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  1. Good luck at the best team in Devon (I was at Uni there).
  2. Good run. I like the idea of a competition like that allowing teams from smaller countries a bit of an European adventure rather than just being out after one or two qualifying rounds.
  3. Jan 2067 This season's title race seemed to be a case of which team was held to a draw the fewest times, though a mixture of the European Super Cup and CWC meant that Hamburg were behind on matches played. They really didn't do very well on the world stage, losing to Guangzhou then New York, both on penalties but that gave me a feeling of how frustrating it would be to lose out to them with that record. Given the way we were both going in the league, having been held to a second draw of the season (to their 3) against Munich 1860 I still treated it as a theoretical 2-point lead. Going behind early on against Saarbrucken added to the pressure even though we went on to win, but while Hamburg won as well, they suddenly starter to falter in a big way win 3 draws followed by a first defeat of the season. That makes things look much more comfortable, especially as we haven't played them yet (the home match was one of those moved because of the CWC) and we finish the season with the away match, so I'd want it wrapped up before then! This is definitely up there with one of my best teams, as a well-oiled machine that works just as well whoever is playing. Luciano Roger hasn't played at all this season (despite his incredible record) with Barbaev, Hoxha, Kaunda (currently out for a few months) and Townsend making a very effective quartet of forward options, with the first three being from the youth team. Jefferson Severino has also been mostly sidelined as our newer full-back options are already proving themselves, along with the Mexican Salinas (currently occupying the right-back position), finally getting his chance after a few years and hopefully in time for him to still come good. I've managed to enjoy a pretty seamless transition with replacing players over the past few years. We just need some European glory to cap it off, though I'm not sure it'll be this year.
  4. That's what I've always liked about playing far enough into the future.
  5. Good start. I had a lot of fun with the old Metalist once.
  6. CL Dec 2066 Update We managed to pull off the win over Juventus, making it the second time we've been in a group with them and they've been 3rd. I had thought this would be a straightforward group for us both but it ended up being surprisingly competitive. Sint-Truidense beating Olympiakos helped make it seem close through it didn't make a difference to either team, and the head-to-head results meant the Greeks would always top the group. I knew scraping second in the group meant we'd likely face a tough time in the last 16, though we might have gotten lucky with Red Star. Otherwise it could have been worse than Arsenal at least.
  7. Nov 2066 It's a big update both because I've spend time away from the forums and I had some major FM time at the start of the week. Domestically we've been almost perfect, including another satisfying Super Cup win over Hamburg. The German cup also provided an opportunity for newer players to shine and continue to do so, especially Kaunda and Townsend up front, helped by Luciano Roger's decline (and he's hardly featured at all) and Hoxha starting the season with a short-term injury. That also applies to Hudson and Bulit in the full-back positions. The difference to last season aside from having dropped points) is that Hamburg remain on our tails, so even being as good as we were last year probably won't be enough to be under serious threat. Things haven't gone as well in Europe. We beat Sint-Truidense easily enough at the start, though it was a little frustrating not getting the home win over Juventus. That was followed by surprisingly losing to Olympiakos not just once but twice! Even beating the Belgians again meant that we still had a hurdle to jump to qualify, meaning we needed to beat Juventus away, and we have Sint-Truidense beating them during one of our Olympiakos defeats to thank for the fact that we could still do it at all.
  8. Yep, and even the winners as smaller (or at least middling top division clubs) in various countries have come to the fore.
  9. CL Draw 2066 There isn't too much to say here. We were now top seeds and got a pretty easy group, though Juventus do stand out as a far trickier opponent than the other two. However I still don't think they're as good as we are (and only narrowly avoided finishing bottom of the group last time we drew them) so I'm definitely aiming to top the group.
  10. Summer 2066 This summer I took a bit of a gamble, though it was one I had planned to take. Since I started properly building my current squad I've tended to run 'heavy' with more players than could possibly be given a proper opportunity, even in the long term. That means that something I've often had to do is to move more established players on to open the door to the younger potential stars (though a few still have to be cut loose if I decide it's just not going to happen for them). It's not always been easy to do that, especially if it means letting go reliable performers and squad players but it's worked out very well so far. Having won that vital second title that now establishes ourselves at the top (along with our European exploits) the pressure is now off a little as I feel we haven't got so much to prove, I can just keep building and blooding new players. There were always going to be a few outgoings. A few players were unhappy at not having had their opportunity and I couldn't do anything to stop them leaving on a free, hoping it won't come back to haunt us later against either domestic or European rivals. As good as he had been up until this point, Erlon Joe was also leaving at the age of 34 to allow Corona and Berthelot to step up (something the Mexican had been particularly vocal about being denied so far), though he seems to be proving he has one good year left in him at Barcelona. I was in the mood to raise quite a bit of money to invest, with the sales of Calvet and Nene being particular gambles, along with Reuter. That raised a record £89M and with a bit of budget adjustment meant I had £115M to play with! The first signing was actually a previous example of 'unhappy player leaves on a free' in the form of former youth team forward Kaunda, who went of to PSV last year. I had hoped to get him back but it proved quicker and easier than expected, as now he has more of an opportunity to fill what will soon be an empty space left by the declining Luciano Roger. He was soon followed by the arrival of a young English keeper only meant to be second choice in the long term, as the stars I could potentially sign (and was willing to if need be) didn't really emerge. Bulut's signing had been arranged ages ago so that didn't really count as someone spotted and a deal made this year. It didn't help that I was able to pick up a high standard of young player with those I already had being of similar enough quality even to established players to set the bar high to spend a lot of money on anyone, no matter how good they were. I did at least set a new club (and career) record by just £500k on a young (but still well developed) defender from Bilbao, but otherwise they were a similar sort of signing to before. I was very much dining at the top table of young stars and took advantage of it (helped by the fact that they weren't too expensive as individual signings) to help give me more tough decisions to make in future as well as ensuring we had the very best for the long-term and give us that extra squad depth insulation. These included yet another forward (and another English player, otherwise very rare for me when abroad) and another couple of French players, as along with Brazilians (and sometimes Argentines and Germans, but not always) that seems to be the nationality I sign a lot of when it comes to young players in top leagues. It was a busy summer, as the time felt right to make the changes I did. I like the idea of having a very versatile squad in that I can happily throw in the younger players and already feel like we can be just as good. Thankfully being able to get in that high standard helps me feel like I can potentially do that (and be able to cover that don't quite make it) and we can be even better in a few year's time. It helps that many of them make very promising starts and having a usually easy German cup match to start gives me the opportunity to give them an early run if they earn it. I don't expect to win the title every time (as long as we do so often enough, and are close the rest of the time) but I hope European glory is within reach eventually. Signings
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