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    Fairly intensive FM player and long-term career manager. Love Rome.

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  1. That's not a bad idea, though this I think this thread should still be kept separate. That'll cut it down from 7 to 2.
  2. We do have quite a few sticky threads and if I got rid of at least a couple that would create more room for a few threads on the first page. I think we've already discovered that you can now edit your own thread titles. If you can delete them as well then the mod request thread would be obsolete now.
  3. Your comment on our new icon reminded me of the classic description of the old one as 'a drunk businessman looking for a fight'
  4. Seemingly so, and I'm afraid if you've seen the new software feedback forum you'll know that it's impossible to increase the number of threads per page, as frustrating as it is on here.
  5. I'd love to see the in-game media try and work out who SI are As for my views on FM16, there is nothing major but lots of small things, which go for the recent versions in general.
  6. I've got similar feelings about FM16, though not for the same reasons.
  7. Good start indeed.
  8. I've only made a summer update so far so the images were all at the bottom anyway. However since the names were blurred I had to write the names above each one and was able to make the space for it so you can fit text in between, even if it's a little more fiddly.
  9. It thankfully seems to be working this morning as my previous updates are now showing as they should.
  10. Nope, that one is doubled up as well with no editing. As for changing thread titles, I wouldn't know as I could do that anyway. I was also going to remind you of Gibbs Rule 39
  11. I see that one twice, though not any others.
  12. Any other thoughts people have about the new forum?
  13. Oh I wasn't worried