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  1. anagain

    Disable First Transfer Window

    Yes, but it depends on the database. For instance, I'm playing as Eastleigh and I have one goalkeeper. In the real world they have a young Sunderland keeper on loan, but he's not at Eastleigh in the game. I have no U23 or U18 squad so I'm limited to one keeper until January. Eastleigh played Bournemouth in the Hampshire Senior Cup not too long ago and featured a whole bunch of their youngsters. None of those players are in the game. It's fine if you're Liverpool or Chelsea; it's more hampering than realistic for lower league teams. All the game needs is an option to lower or freeze transfer budget for the first window. There's no reason to ban loans, free transfer or even trials. Keep the option to completely ban trasnfer activity in the first window; that's fine. I think an option to lower transfer funds for the first window is definitely needed though.
  2. anagain

    Disable First Transfer Window

    I agree 100%. I've ticked this option many a time for the sake of realism, so I was bemused when I found I couldn't even bring in free transfers or triallists. I always thought in the past that the option just gave you less of a budget. Now it's pretty much a transfer embargo.
  3. Hope this hasn't been mentioned but why must the match overview panel on the schedule window be so wide? It takes up a lot of room from the fixtures. I've had to really cramp up the columns to fit in what I would have had showing easy in FM18. There's a lot of wasted space there.
  4. anagain

    Disable First Transfer Window

    I believe it's added because the database is as of the end of that transfer window. So in theory you have a squad that has already been strengthened in the transfer window.
  5. I just joined a new club but I wanted to keep the shortlist I'd made at my previous club so I started a new shortlist. My default shortlist is clear of old players and my old club shortlist is turned off under the active shortlists option (below). However, I still get news items about players on the old shortlist. Is the feature broken?
  6. anagain


