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  1. I'm sure it's just a graphical error. I sometimes see mystery players appearing on the picth when I watch highlights or record highlights. As long as they don't run up the pitch and score...
  2. September 2022 - Fortunes On The Up What threatened to be a tricky month began with a tough tie as we welcomed Progrės to Stade Municipal. The league favourites were riding high in fourth after three rounds of matches and were strong favourites despite our home advantage. It was therefore a complete surprise to many that we made it to half time with a 2-0 lead. Leonel Landim had opened the scoring after just 13 minutes as he latched on to a speculative Nanizayamo ball and slotted past the keeper. Our second came six minutes before the break and was a simple header from Kevin Kerger after
  3. August 2022 - Disruptive Beginnings First let's cover the end of the transfer window. No one else came in but I did let young defender Bryan Gonçalves go out on loan, to Mondercange. It was a tough window, with a lot of players looked at, but very little leeway in whom I could sign. I may harp on about it but the homegrown players rule makes things much tougher. One promise I had made was to improve depth at left back, a request that came from our captain. I bought in Jänisch, and with Laurienté and a number of other back up options I felt that would be enough to satisfy Abreu. It wa
  4. Yeah, I see what you are saying, but the game can't get to the point at which you have explained yourself and your player still doesn't agree. I'm simply not given the opportunity to explain the situation. If I was to be given that opportunity and I then find the player is not convinced then I would accept that. I'd actually like variation, should it realistically follow the player's character. But, as I say, we can not get to that situation. I have played one game since and the player in question was awful. The game before the incident he had hit a brace and was superb. I
  5. Further to my discussions on a lack of options in press conferences I just had an issue with my squad that has caused a key player to become unhappy. He wanted me to strengthen at left back. I bought one new left back in but couldn't find another, nor did I believe I needed another, and he is still unhappy. He has now asked for a transfer over this. What annoys me is I was never offered an oppurtunity to fight my corner. I believed we were stronger, so why can't I say that? All I can do, in my opinion, is accept I was wrong and try to butter him up. It's a no win situation but d
  6. Pre-Season & Early Transfer Window Pre-season went swimmingly. After a slow start in matches versus Rumelange and Cebra we really found top form with a 6-0 win over Etzella and 4-0 over Belgian club Verviers. One new signing has changed my attack, or that and a change to 4-4-2. Nanizayamo with a partner is a force and with Parreira rampaging down the right our attack is a real strength. Transfers With the board wanting us to sign under 23s I decided to go and sign a 36 year old and a 31 year old for my defence. I made the board happier with the signing of a 26 year old strik
  7. Yeah, you make some excellent points. FM isn't an RPG so building something as complex as what we'd all love tos ee is far from the priority. I just don't think it need be incredibly difficult to give a manager the option of disagreeing with a press conference question in another way. For me, some of the negative options are not always particularly negative. I just had a press conference for a new arrival and was asked for his primary position and then whether he would always fill that position. One of the negative answers was that he could be needed elsewhere (he's a utility player, so i
  8. 2022-2023 Pre-Season Preview - A Real Crack At A Title? With pre-season closing in speculation has been mounting on the new campaign that starts in August. Early betting seems to suggest we have a real crack at the title as we're odds on for second place, behind Progrės. We also have a sprinkling of talent in the Media Dream Eleven for the forthcoming season. The fixtures start we have been handed is not the most favourable, in fact we have some of the biggest teams first. We play possibly Luxembourg's biggest club Dudelange second, right before we meet holders Jeunesse E
  9. I just became aware that the club I joined about 2 or 3 months back has a player joining at the end of the current year - 6 months away. I didn't sign him and I haven't seen any news about him being signed by my DoF or Head Of Youth. Is there away to inspect the deal and see when he agreed to join the club? I've looked everywhere but I can't see a way. He's very good so I don't want to cancel it. So, anyone know?
  10. FM22 needs to think twice about forced questions like this, below. For context, Haidara was the keeper at my first club and was snapped up on a free by a top division club - we were amateur so there was nothing I could do. I wanted to keep Haidara. I have now been snapped up myself by a top division club and the team Haidara was at were relegated. I needed a back up keeper so decided to plump for what I knew. Now I get a question asking why I bought a player I had previously parted company with. The question needs to take in toa ccount that you may not have wanted to do what the jour
  11. April-May 2022 - Well, That Was Just Awful I expected better from the players in the squad I had just inherited. I didn't get it. Just three games left to the season and I wasn't being judged so I just decided to put it in one update. We need something else, some oomph, some je ne sais quoi. Big changes will be needed this summer. Kakoko can go if the two games he got were anything to go by as to what I can expect from him. Kouamé too. Nanizayama excited me in training but he couldn't hit a football stadium, let alone a goal. Unless it's a penalty. Confidence, or lack of, is cer
  12. If you're starting with a higher level club, yes, but with a true LLaMa experience you should be at some tinpot club somewhere with just your lifeskills. Depends if you're going for that realistic experience at a slightly ligher level or complete nobody.
  13. What I have done this year, and in fact do other years, is cerate a manager to start abroad in LLM. This year I have created Nid Rijkstra and his backstory before starting in Luxembourg. Last year I had a Slovenian manager and chose to take over at Koper, a team I've managed before in FM. Before that I was in Wales as bangor City manager. This year is the most truly LLM save I have done for a while though. Schifflange were amateur and virtually unknown outside Schifflange. I don't want to evade the question but the beauty of FM is that you can play how you like and manage who you like.
  14. Could a stadium in Stoke have been built for a tournament? I know that in some major tournaments nations have built new stadiums. Could it be a stadium built for, say, althletics but which can be used for football? I'm clutching at straws though. It does seem a bit bizarre. The Alan Shearer stadium in Sheffield especially.
  15. I opted for a TM because he's strong, jumps well and generally has all the attributes for a TM. Also, because my squad has a number of defensively minded mids I thought to choose a counter formation because I felt we could hold the ball up and be defensively solid before breaking quickly to a TM/SS partnership. The reason for my questions, and what got me thinking, was the lack of a real solid LB. As I said, both my LBs are much more attack minded and I wanted to utilise that intent. I always thought it was commonly the responsibility of a FB/W partnersip to work together and cover e
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