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    Fairly intensive FM player and long-term career manager. Love Rome.

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    FM, railways, football, History

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  1. Who'd have thought Rotherham was the place to be?
  2. That was a narrow squeak.
  3. This will take a long, long time.
  4. The Munster is roaring!
  5. Shame it ended on a disappointing note against Russia.
  6. Epic win over Norwich.
  7. You were properly Thun over there.
  8. Nice simple summaries, as well as the talking points looking ahead to the following set of seasons.
  9. Greta stuff. Also, Boston River look like surprise leaders.
  10. That is the most epic relegation escape I've ever seen!
  11. Well done going up. Your youth prospects look identical apart from minor differences in the hair
  12. I'm rather into the idea of 'holiday' saves myself.
  13. Back to 'form' with the title at least
  14. Bit of a tough start there.