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  1. To me, fallen giants are more teams that have dropped right down the leagues. Valencia or Stuttgart are not fallen giants, they are just having a rough season or two. I wouldn't even label the likes of Nottingham Forest or Leeds as a fallen giant. I prefer the term sleeping giant for teams such as that. In England I might label the likes of Luton, Notts County, Blackpool or Portsmouth as a fallen giant, but I might even label teams playing in non league that were regulars in leagues 1 or 2 to also fall in to the category. Stockport County would be a team I would say fit the bill. I don't think a club has to have been league champions to be considered a fallen giant. They merely have to have played high up in their country. Stockport were second tier at one time. I guess it means something different to everyone.
  2. Bit of an interruption there as I've had a problem with my isp. I wonder if anyone's really following this anyway...I've only had one bitter reply.
  3. September 2019 There's been more activity on the transfer front with the acquisition of four new faces to bolster the squad: Jalen Jones is a center back who adds depth and promise for the future. Callum Rzonca is a reasonably pacey winger whom I think can be a pivotal player for the rest of the season. He played a blinder in an U21 friendly, whilst on trial, and I signed him on that performance. He's already starting to repay that faith. No idea how you pronounce that. Kel Akpobire is a young former Bristol City striker whom I hope can change our fortunes in front of goal. Andy Allen has signed on loan from Leeds for the season. He's young but most probably our best center back. We've been a bit poor defensively against fast strikers receiving balls over the top, so hopefully his pace will help. September proved to be a month of mixed form, though the poor results completely overshadowed the wins. The wins against Hyde and Histon were tentative affairs in which we were never really in control. The Chorley game was a similar affair when we really should have been beating the team bottom of the league. In the matches against Alfreton and Colwyn Bay we were absolutely shocking and displayed a complete lack of confidence in ourselves. Lucky Usman is a player who has always put in a performance, even when we were struggling at the foot of the table last season. His form has been poor, and I can't help but feel it is shaping the performance of the whole team. On the plus side I was delighted with the return to form of Farrar, and Curtis managed to get on the scoresheet again, though his performances are still lacking. New acquisition, Callum Rzonca, went straight in to the team for the Colwyn Bay game and repaid my faith with one of the better performances, and his first goal for the club. Kel Akpobire also made his debut in that game. After the Colwyn Bay game I had some insight in to why our form is so bad. Three players asked for a meeting to voice their displeasure at the form of the team and of my choice of formation. Young striker Deon Brothwell appeared to be the leader of this little group, and was joined by the underperforming Usman and right back Wright. Both Usman and Wright responded reasonably positively to me telling them to buck their ideas up and take some responsibility. Brothwell is maintaining his displeasure at the 4-5-1/4-3-3 I've been using; the tactic that served us so well in the first three games of the season. This little group believes the tactic does not suit the players at the club despite me bringing players in to fit the tactic. I'm happy to experiment though, and decided to go 4-4-2 for our visit to Harrogate Railway in the FA Cup. The first half was a disaster and we conceded three shocking goals to a pacey Harrogate frontline. At the break I told the defence to buck up their ideas, and they did, allowing Usman and Farrar to spearhead a solid attacking display that somehow only resulted in two more goals. Most importantly, Usman had shown some real form again, and quietly I had to go away and wonder if that small gang of players had been right. I'm not giving up on the previous tactic, but it might need some tweaking. Kel Akpobire slots home his first goal for the club, latching on to a fine cross from Stephen Farrar End of month table: The attacking display against the railway boys gives me hope we can do better than the patchy form we've been showing. Hopefully Usman's fine performance is indeed his return to form. The last day of September gave us an away tie to Stamford in the FA Cup Third Qualifying Round. I hate playing small teams in the cup...
  4. Best of luck with Wakehurst. I played 3 1/2 seasons with Loughgall, and there's a lot of youth about, so that will be in your favour with your intent on playing the youth challenge.
  5. I may be in the wrong place with this, but I've found a possible issue with Northampton and had it replicated by another member of these forums. In game I had two junior affiliates; Rugby and Banbury. I decided to send some U21 players out on loan but strangely had only Banbury and Corby as options, even though Corby are not listed as an affiliate. I wondered if there was a bug that had replaced Rugby with Corby so removed Rugby as an affiliate...but the problem is still there. I'm still shown the option of sending a player on loan to either Banbury or Corby. Is there a hidden affiliate link between Northampton and Corby that is not shown in the game? I posted a thread about this in general discussion and another user started a Northampton Town save and found he, too, could send players on loan to Corby even though they weren't listed as affiliates. I may be missing something as I'm not all that familiar with Northampton or Corby in the real world, but I do believe they are close geographically, making it not unreal to find a link. But why would it not be mentioned in affiliates? I know it's unlikely to be something fixed for FM16, but maybe a problem can be spotted before it sneaks in to FM17 - if it is a problem. Hope someone sees this.
