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  1. Dec 2020 Erm, so somehow we're in 2nd despite the fact that this hasn't been the best month, nor have we looked like a team that belongs this high for the most part. For a while it seemed like the party was well and truly over, which was less of a surprise then the fact that it went on for as long as it did. We kicked off the month with a win over Highworth Town but that was a case of third time lucky in stoppage time after thet equalised twice in a very even game. Then came an FA Vase tie where we took the lead, went 2-1 behind and equalised. That led us to our 3rd shootout of the season in this competition alone (and the 4th in total this year) but our luck ran out. Giles became the first Cadbury Heath player to miss a penalty in a shootout and like with our previous penalties, a single miss was enough to make the difference. For a while it seemed like the spell had been broken and our luck ran out, not helped by being exhausted from all the cup matches going into extra-time and how I had to make at least a few changes every time to replace exhausted players. We lost our next two games at home to teams in the relegation zone, and while we bounced back to beat Launton Sports we then face another defeat against Lambourn Sports. That would have been the story if we hadn't hit form again, with three wins (all with clean sheets) taking us back up the table, helped by the fact that we were using our games in hand as well. So here we are, way up in 2nd and 5 points off top. Plus the worst of the fixture congestion is over and it's now one match a week all the way, aside from one moved to midweek due to the Challenge Cup quarter-final next month. Perhaps challenging for promotion isn't out of the question after all, maybe?
  2. I think this'll be the toughest level to get out of because every league has just a single promotion spot. However afterwards we'll have multiple promotion spots and playoffs to potentially help out. I have been wondering if it might be easier in a league with fewer teams but the way things are going already it might be worth staying and keeping at it, much like in the league below I decided that sticking with my current team gave me a better shot than if I moved elsewhere. It is otherwise nice to not have any pressure, as you say. It makes a nice change from feeling the need to chase promotion.
  3. I'm really not thinking of promotion right now, in fact I've only just stopped worrying about a potential relegation battle. It's still a 12-point gap (and a lot of league places) to the top which seems like a lot even with 3 games in hand. I'm amazed that we're still doing well in the league as we are and we'd probably need to keep it up for a lot longer to even get close to the top. Next year is the earliest I think we can consider the possibility of a promotion challenge, and even that depends on how this season goes (and then the summer transfer activity). Oh and one thing I forgot to mention is that I've just reached 200 matches at the club.
  4. Nov 2020 I was going to try and do both November and December yesterday, anticipating that the latter would be a much easier month. Instead we have 9 matches (only one of which is in a cup) compared to 7 so I decided to leave it for now. As for this month, we opened well enough with a draw away to Old Farnbronians (who were 2nd). That led into another period of cup matches, which started off badly with defeat against Cirencester in a woefully dull game, then again the Floodlit Cup (the one for teams in this division only) is probably the least important of the three we were in this season and therefore the one I didn't mind going out of so much. Things went better in the other cup matches, with a win over Ascot inbetween. We looked like sailing through when we took a 2-0 lead against Sutton Coldfield, only to get pegged back to 2-2. If you have a cup tie go to extra-time (especially during a busy spell) then you might as weill win it to make it worth it, and for the 3rd time this season (twice in the FA Vase) we went through on penalties. Since pretty much every penalty goes in at this level (though I have started to see a couple saved) that's helped us maintain a 100% record in those shootouts. The Challenge Cup against Kennington nearly went the same way after they equalised in the last minute of the regular 90. This time Woolley scored to save us from yet another penalty shootout. We face Didcot Reserves (struggling in the division below) in the quarter-finals and if we don't win that I'll be very disappointed. We finished off back in the league with wins against Abingdon and Kentish Town. I don't think we have to worry too much about relegation at this stage, and given how much I thought that making so many summer signings would hold us back this season, I'm looking forward to next season already and hopefully still getting a boost from a more gelled team (depending on next year's transfer activity of course). I have been wondering how long to stay, as while there's only a single promotion spot in every division at this level there are far shorter and less grueling seasons to be had. However I'm definitely giving it at least one more full year and depending on how that goes it might be worth trying to push for another promotion here for the time being. Or we could find ourselves back in the Western League (since we're sort of on the border between the two leagues) and get that shorter season without having to go anywhere.
