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  1. deltablue

    [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    January Transfer Update I had hoped to be able to do quite a bit in January, though not being able to offload players limited the budget. I did make a couple of sales but the real value was the reduction in the wage bill, reduced by about 250kpw before the new players came in. On top of the club having just made a single summer signing, that means squad familiarity hasn't been too messed up in the process. The full-back positions (especially on the left) were on the priority list, and it helped that I was able to find and make a deal for a good all-round Argentine player in Cyprus even before the window opened. An Argentine player named Dezotti among a group of Germans? What could possibly go wrong? We also needed midfielders who could actually play properly in central midfield (even if it didn't take long to retrain my starting pair), and while Michels (not to be confused with Michiels) was near the top of the 'players to possibly get from Heerenveen' list, a fantastic Brazilian popped up instead. Interestingly enough the same club (who don't play in the national leagues and don't even have that good a record in the Sao Paulo championship) also had an excellent forward I wished I could have afforded at Heerenveen in the summer. While I wasn't going to sign a Heerenveen player for the sake of it (if we weren't so well stocked up front, Pateev or Hemmingsen would have probably been decent options), there were quite a few options when it came to spending the remaining money on one more signing. Verlhac would have been the most useful right away (and was still just 18) but not in a high priority position, ditto Nash. At the other end of the scale Michiels wouldn't even be able to play until mid-August but could yield the best long-term return and would help the central midfield squad situation if I didn't mind counting down the months. Sivero was in between. There was no clear cut first choice player available which opened the door to a younger signing in this way. I decided to take a gamble on Michiels, especially as he had already proved to be capable as a second-choice (which he'll be here as well) earlier in the season, and as the signing who could probably pay off the most in the long term. The 8M fee was almost 15 times what I bought him for the first time just months before (you're welcome Heerenveen) and could still end up being good value in the end, compared to what he might have cost after even a relatively short wait. It'll be interesting to see what happens to my former players. Achim (bought for 2.2M from Torpedo Zhodino in my first window) was the other big departure, going to Chelsea for 10.75M. Signings
  2. Pity you're getting off to a bad start in Turkey.
  3. deltablue

    [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Dec 2059 Sometimes things just don't go your way, and sometimes it just clicks. After suffering the first of those for too long, it's nice to be able to hit the ground running in Germany with 8 wins out of 8 in all competitions. It helped that we didn't have any tough league matches, our first 4 opponents all being in the bottom 5 at the time, while Karlsruhe as a mid-table team at home not being the biggest challenge either. However it was still nice to rack up those wins to go from 9th to 5th in a short space of time, already opening up a decent gap to arch-rivals Dortmund in 7th in the battle for European qualification. Gladbach away is the first match after the winter break and will be a much tougher test. It helped that I inherited a surprisingly decent squad. It still needs a lot of improvement to challenge for major honours but that's a bridge to cross another time. For now I took over a team in mid-table aiming for Europa League qualification and there is no reason to aim my sights any higher for now. There wasn't much dead wood and/or plenty of players approaching retirement (which you seem to get taking over bigger teams in particular), and while there are still some major weak areas to try and patch up in January and next summer, there's no rush to make big changes, especially up front. That depth proved to be useful when we had two matches in as many days just before the break. I swapped out almost all the outfield players (only leaving the two regular central defenders) to play Mainz in the cup, which didn't weaken us anywhere near as much as it could have (though it depended on the area of the team), and having sealed passage to the quarter-finals we were able to follow that up by securing top spot in the Europa League group (having already qualified with the St. Petersburg win) with a win over Galatasaray with an almost entirely fresh first choice line-up. I did wonder what our chances were of getting Heerenveen if they made it, especially as they lost 2nd place in their group with defeat in Greece in the final round having previously been ahead of Lokomotiv (who somehow pulled off a win over Chelsea) with a better head-to-head record. It was Lokomotiv who we drew in the next round, having faced them twice in the past year with Heerenveen. The winner will face Leeds or Celtic. It proved very difficult to offload players in order to get up the budget for a bit of January transfer activity. Some players I couldn't even give away, especially a couple on 70kpw+! I actually took the hit of paying off expiring contracts (since the actual amount of money we have isn't an issue) to lessen the wage bill, which by itself was reasonably valuable. I did find one new signing with what I had before in December, and after succeeding in selling a couple of players eventully, there's a big deal in the works probably leaving enough for one more player. It'll likely be one of the Heerenveen boys, probably Michiels, Verlhac (both only signed in the summer) or Sivero, each with their different pros and cons relating to how useful they might be and the priority of their position.
  4. deltablue

    [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Well I can't do much worse
  5. deltablue

    [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    I got off to a good start in Germany, winning 3 out of 3 in the league (though admittedly they were all against teams near the bottom of the table), as well as a Europa League win away to Zenit to secure qualification from the group with one match to spare. I have a good feeling about Schalke as somewhere things might well go smoothly for the first time in a while. I have a decent sent of keepers, central defenders and forwards (including a good pair of 18yr olds, though neither are first choice yet), but we're a lot weaker in midfield (everyone I'm playing there is 'competent') and full-backs, as well as more specialist central defenders than I know what to do with! Unfortunately I've had no luck offloading players (especially to get lots of spare wage budget for re-balancing) so I won't be able to do much in January (which is probably just as well), though we have got a bunch of players ending their contracts this season which will at least clear up a lot of budgetary space. 1.1M a week seems a little high to me anyway. The club was very short on staff, with no Ass Man, physios, and far too few scouts and coaches. I wasted no time in recruiting a lot more, with a couple standing out... Now I know what you're thinking. Why am I showing you two not particularly good coaches? Well since my time at Milan was well over a year ago now (!!!!), here's a reminder... One of my other Milan forwards, Tahiraj, was (and still is) U19 Manager at Heerenveen, though as he wasn't so notable as he was never going to be able to dislodge van den Hoogenband and was moved on after a while (though he still managed 142 appearances and 71 goals over 6 seasons). You'd think the Dutchman would have a better attacking attribute for someone who scored 362 goals in 508 matches for Milan
  6. deltablue

    [FM19] Vitesse - beating Chelsea

    Hopefully Stamford Bridge won't be too far
  7. deltablue

    FM19 - Rotherham United

    Ipswich have won a few matches already? So unrealistic!
  8. deltablue

    [FM19] Where Scholes goes...

    It's been a while
  9. deltablue

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Even I took a while to find my feet, so I hope you feel settled soon
  10. deltablue

    [FM19] Not all that glitters is gold.

    Good luck with this
  11. deltablue

    [FM19] Viennese Waltz

    I hope you have plenty of success with them
  12. I don't think they were the only team not to get relegated. I doubt Bayern have been but they weren't founder members, so Hamburg were probably the last team to have been ever-present in the Bundesliga instead.