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  1. November 2020 An entire month away from home proved tiring and inconsistent. I am also very concerned that our goal scoring has really dropped off since the Celje turnaround. Baša couldn't hit a bus right now, Djermanović struggles to find form around injuries and young Meštrić really just seems to lack confidence. Also, if Edi Baša keeps getting caught offside I swear I may do something unwarranted. I dragged him off immediately after his fifth offside in one of November's matches. It's a simple case of watching the line, isn't it? First up was a trip to Murska Sobota to play relega
  2. I appreciate you just want to be able to play a game you own, I just suspect it is far from as simple as you suspect. Like I said, I can't comment on exactly what is needed, but the fact that SI haven't even though this has been asked 4 years ago suggests it is not as simple. My instinct is to say this is very much a publisher controlled thing. DRM was designed for a purpose, and making patches that bypass DRM is against publisher interests. Even if the game is 13 years old. Perhaps if Sega had a bigger presence on GOG. They just don't though, and that might be something to do with Sega's
  3. @collisonmullanYou do an interesting write up. You should have a look at the FM Career Updates sub forum. ~~~~ I cant make up my mind what I want to do in FM21. For FM20 I started as a manager for clubs I had an interest in and the the general theme was clubs that have been demoted for financial reasons; Bangor and FC Koper. I enjoyed that, but I think I might just go back to basics with a good old fashioned journeyman. I'll probably wait for leagues such as Luxembourg and the Baltics to be released. For beta I might stick with FC Koper, but this time in FM21. Though I am t
  4. The day after I finish the current season with my Koper save please. That way I can keep lose ends tidy. About 2 weeks from now, I think. I will happily accept the week of 9th November.
  5. Whilst I don't think your wants are unreasonable, and I don't really understand enough about it to offer an opinion on patches etc, I do believe that being demanding and aggressive about this is probably not the best way to be. I honestly believe that the best way in life to get someone to listen to you, and be graceful enough to look in to a matter, is to be polite. If it was such a simple task then I am sure they would have done it already. I am sure there is legitimate reasons that mean this has not been done. Sadly, as technology changes software can suffer incompatibility.
  6. October 2020 October would prove to mark a significant upturn in our campaign, and a reversal of certain fortunes. First up were two game away from home against the poor performing Dob and Bravo. Dob would be the tougher of the two games, and the first half of our encounter was one to forget. We had chances but finishing was proving difficult. I pushed the lads to work harder in the second and I was pleased that they again did as I asked. Luka Badžim again popped up with a priceless headed goal three minutes after the break; the third of the season for the young defender. The man legend I
  7. I just had to have a read of this after seeing the title. This is a wonderful idea. Are there any thoughts with regards to try to push in to central Europe, as the Mongol Empire attempted to, or is this just as far as Russia and Ukraine? Either way, good luck with this.
  8. I just don't see that. When the ball first reaches Cancelo it seems to phase through his right foot a little, but I don't see it being worse in any way than the 2D. If anything I have to use my imagination to fill in the gaps way more with the 2D than I do the 3D. The disc is very different to the player model. It is much wider for one thing. Nor does it have animations. It just has what resemble feet to show what direction it is looking. Like has been said, the program simulates the match and then the engine tries to fit the match to the animations available. Yes, FM could benefit f
  9. I'm not entirely sure what you are saying really. If you are saying Cancelo does not physically pass the ball in the 3D clip then I think you are wrong. To me he clearly passes the ball. His leg moves and sweeps in the direction of the ball. Maybe you have to fill in very small gaps with your mind, but he clearly passes the ball. I'm not sure how you can say the flat disc 'physically' does it. Regarding players not looking like they touch one another when close, well as far as I am aware there is no collision in FM. I know Loki Doki mentions it in every video in which he voices his d
  10. I think we have to remember that FM is just a simulation. As much as SI try very hard to recreate reality, it is never going to be spot on. I've seen You Tubers do simulations in which Messi and Ronaldo don't score anywhere near like they do in real life. The stats for Son will probably change with FM21 to reflect the start he has had to the PL, but I do also think that 16 finishing is good. I don't know if player stats are reassessed with patches. I always thought stats were assigned prior to an edition's release. Son could be due an increase in CA for FM21.
  11. I wonder if a lot of it is due to tactics and mentality. In FM something I notice often is defenders that are forward for a corner don't attempt to compete for balls that they should be able to get to because they are more conscious of getting back in to position. If possession is lost, I mean. Not stating that as fact. Just a thought I had as to why certain things happen. I wonder if it could be a similar sort of thing that makes players less likely to react from a penalty.
  12. September 2020 Well, that was quite the month, and it ended in crazy fashion. I'll get to the end of the month soon enough, but we start with a home league game against Aluminij. Aluminij are having a good season and had already whooped us 3-0. This would be the first of two games against Šumari in a week. First the league game at Bonifika and then we travel to Kidričevo for the second round of the pokal. We started okay, but the first half was a tight affair until right before half time. Bjedov was outfoxed on the right by Aljiaz Ploj and the Aluminij left back was allowed a free sh
  13. To be fair, I'm not sure anyone but SI know exactly how it works. I'm not even sure if the 2D view is any different from the 3D view. I think they both run off the simulation and the simulation projects to the graphics. With 3D it's just more obvious when the simulation has struggled to put the events of the match engine in to graphical form. 3D benefits so much more from more animations than the 2D obviously does. If the perfect animation is not there then the 3D has to interpret it in other ways. 2D is just dots moving around and 'fill in', for want of a better word or phrase, is less o
  14. Well, if you want to look at it that way, so is the 2D then. The match engine is a code file. If what you are asking for is the match to be played real time and the actions determine the result, then I think you might be asking too much for FM. What I mean is if you are able to add columns on to a widget then that widget could become too large. There is little point having a widget that takes up the whole screen. They're supposed to be tucked away in the corner but to allow you to see information without having to use another tab. There has already been discussion regarding how
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