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  1. Never. 40M seems to be my informal limit (though I have gone above that on a handful of occasions in the past), with any signings of 30M or above being considered very high end. In my experience I haven't really needed to spend more than that to get quality players.
  2. The Mexican. Originally from around Barcelona, then part of a migration to France (the town is even called 'Barcelonette'), and finally part of another migration wave (including just from that town) to Mexico in the early 20th century. There are a heck of a lot of nationalities floating around in the family.
  3. It is not insidious in the slightest, since that would imply some sort of nasty hidden surprise is involved. There's plenty of time to get information and make an informed decision on pre-ordering, and even if whatever announcements are made aren't quite to your satisfaction, that's very different from what your suggesting. FM gradually evolves over time so I think anyone on these forums who have played multiple versions of the game will know roughly what to expect, as well as the benefit from the new features. Even people who are pre-ordering early have a decent idea of what they're getting, rather than being tempted into making any sort of rash decision in the dark.
  4. Funny you should use that example as I am actually English with a Mexican father (you might have gathered whenever international football is featured on a thread ) who I think did actually want to give me a properly hispanic name before my mother overruled him. My surname is actually French (or at least Franco/Spanish) so it's not that indicative either way.
  5. I think Skonto win the prize for the most dominant title win in history.
  6. Second and the cup is a bit better.
  7. Definitely a couple of tasty forwards there.
  8. Best to be sure you want to leave first.
  9. Cup 2015 Last season the group stage of the cup was an exercise in damage limitation. I didn't expect anything this time either but still decided to make a bit of an effort. We were at home to Landskrona first and put up a decent showing given we were 3 divisions apart last year (though only 1 this time), only falling to a narrow defeat. Going to Atvidaberg (the only Premier Division team in the group) was rather tougher and we fell to the expected defeat. When we went behind against GAIS it looked like a pretty routine 'nul points' for us, but Alamin had other ideas. He turned the game around to give us the lead after just over half an hour, and despite going into defensive mode, we still managed two more, and Alamin was denied a hat-trick through a disallowed goal! Landskrona had a 100% record but with the other three of us all beating each other, we looked like finishing second in the group before a late Atvidaberg consolation against Landskrona allowed them to equal our record and beat us to it on head-to-head results. It wouldn't have mattered much with only the group winners going through but it was a considerable point of pride to get anything at all, let alone avoid being bottom.
  10. Winter 2015 Not for the first time, I went into pre-season with a plan but failing to stick to it. I wasn't planning to do too much business but did intent to do some genuine strengthening. At the moment the 'realistic signing' pool is shallow enough that I can scout the whole lot, especially when I found out I could have a couple more scouts, and for the most part, the prospects were young, to the point that I could have signed about half Tord's youth team if I'd been so inclined, but with some new players from our own youth ranks that would be decent squad players at least I decided to be rather picky on that front. It started off with the one player I did sign from Tord, a very defensive midfielder who I couldn't decide whether to make a defender or a midfielder. Then came a mistake with the Dane Mwesigye, the first foreign signing of the save. Comparing him with the incumbent playmaker Pasagic threw up an interesting 'specialist vs all-rounder' contrast, with the Dane being better at a few key attributes but being weaker overall. I only signed him because we needed the depth, and we easily had the budgetary room to accommodate him, but the later signing of Jimmy Olsson (not to be confused with superman's pal) making him obsolete, so he'll be gone soon. Olsson himself is a curious one. He looked very strong already at 16 but while he had technical ability, creativity was another matter, making him look rather less impressive than he could be. He's got pace though and other attributes that make him another player I'm retraining to a new position completely from scratch, as a winger this time. He could still go pretty far indeed. On the other end of the scale was the veteran goalkeeper Jonas Sandqvist, a former international no less! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find out who his cap was against, only that it was in 2005, and probably in a friendly since he wasn't in the 2004 or 2006 tournament squads so it was clearly a one-off selection. Still it seems pretty cool to have someone with a senior international cap at this level. Signings Promoted Youth
  11. It really isn't easier, not in my experience anyway. With the exception of a World Cup win with Mexico once (which was a real 'How did I manage that?!' moment) I've only ever been successful with the top nations (either on a global or continental level), with a lot of failure in there as well.
  12. Oh dear, definitely a step back from the current system, especially as Platini managed to open it up a little.
  13. Here's hoping you can pick up points against Cluj and Dnipro