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  1. deltablue

    [FM19] The Amerigo Vespucci Diaries

    Good luck in Argentina.
  2. Doing well in Europe recently
  3. deltablue

    [FM19]A Colwyn Blows Through England...

    Nice quick rise so far.
  4. deltablue

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Some good European progress there.
  5. deltablue

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I got a bit of a surprise catching up on 'World Soccer' today. It mentioned the new Italian Federation president... Gabriele Gravina! A familiar name for those of us who have read The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro', no doubt wondering how on earth he managed to climb so high.
  6. I was thinking of that, just this one is nowhere near as good
  7. deltablue

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Good start to the Kaiserslautern revival.
  8. Lake's Eleven 2018/19 Pre-season I perhaps went a bit too overboard, getting 2-3 players who in hindsight were un-necessary as I had to plug a few holes in the squad. First of all, that excellent defender I showed above? He was our only right-sided defender. There was a Slovene youngster as well but he was out on loan and couldn't be recalled. I would also rather have him in central defence, and we were already a little short on numbers there as well. An early attempt to get a brilliant 40-yr old on a free was thw... (Whoops, the internet briefly cut-out as it was posting and I clearly lost a lot of the text. Will try later. Or leave it this way as it's funnier)