identity if there is a joint Great Britain team for the olympics. It's a political thing. The individual teams of the home nations can not compete alone because they are not a sovereign nation in their own right. The nation is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. We have the home nations because there was not distinction of national competition when the respective FAs were formed, hence they continued their own way. It's unlikely to change any time soon. The reason we had a GB team at London 2012 was the result of a lot of political bargaining, as @steven gilbert said.
  14. So I just picked up this guy who can play in a nice variety of positions up the center of the park. I'm now a little unsure as to how best to train him. My coaches think his best position is striker, but I'm a little concerned about his finishing. I personally think he has fantastic potential as a tough tackling mid or a center back, but I'm very unsure how to get the best out of him in training. Right now I am training him as a DLF to get a good range of skills, but would there be a better plan? This is the first time I've ever been so divided in how to train a player to get the best out of him. He'll likely be a sub that will be available to fill a number of positions from the bench. Try him out and see how he goes? What would you do with him? Thanks, in advance.
  15. I don't necessarily mean to include sliders that fine tuned, but more options to say where and when to close down. I was thinking more options to expand options for how often players will get forward, such as to specifically tell a full back to stay back if the other flank is advanced. It was more an idea to use the variety of sliders to improve the options available in the current tactics manager. How that would be gone about is up for discussion.