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  1. Sep 2061 That was so nearly a perfect start, surprisingly so. Neunkirchen in the cup was essentially a free pass but that doesn't take anything away from what happened. We were struggling to make a breakthrough when Fabricio had to go off injured, to be replaced by Luciano Roger (none of the new signings started)... who promptly got 5 goals in around 20 minutes! Poor opposition or not that's quite a way to make your mark at a new club. It was a similar story in Norway in the Europa league despite the fact that we essentually stopped trying after 3 goals to save ourselves for the league. We all know that however easy the opposition on paper, you don't always rack up a convincing win so it was still notable that we managed it. We started off the league with arguably our three toughest opponents, Bayern aside. Leverkusen had finished in that sweet 3rd place last year, Hamburg were 2nd as the only team in recent years capable of challenging (and occasionally unseating) Bayern while Gladbach were just behind us in 5th but were 3rd the year before. The fact that the latter two were away matches only added to the challenge yet we came away with 3 wins. We struggled to make a breakthrough against relatively easier teams but still have a 100% record after 6 matches. It gets better as since we play our next match on a Sunday I forgot to take the league table screenshot before anyone played, which messes it up a little bit does mean that I got to see Bayern draw at Osnabruck, giving us the chance to go 4 points ahead. I still don't expect us to come out on top, especially having been there before with Heerenveen (which ended up in the usual battle for 4th). Nor do I think we'll be able to really shake Bayern off our tail while the going is good. It doesn't help that was have a relatively small squad. That includes underage players, 2 more who can't play in Europe, and even a few injuries can be problematic with not being able to rest players (and the international break is the only time we haven't had a midweek match) or having to juggle positions a little bit. In fact we already had 2 injuries (one for the rest of the year) before Augsburg cost us our goalscoring machine Mbah and winger Cabraja for 3-4 weeks, then our excellent keeper Kasic was out for a couple of matches with his understudy being a 17yr old Austrian (with admittedly excellent potential) who had never played before. I was glad we still beat Hoffenheim under the circumstances but the woeful Sporting performance was a warning of how things might turn sour. It's hard to tell why we've been this good so far, especially as I'd say we were more like Tottenham than Liverpool in terms of being good but still clearly behind the top class teams. Luciano Roger has been a much better partner for Mbah up front than we've had before and even if we discount the 5 cup goals due to the opposition he's still managed 4 goals and assists each so far. He seems to be making Mbah (with 13 goals in 9 matches) deadlier than ever before while still being a proper alternative threat himself. Maybe there's also been a benefit from Michiels and a couple of other young players from last year now being 'run-in' with a full season behind them. They're still young and inexperienced but they're arguably finding their feet at this level. I just wish Michiels wouldn't keep trying to score from outside the area. He's an all-action central midfielder (and even set with a defensive duty) who scored just twice last season, that's not what he's there to do.
  2. Europa League Draw 2061 We comfortably cruised passed Viking (more of that in a mo) in the sole qualifying round we had to face, getting an easy group. Sporting are decent but the other two shouldn't cause too much trouble.
  3. Summer 2061 The fact that this was a while ago spares all of you a lot of writing about what happened. I do remember it as the summer where I finally managed to slash the wage bill, maing a couple of big sales in order to re-invest in younger players as usual. I still had to prioritise in certain positions with Calvet as a proper long-term back-up to Dezotti on the left, as well as Tahran giving us a second good young midfielder alongside Michels. The Colombian Maya is essentially first-team quality already while Mallet was a potental wonderkid I couldn't resist. Also up front was Roger (a former teammate of Erlon Joe in Brazil who I'd been eyieng up for a while) as someone ready to be Mbah's strike partner. A couple of future signings (including yet another young forward, from South Africa) and a potential Mexican playmaker (yay for being able to make a Mexican signing!) round off the business. Signings Future Signings
  4. I live! Sorry for the silence. The internet was terrible for a while when it finally returned and I had broken my laptop screen just before it did due to carelessness when taking it into town to try and use. Unfortunately I couldn't get it replaced as they don't do screens for the model anymore. I was still able to run it through my tv with an HDMI cable (and still am right now) but it wasn't quite the same and getting a replacement at last (especially as I'm now back to being able to do different things on multiple machines should make it a lot easier to play. The other reason is my studies. I started my Master's degree last month and I've already had two assignments to submit. However I have a 4-week gap until the next deadline which will help in trying to play FM again. I still don't think I'm ready to pack it in completely (even just doing so for the thread and continuing the save privately whenever I can) but it's taking a lot of time and effort to adjust to balancing all the things I have to do, with my course or otherwise. I'm just about to start it up again for the first time in a while on the new laptop, while I finally get around to posting a few updates from when I was offline. 4th again! That makes it 6 times in a row and you have to go back to Mexico for the last time I ended up anywhere else. I'd probably take a 5th at this point just to break it up. We managed a good run of form in March (including a couple or rare away wins) before reverting to type. However for once we were reasonably comfortable when it came to the battle for 4th. I like the challenge of competing with bigger and much richer clubs like this but it's very much been a reminder of how hard that can be. Star Player: An injury restricted Erlon Joe's game time last season, or at least the second half since I arrived and signed him, but we benefitted from being able to use him a lot more in our first full season in Germany. His goals and assists aren't that great but he just seems to be an excellent performer all-round. Squad Stats
  5. So it's not just me? It's annoying having to reinstall the game ever time, though thankfully not very often. It doesn't effect other old versions like FM11.
  6. I knew that Europa League group didn't look too bad, relatively speaking.
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