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  1. Oct 2034 After a strong finish to last season I had hoped for better to start off this season. An opening day draw at Bologna wasn't too bad as they finished 5th last year, but the other two were more disappointing. We managed to beat Roma though very unconvincingly before a more deserved win at Genoa (eventually) seemed to wake us up a little. We managed to get an unlikely win over Juventus on the break, before just about besting Napoli. Gilson hadn't shone as much as I expected after his first season, though I partly chalk that down to seeing the veteran Kassel replaced as his partner with Mexes, under half the American's age and so green he could summon the Dragonzord, so it was great to see him burst into life. That set up an unlikely top of the table clash at Pescara where we took the lead but failed to take the opportunity to regain it early in the second half after their equalizer. We've had a few short-lived false dawns but we're at least up where we want to be for the time being.
  2. I did Michalovce myself once. Managed to briefly topple Zilina.
  3. That's quite a relief!
  4. I don't think it's quite my record for a young team, but it's probably the youngest team I've ever had where I've had a choice, lets put it that way I reckon World Soccer could do a whole special Milan edition of their 'Talent Scout' feature Looking at Bouwhuis makes me wonder why I didn't buy him the first time, especially as he would have been half the price that Taylor was. Maybe I'd already bought the Englishman and needed to focus my relatively limited budget on other positions. Still I ended up getting him for nothing so it all worked out. He made his full international debut in August, joining a list of senior internationals that's growing surprisingly fast, as we're currently up to 9. As expected, Simonetti got called up after the World Cup and seems to be a regular already, and surprisingly so has Cardia, with Nogara becoming more established (more than he is a club level actually with Salazar's arrival), though interestingly enough having made his debut in a 5-1 defeat to Mexico just before the World Cup, exactly the same thing happened in September (Silva assisted one in each match).
  5. Good start, you should have plenty of success there.
  6. That's pretty imperious form, hardly even a goal conceded.
  7. It'll be interesting to watch his career.
  8. Good idea to continue the job in Uruguay.
  9. You can cancel adding or removing a league before it happens, I change my mind about that quite a lot
  10. Summer 2034 The goal of European qualification was strengthened by the fact that it was the board expectation, as well as an achievable promise (and I don't make them otherwise) to make to Fagner when he started making noises about wanting to go a more successful club, always a danger in this situation with some players developing faster than the club, especially as Fagner was a more established player to begin with. Still we can now boast a World Cup winner in the team so how hard can it be? This reminds me of the time I got promoted to the Premier League with Ipswich (it was the first stint of the three on 'Thunderbird Delta') with a keeper who had won the World Cup with Japan the previous summer. Anyway despite scouting almost 2,500 players (like last year) it took a while to good potential signings to surface again. Whenever I go for young players in a big league, I always end up knocking on Boca Juniors' door eventually and while not top of my positional list, Salazar still looked worthwhile, especially as a potential new first-choice right-back. The next two were to fill gaps in the squad. Finding a star winger can be surprisingly hard sometimes on this version, having had to wait a while before uncovering Andronov in the Ipswich career, and now I need to find a backup/alternative for Silva. Dunga was now trained for the wing and while looking for midfielders to help cover in case he ended up being deployed there as a 'Plan B' in the absence of any standout potential winger signings, I found young Trabelsi who was already competent on the wing (and in central midfield and up front), helping make that a training focus, and a Model Pro helping to give me confidence in his potential. Marco Aurelio was a more straightforward 'squad depth' signing, helped by being a Model Pro as well and the fact that neither cost very much, especially compared to Salazar which fits their contrasting squad statuses , at least for now. The hunt for any more potential signings led to van den Hoogenband, providing competition for Gilson (who isn't as reliable right now as I'd like) as well as being potentially an excellent poacher indeed, even if he wouldn't be much good at anything else. Despite having quite a lot of budget left I felt satisfied after that, especially in the absence of anyone else I was strongly interested in. With 4 signings in various positions, I felt confident about having made more decent investment the squad without changing too much this time, and hopefully we can benefit from a more settled team that keeps improving with experience. It is still an incredibly young and inexperienced squad, with a lower average age (a little under 20 years old) than last season. Mexes is still considered the league's youngest player having just turned 17. Not sure why it's not Trabelsi but maybe it has to do with squad selection or having actually made appearances. However with Salazar being the only signing likely to feature in the short-term, hopefully the lack of big changes and the extra year's experience and development of everyone else can make enough of a difference. This is also probably the 'low point' in terms of the extreme youth of the squad (at least as a whole with the first 11 mostly just getting a year older) and from this point on we should start to see the benefits of the team starting to mature, even if that's going to be a long process. Signings
  11. Bucaspor have certainly done fine without me, winning the following 2 titles and missing out on a 3rd on head-to-head results (with slightly superior goal difference, but that's not how it works in Turkey), along with a stadium expansion to 15,000, shortly followed by a new 25,000 stadium, whereas the capacity was just over 10,000 originally. I've mostly finished with trying to overhaul the team but as for a few still needing to grow, try ' pretty much all of them' I've done this a few times before so I know what to expect, including the fact that it will take a while for things to click.
