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  1. I don't know how to report this bug really. I was playing a match and after scoring a goal the opposition went to kick off. At that moment the 'between-highlights screen' started to flash continually over the top of the 3D pitch view. The game wouldn't continue. It looked like it was trying to kick off but the flashing of the 'between-highlights screen' appeared to be delaying the match from continuing. It's not really something I could take a screenshot of. It was as if the game was frozen by the flashing screens or as if the highlight had frozen. I managed to fix it eventually by selecting a different match highlights setting. I usualy play on comprehensive highlights, but switched it to the lowest 3D highlights setting and the match managed to continue to the next highlight. I do use a skin. I use the TCS skin and have left a post on the thread for that skin to see if it might be an issue with the skin. However, I did try changing the skin when the bug happened and it made no difference to the flashing issue. Only when I changed the highlight type was I able to progress. This is the first time I have seen any bug like this in FM19. The only thing I can think of that may have caused it was that I made tactical changes and delivered a quick shout between the goal going in and the opposition kicking off. I changed my mentality to cautious and told the team to concentrate. Whether that could have caused the flashing, I don't know. I don't know how to reproduce this, or if that can even be done. Everything should be up to date; the game, my drivers etc, and I'm playing on my monitor's natural resolution. The only thing different to how I normally play FM is that I have Origin open in the background. It usually isn't. Can't imagine why that would make a difference though, unless it tried updating something. Just thought I'd report it. I did have a look through the forum but didn't see any similar bug.
  2. Been using the Aero version of this skin for the past week and I love it. @bluestillidie00 I recently experienced an odd bug with the game and I wanted to check to see if it might be related to the TCS Aero skin. I was right at the end of a match and the game was restarting after a goal. As the game kicked off the 'between-highlights overlay' started to flash continually over the 3D pitch view. It caused the match to freeze and I had to change the match highlights setting to get the match to progress (I'd tried everything I could think of before this, ie clicking on players, changing skin). It was bizarre. It was like a strobe effect of the 'between-highlights overlay' over the 3D pitch. I tried changing the skin back to basic and it was still happening, but I just wanted to leave a post here to check if there's anything regarding the skin that could have caused this? I'll bug this to SI, but chances are they'll say it was the skin. There's not really much I can provide to give them evidence for it either. Hopefully it just doesn't happen again, but at least I know I can fix it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I see. That's what I thought might be the case. I'll have to make some money from the play offs. £1.3m in debt!
  4. I just witnessed a match in which my striker was credited with a goal that I assume was a deflection off of my CM's shot. The goal scorer flashed up as my striker (Bailey) and stated that it was his 7th goal of the season. It was actually his first, but would have been the 7th goal of the season for the CM who took the shot (Diaz). The assist seems to be credited to my winger (Pemberton), and he passed the ball to Diaz. If the scorer is Bailey from a deflection then should not the shot taker (Diaz) be credited as assister? It's not even clear the ball hits Bailey. I can only assume that the game thinks the CM is the scorer but is for some reason reporting it as the striker. I've seen similar posts on the front page of this forum but none seem to specifically highlight the same things I am seeing. Adding anagainEastleigh v Fylde2.pkm for your perusal (uploaded it to cloud as well just incase). Second goal.
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can see this? I'm looking in league rules and am unable to see any prize money. I assume it's not my skin because I can see prize money for League 2. I also tried changing the skin to the default and still couldn't see prize money.
  6. I suspect it'll be to do with what drive you designate for priority for documents, images etc through Windows. See if the following helps: https://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-change-the-location-of-user-folders-in-windows-10/
  7. There used to be a LLM forum on this board but by all accounts the numbers using it dwindled. I don't think the website I linked is all that busy now either. The whole LLM ethos pretty much merged in to the whole feel of just being an FMer. I always liked to see FM talk without the boasting and the big money signings though.
  8. I don't believe there are any particular rules/guidelines as to what leagues or how many players you want to load. A real LLaMa would have access to a whole world of players, so I can't believe having a database of 400k players to be unfair. What limits you as a LLaMa is that you should use your scouts to find players, not the player search or real life knowledge. Therefore, whether you have a database of 400k or 10k should really effect you if you can only scout England. I like to think of the world of LLaMaing to be pretty open, but for the main rules that prohibit tools that don't exist in the real world. It's your save and you should do what you feel comfortable with, as long as should you ever feel the need to congratulate yourself publicly as a good LLaMa you mention you started with coaching badges, for example. There is a LLaMa website - http://lowerleaguemanager.com/ - it has a list of guidelines that you might find interesting. For me, playing as a LLaMa is about challenging myself and making my game as realistic as possible. I follow the main rules, such as not using the player search to find players (using my scouts) and not using other's tactics. I try to avoid save scumming, but you can't avoid crashes sometimes. I will allow myself some leeway though. I feel I would know some information on players of clubs I support and clubs in the area local to my team. As the guidelines at the above site says "As always, let your conscience be your guide". Good luck should you decide to go through with this idea. It is satisfying to play this game as realistically as possible, but at the end of the day it's about having fun.
  9. I wouldn't rely entirely on your coaches estimation of a player's wage demands if I were you. If you want to sign them just put in a bid and see. You'll find out want they want when you offer a contract.
  10. Thanks, just wanted to be sure. They sometimes don't include everything patched in the notes. The match I played was an anomaly, but my TM does seem to be straying offside a lot. There was a lot of poor positioning leading to offsides in FM18, and to be honest I expect it at Conference level.
  11. I like the first idea. I do feel it should harm your reputation to send someone else to interviews. I'd also be more than happy to accept the second option. Choice is fine. I'd hate to see the media side of the game removed to counter grumbling, so I'm all for a compromise.
  12. But we do attend training, prep matches, praise training and analyse stats and games. That's completely different to interviews though. Until such time as FM decides to add training sessions you attend (in a form of a match perhaps) there's not really a way to simulate you being at training other than the current set up. I'd argue with anyone who says the only work in this game is match day. I'm always looking at stats, scout reports, analyses of matches (both mine and opposition's). In between times I'll be checking training, tinkering with tactics, checking youth, etc etc. Some might also argue the game is already a 'push spacebar' type of game. That is how you advance the game. You're not forced in to press conferences and interviews. As has been said you can send your assistant. By all means push for improvements, but the media side of FM should be a big part of the game, as it is in real life. Should we cut back on pre-season in the game, as I've seen people who rush through it?
  13. I'd say no, don't remove them. As Fraz said, they're part of football. Same as Press Conferences. You play this game to be a football manager. Ask yourself why real life managers don't send their assistant off to do interviews. There have been occurances of this, I know, but generally the manager does the interviews.He has his say and the fans see his opinion of things. Fans want to see managers address things, not have him send someone else. The real problem is that we're seeing the same old questions time after time, I guess. Thing is that's what real life managers see. I watch the AFC Bournemouth press conferneces and you see the same questions each week
  14. If you Verify Integrity of Files on Steam it should add the files in for you.
  15. Were there any match engine changes in the most recent patch? I just played a match and the offsides seemed crazy. Maybe it was just an anomaly, but the number of players just standing offside and not seemingly having any idea of their position was rather silly.
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