    It's a UEFA competition, so I'm pretty sure it will not offer qualifying places for the World Cup, which is a FIFA competition. The winners of each league in this current bi-annual format will qualify for a play off to qualify for the Euro Champs though (unless they have already qualified). There was an article I read some place that said Malta were looking to qualify for the EC within the next 10 or so years, and their most likely route of access was through the Nations League. There is actually a mention on Wiki that the Nations League may be linked to the UEFA zone qualifying for the World Cup, but that's not expanded on. It does however link to CNN as a source, so where they got it from I don't know. I've not found a European source that mentions winners qualifying for the World Cup.
  7. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of the frequency with which you can make shouts. As I've said, I am sure they have the balance the effect shouts can have, but I'd rather see them balance with less effect from one shout than by reducing the amount of shouts you can do. I'd be more likely to attempt the praise shout if I knew I didn't have to wait 15 minutes of match time to make another shout.
  8. Well, personally speaking, I feel more connected to my players with FM18 than I ever have in FM. That is thanks to the Dynamics feature. It gives my squad personality. BY no means are the interaction mechanics of FM perfect. I've posted a few complaints with it myself, and replied to similar threads. There is much I feel could do with expanding or reworking with regards to interaction, but it is a work in progress and much has already been added with the dynamics feature. The faces aren't perfect, and some can be horrendous. I wouldn't argue with them being improved.
  9. On the calendar screen - both minimised via clicking on date and main calendar screen - first team fixtures show the competition they are part of. U21 fixtures do not. It would be handy if they did. The reason I ask this is because there are rules concerning how many over 21 players can play in an U21s league game, for example. News items asking you who is available for U21s etc do not show what competition the fixture is in either. Below is the text part of the inbox item about U21 availability. It would be helpful if this listed what league the fixture is part of. It could also list how many players of a certain age you can play, or any other applicable rules on player eligibility.
  10. I just watched Loki Doki's most recent video on YT. I don't know if he had been the the forums and seen threads like this, but he did mention the forums. His video was critical. He said FM could be better, and he mentioned the things he feels should be improved. He also said he still loves the game and that he knows the limits SI face. People should watch it.
  11. Yep. I'm not sure why they can only be used every 15 minutes, or so, as well. I guess the game has to balance how much morale improvement can be given to players, but a game can change so much in 15 minutes that I often find myself frantically waiting for the chance to chuck out a concentrate.
  12. ...and, if so, when? I have to say I've rarely used it. I can't help but feel it usually only applies to 1 or 2 players at a time, and I feel that optimising a touchline shout for 1 or 2 players is wasting the chance to chuck out a concentrate or do better ever 15 or so minutes that you're allowed touchline shouts. I also just don't know if it's helped. If I praise a player for a good pass, does he know what I've praised? I like the shouts, and I actually recall suggesting them once or twice before they made the game (not saying it was my idea, haha), but I do wonder how much they really do sometimes. Indeed, I wonder when I should really use each one. I use show more passion when I have players looking uninterested, and concentrate when seeing out a game, but would like to maximise touchline shout usage.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I started pre-season later this year. We get a lot of time for pre-season in Sweden so I started as early as possible last year, only for half my squad to complain pre-season was too long. It gave me a better start to the season than other teams in the league though. My players were fitter and we won 8 in a row against teams struggling with sharpness. I tend to use U21 friendlies to give players a second game in a week in pre-season. Still have players that have played plenty of minutes struggling to make 75% match sharpness. League fixtures for U21s starting midway through pre-season doesn't help, as it limits how many first teamers can play. I'll put things down to experience and start pre-season earlier next time, regardless of the odd complaint. I should probably trim squads more too. I'll echo @FrazT in saying that bad use of squads by reserve team managers doesn't help. I have one young player who is easily better than my youth, yet my U21 manager never plays him enough. When I have less first teamers needing reserve matches I'll have to select him for U21 matches over the manager's head. I suppose there's always going to be some lack of match sharpness at the start of a season, even for top clubs. I am at a very low, almost amateur, level, so it does fit in realism, even if it is frustrating. Just lost my entire left sided back up to injury because I wanted them to have time in an U21 friendly. Live and learn.
  14. But when someone deliberately states they wouldn't have FM19 if it was given to them for free it comes across as a blatant statement to enhance a point under false pretences. If you've played over 400 hours of every FM for years you don't turn down getting a copy for free. You get it for free and you give it a go, even if it's to give it a chance. The obvious overstatement of saying "I wouldn't take it for free" was what annoyed me. It's the sort of statement that comes with an obvious rant, and is usually spoken in anger rather than with thought. I don't think there's many, if any, saying 'go and play something else'. I suggested taking a break, but that's entirely different, and I suggested it because there was a time I felt something like the op. I played less FM and it rejuvenated the game for me. Things get old fast when you do too much of them. When that happens you see annoying little things you wouldn't see if you were fresh. I have to say the latest reply by the op stunk a bit. @herne79 made a great post, full of helpful suggestions. The op replied with another example of hyperbole in talking about alfa romeos and audi. He then proceeded to post his complaints again, with just one example of trying to post a bug report. He also likes to use the old "someone else said it, so it must be true" argument. To me, he comes across as sarcastic and unwilling to listen to argument. I'm all for constructive criticism. It helps games develop better and any developer worth their salt will happily accept constructive criticism. The op doesn't seem willing enough to enter in to that for me though. He just wants to be angry and make his point. There's no attempt to accede to arguments, however well put they might be. He just argues back. Sometimes people won't be helped.
  15. You know, I'm not so sure on this competition thing. Games can be great without a direct competitor, or they can be awful. I do wonder if FM would be any better if CM were still being made. If LMA Manager suddenly reappeared on the block would SI decide to immediately implement one of the much requested features, for example better match graphics or more leagues? Would the interraction features get better overnight? I don't know that it's that simple really. What FM has going for it is years and years of basis to build upon, a team that knows their product inside out and a scouting network to rival that of a Premier League club. If LMA Manager did suddenly turn up out of the blue would they have any of that? Some will argue it will shake SI out of a complacency. I'm not sure there's any complacency there though. I'd be very surprised if SI don't already try their utmost to make FM the best game it can possibly be. In actual fact I recall replying to a thread on the subject of better match day graphics to say that I didn't think it was a necessity for FM, and that SI should concentrate on the emat and bones of the simulator. I was surprised to see a dev reply to say that SI are always looking to improve every aspect of FM, including the match day graphics. He went on to say they were actually recruiting a specialist graphics programmer. I looked on their jobs page, and there it was. Also I have to broach the subject of why there isn't a competitor for FM right now. Is it simply because they they know they can't compete? I suspect that, as developers, anyone else looking to make a complex football management sim sees the effort that goes in to FM every year, knows the challenges SI face and maybe even knows they'd be hard pressed to do any better. Would I love tos ee a serious competitor and find out what sort of a push it might have on SI, and FM? Of course. I'm just not sure it will happen, or how easy it is for a new developer to butt in to FM's market. As I have said elsewhere in this thread, I have a history of seriously playing MMO games. From that history I am more than familiar with the number of MMOs that have suddenly appeared on the market with aspirations to topple WoW. It's more the fans that claim this, perhaps, but I do know that in 15 years not one other MMO has come close to toppling WoW. Blizzard have the groundwork, the expertise and the fan network, and that will keep them going a long time. I suspect FM is in the same boat, all be it another genre.