  12. World Cup 2034 - Japan OK, so that happened! The last World Cup was pretty dull in terms of surprise packages, but this time it was anything but. When I first reviewed the draw I was rather pessimistic about Mexico's chances with Germany and Colombia, then they lost their opening game to New Zealand, the supposedly easy team, and they looked set for a 3rd group stage exit in a row. However two wins saw them through, then they knocked out a very strong French team who had cruised through their group, and which would have caused split loyalties in the family. Argentina were beaten in the quarter-finals (sounds familiar) before reaching the final with a win over Iran. Spain were looking to retain their title and still looked devilishly strong but Mexico somehow survived to penalties and sealed an incredible victory, the second time in a row that the holders have been beaten finalists. Since it was on penalties Spain technically continue a record unbeaten run in the finals of 20 matches and counting, as they also went out on penalties in 2026 and 2022, the opening match in the latter tournament seeing their last 'proper' defeat in the competition. To Bulgaria. The game moves in mysterious ways. Iran are also worthy of mention. They're were a very strong side in the 2020's but not so much now. Moradi took a long time to break into the side back then with a lot of competition but even as a 30yr old shadow of his former self (still at Bucaspor by the way) he's clear first choice now, which makes it interesting that this happens to be when they finally make it past the second round, having just squeezed past an admittedly tough group. Hosts Japan are another regional giant from last decade who look a lot weaker and their home World Cup must have been something of a disappointment, just squeaking past the Czech Republic and Senegal in their group before defeat to Brazil. Going around the continents, we get to Egypt. They were African champions 3 years ago but hadn't made it past the quarter-finals in the game otherwise, and had previously just registered 3 group stage exits in the World Cup. They had a few stars (including an injured Arsenal forward, shocking I know) but were very weak beyond that, with a lot of domestically-based players. They did well to qualify from their group ahead of a stronger Serbia side before surprisingly knocking out an Italy side who just can't catch a break. Somehow beating England on penalties in the quarter-finals wasn't that much of a shock but while they were torn apart by Spain in the semi-final, they at least secured 3rd. The tournament did have a few notable underperforming teams that haven't been mentioned at all. Turkey (with Leonardo Robert and Falcao) probably would have hoped to qualify ahead of Norway. Morocco and South Korea (to a lesser extent) would have seen themselves as part of a group of death along with Spain and Portugal but the Iberians found it surprisingly easy. Reigning African champions Ivory Coast were the losers in an otherwise open group with the USA, Russia and Peru. After so few talking points last time it's nice to see the World Cups in this save return to being full of surprises, though we haven't seen an African or Asian winner yet. Maybe one day. As a recap, the winners so far are Wales (yes really), Ecuador (ditto), Colombia, Netherlands, Spain and now Mexico, with Uruguay, Romania and Morocco among the beaten finalists. Silva played every single minute, in fact aside from a few times last Autumn when he was taken off, he's done so since his debut just after signing for us. Back then Mexico were just ranked 32nd, though it was up to 15th pre-tournament. Nogara did get a couple of appearances in the group stage, though neither was a full game. Surely Simonetti isn't going to be far off joining him in the senior squad.
  13. May 2034 After the subtle positive vibes of the last update there were already signs that the schedule was taking its toll and the Modena win was our last for a while as we were running on empty for a while. After only narrowly losing to Napoli in the cup semi-final last season it was far more one-sided this time. With those two cup defeats and multiple hammerings in the league, Napoli are turning into the team I'm most looking forward to beating when we hit our stride. The first leg was also the 100th match at Milan, which seemed to come around surprisingly quickly. The later Livorno win added the 800th career matches milestone. We managed to wake up to win at Bologna, and while we couldn't immediately follow up against Genoa, things were far more promising after the derby win. The only league match we lost after that was against Napoli (them again) when a straight red card for Dunga while we were still 1-0 up meant we played almost all of the second half with 10 men and we were still very close to getting a 1-1 draw. It wasn't quite enough to make a late push for 6th again, which is frustrating as it would have been enough for a European place this time. Getting back into Europe was a 'would be nice' ambition this season, and it's going to be a stronger goal from this point, especially as Italy will how have a 4th CL place again so 6th would definitely be enough and 7th might be as well. We've been in a relatively weak place this season in terms of not being able to assert ourselves in a lot of matches and not always being able to do quite enough when we are able to get opportunities in front of goal. Even then our defensive record is actually good when you consider the pressure we've been under and our goals conceded compared to some of the teams above us. Individual performances have generally been good (though inconsistent) and as the team continues to develop, that will show a lot more . While there are still a few potential positions on my summer shopping list it's going to be more evolution than revolution, just being patient while everyone properly finds their feet and things start to click. Silva being called up (and playing) for Mexico at the World Cup wasn't a surprise but Nogara making Italy's squad certainly was, especially as he hadn't made a senior international appearance and at just 19 he was 4 years younger than anyone else. He made his debut in a warm-up against... Mexico. A 5-1 win for Mexico makes it clear which one of our players had a better time Still, he managed to recover from that and it looks like he's had some game time in the tournament itself. That's much earlier than I expected for anyone to feature in a major tournament for one of the big nations, and perhaps a few of the players who had to settle for the Euro U21 tournament this summer will break through in time for the senior version in 2 years time. Star Player: Why did Empoli let us have him for just 1.1M? My first signing (though Gilson was technically the first deal made) had a slow first month as shown in his initial screenshot, but he very quickly started putting in some very strong performances and he just dropped below 7.40 at the end of that season. He only managed 7.30 in his first full season but he set a new record this year. Squad Stats
  14. Mexes, then and now. Baby Picture Current Picture