  6. That's interesting to know it's in the game from the start. It might indeed be a database issue. I've seen a screen that says we share youth facilities with someone, but can't find where I saw that. There's no mention of it on my facilities screen. Thanks for looking that up. I'll just have to make sure I don't send players there by mistake...they're top of my league. I might mention it in the Northampton section of the data issues. Might get an answer there. Thanks again.
  7. I'm getting a strange option to send players to a team I do not have listed as an affiliate, and was not getting an option to send players to a club that was listed as an affiliate. According to my affiliates screen my current affiliated teams are Blackpool (senior) and Banbury (junior). When I click on a player to send them to an affiliate I also get the option of Corby Town. Until recently I also had Rugby listed as an affiliate, and I honestly believed the game had them and Corby mixed up, so I removed Rugby, but still Corby is listed in player moves. I'm at a loss. Has anyone seen anything like this, and possibly know of a fix...if a fix is even needed? I'm not sure it's worth my while in even bugging the issue, being as it's so close to FM17's release, but I'll copy some saves should a dev suggest I do so. So, any thoughts?
  8. Good tips. And something I need to do more.
  9. Interesting choice of club. Scotland is surprisingly somewhere I've rarely managed in all my years of FM - little bit of Forfar and a season of Inverness. Congrats on the cup win.
  10. August 2019 One new player has signed since the last update. Damon Lathrope adds a bit of experience to the squad. We played six games throughout August, and it proved to be a hit and miss month. We started fantastically with the wins over North Ferriby and Worcester. The Lowestoft win was tight and showed signs of a weakness in confidence, but it kept us top of the early table. After that it all started to fall to pieces. We didn't play well against FC United, but I thought the defeat was harsh, where as we improved considerably against Southport but failed to capitalise on pressure. We had a huge 21 shots of goal in that game. Reece Fleet fires in Northampton's first goal of the new season The game against Gainsborough was a disaster from start to finish. The team just didn't look like they cared, and Stockdill summed it all up in the 82nd minute with a second yellow. Strangely enough we then went up the other end and Kimoi Bailey scored his first goal for the club. I was pleased for him, but it was his only real moment that suggested he might one day be able to step up to be a regular first teamer. Stephen Farrar, on the other hand, has everything it takes to be a quality player for this club, but he, along with far too many first teamers, seems to have games where he just doesn't perform. It is something I will have to nip in the bud. Fast. End of Month table: There's work to do with the squad. Defensively we're proving frail, and my two fit strikers are not producing the goods. Nathan Curtis scored four goals in the first three games, but since then he's been poor. Stephen Farrar had two immense games, delivering five assists, but has struggled to reproduce that form since. Even Lucky Usman's form has dropped since the third game. I've called the squad in and given them a kick up their proverbial arses. Hopefully that and some more signings will be the tonic that gets us back to the form of the first two games.
  11. I have to say I don't know the answer, but I do know the best place to get help. If you ask again in the FM Online forum then you'll likely get an answer much quicker than you will here in General Discussion. It's located further down the front page - or you can click this link. There's a quick questions and answers thread stickied. Hope you get it sorted out.
  12. I find the AI is not great at resting players, and in many a game I'll see opposition players down to 50% condition, or less. AI managers also have a habit of starting players that are at low condition. Regarding the Saturday, Tuesday games, one thing I find helps is to set each player to rest for a day after the match. Just right click, open training and select rest for 1 day. You may still have to rotate a little if you have a few weeks in a row with two fixtures. Make sure you keep players' match fitness up as well. If they're not match fit then they'll tire quicker, and run a greater risk of injury. If you can get in players that are very versatile then that will also help a lot at that level. By versatile I mean players that can cover a number of positions. It's often more important than their stats. For my team, I have been looking at a player that can play anywhere across the midfield. His stats aren't great, but that versatility will be very important to cover injuries.
  13. I don't want to start a "Steam or not" argument here, but unless you've got some very poor system specs then Steam running is not going to contribute much at all to memory or CPU usage. If the program is updating something then it might be a little more resource hungry, but it'll pause updates when you're in a game. I guess what I'm saying is you needn't worry about whether Steam will slow things down. It should be running whilst you're in game though. Check you're processes and I'm sure you'll see it. Granted, I'm not really familiar with Mac.
  14. Pretty sure you can ask Steam not to update a game. EDIT: Nevermind, I thought you could, but now I'm home and turned Steam on I see that you can't. Maybe it was an option that they removed. I have to say that is something Steam should have. The user should have control over updates.
  15. Never heard of artistic flair? A press guy asked me what the mighty Cobblers were doing down there in the Conference North, and was I able to get them back up the leagues. He seemed to think they belonged there. Sorry, "belonged there" is probably correct.