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  1. Oh that's a shame
  2. Good luck surviving.
  3. Looks like an interesting tournament.
  4. Jan/Feb 2061 We suddenly found ourselves really fighting for Europa League qualification, not helped by defeat at Leverkusen in a match that was comfortable for them as our opening day win was for us. A couple of easy home games helped spark a bit of life and we at least got a draw when we went away again to Dusseldorf. However things gor tough for a while. We went ahead twice in Barcelona and while 3-2 wasn't too bad an away leg result, we messed it up completely at home. This was during what I'm calling our 'Carry On Defending' phase, not least because the usually excellent Kasic seemed to have become as much use as Sid James. However he was far from along at being at fault. We couldn't recover from two early goals for our only home defeat in any competition this season. We somehow managed a good win over Stuttgart in between the legs but we got easily taken apart by Hamburg, the one team capable of challenging Bayern in recent years. They even had a 4th disallowed, I reckon out of pity. I didn't expect things to go any better in the cup against Bayern, which is why it was written off and it was a case of 'damage limitation;. That seemed to help us when we played them again at home in the weekend. We lost the lead twice (the second time when a Kasic pass was intercepted by a Bayern forward!) but still managed to get a late winner. It makes me wonder what things would be like with better away form given we've been near unstoppable at home. Aside from the Barcelona defeat. I think we've drawn something like 3 times in the league and that's it.
  5. Nov/Dec 2060 Our good autumn form continued, at least until Augsburg, then our away-day demons struck again. Augburg were the season's surprise package, newly promoted but having been in the top three pretty much all season long up to that point. The fact that we went behind made me happier with a draw than I would have been otherwise, especially as it kept us on their tail and potentially opening up a comfortable margin for Europa league qualification. However we then lost at Darmstadt, another promoted team who were more predictably struggling, and Munich 1860 (also fighting relegation) in our following away game. In the cup we faced Braunschweig (who I've always thought were good team for a one-club save as surprise early Bundesliga winners, with a quest to do it again), the only team outside of the top 2 divisions left, and made relatively heavy weather of that as well. The win over Bremen (also challenging for the Europa League spots) was our one positive result. In Europe things went better. We completed the double over Sparta Prague pretty much ensuring qualification, turning our attentions to beating Niki Volou for top spot. I thought that would require a win in the final match after our earlier defeat gave them a head-to-head advantage but they dropped points against Sparta as we managed to avoid kneeling before Zhod to give us the advantage. We won anyway meaning our defeat in Greece was but a mere blip. However that didn't do us any good at all as we drw pretty much the last team you'd expect at this stage (especially as group winners)... Seriously! They're not actually that good a Barca team. They were top of the league but they hadn't won the title in 8 years, and finished 6th last season (with Real Madrid in 5th). Their squad is decent enough but without any of the quality you'd expect and this does look like their level, having a decent Europa League run on a regular basis but maybe not being among the favourites.
  6. Oct 2060 After our messy start to the season, things started to look up. I knew we'd lose at Bayern but we did better than expected, at least in terms of looking like we might fluke a 0-0 draw for a while. That was our last defeat for a while as we started to really fire, at least at home. That included a big win over Sparta Prague to get our Europa League campaign back on track after our defeat in Greece the last time out. This was despite a few injuries starting to rack up from that Sparta win, starting with Fabricio going off after our opening two goals. The cup game against Gladbach was another messy one. Erlon Joe went off injured and the player responsible (as it wasn't even a foul) grabbed an equaliser right at the end of normal time. Thankfully justice was done as we grabbed our own late winner in extra time.
  7. I managed to get a bit more done with our fortunes improving. Currently in mid November and should have a few more updates when I get the opportunity next week. However that's not why I'm posting. This week I got accepted to do a Masters in Archives and Records Management at Dundee. I'm mostly doing it from home but do have to go up in a month's time before I start. I think one of the Dundee clubs (partially Dundee United due to their far nicer kit) should be my next destination
  8. Sorry it's been another gap I've been spending a few weeks sorting out an application to do a postgraduate degree at Dundee (distance learning thankfully) starting in May, though I think that's all done for now. I'm also without internet at home for 2 weeks (don't ask) which might actually allow me to turn my attentions to FM a little more, though not necessarily be able to post. I had started the season already anyway and without any further Freddy Adu... Sept 2060 The season started promisingly enough though we couldn't keep it up. It seems to be a common thing to get a non-league team in the first round of the cup in Germany so I played the new younger players, including Michiels (who turned 17 that very day) and a young defender who had also recently come of age. The easy win was expected but the opening day win over Leverkusen seemed like a sign of good things to come this season. Unfortunately that didn' last very long as we lost to Nurnberg from a penalty (which was actually saved the first time around) then were FM'ed a bit at Mainz. There seems to have be a bit of home/away contrast as well, with even the home draw with Hamburg (though we weren't far off hanging on to win) not being the worst result as they're the reigning champions. However Bayern (with a 100% record) away us next. Ouch! Performances have actually been very good for the most part, and that includes our keeper Kesic (who I've probably been underrating a bit) being on course for another season averaging above 7.00, no easy feat for a keeper. The other highlights include Fabricio already getting some goals (just as well as Mbah hasn't so far this season), as well as Michiels, who is quite a fiesty young tyke, not afraid to really get right in on an opposing player with the ball and managing to judge it right to get the ball and avoid conceding fouls a well. Our mixed fortunes applied to Europe. We seemed to have a simple enough group with Sparta Prague, Torpedo Zhodino and Niki Volou. No walkovers among there but we're still comfortably the strongest team and we really should qualify. We started easily enough with a big win over Zhodino before going doing down to a penalty in Greece. It would be really awkward if we ended up with a big fight to get through after such a favourable draw.
  9. Hopefully you can go further.
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