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  1. Thank you. It may be tough, but I'll see how it goes. It depends very much on those finances, replacing two of my best performers (both loanees) and securing the contract of my star man (19 year old midfield genius). It's interesting to look back at this thread and see how concerned I was about taking this job.
  2. I just wanted to update this thread - if anyone is even interested - to say I staved off the threat of relegation. I thought I was doomed with 6 games to go. I was bottom of the table (4 points clear at one stage), the players weren't playing well and morale was rock bottom. The press said that if I didn't beat AFC Telford then I'd be out of a job. I said "what the hell", went attacking and made my team more fluid. We won 2-1 with a last minute winner. The change from a flexible shape to a fluid shape had changed our fortunes in the most dramatic manner. Moving my playmaker into a more advanced position certainly helped too. It's an eye opener when you realise exactly what was wrong with your team all season, but I am still not so sure what to think about such a little tweak changing our fortunes so radically. I eventually took nearly bankrupt Northampton to 15th in the Vanarama North, after being in the bottom 3 since I took over. We're in big financial trouble, so hopefully we make it to next season. Talk of takeovers has me concerned, too. I think I can take this team up...if I don't get moved on. What a season. What a game. I know it's been nearly a month. I play this game slowly, and lost a week to No Man's Sky.
  3. You might want to try this site.
  4. You'll have to look elsewhere because those things are excluded from the game for licensing reasons. I suspect this thread will be closed once a mod sees it.
  5. Are you seeing him in gray in matches? Or has it just not changed the colour in the editor? If the opposing team is playing in a colour similar to your goalkeeper's kit then he'll have to change. For instance, if you designed his kit to be yellow and the opposition play in yellow then he'll have to change.
  6. Can't afford any. I'm 2k above my wage limit with the players I had to start with. There are many a good player who would sign for me, but the loan players I was hoping to bolster the team with just aren't interested. I made an offer for a young Port Vale striker and he turned it down. I have players from Kidderminster and Nuneaton (both in Conf Prem) turning down the offer of a loan at Northampton. I'm going to have to be ruthless and chuck out the dead wood in the new year. It's very frustrating...but I'm still unbeaten since I started at Northampton.
  7. Well if you're not in an U21 league then make sure you arrange friendly matches for midweek so that they don't clash with weekend U18 matches. I assume you're in an U18 league? Most teams will automatically enter their U18s for a league. I usually play them on a Tuesday or Wednesday. In fact your U21 manager will arrange friendlies for a Wednesday if you ask him to arrange in staff responsibilities. If there's any young players you really don't want to play in a reserve friendly then kandersson's suggestion of moving them to the first team would work. Just don't forget to move them back before an U18 game. I don't think you should worry about them playing too much though. I just let them play as many games as possible in my saves, and I've not encountered anything other than the usual injuries.
  8. Not sure that you can other than to manage your U21s yourself. It's pretty normal for U18 players to play in U21 matches as playing time is important at that age. You could make more first teamers available for your U21s to leave less space for U18 players. Depending on how big a squad you have I'm sure you have first teamers who don't get enough game time. I prefer not to have my U21s play in a league because the games are always late in the week and too close to first team and U18 games. I just have friendlies arranged for midweek.
  9. Thanks. Not a bad start. Goal in last 5 minutes to nick a draw at Telford, then the same player scored late again to get my first win at home to Lowestoft. I'm off the bottom. I would have thought you'd be a Swansea fan with that username.
  10. Okay, so I applied and got offered the job. My Loughgall team was falling apart. I had a major injury crisis and my players just weren't performing. We'd gone from consistently performing in the upper half of the league to relegation fodder and nothing was going right... ...So I took the job. The players aren't as great as I thought they might be. The squad is somewhat on a par with my Loughgall one, to be fair. I think we can stay up though. We have the potential to get in some much better loan signings too. Like you say, the English pyramid has a lot more opportunity to it. Let's see if I can get Northampton back where they belong.
  11. I'm probably a little late with this, but I've only just seen the staff contracts and compensation screen when moving jobs. It was probably in FM15, but I missed that year. I love it. It is what I always wanted to have in previous FMs. It's one of the best little additions I have seen to FM in years, so just wanted to say thank you very much for that. There's a lot of grumbling on these forums and not enough praise for this fantastic game, so there you go.
  12. Is it something as simple as the kit you allocated him clashing with the opposition?
  13. I'm in season 18/19. I won the NIFL1 in my first season. This is my third season in the top division and I finished 5th in both previous seasons. It's hard to get the players to compete with the biggest teams in NI, but I feel I'm doing okay. I just don't get any improvement in reputation and won't unless I can get in to the European places. I was nearly there last season, but my record against the big teams inevitably told in the final well as a poor run at the end of the season. To be honest I am happier if I'm struggling to break through, because it's more realistic, but I feel I've done enough to have been looked upon a bit more favourably by now. I have had this problem before with smaller clubs in smaller leagues. The one thing I think needs pointing out is that Loughgall are probably more at the level of the Conference N/S leagues, maybe even the regional leagues below. The reputation of the Danske Bank Premier is below that of the Faroes in my game. Northampton is a tasty opportunity therefore. Just a scary one being bottom of Conf N.
  14. I've tried for that level before and they vehemently dismissed my interest. The best I've been linked with is the Irish league. I got offered the Sligo Rovers job. There was some talk about me getting the Tranmere job after they got relegated to the Conf, but they turned around and said they didn't want me.
  15. Hard to tell how good their squad is as I can't scout England and can't see the full stats of their players. The year is 2018/19 and Northampton got relegated from the Conf Prem last season, along with a 10 point deduction for administration, though they would have gone down anyway. From what I can see the players are reasonable though. They have a young midfielder that looks really quite good. I'm actually thinking I will go for it if I'm offered the position, and I just got a news item to say I'm the leading candidate. I'll let them come to me rather than apply though. Thanks for the advice.