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  1. All you need is one golden opportunity. I got relegated in Norway at the start of my career as well.
  2. That was a decent CL group showing.
  3. It was good to see the Epic Sax Guy reappear
  4. Oct 2040 It all started well enough, even if the Super Cups were hard work. The first warning signs came when we went behind against Anji, which ended a run of 7 clean sheets in all competitions even if we came back to win comfortably enough. We failed to do so again when the same happened against Lazio even though we really should have and a crushing defeat to Juventus handed them the advantage for now. It was just a really bad day, not helped by the fact that I'm more willing to rest players now and give players a run if they do well enough after coming into the team that trying to preserve my best team. Milinovic and Winkler were genuinely in need of a rest (though not critically so) while Lokando and Pirozzi were having stints in the team on merit (until that match anyway), so we were far from our strongest on paper, but that didn't excuse the horror show or the fact that more senior players were Peric and van den Hoogenband were at least as poor. That actually was our only other blip in the league and we soon managed a narrow but important win over Napoli, but things weren't going so well in Europe. Tottenham were as tricky as I expected them to be but the Shakhtar defeat really was a shock. The return followed by the home game with Anji should still see us through comfortably before the final match at Tottenham which I'm not optimistic about. Still as last season proved, if we can't beat them to top spot, it's not the end of the world.
  5. Just my sort of save Doing a journeyman save isn't about skill so I would worry about that.
  6. CL Draw I was very much looking forward to being top seeds as holders (having only been 3rd at best before) but the draw still wasn't that easy. Tottenham are a good side and as it happens we were due to play them in the European Super Cup the day after. We won but they took us to extra-time, which served as enough of a warning shot that they could be a challenge. Shakhtar are a familiar face from our earlier CL campaigns, and they were pretty tough back then. They're still reliant on their handful of foreign stars (mostly South American), who are genuinely very good, while suffering from a relative shortage of local talent. Anji's squad doesn't look quite as good but they do at least have more balance with some Russians alongside the key foreigners. It will still be a shock if we don't qualify and I even expect us to top the group but I wouldn't be surprised if we dropped a bunch of points along the way.
  7. Summer 2040 I finally realized why my player search pool has been shrinking in the past few years. A lot of the staff I inherited (including the scouts) had been around a long time and were getting very old. As they retired we've been losing scouting knowledge so hardly any players show up from outside the big nations. That does include Portugal. With a certain generosity of spirit. I wasn't even seeing Mexican players any more and a few previous signings like Milinovic and Canacue (as well as Tomov and Fagner, both signed from Bulgaria) probably wouldn't be on my radar at all now, so I've rejigged my scouting (previously with everyone roaming to find new talent) to send one scout to every region but one (Central Asia) since we've a got the numbers and while there may be little point in scouting at least half of those, there should be Eastern Europeans, Scandinavians, Mexicans, North/West Africans and maybe the occasional player from other nations that I have a better chance of seeing, where there were almost none of any of those before. My previous policy of stocking up on a handful of 'spare' players yet again meant that I could sell a few early on without needing to get in direct replacements later in the window, though the first team has pretty much been settled enough that there haven't been the same level of risky sales of a few previously established players as in earlier years. That's probably just as well without many standout players to sign (though maybe getting wider scouting knowledge again will help). Mullins was a surprisingly early no-brainer. We have lacked quality backup for Winkler (and maybe even he isn't as good as we could eventually get). For a few years I've been admittedly bad at paying much attention to a player from the youth intake named Taino who is one of the reasons Faasse was sold, and while he will finally get more of a chance, it'll be interesting how Mullins' development (he has to learn to play in central midfield for a start) shakes things up. With Xuxinha now able to play in defence (with Rousvoal close to joining him) and having done so a little last season I'm slightly reshuffling the defence. I always thought Carranza would be good as the established partner for Bouwhuis we've been lacking, if only he wasn't the only player we had vaguely suited to be the BPD. Now he's liberated to play in the standard defensive position, which may seem a bit harsh on Jimenez who was doing a good job of establishing himself over the past couple of years, but was still the youngest starting defender and the most likely to make a mess of things. Rousvoal's fate would depend on whether I was able to sign a defender or midfielder, since he'd be the backup for one position and the new guy for the other. Like Taino, I look at him (having just recently turned 19) and think he deserves more of an opportunity. He had been third choice in the pecking order in midfield last season but while he's still behind Xuxinha, the latter's move to defence and his own impending ability to do the same still improves his position. In the end seeing the tacking stats of the other new signing Perrot means that while he can also play in both positions, Perrot will be considered more of a central midfielder and Rousvoal a defender. Signings
  8. Euro 2040 - Norway It's been so long that I can't remember what I was going to say and I have to look it up all over again, especially regarding what happened with my players. England somehow claim yet another European title (meaning Silva of all people remains the only one of my players with an international win throughout the entire career!) but unlike their double victory in the 2020's (the second of which was at home) they do seem to have a strong team with some genuine stars. Every Milan player had the opportunity to face at least one of their teammates, though not all of them got playing time. Trabelsi was the star of the show for the French, finishing 3rd in 'player of the tournament' with a couple of goals and 6 assists. Mexes was surprisingly sidelined for a while after what appeared to be his breakthrough 4 years ago but no longer and he now has 23 goals in 35 international appearances, though while he played in every match he was only once on the pitch for the whole game, getting his only goal of the tournament in that quarter-final against Spain, though not against Jimenez who picked up his first couple of caps in the warm-up matches but was on the bench for the tournament proper (the only one of the Milan pack not to get a single minute). Van den Hoogenband is surprisingly still only a bit-part player at international level. For all his goalscoring prowess at club level he's yet to score for the Netherlands and single sub appearance against Croatia took the number of senior appearances to just 9. Bouwhuis had no such trouble as he's been as much of a high-performing key player for them as he is for us. Cardia has also been established internationally as Italy's No.1 for a while now. With 61 and 67 caps respectively, they're easily our highest capped players, with Milinovic unsurprisingly the only one who comes near on 55 for Croatia (Mexes' 35 is next), though admittedly they are also our most experienced players, being the only ones aside from Gomes older than 23. Milinovic and Croatia deserve their own mention. They had been absent from the past 3 international tournaments but certainly made up for lost time,going all the way to the final. Milinovic certainly have any problems with encountering familiar faces. He faced Trabelsi, Mexes and even Gomes (getting his only minutes) in the group stage, thankfully none of them being involved in the collision that saw him go off injured, Cardia in the last 16 and Bouwhuis and van den Hoogenband in the quarter-finals, maybe having something to do with why the latter's only appearance in the tournament was a poor one, after all out of everyone playing for opposing nations (which rules out Bouwhuis), who better to keep him quiet?
  9. Unbeaten at last!
  10. Sorry for the silence. I was ready to do a Euro update at least but other things have taking up my attention and I'm only now giving any attention to FM for the sake of finally finishing off pre-season. Might be a while before I'm properly active again.
  11. Thanks for reminding me that it's been 7 years