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  1. Jan 2017 Well that was a rubbish couple of months, and a very frustrating one. You may have noticed that we made up for that undefated run by losing a lot of games. What you may not know is aside from the last match, all the goals we scored in those defeats saw us take the lead. We bounced back from the first defeat to beat the team top of tke league, but the second win (taking us to 5 in 8 at the time) came at the cost of one of our defenders and both our right wing options all being out injured until about this point. However I'm not sure that entirely explains why the defen
  2. Oh I didn't just mean in the league. I located the fixture screenshots and aside from a defeat in the final Champions League group game every single match in all competitions was won up until the first Champions League knockout match!
  3. Thank you both. In my experience when you take over an underperforming team mid-season they often struggle to perform until the end of the season when they get the chance to 'reset' their fortunes and be a lot better the following season. So far things have gone better but it's only with the 3 wins in our last 5 league games that our position has really improved at all. I still think the bar is too high to end up as serious challengers this season given how far off we were when I arrived but it's not impossible and it should set us up nicely for next year.
  4. Nov 2026 So far my time at Cadbury Heath reflects the career so far to some extent, generally positive but unspectacular. We've faced quite a few draws, at least a couple of which should have been wins, but having taken over a team hanging just above the relegation zone it's still a good start, going from 2 points above the bottom 3 to 9, and even closing the gap to the top 2 a little. In particular I feel delighted to be undefeated so far in the league, and in fact if you include a couple of draws from before I took charge the team is on a run of 11 league matches without def
  5. October Transfer Update I'm just starting to get my feet under the table at my new club, which included a flurry of transfer activity to strengthen the team as much as I could for now. As it happens University of Exeter released a bunch of my former players which didn't have new clubs. I ended up re-signing the right-back Thomas Lye for the second time, as he was part of the team I started with before quickly being lost and I was able to get him back the following summer. Since I wanted a new goalkeeper I considered Holland as well but he wanted far too much so I went for someone else, de
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