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    Fairly intensive FM player and long-term career manager. Love Rome.

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  1. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    So far they're not. Occasionally you get a feeling that a team is looking a lot better than its results are showing and this is one of those times.
  2. Canny Canas -- International Journeyman

    You seem to have better luck with draws than I did with Mexico
  3. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Dec 2045 Very frustrating indeed. After defeat to MK Dons (as close as you can possibly get to a 3-0 loss when you really should have won) I lost patience with on-loan keeper McShane, which wouldn't help us up front but could stop is from being punished as much and our permanant keeper Ludlam has been more solid. We immediately started to fire again, even briefly touching top after beating Havant and Waterlooville. However much like after our strong start to the season, as soon as I was considering us to be strong promotion contenders, we suddenly developed a fundamental flaw and dropped down. Last time it was our finishing, this time we just can't hold a lead, including in top of the table 6-pointers (at the time) against Forest Green and Hyde, and at the moment we are in a fight to make the playoffs having set our sights even higher earlier. In the cups, we had Eastleigh first and turned around a poor start to win, before having a decent showing at Watford (even having a goal disallowed which would have given us the lead). In the FA Trophy we beat fellow BSP sides Bristol City and Barnet (though only after a dull replay where we suddenly came to life in extra time), setting up a last 16 tie with Hayes and Yeading, our first cup match against lower division opposition.
  4. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Gold Cup 2045 I think I forgot this before. The Mexican senior team won the Confederations Cup earlier in the summer (beating England in the final) and the B team claimed the Gold Cup. Canada are runners-up yet again (and have been semi-finalists a number of times as well) after beating the USA but remain empty handed.
  5. That really was a battering by Celtic though!
  6. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Sept 2045 It's been a hectic start to Kent life, with midweek league games abounding. I expected quite a few of those with a 46-match league season but not quite to this extent. I didn't really have performance expectations, only knowing that the board wanted a top half finish. The DoF (who was redundant at Milan, as I vetoed every move he tried to make) added a couple of loanees, the right-winger Gibbs (I'll resist NCIS references) from Watford and a short-term first choice keeper McShane from Crystal Palace, both only until January. I had a feeling we had a decent bit of quality for this level so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when we won 6 of our first 7 matches, and a promotion challenge was definitely on the table. However we struggled after that, and we only had ourselves to blame. We should definitely managed far more than 2 points from the following 5 matches with the chances we had. It was a relief when Mansfield broke twice to give us the win at Harrogate, especially as we'd had them on the ropes for the entire half. That puts us back in the playoff places having only just dropped out and if we're a bit adrift of the automatic place I at least have my eye on the playoffs for nowm though there's a not of a very busy season left to play.
  7. Mod Requests

  8. What have you let yourself in for?
  9. That sets you up nicely for a home win.
  10. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    I am pretty pleased with what I managed to do this time with no room to work with. Despite having to make a few payments when releasing players the bank balance is holding mostly steady, having worried that it would spiral out of control with ever shrinking wage budgets. Still I wanted a different sort of challenge and I have definitely got it I was going to go for one more year but once I saw the Gillingham job was available and I could probably get it after the last Milan league game there didn't seem to be any point. After 6 titles, 3 Champions League wins, 4 cup wins (and on the verge of another) with a number of the minor trophies, there didn't seem to be any point in staying with that opportunity on the table