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  1. 6 votes in so far. The way things are going we'll need a lot more to get winners in everything.
  2. I tried an FM11 career thread that didn't last very long, before I learned that not having too many comments didn't matter. I did return to follow and comment on threads some months later (so I was present at the 2nd awards even if not as a potential contender) though only started a new save and career thread with the release of FM12, and I've been on here ever since, even though I did go through a period of a few false starts after FM14 was released. This has generally been a more mature and well-behaved part of forums than usual, as was shown with the debate over FM12 and onwards needing steam where unlike on GD a separate poll on here showed almost everyone was willing to accept it without too much fuss, and there's hardly been anything I've had to deal with as a mod. There's definitely a sense of pride in having your own career thread and seeing people engage with it.
  3. FM13 is go again... Winter 2018 If we had 2-3 good signings in the right places we'd potentially be strong promotion contenders, but perhaps our recent failures to make the group stage of the cup is limiting the ability of our rep to catch up with our league performances. There have still been a few stars we've been able to get but for the most part our signings have either been depth or young talent, and it quickly became clear that this year would be no exception. If we wanted a Premier Division salad, we'd have to buy the seeds and grow the vegetables ourselves. With left-back being one of the areas we'd need improvement, I was delighted to get Andersson in the youth intake but he'll need some development before he potentially becomes the solution, even if I decided to test the waters by giving him the No.3 shirt right away, scrapping the plan to use Rudolfsson as a stop-gap, at least until we can see how things go. Up front reinforcements were less of a priority but it was a case of whatever I could get. Djurgardens wouldn't let us have Glasberg again but they did send Selimovic, while Friberg was the standout young player, potentially the latest in a long line of quick and lethal poachers (Ramiro Linias, Szolt Nagy, Kristoffer Aakvik...) that I love to have in attack. We had a couple of failed takeovers in recent months and a successful attempt occurred in February, right about the time of the trialists game, but thankfully I only had to wait a few more days for the transfer embargo to end and I was able to get Johansson, especially useful as a strong replacement for Olsson during the all-too-frequent times he's unavailable, which could make a big difference. Signings Promoted Youth
  4. Well this is only the second time I'm doing it, Deisler26 was our traditional MC even though he passed the baton on a few years ago to SRL88 (the mod at the time) and then to me, and from the start it's always been brilliant so they've certainly been hard shoes to fill. I can't believe this is going to be the 7th year of the awards! There are a few people who have been around ever since the first event but that was actually before my time. Anyway thanks for taking the time to vote. That makes three so far including myself, and it's certainly been a varied selection already.
  5. There may be a couple but probably not to the extent we've had before. We'll have to see how the votes shape up.
  6. Good draw in the CL.
  7. Cheers Noikeee, that's the first set of votes in.
  8. As soon as I click on the game, which also happens when I try and start it from steam.
  9. It's that time of year again!!!!! As most of you already know, every year we have an awards ceremony to celebrate all the brilliant threads from the past year, and crowning some worthy winners. For those of you who aren't familiar with what happens, here is a link to last year's awards night... This promises to be one of the best years we've had in a while, especially with the Youth careers making a welcome revival, and hopefully that will be reflected in an open and competitive field. This year we have 10 categories... Best FMCU Newcomer The award for the best newcomer, which means someone who didn't have an FMCU thread before this year. You can actually check on someone's profile what threads they have started if you're unsure. Best FMCU Team For the best team someone has had over the past year. Best FMCU Player Same as Best Team but for an individual in-game player. This was requested after last year so we'll see how it goes. Best FMCU Journeyman Career For the best career thread where someone travels around managing a number of different teams. Best FMCU Poster For quality of posting activity on the forum. Best FMCU Fountain of Youth For the best career using only players from a club's youth system. After a couple of mostly barren years the field looks to be a lot more fruitful this time. Best FMCU Retro Career The award for a career being played on an older version of the game, since that's become a lot more popular in the past couple of years, and there's still enough of a field to warrant its return after last year's debut. Best FMCU Thread Name For your favourite thread name. FMCU Manager of the Year A new individual award based on achievement, which I can't believe we haven't had before. This can be based on a few different criteria, rather than simply being on how much people have won, for example relative achievement or a specific triumph. Best FMCU Thread Traditionally the big one, for the best thread of any type from the past year. There are a few simple rules... 1. You are not allowed to vote for yourself, your thread/s, or anything from or relating to your thread/s. 2. All votes must be PMed to me. 3. All votes must be related to threads which have been started in the past year. 4. You don't have to submit a vote in every category but try your best. 5. Having won the 'Best Poster' award for the last three years I'm ineligible to do so again this year. The voting deadline will be 9pm on Friday October 7th and the awards will be held from 7pm on Saturday 8th October. Good luck everyone.
  10. Well done winning with Malmo. I thought that would be really tough.
  11. I seem to have hit a minor setback. Trying to start the game this morning just produced a series of crash dump messages, though FM11 seems to be fine. I should still be able to continue as the save file is safe. Currently re-installing the game and even if that doesn't work, there's always this laptop even if that comes with a few drawbacks like less power (which may mean cutting nations) and not being able to take it anywhere (I've been playing a lot more out of the house than at home recently) so we'll see how things go.
  12. It does seem to be a recurring theme.