  5. At least you don't have to worry about seasons that are too long
  6. That's quite a gap between the top 4 and the rest!
  7. Thank you. The games in hand might belp with being able to get a little higher but otherwise it we just grab a top-half finish that will be considered a very good season.
  8. Oct 2020 For the second month in a row things went better than expected, despite the fact that we're already played 21 matches in all competitions, just 3 months into the season. We won 7 matches out of 8 this month, including progressing in all three cups. We're not in the FA Cup this year (for some reason) but instead we're in 2 league cups, the second of those being just for the 24 teams in this division. We opened the month with two uncharactarisically convincing 3-0 wins before playing cup matches in 3 games out of the next 4. We lost the intervening league game to Chippenham Park (old rivals from the Western League) but finished the month with two more scrappy wins (thanks to 2 goalmouth scrambles and a penalty) to put ourselves in a much more comfortable position. We're now past the busiest period in the league even if cup games mean we'll still be up to our eyeballs in matches for now. As for the cups, given we got initial byes in the FA Vase (the only one we'd already played in this season) and the Challenge Cup as a higher division team so we've still only played 4 matches across all three so far. Kent team Corinthian (not to be confused with the famous amateur team) were beaten in the FA Vase, but it's the two league cups that are more interesting at this point, We're already technically in the last 16 of both after a single match, due to our bye in the Challenge Cup and the limited scope of the Floodlit cup (in fact a 3rd of teams get a bye straight to this stage). It was a close run thing in the case of the Challenge cup as we faced Binfield (in the division below) and went behind, only going through on penalties (our second shootout win of the season already). We have home games in both, including another lower division team in the Challenge Cup, so while it's still early days in the FA Vase, we could easily find ourselves in either one or two quarter-finals after next month.
  9. Sept 2020 Yay, update time! I must admit that I played on after the last update with a sense of dread. We got some nice points in our first few games in this league but after that it looked like we were dropping like a stone and the insurance provided by our early points was already about to run out and leave us deep in the relegation zone if we were not careful. It was nice to buy a bit of breathing space when beatin Mansfield Road with Hughes robbing the ball off a defender before giving us the lead. Abiodoun came on for him and gave us a second goal for the first (and until the last match, only) time this season. The Beninese forward was making the most of returning to the spotlight and also gave us the lead against Tilbury in the FA Vase. We conceded an equaliser in stoppage time (a penalty scored on the rebound) though saw them off on sudden death penalties in the end anyway. The extended FA Vase game took its toll with most players needing a rest against Cheltenham Saracens (which is a great name). Another narrow defeat against Slough Sabha Singh made it seem like Mansfield Road was the exception in what looked like a disappointing season but we bounced back against DRG Frenchay with a goal from a relatively unlikely source. I got Woolley during least season as part of leaving no stone unturned to find a consistent forward. He barely got any playing time but now we had Wood (theoretically now the first choice poacher) injured for weeks (followed by Abiodoun), Kinder unfortunately being about as much threat as a kitten so far this season and the other forwards being specifically suited to the Target Man role. That left Woolley to try in that role and he continued to repay the faith when he helped us bounce back from 2-0 down at Thame United. A penalty ended up giving us a draw after they retook the lead, which was a good result away to the team who started the day in 3rd. As we had both the fewest goals scored and conceded in the league (and we still have the former 'honour') it also made a nice change to have a high-scoring game. So far this season has been ok, now we're over a quarter of the way in. We may look relatively comfortable in mid-table but I keep looking down and knowing it wouldn't take much get uncomfortably close to the bottom four. There are certainly worse positions to be in (as I feared we would be) and we're doing enough to stay up but only just, judging by our results and how we're doing in terms of points per game. Chances are the whole season is going to be like this, looking down and being closer to the relegation zone than I'd like, though if we do manage to keep our heads above the water then I'll take it.
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