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  1. Europa Conference League Special Despite there being a league match I haven't covered I felt the draw for our appearance in the group stage was worthy of a special update. For some reason the game didn't give me a draw screen...and that spoilt the enjoyment a little. I wanted to watch the teams be drawn... It could be worse as were drawn into Group D. Dinamo Tbilisi - Dinamoeli have won the Crystalbet Erovnuli twice since its inception in 2017. The forerunner to the current competition, the Umaglesi Liga, they won yearly between 1990 and 1999 and then won 6 times
  2. I thought you'd like it. I don't believe I have Latvia loaded in my save, so they're probably a little diminished by that. When they turned the pressure up they were good and I really thought we might lose the tie at some points of that second leg.
  3. August 2024 - You're Not Going To Believe This Amazingly we were still in European competition. I never expected to beat the Romanians and then we weren't convincingly beaten by the Belrussians of BATE. In early August we would meet a famous European club in the next round of the Europa League. Dinamo Tbilisi had been a top side in the old Soviet league and the break up of the Soviet Union had seen them even more dominant in Georgian competition. That dominance had tailed off a little over the past few seasons, though they had won their league in 2023. We would have to be at our best
  4. An unforetunate end to the season. I'm sure you can bounce right back next season.
  5. July 2024 - De Europäesche Groussen Tour vu Péiteng With our pre-season almost entirely taken over by a focus on our European match the attention in friendlies was on the youth. This gave me a chance to look at the likes of Jo Stumpf and Bruno Munoz, among others. Jo scored a lovely goal in an earlier friendly and performed well against Dutch lower tier team Venray. Of course, the main focus on July was on the first team's journey across Europe. First up would be Universitatea Craiova and we were a huge longshot for anyone wishing to hedge a bet on us. For the home leg (played at St
  6. European Catch-Up With Euro 24 having just taken place in Germany I thought now would be a wonderful time to go through the various winners in Europe for the 2023/2024 season. I'll start with the Euros though. The big loser in the First Round would probably be Russia, finishing bottom of their group and facing a flight home early. Switzerland surprisingly also lost out to Ukraine in this group. In Group F the Netherlands just about squeaked through to the next round. Greece became one of the shocks of the tournament in beating Belgium before bowing out to a good run by Swed
  7. That is tough luck having to play Inter whilst two relegation zone rivals face off. Just sit right back and hope to stifle Inter? Inter are champions and might go easy on you. On the subject of internationals switching allegiance, well I believe they can play 3 games for a country and still switch now. From wiki: Best of luck with that final league game...you don't deserve to get relegated.
  8. Early Pre-Season 2024/2025: Pre Europe I received mixed news shortly after the campaign. As well as being honoured as the manager of the year in Luxembourg we were informed of our record as fewest points total for the champions of the BGL. They're all clearly just worried that we're too good, hence their trying to make us feel inadequate. I actually felt I was less deserving of the manager of the year award that, say, Dan Huet who kept Rodange up with a magnificent seventh placed finish. I believe the lads were already back in training when we received news of the fixt
  9. End Of Season Catch-Up In my haste to finish last night I left a few things out. BGL Ligue as at 17.00; Sunday 12th May 2024: FINAL TABLE So we see Progrès and Racing in to the Europa Conference League. Dudelange, despite their final day heroics at Progrès, miss out and Differdange take their place in the ECL thanks to their Coupe De Luxembourg win. Had Nani not scored that late goal, or Berdorf scored that penalty, then Dudelange's fate would have been ours. Such a turnaround on the final day. That is what football is all about. Una Strassen, US Esch, Etzella Ett
  10. That's guys! Really thought we'd blown it in that final match. That penalty very nearly gave me a coronary. Couldn't make up the events in this game sometimes.
  11. April And May 2024 - Well, That Was A Ride And A Half So, three games to decide my future. Three games to attempt to bring glory to this ambitious little club. Firstly, we won the U21s again. I hope it says good things for this club and not that I'm the only club allowing my young first team stars to play in the U21 league. Towards the end there Noé Zimmer was causing sensations in the BGL Ligue and then scoring five in a Group 1 game versus Progrės U21s. If my first team was to equal the achievements of the U21s then we'd have to continue our form against Progrės to have a
  12. This particular situation needs to be fixed. Luc was a youth intake player that didn't get signed as part of the initial trial match. I like to keep players around and watch to see if they do well though. Luc played well in a friendly so I gave him a contract. A few days later and the trial periods ended. When Luc agreed to the contrcat a day later the game thinks he's signed from outside the club. He hasn't. FM needs to remember the youth intake trialists and not treat them as new signings in this probably rare occurance. I then get a new signing news item a day later
  13. I have recently noticed some errors with nicknames in FM21 though this has only become the case with my latest batch of youth players. In the following screenshot you can see the nickname I have give the player outlined in orange. Below that, in red, is how the name is appearing in another instance. Below that there is a further instance of the nickname but with disruption also seeming to happen to the text. I assume it should say I recommend against offering 04 ##~ Cas Bosmans a new contract. I have used this format for my youth player nicknames throughout my FM21 sa
  14. I do hope so. I love playing the early rounds in Europe. It was a nice selection of players all round really. Hope for the future if I can just stick around at Petange. I should actually confess to all that I did actually apply for another job. The Cambur Leeuwarden job became available and I put in a cheeky application. It was laughed off and the board did comment on it.
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