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  1. Well I'm at Lokomotiv Moscow at the moment, even if I don't have an active thread.
  2. I see a lot of debate about the use of DoF's sometimes and whether they're worth it, however I always let mine try and find players as however many rubbish deals I have to veto, occasionally they come up with a valuable gem I'd have otherwise missed which makes it all worthwhile. My first window at Lokomotiv Moscow provides a prime example as I was looking for a new forward, the stand out young Russian (as you need all the good Russians you can get) being too expensive, and the DoF pops up with this guy for just 1.1M from his native Colombia...
  3. So we come to the end of the 2020 FMCU Awards, and I'm glad that after a slow start a few of you helped turn it into a decent event in the end. Here are our winners in full... Best Newcomer: Rumple43 Best Fountain of Youth: Irchester Utd. Tier 10. England. Home. Youth Only (Jimbokav1971) Best Team: Lens (Smp20) and Volta Redonda (_Ben_) Best Retro: The Hart Chronicles Vol IV (PH71) Best Story: The Nearly Men Vol IV (ManUtd1) Best Poster: Makoto Nakamura Best Thread Name: FM21 Placeholder Thread (Deisler26) Best Journeyman Career: Stuniverse's FM20 Thread and The Hart Chronic
  4. And the winner of the FMCU Manager of the Year award, by a narrow margin of 4 votes to 3 is... Jimbokav1971!!!!!
  5. That leaves 2 contenders, Jimbokav1971 and Makoto Nakamura. That shouldn't be a surprise as they were the top 2 in overall votes as well.
  6. With 1 vote: Cheez3y, Deisler26, Northernpilgrim, PH71 and "Tough Choice between 5/6"
  7. Anyway time for our traditional finale... FMCU Manager of the Year! Will Makoto take it for a 3rd year running?
  8. Actually he hadn't won it before, even when he was winning almost everything else I looked up the past threads to prepare for this one with you winning last time and ManUtd1 before that.
  9. Onto the penultimate award, Best Career Thread... Cheez3y's Bring The Champions League Back To Romania... To Bukarest... To Steaua..., Pheelf’s Creating a Northern Irish Football Revolution, Jimbokav1971's Irchester Utd. Tier 10. England. Home. Youth Only, Kafra FC 2020, Dane Bramage's Overtaking Colin, The Joint Save, Stuniverse’s FM20 adventure and _Ben’s_ Voltaco.
  10. Once again we have joint winners. With 3 votes each it's Stuniverse's FM20 Adventure and The Hart Chronicles Vol: IV.
  11. OK, now we're finally on a role and we have just 3 awards left, starting with Best Journeyman Career. The nominees are... Pheelf’s Creating a Northern Irish Football Revolution, Stuniverse’s FM20 adventure, PH71’s Hart Chronicles Vol IV, Northernpilgrim's The Bottom Corner: A Journey from Non-league to the Football League and Beyond, The Joint Save, and Ranks39's We're all in this Together.
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