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  1. [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    No pressure
  2. Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    I was just going to say Helme looks very good.
  3. Good to see your facilities upgraded to 'We actually have some'
  4. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    Former Player Watch 2025 Askar Leppala This is a slightly smaller version as Jarvinen is our player again now, as is Pulkkinen though only on a season-long loan. Askar followed up the best season of his career so far on loan in Spain with being able to get a load of league appearances for Newcastle (which I really wasn't expecting), even if most of them are as a sub. He's also had a decent time at international level as well and while he's hardly a star at either level, we at least finally get to see someone starting to succeed. Leppala is a different story. He has just moved to FC Eindhoven where he'll hopefully get the first team-action he couldn't get at Charleroi, though it gives him an inaccurate player history page (which acts as if he arrived at the start of last season, not the end) and that was already missing the half-season in Belgium after we sold him. He's a Finland squad player I sometimes feel the need to call upon so he probably needs more club action to be more reliable on that front. He didn't even look that good as a sub against San Marino.
  5. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    June 2025 As expected we were hit by Kallio's injury at the end of April, and despite getting an assist on his return against Mariehamn he didn't seem to be making much difference when he returned. That seemed to be fixed after the Kemi defeat as I fixed his role and with a game in hand we seemed to be in the mix going into the June international break but seemed to be stumbling since. SJK was admittedly a tough trip but HJK were struggling and would be even more so if it wasn't for our generosity. They've won 2 out of 2 so far, accounting for a third of their league wins so far this season and half our defeats. VPS was a 'did everything but score' match which we really should have won but 'consistency' really hasn't been in our forwards' dictionary this year. Hopefully Jarvinen can help be the solution to those problems as he returns to the club at the end of his Lazio contract but maybe I'm setting my expectations a little high. He certainly can't hurt.
  6. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    June 2025 International Update After two narrow defeats in the first matches of the qualifying campaign I looked to the San Marino game to give us a comfortable win and we managed it easily enough, looking in a strong enough position to take a few players off for a rest at the start of the second half (bringing on a few familiar names) and to sit back later on. Jarvinen even managed a hat-trick, which may not be much of an achievement against such weak opposition but he only got a couple total (his only previous international goals) during the whole International League campaign so he might be able to grab himself a decent international haul. Slovenia would be a trickier trip. Oblak in goal remained their only good player but they were up in 20th in the rankings (we were in the 90's) after reaching the second round of the Euros last year, only losing to Portugal on penalties. That made it feel satisfying to get a hard-fought draw which helps our chances of getting something from the return as well, along with Northern Ireland at home which is next. We're definitely not going to Mexico but we still might have a respectable campaign.
  7. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    They're not too bad actually. Great training facilities, Average youth facilities (after 3 upgrades), Good junior coaching and Well-established youth recruitment.
  8. Wow a tycoon takeover! The one time I had that happen is when I least needed it, which is typical
  9. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    I imagine you can win that.
  10. I hope you can pull yourself clear.
  11. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    Apr 2025 Starting the league season on a Monday meant we genuinely had 3 matches in a week to kick off with, but it hasn't been too bad so far to the point that we somehow managed to be top after 4 matches. We won both home matches and drew the away games, neither of them easy but it was still disappointing given all 3 goals in those matches gave us the lead. Despite feasting on goals against Honka (having actually gone behind for the only time so far) I got the sense that an in-form Jarvinen would really help us kill games off. There isn't much you can gather this early, aside from the fact that Mariehamn aren't doing well (and we're about to face them in the cup), and I'm not getting too excited yet that this might be our year. It doesn't help that we have two trips to HJK this season (leagues where you play everyone 3 times can be a little unbalanced like that) with the first one coming in a couple of league matches time, not helped by Kallio being out injured for a few weeks. One bright spot was provided by the 16yr old Karjanlahti, the most recent promising youngster we produced, warranting an early opportunity in the first team which he's already repaying. We may not have the money to upgrade the youth facilities again this year (I'll have to see about youth recruitment) but it's still good to see the occasional player worth getting excited about. The most recent 'graduate', Nurmi, is on the verge making the Finland squad albeit just as the very narrow 'winner' in the contest to be second-choice right back.
  12. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    March 2025 International Update No points from the first two matches isn't surprising but it could have been different. After the easier International League opponents I needed to try and find the underdog's approach from this point on and it seemed to work at first in Iceland (who already have a decent pair of newgen forwards I'm a bit jealous of) when Ylatupa won and scored an early penalty. It was only brief but we kept on going and forced a few good saves from the Iceland keeper. They were similarly busy at our end (and we're going to be in serious trouble when Hradecky retires with no potential replacement who is even half-decent) but it still felt a little cruel to lose it right at the end. Denmark was a different matter entirely as they walked all over us in the first half, to the point that I could have just let Jarvinen and Pohjanpalo (having remembered during the Iceland match that despite Holmqvist's form last year, he's not part of our best forward partnership, especially as he takes up Jarvinen's best role) have a night off to tour the bars of Helsinki, so little did they see of the ball. Things actually improved quite a bit after the break once Askar came on for a tired Ylatupa (who would have been rested altogether if this had been at club level). He scored his first international goal before setting up Kauko. The latter (pictured below) is easily the best Finnish newgen I've seen so far and while he's still not that good I wouldn't mind a few more like him. Thankfully we have a relatively forgiving group, with Denmark (ranked 8th going into this) being the toughest team. From what I saw in previous qualifying groups, Finland tend to be a 'second from bottom' team, easily overcoming the minnows of the group, maybe getting the odd home draw against others but not enough. We couldn't do it again Iceland (though maybe we can at home), clearly weren't going to do it against Denmark but we have the trip to San Marino next to hopefully get a win on the board, and we'll see if we can do anything against Northern Ireland or Slovenia (who have no quality whatsoever beyond Oblak). Expectations were always going to be low but at least we're not losing 4 or 5-0 on a regular basis and can at least give better teams a game (or half in the case of the Danes) though there certainly will be some teams we'll encounter before too long (and it could happen in Copenhagen as well) who will walk right through us.
  13. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Who loses 11-0 to England any more?
  14. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    Well, maybe the Premier League would have ended up being a step too far, with even the Championship feeling like dizzy heights to reach, but once I got there it would have been interesting to have a go for a while and try and take that last step. I may have left if I felt I had hit a glass ceiling but having reached the League 1 playoffs twice in the first 3 seasons in the division (and looked like potentially making it 3 in 4) this definitely didn't feel like that point. I have a new club now (as I was always planning to do before switching back to Finland for a season), and it was always going to be an especially big leap. Eidsvoll to Gillingham via Malmo, Izmir and Milan (a bit of a mixed bag of places to say the least) was 3301 miles in total. Going to Latin America is more than that combined wherever I went. I tried for a few major Brazilian clubs (Botafogo, Cruzeiro and Santos) but despite two of those three being 'flattered' by my interest it still wasn't enough. Colo Colo was available as well at one point but they were reigning Chilean champions and favourites, which is a shame because otherwise that would have been brilliant. I ended up at a club that isn't even in a top division, but that just gives me the chance to add yet another promotion to my record. I'm currently on 6 , and I was going to say without a single relegation but I forgot about Norway. It's still true to say that when I haven't been relegated yet after getting a team promoted.
  15. A First Career Thread Down At Blackwell Meadows

    Good luck getting them back up the leagues.